Because you obeyed

Anna Maria lay down on the sofa because she was tired and fell asleep. She had a dream: 
A child who was disabled could not ride his bike and it did not move forward because one leg was lame. Then suddenly there was a jolt inside and drove off, no doubt about it, like a racer. It drove many hundreds of meters like a racing driver and came back again and put on a full braking with two healthy legs and climbed on the successful rally satisfied of his bike. 
When she woke up, she was restless and felt a mental dryness about the publication of her books and felt that she had done something wrong. Since she did not know how to behave now, whether she should terminate the books and remove them from the market, she asked the Heavenly Father for Rhemas, with the question: 
Do I have to quit the books because the vain world thinking is mine? 
Yes? Or no? 
She asks for two Rhemas and gets these: 
To Yes, she has to cancel the books and take them off the market, she gets this Rhema: 
Genesis 18:19 
Because I chose him for that, 
that he commands his children and his house after him, 
that they keep the ways of the Lord and do what is right and good, 
so that the Lord will let Abraham come, 
what he promised him. 
To no, she does not need to quit the books and does not have to take them out of the market, she gets this rhema: 
Without scripture: 
Because you obeyed, 
you will prosper the rest of your days 
and spend your years in satisfaction.
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So far appeared:
Volume 1 - HOSTA - Melodie der Liebe - Eine lebendige Verbindung zu Jesus by Anna Maria Hosta
Volume 2 - PRISCILLA - Heimkehr der Braut  by Anna Maria Hosta
Volume 3 - Regentschaft über die Völker of Anna Maria Hosta

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