Invite everyone !!

Anna Maria can not sleep. Her husband is sleeping. She feels Jesus and he is impatient with her.
Anna Maria asks: who wants to come to me? The father? The son? Who is he?
Then she sees a picture:
America as like a map and the land broken to pieces like a windshield that was hit by a stone. Then she sees a mushroom cloud. And how the whole country trembles.
And she asks: What else can I do?
Then she asks Him:
"Come here to me, that's better than war."
And He is in her heart and she holds him, carries him, He is like a child and rests in it. He says:
"It's the son."
Anna Maria thinks, yes, that's the son, because he comes to judge and govern the earth. The son.
Then she sees some children who also want to rest with her.
Then He moves away and then she sees a boy, leaning against a wall and He says: 
"I want to be with you." 
Anna Maria answers: That's what I want. But you have not been here for a long time. You have not come to me for a long time. Then he sits down again on the throne and says:
 "Be my wife" 
I promise, yes.
.".... to govern with me from Germany. "... 
Anna Maria says after a while: You and me! I would like to be like you.He says:
"Invite everyone"

 I do, every day. And only if it is your will, otherwise you will correct me and forbid me. Just because I'm allowed to, because you allow me.
 "Then we'll post it ... but it's not eternity yet" 
You mean we make it public.
 "Tell him." 
How? without to heart him  ... .. ??
 "Once must be ..."
 I'll ask him if he allows me to govern with the son from Germany and if he helps me with it. I need his alert mind.He thinks about himself: 
"The creator" 
And about Anna Maria: 
"They are finished now .... collapsed. Merkel. "
 I thought so too. It is after the resignation of Merkel.
And in France, the whole nation is demonstrating against high gasoline prices, but not only because of that.
And Rothschild is selling all of his fiduciary shares, far and away. Does he want to finance World War III in order to make a huge profit?

Make Honesty your compagnion and Integrity your close friend - The Trumpet Call of God

(Rothschild sells all his fiduciary business - 15.11.2018)

 (World Political Earthquake: Rothschild sells asset management within 2-3 months, which would normally take years! What is brewing?)
(Breaking News: News from France (new civil war organized across the country)
Demonstrations - Ask Germans not to come to the country during the demonstrations, otherwise they will not come out until the demonstrations are over.

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