Matthew 24:12 12 And because lawlessness is rampant, in many a love is cold.
The parable of the wise and the evil servant
45 Who is the faithful and wise servant whom the Lord instituted over his household, that he might give them food at the right time?
46 Blessed the servant, whom the Lord finds busy when he comes!
47 Amen, I say to you, he will use him over all his fortune.
48 But if the servant is evil and says in his heart, My lord is late!
49 and begins to beat his fellow-servants, and eats with drinkers and drinks,
50 Then shall the master of that servant come on a day when he does not expect it, and for an hour which he does not know;
51 and the Lord will cut him to pieces and assign him his place among the hypocrites. There will be howls and teeth grinding.

Anna Maria lies down. She is completely powerless and exhausted and feels a deep oppression. She lacks new strength and courage. When she has regained her strength through sleep, she decides to make a run draw.
Past: (11) ISA
Present: (12) JERA
Future: (5) RIT

Past: ISA
Anna Maria notices that the client, who was reluctant to pay their bills, is called by the name ISA. She sensed that she had to do everything in her power to earn her rightful wages.
Importance of the Rune ISA:

Ice. Static condition. Column of ice in foggy, wintry mountain landscape. Is isolated, alienated there. Rises too high over Mother Earth, loses contact. The surrounding scenery is a vision of freezing cold. Sharp separation between the unconscious and consciousness. The ego-consciousness is immobile, frozen, petrified and appears as an insurmountable obstacle to the environment. ISA is in contact with the hermit. It is astrologically associated with the Virgin. 
 Symbolizes the icicle, the frozen waterfall on the rock, or the straight sword blade, the "ice of the battle", very cold and smooth. Shimmers like glass, like a gem. Ice is water in the solid state. Water turns to ice when it loses heat energy. By losing heat, it loses its fluidity and assumes a hard, unyielding quality that is very different from its previous state, frozen earth, which embodies awe-inspiring infertility. The sparkling ice crystals are beautiful, but they can not be used practically by humans. ISA is inertia, the polar opposite of KAN.
Ice can also melt due to temperature change and become liquid again. Large quantities of ice - e.g. Glaciers - move extremely slowly but exert an irresistible power. In another form, an iceberg floats on the sea, deceptively, with only 1/9 of its mass above sea level. 
ISA freezes the growth in nature and is the counterforce to evolution, the material as well as the spiritual. ISA has the power to conserve and preserve things as they are, unchanging, for better or for worse, in the presence of what is becoming eternal. ISA indicates that a major obstacle blocks the way forward. It represents some of the damaging, uncontrollable, oppressive aspects of the world around us, a sign of stasis and inertia, of halting progress or ending a relationship due to powerful, relentless forces beyond the control of the asker.
Here she acts as ICE OF THE BATTLE and ends things the same way a sword ends life. ISA means frustration in all attempts to change things. This leads to a vicious circle of failure and disappointment and thus to a loss of momentum.
When ISA comes out, this means that there is currently no possibility for a change in circumstances. Ongoing projects will experience a slowdown or delay and be frozen for the time being. 

 In interpersonal relationships, ISA indicates the cooling of emotions, the loss of warmth between partners, distancing, and perhaps separation from indifference on both sides. Disagreement with relatives and friends is also displayed. In the worst case, ISA indicates that all the drive, energy and enthusiasm are "frozen out" of a venture. It follows that the questioner should give up and start again elsewhere with a new project or relationship (or client!) 
In the following (German) film about Atlantis and its return, this is u. a. illustrated by the example of the fight against the Ice Man, but also the opposite, the Armageddon, the fight for the fire spear. 
Disney: Atlantis - Milo's 'Return - Full Movie for Kids

Quotation from Priscilla:
11/24/2017 at 0:30 am
, I live very close to you. clouds'
Now I have recognized you.
You are JaHuWe! Because on the Horeb there was not yet Jesus, only the son, JaHuShua.
I look like a white cloud, a glow, like the kings of Atlantis. I was once
Queen of Atlantis.
"So they take their place again."
He mentally shows her husband with his brightest smile and she sees
the moon at night, a small, round light - three times -
Moon - dark - moon - dark - moon
Is he there?
"The last of the Mohicans. You've grown - grown - grown.
Nearby. With me."

I'm ready. And what will become of him?
"I'll give him peace .... He even has to ... in the forest. If he does not want to come ...

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