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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 14:

1 You come to seek the light, and I give it to you because you have faith and expect it from me. Everyone who seeks me finds me; everyone who hopes in me receives.

2 It would be easier for the royal heavenly body to cease to shine than for me to reject a single one of My children who seeks Me.

3 I come to your aid to rectify your errors, for I do not want your confusion to continue.

4 The time set by me for handing over this teaching to you is coming to an end and it is necessary that you prepare yourselves because in the union of Spirit to Spirit, which you are to obtain after 1950, you will find even greater wisdom in my teachings.

5 The uninitiated will turn into "child disciples", the "child disciples" into disciples and the disciples into masters, living examples of good works among mankind.

6 Do not feel small when I call you "child pupils", for before the wisdom of the Lord it is already much to be a child.

7 I have many disciples and "child disciples", not only here among you, but scattered among mankind, in sects and religions, since all, according to their development, occupy the various stages which form the infinite ladder of spiritualization.

8 But you must also know that I have disciples not only in this world; remember that I told you: "in the Father's house there are infinite dwellings". There are My children in immeasurable multitudes who live to learn from Me.

9 Know that it is in that kingdom where My teaching is better understood, where progress is made for this reason

10 There come those who, suffering sorrow and disappointment, depart from this world; those who thirst for truth and knowledge, those who hunger for love, the humbled.

11 There their Master awaits them, to give them greater teachings than those which mankind denied them.

12 Then those who were unknown and poor on earth will shine in true light, and will be amazed to see how those who shone in false light in this world will weep for their spiritual misery in the hereafter.

13 In those worlds of peace which you will inhabit, it is where those who wept on earth and blessed Me received the most pleasant surprises, a reward which they did not expect when they emptied their cup of suffering

14 It does not matter that they have had moments of hopelessness and doubt; these moments of weakness I forgive them because they also had great days of pain in which they showed submission and blessed Me

15 These My children also experienced their Golgotha and suffered greatly on their way of atonement; but those who fulfil My Law obtain bliss and spiritual satisfaction in eternal life, even if they live only a few moments on the good path

16 In this way My eternal love responds to the love of men, which lasts only a short time.

17 Blessed are those who fall and rise, weeping and blessing Me, wounded by the wickedness of their brothers, trust Me and offer Me the sanctuary of their heart.

18 These little ones and afflicted, mocked and yet meek are weak on the face of it, but in reality they are strong in Spirit; and greater revelations are reserved for them once they are beyond this world.

19 In order to be My disciple in the Second Age, it was indispensable to possess not only great spiritual power but also physical power; for one had to endure the cruelty of men, the tortures and the trials to which they subjected, in their savagery and ignorance, those who preached something that was outside what was known to them in the world.

20 Now you do not need great physical strength, the divine plan is another; but you will continue to be My co-workers to spread My teaching among mankind.

21 In this time you will fight against the ignorance of a humanity which - although materialized in all fields - is less cruel and more developed by the experience it has gained in its past incarnations.

22 Nowadays, if you know someone who does not understand and express his worship of God in the way the majorities do - although this alienates you and offends you - you no longer cry out that he should be burned alive.

23 If you now unexpectedly meet some sick possessed one, you no longer flee from him with the cry that he is full of devils.

24 Already many understand that such beings do not exist and that they are only confused spirits who lack a moment of clarity to turn into gentle sheep.

25 You are already beginning to realize that that being which you call the devil or Satan is nothing but the weakness of your flesh, the inclination to lower passions, the addiction to pleasures and the lusts of the body, pride, self-love, vanity, and all the things with which the flesh tempts the Spirit.

26 You are still doing and thinking of many unseemly works; but rejoice because you are progressing more and more in your development, even if some of you suppose the contrary, being led by your imperfect judgments.

27 This is because you are not yet able to understand the visible and invisible creation which surrounds you, and therefore you are wrong in your interpretations.

28 But depending on your spiritual development and consequently your need to better fathom my revelations, I send you my messengers to guide you; and depending on how I find your mind prepared, I speak to you of my wisdom to guide you to perfection.

29 My righteousness also tests you in perfect correspondence with what you are, always respecting the free will that your Father's love granted you.

30 You all have the intuition or intuitive knowledge of the existence of the Supreme Being, and this inner knowledge is the light which your Spirit has gradually gained on the long road of spiritual development.

31 A new sun is now coming to your Spirit to enlighten you, a new book teaching you what you so longed for and expected.

32 Do you not feel, beloved people, that mankind can no longer bear the lies, the myths, and so much false light? It is no longer timely to feed the Spirit with the erroneous interpretations given to My Law.

33 You are preparing yourselves to receive greater knowledge, and although you have been separated into sects, philosophies and religions for centuries, you will very soon have to gather around My new revelation, whose stream of wisdom will make you understand that you have finally found the "Book of True Life", that of the Spirit

34 You are in urgent need of My Word; you are languishing in spiritual thirst, for lack of this dew which emanates from My perfect Love You lack refreshment in the Spirit; this is why I am near you to offer you the fruit of the Tree of Life.

35 I come to make you lovingly aware of your faults; and you too are to point out the faults of others with the same love and mercy, so that some as well as others may recognise their imperfections and rectify them; but never will I utter a word that will cause you to condemn your neighbour's actions or to make fun of their beliefs or rituals; I will not speak a word that will make you condemn the actions of your neighbour or make fun of their beliefs or rituals

36 Do you know, then, through what aberrations you have gone in trying to show reverence to Me? Who remembers the past of his Spirit?

37 If I were to tell you that you worshipped the wild animals or the stars, and that you created with your imagination gods with human characteristics; that you prostrated yourselves to worship predators, birds and reptiles, this would seem strange to many of you But I know your spiritual development, and that is why I tell you that you should be understanding, respectful and merciful with your neighbor, with those who are on a deeper stage of development than you; in this way you will truly prove your spiritualization.

38 I alone have the authority to point out the errors of men, errors which I correct with my wisdom and forgive with my love.

39 Mankind is slave to sects and nonsensical cults, to vices and shamefulness; that is why you consider each other as enemies; for you are intolerant of your neighbor.

40 But I tell you again that no man has the right to despise or mock the spiritual convictions of his brothers.

41 You are My temporarily straying sheep, and I do not come to bring death to you, but to save you, to teach you and to unite you I come as before to tell you to love one another; that beyond this existence you have another, higher life; for in the Father's House there are an infinite number of dwellings.

42 If men would feel true love for their brothers, they would not have to suffer the chaos in which they find themselves; everything in them would be harmony and peace. But they do not understand this divine love, and they want only scientific truth, derived truth, that which they can prove with their human thought processes; they want the truth which appeals to the brain, not that which reaches the heart, and now they have the result of their materialism: a selfish, false, and suffering humanity.

43 At this time religions and sects are confused; but I point out to you that they had a high origin and that above their aberrations there are still traces of purity and light which my enlightened ones left in them

44 If you have used some of your sciences to examine and judge Me, does it not seem more reasonable to you that you would use them to examine yourselves until you recognise your nature and destroy your materialism? Do you perhaps believe that your Father cannot help you in the way of your good sciences? Verily, I tell you, if you were able to feel the essence of divine love, knowledge would easily reach your mind without tiring your brain and without spending yourself studying the knowledge you consider profound and which is truly within your reach.

45 But if your sciences, observations and studies were to lead you to love, if the final purpose of this lust for knowledge were to pay tribute to your Father by serving your neighbor, the smallest, weakest and neediest, with ever greater perfection, I would tell you nothing. But when I see that through your sciences you yourselves reduce and belittle your God by setting limits to Him, attributing to Him errors and giving Him forms which He does not have; when I see that you at the same time make idols out of matter and deify imperfect men and hold them sacred, I tell you that you have neither recognized the truth which you should possess, nor are you authorized to confer a sacred or divine rank on anyone. This comes only to your God and Lord.

46 You cannot represent or determine the Infinite because you cannot grasp it with your limited mind; neither can your language express the divine or explain the inexplicable with human expressions

47 Try not to imprison God in words or in symbols that can never give you an idea of truth.

48 Say "God" with humility, but say it in a profound way, and if you want to have an idea of the Lord's immeasurable love for you, think of Jesus.

49 With allegories, pictures, symbols, or poor representations of God, you will only achieve that your brothers deny me or become little spirits.

50 To reveal the divine, your languages are too limited; this is why I had to speak to you at all times in parables, in analogies; but now you see that even when I spoke to you in this way, you understood Me little because you lacked the necessary will to fathom My revelations.

51 You always quarrel about the meaning of your words, and to the extent that you invent more words, you confuse your Spirit even more O you men of many words, many tongues, and many creeds, but very few works of love!

52 Look at the birds which sing in the same way and in simplicity in all the ends of the earth.

53 I can tell you that all creatures know and understand each other better than men. Why? - Because they all live on the way I have laid out for them, whereas when you enter into areas not intended for you, you stray from your right ways, which are those of the Spirit; and once you have lost yourselves in materialism, you no longer understand the spiritual, the divine and the eternal.

54 But here you have me, mankind; I am teaching you how you yourselves can be in harmony with the spiritual life in your material state, transforming your missteps on earth into a life's work of true progress, which will give you high and noble satisfactions in this world, and beyond, when you leave human life, you will find a not ending harvest of wonderful surprises for your Spirit.

55 Take Jesus as your model! - In what way? - By loving your neighbor as your own child, as your mother, as your brother, as yourself.

56 In all times you have had leaders who have taught you the power of love. They were your more advanced brothers, with greater knowledge of My Law and greater purity in their works. They gave you an example of strength, love and humility when they exchanged their lives of aberrations and sins for an existence dedicated to goodness, sacrifice and active charity.

57 From childhood to old age you have been clear examples of all that can be achieved with love, and of the sufferings caused by the lack of charity; but you - more callous than the rocks - have not been able to learn from the teachings and examples which daily life gives you.

58 Have you ever observed how even the predators respond gently to a call of love? In the same way, the elements, the forces of nature, can respond, everything that exists in the material and spiritual world.

59 This is why I tell you to bless everything with love, in the name of the Father and Creator of the universe.

60 To bless means to satiate. Blessing is to feel the good, to say it and to pass it on. Blessing is to imbue everything that surrounds you with thoughts of love.

61 Act in this way and I will glorify you when you have reached the goal after you have found in yourselves the divine essence, the source of your life and the gifts with which I have equipped you. The struggle, the merits and your conformity with My law will make you form one Will, one Spirit with My divinity.

62 My Light is coming towards you to help you ascend, for I am the Master of all times I have not only come in an age; eternally I have shown you "The Book" and have required you to know yourselves spiritually so that you may know what your gifts are and live an exemplary life where health, strength and trust shine. In this way you will be able to raise your Spirit and prepare yourselves for eternal life.

63 If man possesses spiritual power, it is because his Spirit was able to strengthen himself in virtue.

64 Some of you come to Me for consolation, or in search of the solution of a problem or the answer to a question, after consulting the scholars or consulting the stars, because you have lacked faith and have not had the strength or the certainty of one who truly believes; but truly I tell you, above all knowledge of the future is My divine Will. He who loves who believes is united with Me, for I am love, reason and justice.

65 do not forget that you are My children; and if you know how to live in harmony with Me, you will not need to ask your brothers, nor consult the books or the stars, for I speak to your Spirit through conscience and when you hear it, you will reign with wisdom and know how to live in fulfilment of My Will

66 Wake up by this voice, recognize your abilities and put them at the service of good Receive this message I am sending you to guide your steps, for I expect you to finish your work on earth to give you higher tasks, among them that of becoming protectors of mankind.

67 Feel that you are spirits, and do not bind yourselves to matter, do not make your life difficult! Do not have veneration or adoration for anything unless it is love for your Father and also for your neighbor. True life is rooted in the Spirit, not in the body, since the latter lives only for a time and then disappears, while the latter lives eternally.

68 What good will your earthly treasures be to you if you do not know how to gain those of the Spirit? What will you be in the Spirit valley but poor spirits who were not able to work out their peace and happiness to enjoy it in eternal life?

69 You all possess a fatherly inheritance when you are sent to earth; but you do not know its value, you are unable to discover it in your Spirit and seek it outside yourselves. I tell you that you should reflect on these teachings. If you seek wisdom - you have it within you. If you seek power - it is within you: in health, in spiritual power, in endowment. If you chase after beauty - I have also given it to you; you need only recognize yourselves, and you will find what you long for. If you want to get to know other regions - put yourself there spiritually and you will find other stages of life where the Spirit lives in greater perfection.

70 Your destiny is to ascend and possess what is mine, because you are my very beloved children.

71 Become pure spirits again! To this My teaching leads you to bring you to the state of perfection. verily, I tell you, when you return to him, no more pain will befall you, for you have then entered the Father's home

72 I help you in your liberation. My light will help you in your difficulties. But from now on do no more evil to anyone, lest you harm yourselves.

73 Take My power; all My natural forces are at your service; everything is within your reach Live to love and forgive as I love and forgive you.

74 Love all, bless all; this is how I am teaching you how to be My disciples on earth and how you will be a Spirit of Light in the Hereafter, where you will go with true peace to take the place your Father has appointed you So when you do, you will not be born again into this world where you suffer, for you will understand that this suffering cannot be eternal for your Spirit. Then you will ascend to other worlds of life and joyfully fulfill the tasks that await you in eternity.

My peace be with you!

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