Heavenly Wedding

Would you also marry me? Jesus asked Anna Maria many times. However, she can not conceive of this term any more than her earthly images about a wedding. But gradually it becomes clear to her that the heavenly wedding has nothing to do with her earthly-pictorial ideas and that it has a much deeper meaning.
Jesus said, 
"M., if this continues, I will marry her, too."
M. is a young girl, the daughter of her husband's cousin, from a good family, with a helpful nature and very wise mind, who has now begun to study.
This gives Anna Maria the firm conviction that the heavenly wedding must be understood differently than according to her current pictorial ideas. It comes to her realization that the white wedding dress is a symbol of the pure, immaculate spirit in man.
She comes to the realization that the Bridegroom is the Divine Spirit. She understands that every human spirit as an image of the Spirit of the Heavenly Father, when it  penetrates and matures the mists of fog and reaches the perfection and purity, that enables it, to enter and rest in God's Spirit after  he has become free of the desires and bounderies to the world. Uniting with the Divine Spirit is that state, which will last forever. This unity represents the image of the heavenly wedding between the divine spark (spirit) in man and the Divine Spirit of the Heavenly Father, and he wants everyone to attain that perfection and enter into his spirit. This marriage is much purer and holier than marriage on earth with all its bounderies and desires. It is free of sin and the resulting sufferings.
Sexuality, as we know it, will not exist, since the heavenly beings are all perfect trinities, who do not have to search for the missing part in themselves, because the spiritual beings unite all aspects in themselves.
Anna Maria can only understand that Jesus let her experience her spiritual rebirth in the image of a pregnancy when he announced her Hosta. Later he clarified that and told her that she is Hosta herself. A few days ago, Anna Maria asked him how Hosta is doing and Jesus said:
"He lovingly cares for the patient."
Then Anna Maria knew that she herself is reborn as Hosta and that Priscilla is her own reborn heart. When Anna Maria asked Jesus: Father, the wind already exists. Why do I have to give birth to the wind again? Jesus answered:
"All has to be reborn at every level."
Anna Maria has been lifted to a higher level where she must give rebirth to her soul (as Hosta), her heart (as Priscilla), the high winds (as spirit) and much more, as intended in her divine plan.

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