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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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The Book of true Life 

Teaching 1 :

1 In the beginning of the times I as a father gave man the task of doing good. But men turned away from the divine commandments and fell into idolatry and committed abominable acts against me. The strong won, the weak were defeated, and the man took the woman as his slave. So it became necessary to give Moses the Ten Commandments of the Law on Mount Sinai. This law contained the commandments that were to govern the people of Israel. With them he was to be told: He who kills shall take the same judgment upon himself. Whoever steals something shall return it to his brother. He who does evil shall pay eye with eye and tooth with tooth.

2 The Second Time was approaching and I came to dwell in Jesus among you, telling you in My Word, "If anyone is struck on the right cheek, offer him also the left. Forgive your enemies." And in the third time in which you find yourselves, I have come to tell you: what would you do if your father's murderer, persecuted by human justice, knocked at your door and pleaded for help? - Grant him protection. If you do so, you will prove that you have attained the spiritual development that will allow you to fulfill the divine law of your Heavenly Father, which commands you: Love one another; raise to new life the spirits that are dead to the life of grace, for every spirit is to be healed.

3 Today I come to speak to your Spirit and reveal to you the contents of the Seven Seals, the book of your history, prophecy, revelation and righteousness

4 It is I who have come to tell you that you are now living in the time that belongs to the Sixth Seal.

5 The year 1866 marks the beginning of this time of light. I sent Elijah to lift the veil of the mystery and inaugurate the time of My rallies as the Holy Spirit among mankind. Elijah enlightened a man designated by Me, that he might be the harbinger. It was that chosen one named Roque Rojas who heard from Spirit to Spirit the voice of the prophet who commanded him in My name to call and gather his brothers* because a divine revelation was ready to illuminate the destinies of mankind. Roque Rojas, gentle and humble as a lamb, obeyed the spiritual voice and answered: "The will of my Lord be done on me.

See note 1 in the appendix

6 Roque Rojas gathered together a group of men and women full of faith and good will, and there, in the bosom of his first meetings, Elijah revealed himself through the mind of the messenger, saying, "I am the prophet Elijah, that of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor. He gave the first teachings to his first disciples, at the same time he announced to them the age of spiritualization and prophesied to them that soon the ray of the Divine Master would come to communicate itself to His people.

7 One day, when the modest meeting place of Roque Rojas was full of followers who believed the words of this man, Elijah came down to illuminate the mind of his mouthpiece and, inspired by Me, he anointed seven of these believers, who would represent or symbolize the Seven Seals

8 Later, when the promised moment of My rallies had come, I found that of these seven chosen ones, only one was awake awaiting the arrival of the pure Spouse, and this heart was that of Damiana Oviedo, the Virgin, whose mind was the first to receive the light of the Divine Ray as a reward for her perseverance and her preparation

9 Damiana Oviedo represented the Sixth Seal. This was one more proof that the light of the Sixth Seal is the one that illuminates this era.

10 In the Second Time I found a woman's womb, a mother's womb, and in the present time I rested in the pure and chaste heart of Damiana Oviedo. Her virgin womb was like that of a mother for the people of Israel, and through her mediation I prepared the leaders, the "voice bearers" and the "workers. I made her come to the threshold of old age and told her: "You who have risen up as a fountain of love and have lit a torch of faith in your heart, rest now.

* Leaders of the churches

** Based on Jesus' parable of the "workers in the vineyard

11 She asked Me to come in the Spirit to work, because she watched over My law with zeal and did not want it to be defiled; and I granted her this.

12 At the same time, I gave her another task by saying to her: Damiana, it is not My Will that the murky waters mix with the crystal clear waters Be at the right hand of the leaders, so that the torch of faith may grow daily greater in them. Rejoice and refresh yourself in this people from the place where you are. See the multitudes who love you and have recognized Me. They follow the trail you have left them. Behold, the torch is still burning. The Master has said: He who sows love reaps love; he who sows light reaps light. You have struggled to prepare the minds of the voice-bearers* and to purify the ways of My chosen ones; behold, this is your seed.

 * As a mediating organ

13 Verily I say to you, people: Damiana is the pure virgin who came in the Third Age as Mary's substitute to give you tenderness and caress Blessed are the virgins who follow this trail, for I will shower them with My grace. and it is My divine desire to transform all of you who are My children into My disciples as the moment of My farewell approaches and I want to leave you as Masters among mankind

14 Walk with calm step so that you may reach the goal of your way and be the strong ones of the earth through your humility and helpfulness.

15 Also the materialistic men of this time have called me. My voice has found spiritual resonance in them, and the master has given peace in abundance; alone, although I am with them, they did not want to receive me and wanted to sow different kinds of seeds.

16 In this moment I am receiving you and giving you My Essence and My Light which you have been waiting for so much do not condemn your brothers who are off the path of Truth, for you do not know whether you too may not stray tomorrow onto other paths I keep you from straying and give you milk and honey.

17 Today I come to tell you My Word once more to remind you of the teachings of the past but I do not come to remind you of Holy Communion in the form Jesus symbolised it in the Second Age with the bread and wine of the earth The time is over in which material bread was offered to you vicariously for My word. Today My Word is the bread and its divine meaning is the holy wine, which I am offering you spiritually in every moment.

18 Feed yourselves, feed yourselves, this is My will. Give the truth to him who feeds on the trough. Bring the unbeliever to Me and let discord and disunity disappear so that the bread of eternal life may reach all My children; for My love came for your salvation when you were about to fall. Like a lifeline in a storm, My Spirit filled with mercy will save you.

19 Whenever you believed abandoned in the hour of trial, I made you feel My presence to strengthen your faith.

20 Then your lips were silent, already ready to blaspheme, accusing me: "Lord, why do you allow my own brothers to hurt me when you say I am your chosen one?

21 O you little children who still have not decided to be My disciples, although I have said blessed is the one who is afflicted and shows himself strong in the trial, forgiving his brother and blessing My Name; for from his being light will go forth, which will convert to My teaching even him who denied it

22 Every good deed finds its reward, which is not received on earth, but in the hereafter. But how many would like to enjoy this happiness already here on earth without knowing that he who does nothing for his spiritual life will be without merit when he enters the same, and his remorse will then be great.

23 Little by little my teaching will let men understand the nature or the meaning of life; then this short walk on earth will be used for the good of the Spirit. But for this it is necessary that you forgive one another so that light and peace may germinate among men.

24 But if even you, my disciples, do not give an example for these virtues in this time, on whom can mankind still hope?

25 Be aware that this He tells you who gave His blood and His life for you, and who loved a crowd and forgave them, though they judged, condemned and killed him.

26 But the truth, which is life, which is love, is immortal, and see, here it is again among you in the rallies of My Spirit through the mind of a man My word of this time repeats for you that lesson: "Love one another as the Master loves His disciples. I also want to explain it so that every mystery may be illuminated and that book which I left to you as a testament and which men later concealed or closed, may be opened before you anew.

27 The Revelation of John, which because of its difficult to understand content was much disputed and partly rejected, is fully confirmed and explained by the Lord in its meaning.

28 Many veils will be torn. My word is a sword of light that destroys darkness.

29 Hidden knowledge will come to light, and unknown teachings will be revealed to you. Many mysteries will be dissolved; but these revelations you will not find in the books of the world, but in this My Word.

30 Everyone who truly wants to be a child of Light, reverently fathom the depth of My Word and there he will know his Master who is waiting for him to teach him

31 Verily, verily, it will not be the teachings of men that will bring peace to the world and save this mankind from the abyss

32 Behold the religions which deny one another and say they would proclaim My teaching.

33 Therefore, all those who are called in this time to be My messengers, My new disciples, will be cleansed and purified so that they may be worthy to bring this Good News to their brothers

34 In the Second Age there were twelve disciples who spread My teaching over the world. In the Third Age it will be twelve thousand of each "tribe of Israel" who will make known My teaching of truth and love to all mankind.

35 Where are these one hundred and forty-four thousand? - Elijah is about to gather them, no matter whether some are in the spiritual and others are incarnated. They will all be spiritually united in this divine work.

36 Great events you will see, many of them will astonish you; but I will give you the light with My teachings so that you will never be confused Study My Word, which will give you love for your Father and for your brothers. It is not necessary to belong to the one hundred and forty-four thousand to serve the Father or to call yourselves disciples of the Master. Those who belong to this number are those whose task it is to be pioneers and protectors of My work.

37 Today I come in Spirit. In the Second Time I was visible to the eyes of men because I became man.

38 Many asked themselves when they saw Me: "Who is he who speaks in the name of God? And others told them, "It is the son of Mary and the carpenter Joseph, it is the Galilean. Then they made fun of Jesus.

39 But the carpenter's son caused that those who were blind from birth could see the light, and in the midst of it the face of Jesus who had healed them. When they felt the miracle of the Master's caress, they bowed down at His feet and cried out at the top of their voices that they had recognized Him as the promised Savior.

40 Startled, the unbelievers then wondered: How was it possible that this simple man, whom they knew as one among many, performed such great miracles?

41 Today I come in Spirit, and men can no longer call Me the Carpenter's Son; but truly, I tell you that not even in those days was anyone justified in calling Me that It was written that a virgin would conceive and that in her womb "The Word" would become flesh. Joseph, the head of the family, was only a guardian angel in the life of the virgin and the child, visible to the eyes of men; Mary, however, was the incarnation of the maternal love of God and the mother of Jesus, who was the human part of Christ.

42 With simple teachings I will gradually make you understand revelations which you call mysteries and which are not. I will teach you to pray so that in the hours of trials you may lift up your thoughts to your Father.

43 At all times you have been taught to pray.

44 Moses made you pray* during the last night that you spent in Egypt, and all the time of your passage through the desert.

These are all those who were incarnated in the people of Israel in Moses' time.

45 In the Second Time, I taught you the Our Father so that, inspired by it, you should turn to your Father in your needs and always have present the promise of His coming Kingdom; that you should come to Him asking for forgiveness, questioning your conscience whether you yourselves have already forgiven your debtors in the same way.

46 Now I teach you spiritual prayer, which does not spring from the lips but from the deepest depths of your Spirit, and which says to Me in humility and trust: "Lord, Your will be done in us.

47 I taught you to heal. Jesus was the balm, He was health, His Word healed those who heard it, His Hand brought health to those whom He touched; His gaze gave infinite comfort to those who received it; even His skirt, when touched in faith, gave peace back to those oppressed by bitterness and suffering who came to Him; and even His Blood, when dripping on the Captain's face, restored lost sight to His eyes.

48 Such miracles can only be performed by the love and mercy that is a daughter of this love. With them you can heal.

49 Feel Me very near to you; proofs of this I give you in the difficult moments of your life It was My desire that you prepare My dwelling place from your hearts to feel My presence in them.

50 How is it that you cannot feel Me although I am in you? Some see Me in nature, others feel Me only beyond all matter, but truly, I tell you that I am in everything and everywhere. Why do you always seek Me outside of you when I am also in you?

51 When I told you who I am, you neither heard nor understood the voice that spoke to you, and when you saw Me, you did not know who you were looking at This was the proof of your lack of spiritual sensitivity.

52 But finally you come to me so that I teach you and do not only point out your imperfections. You carry your past in your Spirit as a burden of atonement.

See note 2 in the appendix

53 Then I will take away your burden from you, and will give you rest, removing your sadness, and offering you a food which will kindle in your heart the light of hope.

54 How many hearts hardened by the trials of life have felt overcome by the meekness of My Word They have felt that they find comfort, get well and awaken to new life. So it happens that those who follow Me attribute to My power and love what they have received, and their Spirit can no longer part from Me because their heart is full of thanks and love and they would not exchange the pure white of their spiritual garments for the royal garments of the richest monarch.

55 But there are those who remain with Me and who, although they receive My Word like a river of crystal clear water, keep their evil inclinations among these are those who act like the envious Cain; when they see that their sacrifice is less pleasing to the Lord than that of the humble one who acts like righteous Abel, their heart is inflamed with anger and envy and they draw out the double-edged sword they possess with their tongue to hurt their brothers painfully After they have left them to their pain with a sob, or have killed them (mentally), they come to My sanctuary, raise their thoughts to Me and say full of hypocrisy that they love Me.

56 Yet I do not push these little children whose minds and hearts are hardened from Me; I subject them to great trials and make them feel My Word thoroughly If they bend, they are victorious; if they rebel, they must go astray again and wait for another opportunity.

57 About all these things I speak to you so that you may become My good disciples and succeed in possessing true wisdom

58 You must never boast of your knowledge, because the mystery of the Father is revealed only to him who knocks at His door in humility.

59 If the men of science who drive and change your world were inspired by love and goodness, they would already have discovered how much I have in store for the science of this time in knowledge, and not only this very small part, which they imagine so much about

60 Solomon was called wise because his judgments, advice, and pronouncements were marked by wisdom; his fame spread beyond the borders of his kingdom and reached other lands.

61 But this man, though he was a king, knelt humbly before his lord and asked for wisdom, strength and protection, because he knew that he was only My servant, and before Me he laid down his scepter and his crown. If all scholars, all scientists would act in the same way - how great would then be their wisdom, how many teachings still unknown up to now would still be revealed to them from my secret treasure of knowledge!

62 You, low in material things, have already received much knowledge, which neither the scholars nor the scientists have revealed to you.

63 The mystery of the "resurrection of the flesh" has been solved through revelation of the reincarnation of the Spirit. Today you know that the purpose of this law of love and justice is that the Spirit should be perfected, that he should never be lost, because he will always find an open door as an opportunity for his salvation, which the Father offers him.

64 My judgment on every Spirit by this law is perfect and unrelenting.

65 I alone know how to judge you, because every fate is incomprehensible to men. Therefore, no one is exposed or betrayed to others.

66 After the Spirits had lost themselves in their sins, after so many struggles and vicissitudes and after long wanderings, they will come to me full of wisdom because of their experiences, purified by pain, lifted up by their merits, tired from the long pilgrimage, but simple and joyful like children.

67 People, consider the time that lies before you and listen to my word, for it is "The Way Recognize and fulfill your task and bear your sufferings with patience, for there is no path free of thorns to reach the summit of perfection.

68 The light of My Word will unite men in this Third Age. My truth will shine out in every mind and thus make differences of creeds and cults disappear.

69 While today some love Me in Jehovah and deny Christ, others love Me in Christ and do not know Jehovah; while some acknowledge My existence as the Holy Spirit, others quarrel and divide because of My Trinity.

70 And now I ask this humanity and those who guide it spiritually: Why do you distance yourselves from one another when you all confess the true God? If you love Me in Jehovah, you are in the truth. If you love Me through Christ, He is the way, the truth, and the life. If you love Me as the Holy Spirit, you are approaching the light. You have only one God, only one Father. There are no three divine persons existing in God, but only one Divine Spirit, who has revealed Himself to mankind during three different stages of development. When penetrating this depth, she believed in her childhood to see three Persons where only one Divine Spirit exists. Therefore, when you hear the name Jehovah, think of God as Father and Judge. When you think of Christ, recognize in Him God as Master, as Love; and when you seek to fathom the origin of the Holy Spirit, know that He is none other than God when He reveals His immeasurable wisdom to more advanced disciples.

71 If I had encountered mankind of the first times spiritually as developed as it is today, I would have revealed myself to it as Father, as Master, and as Holy Spirit; then men would not have seen three deities where only one is. But they were not able to interpret my teachings correctly, and would have been confused and kept away from my way to continue to create accessible and small gods according to their ideas.

72 As soon as men see and accept this truth, they will be sorry that they have misjudged each other because of an error which they would have avoided with a little love.

73 Get to know the law, love what is good, let love and mercy become action, grant your Spirit the holy freedom to rise up to its home, and you will love me. Do you want a perfect example of how you have to act and how you have to be in the condition to reach me? - Take Jesus as your model, love Me in Him, seek Me through Him, come to Me on His divine path; but you are not to love Me in His bodily form or in His image, or even replace the practice of His teachings with rites or outward forms, because otherwise you will remain eternally in your differences, in your enmity and fanaticism.

74 Love Me in Jesus, but in His Spirit, in His teaching, and you will fulfil the eternal law; for in Christ justice, love and wisdom are united in unity, with which I made known to mankind the existence and omnipotence of My Spirit

75 If Christ is love, can you believe that He is independent from Jehovah, when I am love?

76 If the Holy Spirit is wisdom, do you believe that this Spirit exists independently of Christ, when I am wisdom? Do you think "The Word" and the Holy Spirit are two different things?

77 It is enough to know only some of the Word that Jesus taught mankind to understand that only one God existed and will be eternally one. This is why I said through Him: "He who knows the Son knows the Father, because He is in Me and I am in Him. Later, when He announced that He would come back to men in another time, He not only said, "I will come again," but He promised to send the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Comforter, the Spirit of truth.

78 Why should Christ come separated from the Holy Spirit? Could He not, in His Spirit, bring with Him the truth, the light and the consolation?

79 How little have men penetrated into My truth, and how have they been confused in this little into which they have penetrated! They believe to have attained the deepest truths; but as long as they use the truth to deceive, to kill, to destroy peace, and to misunderstand one another, which is all the opposite of what my word teaches, men cannot say that they walk on the way of truth.

80 To all of you I am sending My Message in this time, a message promised to mankind through the mouth of Jesus when He was among men

81 I know that in the beginning this teaching will be belittled because it has been handed down through simple creatures and sinners, as My Word mediators are. But the truth contained in this revelation will prevail, and this teaching will be heard, because in the essence of it the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and the promised truth are present.

82 My peace be with you!

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