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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 13:

1 The house of the father is in a festive mood, the feast is ready, because this people has returned to the father's house like the prodigal son. Sit down at the table and eat of the food; the hour is favourable and good.

2 Also in the Second Time I used to sit at the table surrounded by My disciples. They knew that Jesus was the Messiah whose coming was promised to save His people. You did not see Me physically as they saw Me, but through the inmost essence of this Word you feel the presence of the Master who promised to come again and send you the Spirit of Truth to explain to you all the past teachings and make you understand what you did not understand.

3 But who is the Spirit of truth but the wisdom of God himself? Where will you find him if not in this spiritual teaching which explains and illuminates all things to you?

4 I prophesy to you that I would come again when mankind would be at the height of its wickedness and confusion; this is why men, in contemplating it, suspect that their science and corruption have produced a fruit which is in full maturity, that something divine will still be revealed. This presentiment is a result of my spiritual presence speaking to every Spirit, and my justice as father manifests itself among mankind.

5 you will not see Me as man again; now you must prepare yourselves to see Me in Spirit; this is how it has been given to you to understand since the Second Age In a "cloud" the Master ascended, since He was still visible to His disciples for the last time, and it had been announced to you that He would return in just this form.

6 Now I am speaking to you through this mind prepared by Me; tomorrow My Voice will resound in your heart and in all Spirits For My word is like the ringing of a sonorous bell, which wakes up both the incarnate and the disincarnate and lets them rise to new life. It is an all-embracing call. Since times past I have told you that none of My children would be lost, and that if one sheep should be in danger, I would leave the ninety-nine in the sheepfold to go after the lost one.

7 Verily, I tell you, O My new disciples, you will succeed in understanding what none of My disciples of the Second Times understood

8 How often, when I spoke to them, they looked at one another to find out which of them had understood what Jesus had said; and since they could not explain the Master's words, they finally asked Him to be clearer in His teaching. - In truth I tell you that My Word could not be clearer; but at that time the Spirit had not yet sufficiently developed to understand all the teaching He had received; time had to pass, mankind had to progress spiritually so that, enlightened by the light of spiritualization, it could grasp the meaning of the divine revelations.

9 Nevertheless - when the hour came in which those disciples were to speak to mankind of my teaching, they knew all that was necessary to teach their brothers; and what they did not yet know, the Holy Spirit revealed through their mouth, for they were already equipped for this task.

10 If in the time in which they lived with the Master, some interpreted His teaching in one form and others in another, when the time came for their struggles and their preaching, they were all united in one ideal, inspired by the same wisdom, the same love Each one took his way through different provinces; but their Spirit, their thoughts were united in the mission they had to accomplish, and the memory of Jesus encouraged them.

11 They were always eager to come together to exchange impressions of their struggles, their adversities, and also to rejoice in the victories they had achieved. They gave each other encouragement, courage and faith.

12 They knew how to sow the seed which I entrusted to them, because the one did not sow wheat and the other weeds, no, all sowed one seed, and this was that of love which I taught them. Therefore, the fruit that sprouted from the hearts of men was that of love. Do you comprehend what I mean to say when I speak to you of the deeds which your brethren did at that time?

13 Do not think whether you are greater or lesser than them; I am only telling you to love them as they loved you when they were clearing the way for you, teaching you to follow your Lord, giving their lives for you Be like them in their faith, in their zeal, in their activity of love.

14 Feel yourselves truly as My disciples. I have brought you in My teaching the Divine Law that is present in your conscience. - What is it that you fear from other teachings, theories, sciences or philosophies? Or do you perhaps fear those who study the ancient scriptures, the religions that call themselves Christian? Verily, I tell you, the teaching I am giving you is no more than the explanation, the confirmation of the revelations that have been given to you in the past times.

15 I have not come to bring you confusion, to add them to the confusion already existing in the world, but rather to deliver you from them, as Moses once did with his people whom he delivered out of Egypt where they were slaves

16 I want to take you to a safe land as I did in those days, and for this I have opened a new chapter of My Book before you, so that through it you may know the narrow and straight path I have marked out for you through the ages with My Law

17 Fulfil, so that you will not have to return to earth in times of pain to reap the fruit of your faults or of your selfishness Fulfill your mission; then you too will come back, but it will be in a time of peace to refresh you in tending the seed you left in the beginning. Now Moses will not lead you to liberate you as he did in the First Time; it will be your conscience that guides you.

18 It seems that men will set out of their own accord to seek peace and truth; but truly, I tell you, the Spirit of Elijah will make rallies before the peoples and nations and call them to liberation

19 He speaks to you "The Word" which was always in God, the same that was in Christ and which you know today through the Holy Spirit; for "The Word" is word, is law, is message, is revelation, is wisdom. If you have heard "The Word" through the words of Christ and now receive it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit - verily I say to you, this is the voice of God which you have heard; for there is but one God, only one Word and only one Holy Spirit.

20 Examine, understand and prepare yourselves so that the times of visitations may not surprise you, so that My Word may not be barren, of which you are to bear witness tomorrow to mankind according to My Will You must be steadfast so that your faith does not weaken, because a single moment of weakness can become the cause of your failure.

21 In the year 1950 you must already be prepared. This date will be unforgettable for this people.

22 Who will live to see this date? Who will be a witness to the commandments and orders, and to My new prophecies I am giving you on that day? you do not know, but I add: who will be those who are truly prepared for this trial and for following the true path of struggle?

23 You do not know; I tell you only, if years are lacking for you, they are only a few short moments for me, because I do not live subject to time, and you are. But when you believe that there are many years left for you and that you will have enough time to prepare yourselves, even if you waste them, you are in a grave error. Do not be too confident because time passes quickly and nothing will change my will. Will you be able to stop time? - "No," you answer me. Then you will just as little be able to prevent that my orders are fulfilled.

24 Think deeply, prepare yourselves so that you may feel joy in this rallies, and use the time in the exercise of all that gives you spiritualization. Thus you will not fear the hour in which you will no longer hear my word.

25 I have spoken to you of many trials and have warned you. My Word full of good teaching and full of love is the power and the caress that your Lord gives you.

26 I am waiting for you on the top of the mountain where I will give you peace. I have come to you in three ages to teach you and this is the third in which I unite you to make known to you My last teachings. My task as Master was not completed on the cross. Today, with the light of My teachings, you will be able to understand much more than you had known before.

27 But how few are those who have prepared themselves to receive me. Many I see among you who have put out their lamp and remained in darkness, and others who have already forgotten me. Despite your spiritual progress you have not reached perfection, and while some have developed, others have stopped.

28 From the beginning of times I have taught you to pray so that you may always be in union with My divinity I told you that you must fulfill the divine law and also the human law. That which I handed over to the first men is the same that I am handing over to you today for fulfillment.

29 Beloved children of Israel, have you not grown weary of so many wanderings? Has not the burden of your atonement pressed you down? Has not all the pain you have endured become a weariness to you? Is your familiarity with pain so great that you have already become insensitive? Do you no longer feel love for your father or for your brothers? - You have fallen into a deep spiritual lethargy and are indifferent to every high feeling. You live a breathless and inhuman life and have forgotten your spiritual duties; but I want you to prepare your minds to receive My Word and let Me dwell in your hearts so that you may live again in grace.

30 I want to lead you to a life on other levels where you will be in harmony with the high Spirits so that you may continue to ascend without stopping When you set out to follow Me, you will no longer be indifferent, you will no longer empty the cup of suffering; you will love life and be united with all your brothers.

31 Prepare yourselves, go to your brothers in My Name, dry the tears of those who suffer, give courage to the weak, raise up the fallen and save the lost Carry the light everywhere. Many will recognize Me in their human lives, and others when they are in the "spiritual valley". It is My will that all may awaken so that I may plant My seed of love in their Spirit.

32 You will see that some will believe in My rallies in this Third Age when they hear My teaching through the intermediary of the voice bearer; others will do so through your testimony and much more (men) through the Scriptures preserved by My Word

33 I want you all to be strong so that you will not retreat at the first obstacle, nor fear any enemy. I prepare you to perform miracles and transform your brethren by the proofs I will grant you.

34 Understand Me, base your faith on the solidity of the rock, so that nothing can destroy it Let not your lips be silent for fear of reproach, nor hide from your brethren that I have come in this time. Develop the gift of the Word and let the love and wisdom that I have entrusted to you flow from your heart.

35 "Watch" for your nation, do not allow war to enter into it. Open the gates of your hearts and let him whom you call a foreigner enter, both the man of good will and the one who carries evil in his heart; for his Spirit will be enlightened in this land, and it will be like a helpful mother to all. I am preparing the granaries so that you may give food to the hungry and there may be happiness and peace among all My children.

36 Prepare yourselves spiritually so that you may forebode your future and envisage that after 1950 you will be left behind as My apostles to emulate those who followed Me in another time These knew that they would keep my spiritual presence even if they saw me disappear as man, and that they would continue to be accompanied and enlightened by me. I refreshed myself when I looked at their faith, their unity, their inspiration, and very soon their word moved the people of that time; for they knew how to put into practice everything that their master had taught them.

37 Make yourself receptive, humanity, and receive the Light of My Spirit poured out on all created things I am teaching a people who will bring you a message of peace. I will speak through his mouth; if you reject it, you have rejected Me.

38 Remind mankind that every time I came to them, I surprised them distracted by worldly things and that is why they did not feel My Presence But how could she have understood to wait so long, when you gave proof of your impatience when you left Egypt, when you could not even expect Moses' return for a few days? When he came down from Sinai and brought the tablets of the law with him, he found the people devoted to idolatry. In just a few moments of weakness, they had erased the name of the true God from their hearts to replace it with a golden calf.

39 Then the Lord called that people stubborn. Therefore it does not surprise me that after an age I experience that people - although they have My promise - have neglected their faith, have allowed their lamp to go out and have put in My place as many idols as they worship today. Would it be possible that they recognize me today, when I have come to them? - It is natural that all that is mine should seem strange to them.

40 I revealed to you that My return would be in a "cloud". Today, when I am already among you and I have therefore fulfilled that Word, I tell you in truth that the "cloud" is the equivalent of "My Presence in the Spirit. In the same form in which My disciples saw Me ascending, after I had finished My work in the Second Time, I came down to mankind in this time.

41 You must remember that when Moses was called by the Lord to Sinai, a cloud covered the said mountain, and on the third day, in the middle of the cloud, the voice of Jehovah resounded. That manifestation was seen by all, that cloud was visible to the multitude gathered at the foot of that mountain. It was the Lord who made you understand even then that His Kingdom and His abode is beyond all material things.

42 Although the Lord materialized His presence in that cloud,* and made the people tremble with His rallies of power and justice, those people with hardened minds and hearts became unfaithful to the covenant they had made with God only in moments of fear.

* I.e. made visible to the physical eyes

43 Now, when I come "in the cloud", I am settling down in your Spirit; therefore, My manifestations in this Third Age are invisible to mortal eyes Only the Spirit with its high sensations can see, feel, and understand My revelations.

44 This spiritual sense I am developing in you so that with it you may know and contemplate all that has been revealed to you from the beginning of your life until now, it will be the one who will destroy all false interpretations that men have made about the Divine Very gradually the light will penetrate into the heart of my children, which is why I tell you that the hour is no longer very far off, in which they will understand of their own accord the meaning of what can happen in the life of men.

45 Some people, hearing this word, ask themselves: has the Lord come down at this time to make Himself felt only in us who have heard His teaching through human mediation, or has He done so among all mankind? - In truth I tell you: The spiritual cloud gives its protective shadow to the whole world, just as it did in the First Time when it covered all His people who were at the foot of Mount Sinai.

46 Disciples of the new age, study My Word, for you need My wisdom in your struggle

47 Reflect on the pages of the book whose seals were broken by the Lamb. The voice of the divine Word penetrates from the Book of Life and reaches out to those who are dead for the life of grace to bring them to new life.

48 A human body is not absolutely necessary for me to make me audible to men. Here you have me in Spirit, speaking to you through the human mind, without having to physically enter the dust of the earth. This rallies has been the preparation for the direct Spirit to Spirit connection between you and your Creator.

49 Blessed are those who expect my spiritual coming in this time, for they will see me coming "in the cloud.

50 Men have devoted themselves to the study of the Old Testaments, racking their brains in the investigation and interpretation of the prophecies and promises. Those among them who have come nearest to the truth are those who have found the spiritual meaning of my teachings; for those who stubbornly adhere to material interpretation and do not want to understand or find the spiritual meaning of my rallies will have to suffer confusion and disappointment, as the Jewish people suffered when the Messiah came, whom they had imagined in a different way and expected differently than reality showed him.

51 I give you this explanation at the breaking of the sixth seal of the book of life.

52 In order that I might give you these new revelations, it was necessary that in the time span between My rallies to mankind as man and My coming in the Spirit at this time, you should pass through many reincarnations on earth, so that your Spirit might answer when I would demand of you the past lesson and when I would give him new revelations, he might be able to understand them

53 The Book of the Seven Seals is the story of your life, of your development on earth, with all its struggles, passions, conflicts, and finally with the victory of good and justice, love and spiritualization over the passions of materialism.

54 Believe in truth that everything is aimed at a spiritual and eternal purpose, that you may give every lesson its rightful place, which is its due.

55 As long as the light of the Sixth Seal enlightens you, there will be a time of contention, renunciation, and purification; but when this time is over, you will have reached a new period of time in which the Seventh Seal will bring you new revelations. How satisfied and happy will the Spirit of him who was found to be pure and prepared receive the new time. As long as the Sixth Seal illuminates you, matter and Spirit will be purified.

56 The time is nearing when your Spirit is to fully reveal itself on earth. Until now it has not been possible for him because of the hardening and materialism that still hold him captive; but after purification men will let their Spirit be revealed and unfold in virtue. The vessel will be pure and transparent and will see its contents and also let them overflow.

57 Before their departure for the hereafter, men will make of this earth a world of peace, a place where the light of the Spirit will shine eternally.

58 But you, do not go to sleep thinking that it will be others who will experience the fulfillment of this prophecy and enjoy that peace. Do you know whether you will not come at those times? - Truly I say to you, there is no seed without fruit, nor works without reward.

59 Many will be the sufferings that men will have to endure to see this time coming; but you who are expecting it must not be afraid, for in your struggles, or in your loneliness, there is always a shining star that illuminates your way, and that star is Elijah.

60 You multitudes who hear this voice, I ask you: are you ready to follow Me on this way in obedience to My commandments? will you have the courage to speak of this teaching to your brethren? Do you think that you are already able to worship Me without the need for rites and symbols? Will you not be ashamed to call yourselves spiritualists in the face of different religions? Will you not falter nor regret having begun this work? Will you not doubt in the face of the criticisms and attacks that your neighbors make against you, and also not become apostates when they misjudge you and drive you out of their homes?

61 Do not believe that I question you because I do not know your way of feeling tomorrow and your attitude towards the trials. You well know that nothing is unknown to me; but when I ask you these questions, it is so that you yourselves repeat them to yourselves and reflect on them; for by reflection you can reach the light, the decision, the power and the trust in me.

62 If I would not warn you to prepare yourselves, how would you be able to face adversity and trials?

63 My people, be patient and prudent towards mankind; do not despair, remember that it is precisely in the trials that you should give your finest examples of forgiveness, charity and steadfastness.

64 But do not be afraid; for although I have told you that I will make you rich spiritually, you will not lack the things that are indispensable for your human life Know that he who has spiritualized has attained to possess all these things, and if he succeeds in becoming one with the Lord of all created things, he, as a son, even if he has no earthly goods, should feel himself to be the heir and even the owner of all that his Heavenly Father possesses.

My peace be with you!

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