Words from Jesus spoken to Byron Searle 
II Chronicles 12:5-8
5 Then came Shemaiah the prophet to Rehoboam, and to the princes of Judah, that were gathered together to Jerusalem because of Shishak, and said unto them, Thus saith the Lord, Ye have forsaken me, and therefore have I also left you in the hand of Shishak. 
6 Whereupon the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves; and they said, The Lord is righteous.
7 And when the Lord saw that they humbled themselves, the word of the Lord came to Shemaiah, saying, they have humbled themselves; therefore I will not destroy them, but I will grant them some deliverance; and my wrath shall not be poured out upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shishak.
8 Nevertheless they shall be his servants; that they may know my service, and the service of the kingdoms of the countries.
My son, I have sent many prophets to proclaim My Word to the kings that have ruled this nation. The kings have not chosen to hear My voice, instead heeding the voices of many so-called spiritual leaders! These leaders claim to know Me, but I KNOW THEM NOT!!! The current king is receiving bad communications from these leaders and is being led to a Path of Destruction! Rehoboam was Solomon's son, and by taking bad advice from his advisers and wives, TOOK MY PEOPLE ISRAEL INTO IDOLATRY!  
I brought about My prophets to warn the king, and he and the people humbled themselves to Me. I held back the TOTAL Destruction of Jerusalem, but still allowed My judgment to stand.  Rehoboam did evil in My sight, so is the king of this nation. The king of this nation will not humble himself, nor bring the nation to humble itself!
My son, because of the pride, arrogance, and evil in his heart, I will bring about the total Destruction of this nation! MY PEOPLE - CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE -- ME OR THE KING OF AMERICA!!!  I have allowed this king to rule to bring about the Completion of Judgment on this idolatrous nation! This nation has more idols than Babylon EVER had, and they worship the king as Nimrod was worshipped!!! Do you see how easy it will be when the Son of Perdition rises to power??? 
Unfortunately, MY BLIND CHURCH DOES NOT SEE WHAT IS BEFORE THEM -- CHOOSING TO WORSHIP A KING OVER ME!!!  They will say, "But we don't worship a King!" LIARS!!! I see your hearts!!!
My son, SHOUT TO MY PEOPLE TO WAKE UP AND REPENT!!!  Turn from your idolatry and humble yourselves before Me! I am coming very soon with fire in my eyes, to sear the hearts of men to what they have chosen! I am at the right hand of My Father! I am coming to take My Remnant! I am bringing the only peace this world will know! 
The unveiling of the so-called "Peace Plan" will start in motion The Final Countdown!!! Be ready - have your house in order! Choose today to be a wise virgin! Choose Me now, and I will forgive you! 
Messiah Jesus

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