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Yesterday, Jesus said
"Mary was the maid of your mother"
Anna Maria wondered what it could mean.
(Mary was a man through whom the grace or wisdom of God flowed)
He also said:
"Will you (want) my writings?"
Oh, hurt. She did not ask him if she was allowed to publish the scriptures from the True Life book. I'm sorry. Will He forgive her?
Father, will you allow me in hindsight or will I have to leave it alone? Can you please give me a rhema?
Since she received this Rhema:
"The Holy Spirit is not a person, he is a blessing" * (text below)
*text The Lord explains... The Holy Spirit is not a Person! He is a Blessing... April 19, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for all Those who have Ears to Hear This question was asked… Should we worship The Holy Spirit? And is The Holy Spirit a person? Thus says The Lord… Beware of the doctrines and traditions of men in the churches. Stumble not over the letter, nor be led astray by perverse interpretations or biased translations, by which the churches of men have marred My Word. Rather study to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15) For I ask you, where in the Scriptures of Truth is it written to give praise and worship unto The Spirit? For The Spirit is not a person, nor have I called it by name. For to YahuShua alone did I say... 'You are My Son, today I have begotten You'… Therefore worship God, offering up praises in the name of The Son, and give thanks. For those who believe in The Son, and also seek to obey Him, receive of My spirit. For it is My hand upon you, guiding you in the way in which you should walk; My voice speaking to you softly from within, reminding you of that which I have taught you, restoring you to righteousness and life. Understand this also… The power of God moving upon the face of the earth is My spirit also, My will made manifest in the world and among men. For I ask you, how can one pray to that which he prays through? Shall one pray to the hand of God? Rather pray to your Father in Heaven, in The Son’s name, and through The Spirit we shall be one. For all My servants move, speak and hear Me through My spirit, and only through The Son shall My children come to know Me as I truly am… And oh how blessed are those who know Him, for they love Him and obey His voice, having truly received of Him, even of His spirit, The Spirit of God. Indeed holy, holy, holy is The Lord God Almighty… One God, invisible and visible, The Father and The Son, and The Spirit, which is called holy, because I am holy… Therefore, accept My love and receive of My gifts! For The Spirit is indeed a gift given by The Father, received through The Son, for your sake… Call it not a person, call it a blessing… Indeed, blessed are those who have The Spirit of God, for God dwells within them.

She asks Jesus: What is your will for me?
Will you forgive me? Will you show me the way to go? Will you lead me on the way I should go?
He says:
"Rudolf Steiner, he knows it."
This is Axel Burkart, who propagates the teachings of Rudolf Steiner with great zeal and success. I felt it yesterday when I posted to him Volume 1 - Instruction 7 under one of his videos as a comment that he knows you want him to announce this message to you. Should I send him the source ??
It was this video:
OK. That's what Anna Maria did. She has given him the source and has given him a hint in his live video. But her advice was deleted. Instead, he said that a father should throw out his 21-year-old child, so that it grow up.

Again she asked for a Rhema - and she got this:
The power of a lie is only as strong as those who believe it
but the truth will set you free.
All lies are born of evil and they will perish,
but the truth is forever.
Source: Words of Wisdom ...
What is the truth? Perhaps a lying spirit wants to prevent the dissemination of the writings of the book of true life by Anna Maria. Does a lying spirit prevent Anna Maria from spreading these writings?
Anna Maria asks for a Rhema - and she receives this:
The Signs of the End are over you
12/29/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior / The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
Thus says The Lord:
Many great signs have been given to this generation, yet all have went greatly ignored by the multitude. Yet those who are Mine have clearly seen. For those who truly know Me rejoice in the Truth and embrace My correction, and strive always to walk in My ways, glorifying My name without ceasing. For they shine like the sun at noonday,[1] even in the height of summer.
Yet understand this,
These signs are but the first of many,
And shall continue, increasing by measure
Until the time be fulfilled...
Then shall The Son of Man appear,
Clothed in the brightness of His glory,
A brilliance which has no equal;
Even the blind shall see!
Behold, I called to the sea, saying, “Rise up! Churn, and bring forth a terrible wind! Go ashore, increase in height and make a great noise! Blow like the voice of The Almighty and release a great deluge upon men! Move all things from their places, break apart and destroy! Cause this people to flee in fear, that they may now call upon My name!” And still those who dwelt near the shore did not call upon My name in sincerity, nor in truth, nor did they repent of their evil deeds. Behold, three more times did I call the sea to rise up and come ashore, causing that which had lessened to regain strength and return once again. And still the people did not awake, their eyes remained shut, their hearts hard and unyielding.
Indeed, the multitudes refuse to give Me glory! And oh how quickly they do always return to their sin, as they seek to fortify their rebellion against God. Therefore the seas shall become angry, the earth shall rumble and quake, and the waves shall continue to crash before the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord! Behold, even the powers of heaven shall be shaken,[2] and the world shall seek to become one, as it is written.[3]
Yet I tell you, there is a sign greater than these. For all creation obeys My voice; from the deepest depths to the highest peaks, to the rocks which lay upon the ground; from the multitudes of insects to the animals of the field and those which fly above; from the waters of the sea to every living creature which dwells within them, great and small; from the winds of heaven to the stars above, all creation obeys the voice of The Almighty.
Yet with man it is not so. For the heart of man remains hard and unyielding, and oh how he sets his ways in stone. For in his arrogance, he refuses to listen to the Word of God, nor will he accept My correction. And because of his pride he remains unwilling to heed the call of The Most High. Yet I tell you the truth, that which is made of stone shall break! And that which refuses to be broken shall be crushed beneath the weight of The Cornerstone![4]
Yet that which is laid atop it shall be broken and refashioned, made new. Thus a heart made new in The Lord is the greatest sign of all. For the whole earth is set under My authority, obeying My will without question. Whether upon the land or in the sea, or in the heavens above, all things obey the voice of The Living God, save man. For to him alone did I give the will to choose. And what is life without love? And what is love without the free will to choose love? I tell you the truth, a gift commanded is no gift at all! Yet a gift accepted is where you shall find life, love and salvation.
Behold, all shall be moved from their places, that the eyes of the prideful might be opened and the ears of the arrogant unstopped, that all might repent and return to Me! Therefore watch! For the time has come for the will of God to be made manifest, for the earth to tremble and quake, to spew its fervent heat! Now is the time for signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath,[5] for the judgments of God to be poured out, for the wrath of God to fall from Heaven[6]!
Therefore, come out from among them,[7]
And take refuge in Me...
For I am your only shelter,
Your only sanctuary from the storm...
Says The Holy One of Israel.

And there is just one more message:
The Lord says ... Let go of your pride! You are poor, blind, deaf and naked ... June 22, 2005 - From the Lord, Our God and Redeemer - The Word of the Lord spoken to Timothy for all those who have ears and hear Look The Lamb that takes away the sins of the world ... He is the lion ... His face is like lightning and his feet tremble on earth. He comes on the clouds in great glory and every eye will see Him and cry. He has taken away the sins of those who love Him ... They will be lifted up. Those who reject the gift will be judged for all they have done. Woe unto those who rebel and raise their fists against Him, who created them and offered them love and salvation, for the wrath of the Father is fanned and poured out ... His punishments for the wicked come quickly. Yet every soul that humbles itself and calls on its name will be saved, the only name given under the sky through which you must be saved. Their salvation is assured, but their plight is not yet over, for they have long denied the Lord their God and His only brought forth, so they will dwell upon the earth until the works, even the mighty works of the Lord, are completed. Do not mourn ... The helper will be with them.
Now come, look, listen and understand, you men and women with intellect and secular education ... your knowledge has made a fool of you ... you have become the lowest and most miserable souls in the whole royal court ... you are poor, blind, deaf and naked ... your pride has made you a king and master for yourself. Let go of your pride and be like a beggar. Because of his desperate need, he calls for help and asks everyone who passes him for food and money, so that he could live one more day. So I ask you, you proud generation, why does the heath raging and shaking his fist to heaven? Oh beloved, my lost and sick, you do not have to beg, just become like a beggar. Throw away all that binds you to this world and ask for help and the helper will come. He will bring manna from Heaven with you and provide you with new garments that are white and He will protect you from the storm. What I bring will not only provide you another day, but a day that will never end. For the beggar is desperate because he knows that he is in dire straits and he does not understand that my kingdom will belong to him.
You say that you have no need for anything ... I say to you in a loud voice, WEHE! You are in desperate need. You are already in the grave with both feet, blinded by the pride ... Extend your hands and feel the grave stone on which your name is written and all your works against God. Now look inside ... Is not your heart exactly shaped like this tombstone? I gave you a heart like mine. You have reshaped it, in the image of the world and of evil. From this place in you, you devise all the corrupted things that you spit out of your mouth, and that pollutes you continuously. Now turn to Me, you are not abandoned ... YOUR SALVANT LIVES! Turn your cheek from this world and look at My glory ... For in my left hand I hold an iron scepter to smash the stone that lies upon your grave ... I will in fact smash it and pulverize it under my feet ... With my right hand I will help you out of your grave and put your feet on good ground. Here, My children, take this cup from Me and drink heartily and be healed. Look at the godless ... They will be transformed and called the redeemed ... From all the stony places rivers will flow from living waters ... The grave will be swallowed up, all the gravestones smashed. For the Word of God has come ... and only His Word will henceforth be written and spoken, forever ... Amen.

Anna Maria asks:
Father, do you want me to take your writings and distribute articles of them?
She is preparing a small meal and has an intuition:
Axel has had the chance, but he has refused, showing his true attitude. '
"Shalom, Shalom Channel !!! They deny the ...
Anna Maria has looked. It is a YouTube channel of a Jew in German, who represents the Torah. There she also posted an article from the book of true life, but her comment has been deleted and the comment function disabled. The Jews have stood by the teachings of Moses to this day, denying to this day Jesus, as their Messiah, denying the writings of Christ of the Book of True Life.
But I did not do anything, Anna Maria thinks.
"Not yet. You're on the blacklist. "
"Brusch nid ..." (you do not need ...)
Could this be the spirit of her dead mother ....
I command you, you lying spirit, in the name of Jesus, the Christ, remove yourself from me and from the writings of the saint and go back to your room, from whence you came! I forgive you! Go in peace!
This is how Anna Maria prays

There was another video
Jesus says... Expose the lies of false Prophets September 24, 2017 - Words from Jesus to Sister Clare Spoken by Jackie Jesus began... "To My precious prayer warriors... those of you who have not compromised but kept My wishes as the law of your heart. You have not sought the scintillating news on the internet or on youtube regarding prophecies about yesterday being your last day on Earth, and all the fear mongering of those who are led astray by false prophets. Fear of Russia, fear of N. Korea, and all the other false flag news to keep your mind off your present time assignments and duties, to keep you searching hours and hours on the news of My coming." "With you, I am well pleased. You will have peace in your heart because of your obedience. You will have much fruit in My Kingdom because you persevered and kept your focus on My wishes and did not stoop to be entertained and waste time on false reports of My coming." "These are those which I spoke about in Matthew 24... there will be many false prophets, lying visions and rumors to keep people in a state of insecurity and uproar." "This is not My will for you. I have chosen Heartdwellers to be a unique people of love, focused on love and intimacy with Me. As the early Church of Philadelphia, the Brotherly Love church, which I promised would be taken in the Rapture, this is Pure and Living Water." "What is being circulated as true prophecy of disaster to America is poisoned water— and a well cannot have both bitter and pure water." "Those who spread these rumors are bitter wells and false prophets trying to take your attention off the peace and security I have planned for you, My people. This is a season of outpouring of gifts and anointings for those of you who are focused on My will." "But there are those that would raise themselves up against Me and circulate all kinds of lies and tales from false prophets, astrologers, and fear mongers, who are trying to derail your faith and keep you from seeing the real enemy, which is the shadow government born from the new world order." "I am calling you, Heartdwellers, to purify your hearts from these rumors. Stop entertaining and acknowledging those who are following every sensational prediction NOT from My true prophets. Defend My honor. I have told you what is in store for you; defend My honor and refuse to take part in listening to those who come to you with popular tales meant to stir up fear and insecurity. They are poison to My Body and I am calling those of you who truly believe, love and obey Me, to speak against these lying predictions." "Much of this is invented to make money, but My sheep don't understand the true nature of those who are always stirring up fear. Their subscriptions soar, their wallets fatten, but their judgment will be severe - because their motives are self-promotion and worldly gain. And through their greed, they have led many innocent victims astray." "Cleave to Me, My People, and I will tell you when to prepare for what." "Now is a season of growth for the Earth; now is the time to spread My Love and My Coming. Now is the time to use your gifts and to continue fasting, that the evil powers of this world will be seriously delayed in carrying out their agenda of ruining this country." "Each of you are precious to Me and speak to others with no motive other than to glorify Me and prepare the world for My coming." "Others who follow false prophets are stirring up insecurity and keeping My vessels unto honor from moving forward with their giftings. They are not for Me, they are against Me. And I am calling on you who know better to refuse to take part in their poison."

Anna Maria asks again for a Rhema and receives this:
That says The Lord ...
So you will see how everything will develop according to these laws and periods. After the spring years, the time of fermentation, the summer years of ripening will come with their storms and thunderstorms - and then the autumnal years in which, as a reaper, I pick up the wheat chaff but better into My spiritual heavens and spiritualized earth bodies, the worse but to banish it into established matter, in which it must then be achieved by a long way, which has been spurned in the short term.
So prepare yourself to do the same thing in the spring of spiritual life - through the process of fermenting and purifying each one within you - that I did on a grand scale. Purify each one of his heart as much as possible from all the worldly things, so that he may endure the storms and thunderstorms of the following summer with spiritual strength and, victorious from the fight, as the plants and trees in the open field do, not in the autumn empty leaves, but beautiful mature fruit in deeds and words, worthy of a child of the Divine Father, the ... to the message:

Praise the Lord my soul and his holy name
Praise the Lord my soul, praise him Amen forever

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