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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 15:

1 On this morning of solemn commemoration I ask you what have you done with the Law which I sent to mankind through Moses? Were these commandments given only for the people of that time?

2 In truth I tell you that that blessed seed is not in the heart of men because they do not love Me nor do they love one another; they do not honour their parents nor do they respect other people's property; on the other hand, they take one another's lives, break marriage and bring shame on themselves

3 Do you not hear the lie from all lips? Do you not see how one nation robs another of peace? and yet mankind says they know My Law What would become of men if they completely forgot My Commandments?

4 Understand that the law is the way that is paved by the Love of the Only Creator to guide each of His creatures Think about the life that surrounds you, which consists of basic materials and organisms of infinite number, and you will finally discover that every body and every being moves on a path or a pathway that appears to be guided by a strange and mysterious power. This power is the law that God has established for each of His creatures.

If you investigate these momentous events, you will eventually come to the realization that indeed everything lives, moves and grows under a supreme commandment. You will also discover that in the midst of this creation appears man, who is different from all other creatures, because in him reason and free will are present.

In man's Spirit there exists a divine light, which is conscience, which illuminates his intelligence and stimulates him to fulfill his duty. For, if an irresistible force were to compel him to follow only the right way, his fulfillment of duty would be entirely without merit, and he would feel humiliated in the knowledge that he is incapable of acting according to his own will, and that despite this he is subject to a law.

But under the conditions under which your existence takes place, who can direct your thoughts toward the good? - Only the divine light of conscience, which inspires man to fulfill the law - a light that dwells in the Spirit and reveals itself through the same to matter.

5 Why did the Spirit not follow the voice of conscience from the beginning? - Because it had not developed it sufficiently to understand and fulfill the commandments it gave it, and at the same time to control the urges of the flesh. Free will and the influence of matter are the tests to which your Spirit is subject.

6 If men had listened from the beginning to the voice of their conscience, as Abel did, do you think it would have been necessary for your Father to materialize from time to time to explain the law to you and to teach you the way of the development of the Spirit? Verily, I say to you: No. If you had submitted yourselves to My Law and obeyed it, all My revelations and teachings would have come to you through your conscience. But when I saw this mankind caught up in the passions the world offered them, deaf to My voice and too blind to see the spiritual light that illuminated their way, I had to materialize My Law in the First Time, by carving it in stone and revealing Myself to their physical senses to defeat their materialism**.

* Materialize: make physically visible.

** Materialism: unspiritual view of life, which recognizes only the material as real and significant.

7 Humanity turned away anew from My commandments, and I had to come to men to teach them. it was not enough that I gave you My Law in that material form and it did not contain all that the Father had to tell you; and so I sent you Jesus through whom you would hear the Word of God He spoke to your hearts. That Master knew the ways that lead to the innermost part of the human being, and with His words, with His works and His sacrifice on the cross, He touched your slumbering hearts. He aroused your indifferent feelings because He knew that without this preparation the time would not come when man would hear in his own Spirit the voice of His Lord, who is now with you, as you were told.

8 It is your God who speaks to you; my voice is the law. Today you hear it anew without the need to carve it in stone or that I have to send My Word incarnated among you. It is My divine voice that comes to your Spirit and reveals to it the beginning of an age in which man will be justified, reconciled with his Creator and purified as it is written.

9 Do not misinterpret My words by saying that the law of the First Age was the law of the flesh and that that of the Second Age spoke only to your heart; for I have at all times touched the most sensitive and developed part of your being to make Me known there and make Me palpable My Law has always spoken to your Spirit, for it is He who guides matter in human life.

* Matter: fleshly body of man, also generally for object, material, etc.

10 When some of My disciples of the Second Age experienced the transfiguration of their Master on Mount Tabor, when they saw Moses appearing on His Right and Elijah on His Left, they fell to the earth because their soul was frightened by the incomparable greatness of what their eyes saw. Hereafter I instructed them to keep this secret, to make it known when the time came. For it was necessary that I left this world before, so that you should understand when those experiences (of the disciples) were brought to your knowledge, that they spoke to you of the future and announced the same.

11 Ah, if mankind of this time would understand the meaning of that transfiguration and they would understand that the testimony of my disciples was meant for the people of this time, how great would their progress be!

the chisel that buried My Commandments in the stone on Mount Sinai is the same one that now writes the divine thoughts in your heart; the Blood of your Saviour, which was the teaching that spoke to you of Love, Resurrection, Eternal Life and supreme happiness, is the same that I am now shedding in the essence of this Word and the prophecy and authority with which Elijah astonished men is the same that you are now experiencing in the rallies I am granting you at this time.

12 The struggle of My disciples in this era will be greater than ever to obtain that My Law be established on this earth But for spiritualization to come to dominion in this world, from which all justice, all love and reason springs, the peoples and nations of the world will first have to drink a very bitter cup.

13 This will happen when the golden calf is destroyed forever, abolish the useless sacrifices; when the spiritual goods, which you will not exchange for earthly goods, are no longer an object of profit. This will happen as soon as man has reached the full development of his Spirit and appreciates the precious gifts in himself with which his Father has graced him from the beginning of his creation.

14 To help you to reach this degree of spiritualization, this is why I come now to give you the lifeblood of My Word, the fruit of good taste I am the loving Father who gives you bread and shelter for your body and for the Spirit the light that guides you to pass it on to your brothers. My healing balm is also with you; some will receive it fully, and others will have their pain relieved. Some will wash away their own debts, but others will help their neighbors with their example in their purification.

15 Do ye want my strength? Fulfill My commandments, love My law, for you are responsible for mankind. You are the instructed, and before you lies the way which Elijah has prepared. Walk with deliberation, with a gentle step.

16 You are the children of light; do not let temptation bring you down in its nets.

17 Take as your example the apostles of the Second Age, who spoke of the Father to the multitudes, and these recognized their God and Lord in the works of His messengers. Likewise will I see you; now is the time for you to devote yourselves completely to the proclamation of my truth.

18 Turn away from the useless works of men and rule the body. Do not let it rule over you. In this way I will see you after this struggle full of joy and peace.

19 Fight and work, Israel, search and understand that with these teachings I am giving you the white garments to go through the world and fulfill your mission.

20 Great is the journey that I have prepared for the Spirit for his arming, atonement and completion. If you succeed in uniting yourselves spiritually with Me, you will feel strong for the struggle and will learn to advance on the way and to overcome the obstacles which oppose you on it.

21 Do you want to belong to My apostles? Do you want to be numbered among My disciples? then persevere in your studies, make sure that your armament is on the rise, so that you may soon bring My Word to your brothers

22 Man's Spirit has developed, therefore his science has progressed. I have allowed him to know and discover what he did not know before; but he must not devote himself only to material works. I have granted him that light that he may work for his peace and happiness in the spiritual life that awaits him.

23 In the midst of this world consisting of various creatures, man is the preferred being, to whom I have given a part of my Spirit and the right to get in touch with me, to have me in him, so that - since he feels me so closely connected with him - trust and faith in my divinity may grow in his spirit.

24 The final purpose of the creation of this world is man; for his pleasure I have added the remaining beings and natural forces so that he may make use of them for his preservation and refreshment. If he had loved and recognized Me from the first times, since his spiritual childhood, he would belong today to a world of great spirits, where there would be neither ignorance nor differences, where you would all be equal in the knowledge and ennoblement of your feelings. But how slowly man develops! How many periods of time have passed since he lived on earth, and still he has not succeeded in understanding his spiritual task and his true destiny. He has not been able to discover his Spirit in himself, who does not die because he possesses eternal life; he has not understood how to live in harmony with him, nor has he recognized his rights, and this one, deprived of his freedom, has not developed his gifts and has stopped.

25 Today, in the face of the events which man himself has caused, in the face of war and the effervescence of all the passions of materialism, he is dismayed because he neither understands nor is able to stop evil, and frightened, he asks himself the reason for this result. For man has strayed from the path of his spiritual development and is plunging into the abyss without any human power to stop this violence.

26 This world, which was created with so much love so that it would be the temporary home of my children, has turned into a valley of restlessness, fear and death; only the exercise of love and virtue will be able to save it. That is why I now gather all the "scattered tribes of Israel" to equip its Spirit and send it into battle until it has reached the salvation and spiritualization of the human race.

27 Everyone who has come to Me and has heard My Word belongs to this so old and numerous people, and as I make these teachings known to you, you will understand that your gifts have continued in secret and that they are resurrected just in this time, filled with the power that love gives you Your destiny was predestined from the beginning of times so that you may be the ones who watch over mankind and communicate to it the messages which I brought to your attention from time to time.

28 The time will come when all mankind will consist of My disciples, when you will understand Me and fathom My Word with ease The proud will descend from their pedestal to be with Me and the learned will recognize Me as their Master.

29 I want to see you all on the path of spiritualization, gaining strength and steel in the trials, so that as you ascend, I may reveal to you the treasure of wisdom contained in the book I am currently showing you

30 If you want to become masters, you must equip yourselves. Eliminate every trace of idolatry in you and teach a spiritual, reverent and sincere worship of God based solely on love.

31 Even if your memory should become unfaithful to you - My word is in your conscience, where it will never be erased. Your Spirit will speak and will be a fountain of wisdom, which, when overflowing, will bring the light to your brothers in your development.

32 Refresh yourselves in my presence, because I too rejoice when I give you my teaching Study the book and learn the explanation of all that you did not understand. Grasp the spiritual meaning of the teaching which I now reveal to you. If you prepare yourselves, you will be the light in the darkness that is enveloping mankind today.

33 I am always in expectation of spiritual communion with you. Everyone who purifies himself and raises himself to Me will feel that he has married with Me, and I will guide his steps in the best way.

34 Many wonder why I have returned to earth since I have already taught you with My Word in the Second Time. but you had forgotten My Law and I found you shipwrecked in a sea of ignorance I fought to bring you on the way of peace and truth. I offer you a staff to support you on it because you are exhausted from pilgrimage without guide, and that is why I have come to stand by you.

35 I am gathering My new apostles, who will be not twelve, but one hundred and forty-four thousand, and each one of them will have the task of proclaiming My Teaching; they will all speak and will be like heralds bringing the good news that the Master has come back to men as the Holy Spirit

36 Since 1866 I have been searching among mankind for the new disciples and equipping them so that they may respect My commandments with devotion and be forerunners of new apostles to come to Me

37 The day will come when men will have knowledge of the people of God, and they will seek you to ask for light from you; others to fight your knowledge with their opinions. I do not want you, because you feel poor and low, to let yourselves be taken by surprise by those who speak in chosen language and who present you with theories which will reveal only ambiguity or sparse light. You who know the truth of this word because you know that it is my revelation as Holy Spirit - do not let yourselves be confused.

38 Neither do I want you to hide yourselves for fear, but to face those who ask for your help. For all of them you shall have words of love to awaken and move them and make them feel My presence. Thus you will be recognized.

39 Elijah is close to you and fulfills the great task I have entrusted him with, which is to stimulate you to renew yourselves so that you may rise in search of peace, improvement and spiritual perfection.

40 Soon you will rest from your work. This great work is being done with the help of many Spirits, and I have assigned a certain task to each one.

41 You who follow Me are My army, and I am your Father, who has made it his task to redeem his children. I go ahead of you to lead you. Will you follow Me? - Your heart says yes, and I receive your longing. Behold, I do not ask more of you than what you can do; but I tell you that you must fight very much with your gifts if you know how to use them and if you love Me in truth.

42 The spiritual law comes before the human, therefore you must give Me your tribute before that of the world. See nature with its fields and mountains, its seas, forests, and deserts; in its entirety it offers its sacrifice in every moment to the Creator, who called it into being and sustains it. All of them express their debt of gratitude to Me by bearing witness to Me. Why do you not show me worthy reverence? Why do you ask for my presence, to doubt me afterwards?

43 Prepare yourselves so that you may fathom your spiritual nature and understand My Word penetrate My teaching, research, I allow you, interrogate Me, but come to Me Surrender yourselves to Me with the trust you have when you are children and follow your parents everywhere; love and trust your heavenly Father as well.

44 I do not want you to shed tears or cause Me pain. Much have you wept and often have you gone through the deserts. Do not leave your children this seed of suffering that you have carried with you. Let these beings see a life of righteousness, work and fulfillment of My law so that they may see peace and prosperity flourish.

45 Why are you amazed, people, at the wonder I am showing you in this time, when I am making myself known through the human mind? greater works I have done in the past times and you have believed them

46 I know that the cause of your astonishment is due to your having strayed from spiritual teachings, for for a long time you have believed only in what you see, in what you touch, and in what you prove with the help of your science

47 In the first era, when Israel read the Scriptures, meditated on the Law, and prayed in expectation of the promised Messiah, his life was full of signs and spiritual rallies, his heart was sensitive to the messages the Lord sent him, and he believed in all this because he had faith.

48 But do not believe that all the children of that people were able to receive the divine messages. No, the rich misers felt nothing, they neither saw nor heard them, neither did the priests, who, though they had the book of prophecy open before their eyes, did not perceive the spiritual life above men either; for blind and haughty in the place they occupied, they could not hear the cries of the Lord, who was already approaching.

49 Who, then, were those who in the nights in Judea prayed, and kept watch, and received in their hearts the light which kindles hope? Who were those who had prophetic dreams and were able to forebode with their hearts and gave the Scriptures a spiritual interpretation? - They were the humble, the poor, the slaves, the sick, those hungry for light, those thirsting for justice, those in need of love.

50 They were the people, the men and women of simple heart, they who had awaited their Savior through centuries.

51 On the night when Jesus was born into this life, it was the hearts of the poor shepherds of Bethlehem that trembled at the spiritual messenger of the Lord, who made them know that their Savior, who had been awaited for so long, had come.

52 In that solemn hour the rich, the lords, and the mighty were asleep.

53 Also in that time the great ones, the lords, the rich, the learned and the theologians slept deeply, while My Ray came down to men to bring them My Message for the first time.

54 How few expected Me, and how few believed in My presence!

55 But those who came to Me were men and women of simple heart, of little understanding, whom the unbelievers mock because they believe in supernatural rallies and speak of strange teachings

56 Judge not badly those whose lack of armament makes them commit a mistake, since they at least preserve the intuition of the spiritual, which is the proof of a secret longing to be united with the Father, to approach the world of light, to receive from Him a word of love.

57 These poor, whom the false splendor of the world has not blinded, are those who have intuition, those who foresee, those who have dreams, those who bear witness of the spiritual, and I have sought them to open before their eyes the book of wisdom and so overabundantly satisfy their desire for knowledge and truth

58 I have made my presence palpable to them, as well as the nearness of the spiritual world, as a reward for their hope and their faith.

59 I have also spoken to them about their gifts, about their task, about the value of My teaching, so that they may remove from their hearts everything that does not belong to this work, and so that their testimony may reach the hearts of their brothers louder and full of light.

60 Arise, O Israel, and climb the spiritual mountain; for I am now your helper. In this time you will all be my helpers with the cross which I carry on the shoulders out of love for mankind.

My peace be with you!

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