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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1 
Teaching 10:

1 Answer in this blessed hour the questions of your conscience, for it is time for judgment.

2 You are before your judge, for it is necessary that I touch you for a moment with My Justice; but truly, I tell you, My judgment is loving and just

3 I am continually giving you great proofs that I am among you. why do you not all believe Me? do you want Me to abandon you to the arbitrariness of human wickedness? - do not stray into the ways of the world Come to Me, I am the way that leads you to true happiness.

4 I have entrusted a mission of peace, not war, to your nation; understand that in it resounds My divine Word in which I have revealed to you that the New Jerusalem is in the Spiritual Valley; and in this (the New Jerusalem) all Spirits must enter and become its inhabitants by the way of spiritual advancement.

5 Still to this day you show me your granaries with little seed, because you do not make use of the fields which I am gradually providing for you. Your brothers "die" before your eyes, and you remain untouched by it.

6 Do you not believe that in this way you are hiding My Law? you know very well that it is you who made a covenant with Me long ago, a covenant that remained written in the Book of Life

7 Your heart confesses that you are still like despondent soldiers

8 Listen to Me, people, for the trials will come and they will wake you up and give you the steel you lack

9 It is necessary that your faith and knowledge become great so that you may understand that in this life you must be the guardians of peace by means of your thoughts and prayers.

10 A new year begins for you, for which you will give account to Me. I give you this time for your armament and for your struggle.

11 When you prepare yourselves, you will not weep nor feel pain in your heart. But do not challenge My justice by disobedience, for then you will surely have to drink the cup of bitterness.

12 Become my workers, for the fields await your loving seed. Elijah, the tireless shepherd, has already prepared the paths and the fields so that you may take up your farming tools and begin to work the fields.

13 Your work is very delicate, but it will be neither hard nor tiring. in front of the white-hot sun of My Justice, Mary's motherly mantle will always lie down like a beneficent cloud, giving you its heavenly protection, while My Voice will delight you like the trilling and cooing of birds to make your work pleasant

14 Beloved disciples, My Voice has been speaking to you tirelessly in the Third Age; My Word appeared like a shining lighthouse to show the way to the lost shipwrecked

15 I have given you spiritual power with My teaching, not only to endure the vicissitudes of this world, but also to fulfil the spiritual task you have taken on in this time

16 Not all will welcome you with open arms when you will spread My teaching; some will put snares on you to bring you down.

17 The battle will be fierce; for just as there are those who have the power to do good, so there are those who have the power for evil.

18 I purify you and prepare you spiritually and physically so that you may understand the Father's inspiration and later bring it to your brothers in the same purity in which I have given it to you.

19 You will prove that this teaching is not a theory, that it is not taken from books, that it contains in its truth the message of the Holy Spirit.

20 I make you ready, because life on earth will change every day, and what is "peace" today will be war tomorrow; what appears to men as "light" today will make them go astray tomorrow. Mankind puts its manifold weapons at the ready for battle; you keep yours ready.

21 In prayer and in the practice of My teaching men will find the light. In acting according to My Law My new soldiers will find strength and when the days of pain come, you will unite to give courage and pray for all.

22 My law will be the ark of salvation in this time. In truth I tell you: When the waters of the flood are unleashed with wickedness, pain and misery, people of other nations will come in long processions to this land, attracted by its spiritualization, hospitality and peace; and when they have come to know this revelation and believe in what I have spoken as the Holy Spirit at My renewed coming, I will call them too "Israelites according to the Spirit. Among these crowds will be My messengers, whom I will make return to their peoples to bring the divine message of My Word to their brethren. But not all will come to this nation to learn the teaching I brought to you, for many will receive it spiritually.

23 You will then see how many who have never heard Me, how the great apostles will rise full of faith, love and zeal, ignoring fears and prejudices you were not able to overcome, and will enter wherever a door opens to bear witness to My Word They will have no fear of sects and religions, for instead of considering them enemies, they will regard them as brothers.

24 Do not look upon anyone in this way as strangers, receive your brothers with open hearts and give them the teaching I have given you

25Later on, when My messengers are scattered throughout the world, they will all feel united in their mission

26 The "worker" will cultivate the land, make the furrow and plant his seed in it, with faith and longing to reap a rich harvest. But the Master tells you: always remember to choose the soil that is suitable so that the seed will not fail. You will always reap fruits that are worthy of the love with which you have tended them.

27 You will all be able to be "workers in My fields," but it is necessary to feel and understand this task beforehand.

28 This work consists in taking away the dark band from the ignorant and fanatics, teaching them that I am the One God whom all must serve. I prepare you to show yourselves to others as an example, because you were able to open your eyes to the light and humbly confess that you were ignorant.

29 Through you I will sow My seed and later reap the fruits of the fulfilment of My law your brethren will ask you how you received this teaching, what were My rallies and why you follow this way; and to every question you shall answer with absolute truth For if you do not know how to defend yourselves with truth, you will not be strong and will be left as losers; then the seed will not be able to germinate.

30 I do not want you to be unable to reap a harvest at the end of the struggle, after you have turned away from the temptations of the world to hear Me and have been called My disciples. It would not be just for you to reap disappointments and bitterness just because you have not learned in time to defend My work by studying and fathoming it to face the trials.

31 My teaching is one teaching, prudently communicated in many forms so that you may understand it and have nothing to add to it. and although it is law, I do not want to impose it on you, for you would fall into hypocrisy; you would show fulfilment while you would violate My Law with your actions

32 I have put conscience into your being so that it may be the guide in all your ways, since conscience is able to distinguish the good from the evil and the just from the unjust. With this light you shall not be deceived nor shall you be called ignorant. How could the spiritualist deceive his neighbor or seek to deceive himself when he knows the truth?

33 In the Second Age a rich young man approached Jesus and said to Him, "Master, I believe I deserve the kingdom you promise, for I act according to Your teaching. Jesus asked him, "Are you fulfilling the law? And the young man answered, "Yes, Lord, I fast, treat my brethren well, do no harm to anyone, and give a portion of my wealth to support the temple. Then Jesus said to him, "If you wish to follow Me, give to the poor what you possess and follow Me. - But there was so much that the young man possessed that he did not want to give up his riches and preferred to part with the Lord. He believed to fulfill and deceived himself.

34 How often have I told you: practise charity, let this virtue be manifested, but do not display it, for then it will no longer be selfless help and you will deceive yourselves!

35 Disciples, if you do not want to be mistaken in the exercise of my teaching, examine your actions with the help of your conscience; if it accuses you, examine yourselves from the bottom up, find the error and correct it Your conscience is a mirror in which you can see whether you are sincere or not.

36 The spiritualist should be recognized by his actions, which, in order to be pure, must be dictated by conscience. Whoever acts in this way will feel in his Spirit the authority to call himself my disciple.

37 Who will be able to deceive Me? - No one. But I judge you not by what you do, but by the intention with which you do it. I am in your conscience and beyond it. Do you think that I cannot know your actions and their intention?

38 Prepare yourselves for battle so that My people may not be misunderstood because of your bad actions, for often the recognition or non-recognition of My teaching will depend on you. But I ask you: What will be able to darken My Word since it is the Truth itself, since it is purity and perfection? - Nothing. But through your lack of fulfillment you will very well miss opportunities to earn merit and lift your Spirit.

39 If anyone does not know My Truth, it is because he has not come to drink from the fountain of Wisdom, which is My Word and which overflows its crystal clear waters for every thirsty person

40 The truth I revealed to the "first", the patriarchs, prophets and righteous, is the same that I am presenting to you today, because My Teaching you are receiving now is the Law of all times I only teach you the way, so that you may continue your life's journey to the goal.

41 Disciples, here is My Word in which you will always find My Truth; however, if you give erroneous or complicated interpretations, if you change My teaching or give a confused account of it to the needy, you will reap a poor harvest

42 Take care how you pass on My teaching and how you speak of it, for you are responsible for a very great inheritance.

43 I am the owner of the seed, you are the labourers; see to it that it germinates, blossoms and bears fruit, as I have taught you.

44 But do not feel yourselves as servants or slaves. Feel free to love and work within My work. I am the light that illuminates the paths, and you the wayfarers who choose the path.

45 If anyone walks like a blind man and does not see this light, if anyone is sluggish and therefore does not find it, if anyone strays from the path, do not blame Me; for wherever you are, I am to speak to you in various forms. Recognize that he who wants to find me must make an effort.

46 My Word penetrates your heart as wheat penetrates fertile soil, and when you receive it, you must make it flourish and multiply

47 Study this Word so that you may know its content, and act upon it so that you may become aware of its value; and do not keep the knowledge you gain by study only for yourselves, make it known to mankind. You will experience with joy that it will be well received by your brethren, and you will see it awakening to love and faith.

48 After this time men will come to you in search of my teaching and, without having heard my word transmitted through the "mouthpieces," they will know that I have come once more and will have the certainty that I have spoken to mankind in this form.

49 The moment will come when My Word will spread in all nations, and My commandments given in this time will gain life and power through the ages Everyone who prepares himself will feel My presence in his Spirit, and eventually man will obey My law. Free will will be properly understood by him, and he will perform righteous works within the framework of My Divine Law.

50 Once more I leave you the trail so that you follow me. When you set out in search of men to bring the Good News, do not beg them to listen to you.

Bear your task with dignity, and those who believe you will be those whom I have chosen to make them My disciples. - Rumors will circulate that the Master has come again to call His new apostles, and you will bear witness to these rallies and further reveal to them that you, too, have come back to earth, having been with Me in the Second Age and having heard My word in Galilee and Judea. But if they doubt you, tell them to reflect on My words and on the prophecies given to My apostles, then they will know that this is the truth.

51 To you who hear Me, I hand over My Word through the intermediary of the voice bearers; later, other generations will come who will study all that I have spoken and that will remain printed and fill thick volumes

52 I am life and enliven you in every moment; but I must fight with your ideas and thoughts. your works bring you pain and death and you do not know how to seek Me to become strong in good Why do you not come to Me? Who has called Me and not felt My presence? How much I love you and have always loved you! Even before I created you, I have loved you in Me, and from the moment you came forth from My Spirit, you have received My gifts and commandments for all times.

53 The earth over which you walk today is not your eternal home, is not the land of promise; this is why you are always longing for different, higher life, you are seeking

Perfection, for it comes to you as eternal inheritance; it is the state of exaltation which your Spirit will attain after great struggles. Do not be satisfied with earthly goods, for you know that you are destined to know the perfect spiritual life, with all its graces and beauties.

54 Do not expect your brothers to renew themselves through My divine work alone, without you having fought for it Your task is to work to build the foundations of a new humanity that loves and obeys My law. For this, prayer is your best weapon.

55 I speak to the spirit and heart of all men; I cherish and nurture them and there will come a time when they will be able to unite with Me from spirit to spirit and then there will be no secrets between the Father and the Son. Prepare yourselves for this time in which I will no longer make rallies about the human mind.

56 Write down My word for the generations to come and beware of not carrying out My orders properly. I do not want My new disciples, those who will know My Word only through the Scriptures, to find imperfections in My teaching due to your lack of armament. It is My will that all the content and truth of My work be contained in these pages. In this book, which I entrusted to you, I have united My Word revealed in three times, and all that has remained hidden or shrouded in mystery you will understand when you unite yourselves from Spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

57 Verily, I tell you, if you believe that My rallies in this time are not an event and that with your disappearance My Work will be over, you have no idea of its scope, nor have you seen the light of the Sixth Seal which enlightens and enlivens all that has been created, marking a new stage for the perfection of the Spirit

58 If you, hearing My Word, would see the humility of your Spirit, your "matter" would unite with it to form a single will; but the body shell is an obstacle to your spiritual progress See in it the struggle and in it the merits necessary for your spiritual ascent.

59 When you feel depressed by the trials of life, keep to Me, and you will be strong, and no one will destroy your peace nor rob you of your heritage

60 I will always see you burning in your love so that you will not be like tombs, which are only hot as long as the sun sends down its rays, and become cold again towards evening when it is hidden.

61 Not only be moved when you hear my word, but love me and love one another always, as I love you

62 In grateful hearts I have heard this prayer: "Lord, untiringly You grant us so many benefits. But I tell you: I am your Father and see your neediness. How could My Spirit not be moved in your prayers? I have comforted you in the solitude of your bedchamber and enlightened you so that your spiritual prayer may be of use.

63 I am leaving a book of remembrance in the heart of My disciples so that after 1950, when My Word is no longer heard through the human mind, they are the ones who bring My Message to mankind.

64 How many teachings have you heard and learned in these inconspicuous houses of prayer where My Word is manifested, heard and learned, although there are no rites, altars or images in them; here you have no longer felt emptiness in your hearts!

65 Be blessed, you who have listened to Me with gentleness and humility, for tomorrow you will amaze the crowds with the deep meaning of your Word

66 Disciples, now is the time for you to realise the greatness and purity of My Work, so that when you announce it in the future, your actions will be in accordance with My teaching

67 The crowds of people are approaching this people; be prepared; I do not want them to surprise you in unfair acts, for they might say: "are these the new disciples of the Lord?

68 After I have spoken so many things to you, I do not want them to find your granary empty of good works.

69 Tomorrow you will be investigated and put to the test by men who desire to see you become weak, to accuse you and deny my truth.

70 Do not expect My Word written in books alone to work the miracle of converting mankind; it is necessary that great soldiers of My Cause stand up to seal and confirm My Truth with their faith, courage and love as weapons

71 It will not be necessary to investigate whether the way is free or not, nor will you need to go in search of the crowds; for I will undertake to put the needy on your path

72 It is necessary that men arise among mankind who recognize the greatness of my law and cause it to be recognized.

73 You who have heard Me in this time - be great through humility, through My word, through your virtue and good fulfillment of My law! But do not believe that you will be the greatest among mankind because you have heard Me. How many who are far from My teaching, on the day they hear you, your testimony will be enough to do works greater than yours.

You will rejoice greatly in this, for these works will be the fruit of your fulfillment.

74 Now I am strengthening you and closing the wounds which mankind used to inflict on you, so that when the battle begins you will have the necessary steel

75 Be aware that the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates you, the Sixth Candlestick illuminates mankind; but although all are illuminated by this light, some are aware that they are living in a meaningful time, while others let all teachings pass by unnoticed

76 Why, if ye were all created equal, do ye not all possess faith? - Because of your free will and the varying development of your Spirit. Therefore, while some hope that a higher light and a higher power will guide them, others trust in what they consider to be their own powers, and when they lack these, they feel lost.

77 A long time ago your Spirit came out of me; yet not all of them have progressed in the same way on the spiritual path of development.

78 All fates are different, whether they already bring you to the same goal. These trials are reserved for the one, those for the other. The one creature goes through one way, the other follows another. You have not all entered into existence at the same moment, nor will you all return at the same time. Some walk in front, others behind, but the goal awaits you all. No one knows who is close to it or who is wandering far from it, because you are still too small to possess this knowledge; you are human, and your vanity would be enough to ruin you.

79 The Father tells you all to persevere, and to those who have faith, He tells them to enlighten the way of those who walk in darkness.

80 Think carefully about your lives, and you will see that at times you have walked powerfully, at times slowly; on other occasions you have fallen and then risen again until you finally succeeded in taking a more sure and firm step.

81 I alone know your evolution, although I must tell you that the truly superior Spirit has knowledge of his progress without being conceited about it.

82 Through the gift of intuition you can know if your pace is excessively slow, or if you are in a breathtaking run, if you have stopped, or if you think you have taken a firm step.

83 Through your conscience you can know whether the path you are walking on is permitted, or whether you have missed it.

84 To leave to those who come after you a benevolent trace of your passage through the world, it is necessary that you fulfill My law; with it you will leave great works, and your memory and example will be indelible.

85 Disciples, I am the lark, under whose wings you live like young birds I also tell you that the Sixth Seal is the only one that is opened and enlightens you in this time.

86 Realize that many of My workers, who were the first disciples of spiritualism, have fallen into the grave error of believing that the seals are gathering places, that the seals have been broken in this nation and that they are their owners

87 I am constantly making them feel My Justice, for they are in this time like first-born children whom I called and invited to My table, to whom I had reserved My Word of Love They walk along the streets of the world and carry their gifts and commissions with them without wanting to know what they carry with them. They believe to fulfill my law and condemn their brothers.

88 They do not know where they are going, nor do they suspect the greatness of My Work, and when I called them to hear Me through the human mind, and I asked them: do you believe in My Presence in this form? many of them denied Me

89 I said to them: show Me your followers, enumerate to Me the miracles you have performed; but they have shown Me very little fruit. I pointed them to the great crowds gathering where My Word is heard, to the myriad testimonies of My power, and reminded them: "The tree will be known by its fruits. - This is the Sixth Seal, under whose light you must all follow Me. Today the Sixth Candlestick, which is the Divine Word, enlightens you.

90 Behold, among My people are the children of doubt beside the children of faith, those who deny Me and those who follow Me: The one devoted to materialism, and the other striving to attain spiritualization. That is the main reason for your quarrel in this time.

91 But my teaching is bright as the light of the day.

92 The Lamb of God has broken the seals, and this alone will be able to seal them anew.

93 The New Jerusalem is not in this nation, nor in any other nation; this city is spiritual, even though you will be able to inhabit it from this time on.

94 It is not Elijah who has broken the seals; he was the forerunner, so that the sixth seal might be broken and revealed in due time. Elijah represents the Sixth Seal, and his mission is a very high one; he revealed to you that for you a new time of revelation had begun.

95 The seven churches of Asia, which were sanctuaries where the voice of My apostles resounded as a message to all generations of nations, are a beautiful image of the Book of the Seven Seals.

96 Roque Rojas came into the world with the mission of being the first organ of communication through which Elijah called the first workers of the Third Age, and among those first to receive commissions, a virgin arose with the necessary spiritualization and devotion so that in her the miracle of My rallies through the human mind might be accomplished. Since then and through this mediation, My Word indicated the period of this rallies, which began with the rallies of Elijah and will last from 1866 to 1950.

97 Many organs of understanding were prepared so that you should have My inexhaustible word, which is the source of wisdom and revelations until the last moments of My rallies.

98 Later the time of spiritualization will come, and although you will no longer hear my word, you will feel me closer to you.

99 Regardless of the good preparation of some and the bad preparation of others, I will continue to descend to make myself known. For the good intention of some and the lack of preparation of others, my Spirit will be present in this form until 1950, for nothing will be able to prevent my will from being fulfilled.

100 But those who add something foreign to this food and give the crowds water to drink that is not crystal clear and pure will be responsible to Me.

101 It is My Will that you return to the places where you have failed to fulfil any task

102 The paths are paved, the fields await the seed. Get ready and let the hour of your struggle come. Then you will embrace each other brotherly, you will set out and let my will be fulfilled in you.

103 Do not forget that my work is pure and you are to love it until the end.

104 You are to practise charity in all your life's journey; this is your task. You possess many spiritual gifts to give selfless help in various ways. If you know how to prepare yourselves, you will accomplish what you call impossible.

105 The activity of love which you do with a coin-although it too is an activity of love-will still be the less superior one.

106 Love, forgiveness, and peace you must bring to the hearts of your brothers.

107 I want no more Pharisees and hypocrites protected in My law. I want disciples who feel the pain of their fellow men. To all those who repentantly rise up, I will forgive, no matter what sect or religion they profess, and will clearly show them the true way.

108 Blessed are those who bring My teachings to foreign lands, for My law and My guardian angels will guard them. I have told you that through one of My children, who is armed, a wide area can be saved. Make yourselves worthy of this grace, then I will grant you much.

109 I speak to you in many ways so that My Word may strengthen you and you may not become weak when you need faith most.

110 Love each other when you are together, love each other when you are far from each other, then the Father's blessing will descend on this brotherhood.

My peace be with you.

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