Peace of God or Avarice ??

The peace of God, which transcends all thought, be with us and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
"In the spiritual, the non-sexual is very important," says Jesus, and
"The 3-D-ler do that. They hate you."
"The stinginess comes from unfulfilled desire."
"It's what the group feels. Strength."
Jesus approaches Anna Maria as a tender, gentle, soft energy and leads her to feel the same way.
The beings in the Third Dimension are bound to matter and have no access to the silence that comes from the spirit. That's why they hate the children of the light. Because they find no inner peace and make every desire greedy for more, and since there is no way to end this desire, that ends in stinginess, because then the money is missing, for example, to go on vacation or afford other expensive amusements.

Minimalism is the attempt of her husband to be satisfied with as little as possible in order to find oneself. It is an attempt not to challenge others, i. not to hinder them on their way and to be aware of their own responsibility.
The tenderness and peace of mind give inner strength. Heaven is a force, and that power is tenderness, temperance, gentleness, peace, harmony, and all unite in it.Recently, Anna Maria had to go through more anger and rage and she now recognizes the difference. This is a power that eclipses the soul, while the inner stillness, tenderness and gentleness inaugurate the soul and fill it with warmth and radiance.
Desire, material pursuit on one side and peace, warmth and light on the other, what she has always felt before Christmas, that sacred stillness within. It is what Jesus wants us to do on Christmas - to let the material rest, to feel and allow the mystical and magical silence within our hearts, in our spirit.
This time is coming again. Will we obey this time and stay away from the hustle and bustle out there, to meet in our inner sanctuary Jesus with gentleness, in other words to dwell with him in heaven, far from the pagan customs of the world, but already in the heavenly realms of the blessed, like a child of Heavenly Father.
If we obey and keep our souls pure, we will experience that God dwells in us and not only that, we will know that we are part of the heavenly strength. 

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