The Cleaning

"America will shine again and will be envied again.Europe will also be transformed.You do not need to be afraid of H. Merz, you've left the matrix behind you, you're moving in the sky, your body has to go to sleep, like mine, but you keep going up to me. That's why you were left behind. You can do it.The East Rift Zone is moving. The seismic goes to the upper range.The mountains will wobble.Storm coming. Morning."The weather forecast finally says rain ahead. On Monday up to 30 l / sqm. This is urgently welcome and needed for nature."Grateful. You have been merciful.The Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the world.The dish is only for cleaning, then the earth shines again in new splendor.God will no longer allow the one and the other to have nothing, but all who will inhabit the earth will live together in prosperity and peace in a world without dividing borders where people are free and according to his law of the world Love united together as in the times of our ancestors."

"Africa. A gap through the continent. It creates a sink. Different climates. There will be enough for everyone.
New Zealand - Australasia. There is also a sink in Australia because there are the elite control centers where they manipulate the weather - where the hurricanes are blossoming. "

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