4. Teaching through the Divine manifestation

I. The Second Coming of Christ, Third Era of Revelation
Chapter 4 - Teaching through the Divine Manifestation
Origin of the Revelations

1 The "Word" which was always in God speaks to you, the same that was in Christ, and which you know today through the HolySpirit; for the "Word" is word, is law, is message, is revelation, is wisdom. If you have heard the "Word" through the words of Christ and now receive it through the inspiration of the HolySpirit - verily I say to you, it is the voice of God that you have heard. For there is but one God, one Word and one HolySpirit. (13, 19)

2 Know ye what is the origin of that light which is in the words spoken by the lips of the voice bearer? Its origin is in the Good, in Divine Love, in the Universal Light that comes from God. It is a ray or a spark of that All-Light that gives you life - it is part of the infinite power that moves everything and through which everything vibrates, pulsates and incessantly makes its paths. It is what you call Divine Radiation, it is the light of the Divine Spirit, which enlightens and animates the spirits. (329, 42)

3 He speaks to you at this moment, the One who has always come for your salvation: Christ, the divine promise, made man in Jesus in the "Second Age", the "Word" of God made man; the Spirit of Love, of Light, of Wisdom, limited in a ray, which through conscience touches the spirit and the mind of man, to teach him to transmit my thoughts. (90, 33)

4 I am Christ, whom they have persecuted, blasphemed, and made accused in this world After all that you have done to Me in Jesus in the "second time", I come to you to prove to you once more that I have forgiven you and love you.

5 You have crucified Me naked, and in the same way I come back to you, for I do not hide My Spirit and My truth from your eyes behind the garment of hypocrisy or lies. But so that you can recognize me, you must first cleanse your heart. (29, 27 - 28)

6 Today I tell you Here is the Master- the one whom people called the Rabbi of Galilee. I give you the everlasting teaching, the teaching of love. The banquet to which I invite you today is spiritual, the bread and wine likewise. But today as before and as always I am the way, the truth and the life. (68,33)

The places of revelation and recipients of the rallies

7 Remember that I am the "Word" of the Father; that the divine essence which you receive in this Word is light from this Creator Spirit; that I have left in each of you a part of my Spirit

8 But when you see the poverty surrounding the crowd listening to Me and the modesty of the room where you gather, you ask Me in silence: "Master, why did you not choose for your rallies at this time one of those great temples or cathedrals where rich altars and solemn ceremonies worthy of you could have been offered to you?

9 I answer to those hearts that think so about their Master: it is not men who led Me to this poverty. I myself have chosen for my rallies the humble dwelling in the poor suburb of your city to make you understand that it is not the material tribute or the outward sacrifices that I seek with you, but on the contrary: I have returned precisely to preach humility once more so that you may find spiritualization in it. (36, 24 - 25)

10 Some do not believe in my presence because they disagree with the poverty and modesty of these places of assembly and the inconspicuousness of the voices through which I make myself known. But if those who doubt in this way were to study the life of Christ, they would realize that he never sought show-offs, homage or riches.

11 These places can be as poor and low as the stable and the straw on which I was born then. (226, 38 - 39)

12 Do not think that I have chosen this nation only at the last hour for my new rallies. Everything was planned from eternity. This soil, this race, your spirits were prepared by Me, just as the time of My presence was also predestined by My will.

13 I chose to begin my rallies among the least of these, among those who kept the mind and spirit pure. Then I allowed all to come to Me, for at my table there are no differences or favors. My Word sent down to this people was simple and humble in form, accessible to you, but its meaning, full of clarity, was deep for your Spirit, because although I am the repository of all knowledge, I always express and rallies in a simple and clear way. I am not a secret to anyone; the secret and the mystery are children of your ignorance. (87, 11 -12)

14 The first who listened to Me treated

my work like a tree by cutting off the first branches to transplant them to different areas. Some interpreted my teachings well, others missed the path.

15 Small were the groups that came together in the shadow of the poor assembly rooms. But as they became more numerous and the crowds increased, I called them together so that all would recognize themselves as disciples of one Master and practice teaching in the same way; so that the seed would be sown not at the discretion of the "workers" but according to the Divine Will.

- Reference to Jesus' parable of the "workers in the vineyard

16 Before the Spiritual Ark of the New Covenant the multitudes of men vowed submission, obedience, and good will; but when the hurricanes and tornadoes came crashing in with force, and whipped the branches of the tree, some became weak, while others steadfastly stood firm, teaching the new "workers" to till the "fields.

17 Some who had realized the greatness of this revelation intended to penetrate further into my secrets than was my will, in order to acquire a knowledge and a power that would make them superior to others; but very soon they came face to face with my justice.

18 Others, who could not discover the greatness of this work in its purity, in its simplicity, adopted rites, symbols and ceremonies from sects and churches, because they thought that they were giving solemnity to my rallies. (234, 27 - 30)

19 Since these rallies began to manifest, your Spirit has been enlightened by my teaching, though unbelievers have also manifested themselves, both among those who have trained the mind and among the uneducated and ignorant.

20 How many arguments to deny this revelation! How many attempts to destroy this Word! But nothing stopped the course of my message - on the contrary: the more this work was fought, the more the faith of men was inflamed, and the more time passed, the greater became the number of those through whom I convey my word.

21 What is to be learned from this? that human power will never be able to prevent Divine Power from carrying out its counsel.

22 When the people gathered inside these places of gathering, they have always done so without fear of the world, always trusting in my presence and protection, and I have proved to them that their faith was based on truth (329, 28 - 30;37)

23 A new apostolic group was born in this community, consisting of simple and humble hearts, but filled with love and faith to follow Me. Of course, there was not lacking among them a new Thomas who had to see to believe in my presence - a new Peter who, although he believed in me, would deny me for fear of men, and a new Judas Iscariot who would betray me by falsifying my word and truth for money and flattery.

24 The multitudes that make up this people multiplied constantly, branching out over cities, lands, and villages; and out of this people arose apostles of truth and righteousness, self-sacrificing workers full of zeal in the teaching of their Lord, and prophets with a pure heart who spoke the truth. (213, 72 - 73)

25 In my new revelation I have changed everything: the places and the means of rallies, to remove the ignorance, error, and misinterpretation given to my former revelations. Just as the sun rises in the east and you see it at noon on the highest point, and afterwards you watch it set in the west, so the light of my Spirit has moved from east to west in time, so that you do not limit my glory and my power to certain places, people or races. (110, 9)

26 It is enough for me that a few hear me, because tomorrow they will bring the testimony of it to their fellow men. I know that if I had summoned all men, most would not have come because they are taken up by the business of the world. They would deny me and prevent men of good will from coming to hear me.

27 Here, in the seclusion of these insignificant places where I make myself known, I let my seed spring up. I unite the simple hearts in churches, and then, when they are far from the noise of materialistic life, I speak to them of Love, the Eternal, the Spirit, true human and spiritual values, by which I cause them to look at life through the Spirit and not through the senses.

28 I call these children's hearts disciples, and they, who never possessed anything, who were never noticed by their neighbors, were filled with satisfaction at having been called by Me and have risen to a new life. They have risen with the conviction and exaltation that they can be useful to their neighbor because the Lord has put His revelations in them and shown them the way of love.

29 Some may deny them and make fun of them because they call themselves disciples of Jesus - but verily I say to you, even if they are denied this grace, they will continue to be my disciples. (191, 33 - 36)

30 The world waits for my voice to call them; the heart of men, though it has died to the faith, waits for the voice of Christ to come near to it and tell it, "Arise and walk".

31 The "dead", the "blind", the sick and the pariahs make up a very great people. I will come to them, for those who suffer spiritually or physically are most receptive to my presence. The great ones of the world - those who have power, riches, and worldly glories - do not believe they need me and do not expect me: What then could Christ give them, since they say they already have everything? Perhaps some spiritual goods, or a place in eternity? That does not interest them!

32 This is the reason why I sought these multitudes of the poor and sick in body and spirit to make my teaching known to them; for they longed for me, they sought me. So it was only natural that they felt my presence when the time came to show me anew to mankind. (291,32 - 34)

The transmission of divine rallies

33 whoever doubts this rallies through the human mind acts as if he denies his status of superiority over other creatures - as if he denies his own Spirit and does not wish to become aware of the spiritual and intellectual level he has attained through endless trials, sufferings, and struggles.

34 To deny that I make myself known by means of your mind or spirit is to deny yourself and place yourself in the place of the lower creatures.

35 Who knows not that man is a child of God? Who does not know that he has a Spirit within him? Then why not believe that there must be one or more ways of communication between the father and his children?

36 Since I am intelligence, I turn to you by means of your mind; since I am Spirit, I turn to your spirit. But how will those who deny my rallies understand and accept this truth if they never wanted to regard and recognize me as Spirit? In their hearts they have developed many erroneous views, such as those to think that I am a divine being in human form, which must be symbolized by symbols and images to make contact with me through them.

37 Over the centuries, the people who sought Me in this way have become accustomed to the muteness of their images and sculptures in front of which they pray and perform rites, and in their hearts has finally formed the opinion that no one is worthy to see, hear or feel God By saying that I am infinitely too high to come close to men, they believe to offer Me an admiring homage. But they are mistaken; for whoever claims that I am too great to give myself up to such small creatures as man is an ignoramus who denies the most beautiful thing that my Spirit has revealed to you: humility.

38 If you believe in Christ, if you claim to be Christians, you must not have such foolish conceptions as this one to think that you are not worthy of your Lord's approach. Have you forgotten that your Christian faith is based on that very proof of divine love when the "Word" of God became man? What more tangible and human approach could be more responsive to the comprehension of sinful and carnal men with darkened souls and weak spirits than that in which I made them hear my Divine Voice, made into a human word?

39 This was the greatest proof of love, humility and compassion for men, which I sealed with blood so that you would always remember that no one is unworthy of Me, since it was precisely for the sake of those who were most lost in the mud, darkness and vices that I made my Word become man and shed the lifeblood of my blood

40 Then why do those very people who believe all this now deny my presence and rallies? Why do they seek to assert that this is not possible, because God is infinite and man is far too profound, far too insignificant and unworthy? Verily, I tell you, he who denies my rallies in this time also denies my presence in the world in that "second time" and also denies my love and my humility.

41 For you, sinners, it is only natural that in your sin you should feel far from Me. I, on the other hand, feel that the more transgressions you commit and the more you stain your spirit and soul, the more necessary it is that I turn to you to give you the light, to reach out my hand to heal and save you.

42 I knew that if I would again make myself known to my children, many would deny me, and that is why I announced my return already then; but at the same time I made it clear that my presence would then be spiritual. But if you doubt this, make sure by the testimony of those four disciples who wrote down my words in the Gospels.

43 Here I am in the Spirit, sending my word to you from the shining "cloud" and humanizing it through these mouthpieces - as a preparatory teaching for that rallies to which you are all to arrive: the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. (331, 1 - 10; 13)

44 The divine thoughts are

have been translated into words by my raptured voice-bearers, who, united in sentences, have formed and established a spiritual teaching full of revelations and perfect teachings.

45 This is the promised Comforter, this is that promised Spirit of Truth, who would teach you all things. The preparation is already beginning; the times are coming when you will need Him who, because He has strength in His Spirit, will guide you with nobility and simplicity of heart, with wisdom and mercy. (54, 51 - 52)

46 My teaching comes to you to bring light to your mind. But do not wonder at the way in which I have come to you at this time; do not be confused about it, but do not let it become routine either.

47 When my Divine Light reaches the mind of that man who serves me as a voice bearer, it is condensed into vibrations that are transformed into words of wisdom and love How many steps of the ladder of heaven must my Spirit descend to reach you in this form! And also my "spiritual world" I had to send you so that it would give you a detailed explanation of my teachings. (168, 48)

48 I make myself known through the human organ of understanding, because the brain is the "apparatus" perfectly created by the Creator, so that in it the intelligence is revealed, which is the light of the Spirit.

49 This "apparatus" is a model that you can never imitate with all your science. You will use its form and construction as an example for your creations; but you will never attain the perfection that the works of your Father have. Then why do you doubt that I can use what I have created? (262, 40 - 41)

50 At all times my love as a master was carefully mindful of the teaching that men needed, and I have always come to speak to them in accordance with their spiritual maturity and intellectual development

51 I have come to you because I have seen that man's word and the teachings you have created do not quench the burning thirst of your Spirit - thirst for light, thirst for truth, for eternity and love. This is why I have tuned in with you and serve humble, ignorant and uneducated men and cause them to fall into the rapture of the Mind and Spirit so that the message of the Third Age may flow out of their mouths.

52 To be worthy to receive and transmit My Divine Thoughts, they had to fight against the materialization and temptations of the world. In this way, pushing back their own personality and chastening their vanity, they attained a complete surrender of their being in the short periods of time in which they offered their organ of mind to divine inspiration, thus enabling a word full of wisdom, tenderness, justice, balm and peace to come from their lips.

53 There will always be those who cannot comprehend how it is that the voice-bearers can express so much knowledge in words and pour so much life essence on the minds of the multitudes of listeners, without my Spirit descending to these minds, and only a ray of my light illuminating them. Then I tell you that even the royal star - as you call the sun - does not need to come to earth to illuminate it, since the light that it sends from a distance to your planet is enough to bathe it in light, warmth and life.

54 Likewise, like a sun of infinite radiance, the Spirit of the Father illuminates and enlivens all things by the light which He sends down to all creatures, both spiritual and material.

55 Understand, then, that where my light is, my Spirit is also present. (91, 12 - 16)

56 A spark of light of my Spirit, a reflection of the Divine Word is what falls down on the spirit of the voice bearer through which I make my message audible to you. Which human voice bearer could receive all the power of the "Word"? None. And verily, I tell you, you do not yet know what the "Word" is.

57 The "Word" is life, is love, is the Word of God, but of all this the voice bearer can receive only one atom. But here, in that beam of light, in that essence, you will be able to discover the Infinite, the Absolute, the Eternal.

58 To speak of me, I can do this both through great works and through small and limited manifestations. I am in everything, everything speaks of Me; the great as well as the small is equally perfect. Man only needs to know how to observe, reflect and study. (284, 2 - 3)

59 My "word" has not become man again. In this time I am "on the cloud," the symbol of the hereafter, from which my ray proceeds, which illuminates the mind of the voice bearer.

60 It has pleased me well to communicate myself through man, and my decision is perfect. I know man, for I have created him. I consider him worthy, for he is my child, for he came forth from me. I can avail myself of him because for this I created him, and I can reveal my glory through his mediation because I created him to glorify myself in him.

61 Man! He is my image because he is intelligence, life, consciousness, will, because he possesses something of all my qualities and his Spirit belongs to eternity.

62 Often you are more insignificant than you have believed, and another time you are greater than you can imagine. (217, 15 - 18)

63 If you reflect a little and study the scriptures, you will see that in all the prophets there was expressed a single spiritual content, which they gave to men in their words. They gave exhortations, revelations, and messages to men, without the errors of the materialized cult that the people practiced in those times. They taught to obey the law and the Word of God, and they helped people to communicate with their Heavenly Father.

64 People, do you not find a great resemblance between those prophets and these voice-bearers through whom I am speaking to you at this time? also on the lips of these latter I lay the essence of my law; through their words my inspiration reaches you, and radiantly bursts forth from them the teaching that calls the listeners to seek their Lord in the purest way; I am the one who is the Lord of all They speak without fear that among the many who listen to them there are spies or fanatics. They devoutly carry out their task in the service of their Father, so that he may speak to mankind through them and give them these teachings which will open new paths of light to men.

65 People, there is not only a great similarity between those prophets and these voice bearers, but there is also a perfect relationship between them. Those who foretold these, and what those long ago foretold, these servants now see. (162, 9 - 11)

66 Not all my voice-bearers were able and willing to prepare themselves to serve Me, and often I had to send down My Light on unclean organs of the mind, which were busy with useless, if not sinful things Through their wrongdoing they called my righteousness upon them, for their minds were deprived of all inspiration and their lips of all eloquence to express the Divine Message.

67  In these cases the audience closed their ears to those poor rallies, but opened their Spirit to feel my presence in her and receive my essence. The people fed on the essence that my mercy sent to them at that moment; but the voice bearer prevented a message that did not come from his lips, forcing those present to dialogue with their Master from Spirit to Spirit, although they were not yet prepared to receive my inspiration in this form. (294, 49)

The form of the rallies

68 The teaching of the Master always begins in the same way, because it contains the same love It begins in love and ends in mercy - two words in which all my teaching is contained. It is these high sentiments that give the Spirit power to reach the regions of light and truth. (159, 26)

69 You could say that the outer form of the language in which I spoke in the "second time" and the one I use now is different, and partly you would be right. For Jesus spoke to you then with the expressions and idioms of the nations in which he lived, as I do today in regard to the spirit of those who hear my word. But the spiritual content conveyed by that word which was given then and now is the same, is one, is unchanging. Yet this has gone unnoticed by many whose hearts are hardened and whose minds are closed. (247, 56)

70 O unbelievers! Come and listen to me often; my word will overcome your doubt. If you have the impression that the mode of expression of my word is not the same as I once had, I tell you that you are not to keep to the form, to the outward appearance, but to seek the meaning, which is the same.

71 The essence, the meaning, is always only one, because the Divine is eternal and unchanging; but the form in which revelation reaches you, or through which I let you know another part of the Truth, always shows itself in accordance with the receptivity or the development you have reached (262, 45)

The presence of otherworldly beings in the teachings of Christ

72 Verily I say to you, in the moments in which my word radiates through the mind of man, thousands and thousands of disembodied entities are here present at my rallies, listening to my word; their number is always greater than that of those who set themselves up in matter Like you, they are slowly emerging from darkness to enter the kingdom of light. (213,16)

73 You hear this my word on earth through the human mind, and on a higher level of life than yours the inhabitants of the same, other spirit beings, likewise hear it; just as the spirit beings of other, still higher levels of life hear it, who are at home there. For this "concert," which the Father performs in the "third time" with the spirits of light, is universal.

74 I have said it: my ray is universal; my word and my spirit essence (contained therein) are likewise universal, and even on the highest level, which spirit beings have reached, they hear me. You are currently hearing Me in this rallies in the most imperfect way, which is through man.

75 That is why I am now preparing you for higher rallies, so that when you enter the spiritual and leave this earth altogether, you may then unite with a new stage of life to hear the "concert" that the Father is performing together with your Spirit.

76 Today you are still in matter, refresh your heart and your Spirit with this word, and those entities that belonged to you on earth, that you still call father, husband, wife, brother, child, relative, or friend, are in other stages of life and hear the same word; but to them its meaning, its essence, is another, even though they enjoy the same happiness, the same refreshment, the same encouragement, and the same bread. (345, 81 -82)

77 I send to every world a ray of my light. To you I have let this light reach in the form of human words, as it reaches other homes by inspiration.

78 In the light of that Divine Ray, all spirit beings will unite, making of it a ladder to heaven, which will lead them to the same point, the Spiritual Kingdom promised to all of you who are spiritual particles of my divinity. (303, 13 - 14)

The time limit of the rallies

79 My kingdom is coming down on suffering humanity, and my word resounds through the elect of this time, so that those who hear me may become the consolation of their fellow men

80 At all times I had mediators between men and my divinity; it was the heartily meek and humble of heart that I served. I am now preparing the new messengers of my teachings so that this Good News may be the awakening to spiritual life among men.

81 How many of those who are enabled to accomplish a noble spiritual mission are still asleep, scattered throughout the world! They will awaken, and they will prove their spiritual progress when, in the generosity of their sentiments, they become useful beings for their neighbors. They will be humble and never boast of superiority. (230, 61 - 63)

82 My work must reach mankind unadulterated so that they may set out to fulfill my law by embracing the cross of their redemption.

83 I have promised it to men, to all mankind, and I will fulfill it because my word is that of a king; I will send her through my disciples the golden wheat of my word, and this will serve as an armament to men, so that they may soon enjoy dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. For after 1950 I will neither here nor in any other place again make myself known through the mind of a voice bearer. (291, 43 - 44)

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