Have I already given you .....

works of redemption today ????

Matthew 5: 25-26 Do everything possible to agree with your opponent on the way to court. Otherwise you could be sentenced and come to prison. From there you will not come out until you have paid the last penny of your debt.
Romans 13:8 Be in debt for nothing, but to have love for one another: for he who has love for his neighbour has kept all the law.
James 5:16 So then, make a statement of your sins to one another, and say prayers for one another so that you may be made well. The prayer of a good man is full of power in its working.
Anna Maria has been wrestling and begging for weeks for her wage without success, and her faith and trust have been brought down. She even wanted to do a fraud report, but the policeman referred her to civil justice.
Two days ago, she turned to the Heavenly Father with her request and asked for help.
During the evening prayer, He said´,
 "Do you need money?"
She said yes, I do! I need the money. There is so much to pay.
Yesterday, she had the idea to send a text message to the creditor. She wrote:
I want a clear answer. When do you pay my bills?
After a while, the answer came via SMS:  
The bills have just been transferred.
Anna Maria breathed relief and in the course of the day everything was in her account and she thanked thankfully for it by SMS.
This morning Jesus said, 
"Now you have used up the works for yourself and now you have to replace them all again."
And now Anna Maria has begun to make amends for the sinful thoughts, words, and works she has done on this matter - because she has been drawn into the boat by the mammonite father of matter. She refrains from her favorite drink, she eats what she does not like to eat otherwise, she takes care of herbs, what she otherwise resists, she thinks about how she can help the poor and ......
It will take a while for her to redeem her misconduct thoughts, words and works and to balance the deficit in the heavenly account.

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