13. Mission and Significance of Jesus and his Apostles

The Third Testament 
II. Retrospection of the First and Second Revelation
Chapter 13 - Mission and Significance of Jesus and his Apostles
Correction of the old concept of God, and false traditions

1 Jesus, the Christ, has been the clearest teaching example I gave you in the world to show you how great the love and wisdom of the Father is. Jesus was the living message that the Creator sent to earth so that you should recognize the high qualities of Him who created you. People saw Jehovah as an angry and unforgiving God, a terrible and vengeful judge, but through Jesus He delivered you from your error.

2 See in the Master the divine love made man. He judged all your works through His life of humility, sacrifice and mercy. But instead of punishing you with death, He offered you His blood to show you the true life, that of love. That Divine Message enlightened the life of mankind, and the Word which the Divine Master gave to mankind became the origin of churches and sects through which they have sought Me and still seek Me. But truly, I tell you, they have not yet understood the content of that Message.

3 Mankind indeed believes that God's love for His children is unlimited, since He died in Jesus out of love for mankind. It is even inwardly moved by the sufferings of Jesus before His judges and executioners, gradually recognizing also in the Son the Father, but the meaning, the scope of all that the Lord wanted to tell people through that revelation which began in a virgin and ended in the "cloud" of Bethany has not been correctly interpreted until today.

4 I had to come again on the same "cloud" in which the "Word" rose to the Father to give you the explanation and to show you the meaning of all that was revealed to you through the birth, life, works and death of Jesus.

5 The Spirit of Truth, promised then by Christ, is this (in Mexico, 1866-1950) Divine rallies that came to illuminate the darkness and explain the mysteries that the minds or hearts of men could not penetrate. ( 81, 46 - 49)

6 I preached my truth in the "Second Age" as a human being through my example. I abolished the useless sacrifice of innocent and unconscious beings by sacrificing myself for the sake of a perfect teaching of love. You called me "Lamb of God" because that people had sacrificed me on their traditional holidays.

7 Indeed, my blood was shed to show men the way to (part must go to the left) salvation. My Divine Love was poured out from the Cross on the humanity of that and all times, so that humanity would be inspired by that example, those words, that perfect life, and find salvation, the cleansing of sins, and the exaltation of the Spirit. (276, 15)

The example of Jesus

8 It was necessary for Jesus to show you the principles by which you should be guided, and from which you had distanced yourselves

9 I testified to you all my gentleness, love, wisdom and mercy, and drank the cup of suffering with you, that your heart might be moved and your mind might be awakened. Hearts had to be born for good, and the pain of seeing Me crucified out of love for them was like a sting to remind them that you all have to suffer for love to reach the Father. My promise to everyone who wants to take up his cross and follow Me was eternal peace, the highest bliss, which has no end in the Spirit. (240, 23 -24)

10 Christ is and is to be your example; for this I became man then. What was the revelation that Jesus brought to mankind? His infinite love, His divine wisdom, His mercy without limits and His power.

11 I told you: take Me as your example and you will do the same works that I do. Since I came as Master, you should understand that this was not done to give you unattainable teachings, or those which are beyond the comprehension of man.

12 Understand then that if you do works similar to those which Jesus taught you, you will have attained the fullness of life of which I spoke to you before. (156, 25 - 27)

The meaning of the teaching of Jesus

13 The teaching of Jesus - given as a guideline, as an open book for mankind to study - cannot be compared with anything else in any other people of the earth, in any generation, in any race. For those who have gone forth to bring commandments of righteousness or teachings of charity have been sent by me to earth as pioneers, as messengers, but not as deity. Christ alone came to you as deity. He brought you the clearest and greatest teaching that the heart of man has received. (219, 33)

Vocation, apprenticeship and trials of the disciples of Jesus

14 You have thought in this time of the years of my preaching activity - those three years in which I prepared my disciples, in which I lived with them They saw all my works, and in their preparation they were able to penetrate into my heart and see the purity, the whole majesty and wisdom that was in the Master.

15 My deeds in those days were not done for the sake of attention, my walk on earth was humble; but he who was prepared for them foresaw the greatness of my presence and the time in which he lived.

16 So I chose my disciples, some of whom I met on the bank of the river, and whom I called, saying, "Follow me. When they turned their eyes to Me, they understood who he was who spoke to them, and so I chose one after another. (342, 21)

17 As long as I preached in the world, I never said that my disciples were already masters or that they should be listened to. They were still disciples, who - spellbound by the light of my word - willingly followed me, but who still committed mistakes; for it took time until they changed and afterwards worked as an example for men. They were boulders that were still smoothed by the chisel of Divine Love, so that they too would later turn stones into diamonds. (356,39)

18 At all times I have tested my disciples. How many times have I put Peter to the test, and only in one of these did he waver. But judge whether this deed was not bad on him, for when his faith was inflamed, he was like a torch among men when he preached and bore witness to the truth.

19 Condemn not Thomas; consider how often you have been able to grasp my works with your hands, and even then have doubted. Do not look with contempt on Judas Iscariot, that beloved disciple who sold his master for thirty pieces of silver; for never has there been a greater repentance than his own.

20 I used every one of them to leave you teachings which would serve as an example to you and would remain for ever in the memory of mankind. After their faint-heartedness they repented, changed and devoted themselves fully to the fulfillment of their mission. They were true apostles and left an example for all generations. (9,22 – 23)

The apostle John

21 Remember, when my body was taken down from the cross and then buried, the disciples, being dismayed and unable to comprehend what had happened, believed that all was over with the Master's death. It was necessary that their eyes should see Me again and their ears should hear Me again, so that their faith might be kindled and their knowledge of My word might be strengthened.

22 Now I can tell you that there was one among those disciples who never doubted Me, who never wavered in the face of trials, and who never for a moment left Me. It was John, the faithful, courageous, fiery and loving disciple.

23 For the sake of this love I entrusted Mary to him when they stood at the foot of the cross, so that he would also find love in that heart without blemish and he would be strengthened even more at her side for the fight that awaited him

24 While his brothers, the other disciples, fell one by one under the executioner's death stroke, and thus with their blood and their lives the whole truth they had preached and sealed the name of their Master, John defeated death and escaped martyrdom.

25 Since he was banished into the wilderness, his persecutors did not think that there, on that island where they had driven him away, the great revelation of the ages would come down from heaven to that man, the prophecy which speaks to men of all things that shall happen and be fulfilled.

26 After John had given much love to his brothers and dedicated his life to serving them in the name of his Master, he had to live apart from them, alone; but always praying for mankind, always thinking of those for whom Jesus had shed his blood.

27 Prayer, silence, introspection, the sincerity of his existence and the goodness of his thoughts worked the miracle that that man, that Spirit, developed in a short time, which other spirits need millennia to achieve. (309,41 - 44)

28 When I look at the inhabitants of this world, I see that all nations know my name, that millions of people repeat my words; but verily, I say to you, yet I see no love of men among themselves

29 All that I am teaching you in this time and what is happening in the world is the explanation and fulfilment of the Revelation I gave to mankind through my Apostle John, when I carried him in Spirit to the Heights of Heaven, to the Divine Plane, to immensity, at the time when he was living on the Island of Patmos, to show him by symbols the origin and the goal, the Alpha and the Omega; and he saw the events that had happened- those that were taking place and those that were yet to come

30 He understood nothing of this at that time, but my voice told him, "Write down what you will see and hear," and so he wrote.

31 John had disciples who crossed the sea in ships to seek him out in his place of refuge. Eagerly those men asked the one who had been a disciple of Jesus what the Master was like, and what his word and miracles were; and John, who emulated his Master in love and wisdom, amazed them with his words. Even as age approached, when his body was already bowed down by time, he still had enough strength to bear witness to his Master and to say to his disciples, "Love one another.

32 When those who visited him saw that the day of John's passing away was drawing near, they asked him, desiring to possess all the wisdom which that apostle had accumulated, to reveal to them all that he had learned from his Master; but instead of any answer they heard only that phrase, "Love one another.

33 Those who asked with so much zeal and interest felt deceived, thinking that age had erased the words of Christ from his memory.

34 I tell you that John had not forgotten a single one of my words, but that out of all my teachings, as a single quintessence, he uttered that teaching which summarizes the whole law: love one another.

35 How could that so beloved disciple have lost from memory the teaching of the Master, whom he loved so much? (167, 32 - 37)

36 In the "second time" after my parting, your Heavenly Mother continued to strengthen and assist my disciples. After the pain and the trial, they found protection in the loving heart of Mary; her Word nourished them day by day. Encouraged by Mary, who continued to teach them on behalf of the Divine Master, they continued on their way. When she passed away, their struggle began, and each one followed the path that was shown to him. (183, 15)

The apostles Peter and Paul

37 Forget not the matter with Peter my disciple, when he was persecuted unto death by Saul. I proved to the faithful apostle that he was not alone in his trial, and if he trusted my power, I would protect him from his persecutors.

38 Saul was surprised by my Divine Light when he was searching for Peter to arrest him. My light reached the bottom of Saul's heart, who, thrown to the ground in the face of my presence, defeated by my love, unable to finish the task he had set against my disciple, felt in his deepest being the transformation of his whole being; and now converted to faith in Christ, hastened to look for Peter, no longer to kill him, but to ask him to teach him the word of the Lord and to let him share in his work.

39 From that time on Saul Paul, whereby that name change indicated the complete spiritual transformation of that man, his complete conversion. (308, 46 - 47)

40 Paul was not among the twelve apostles, neither did he eat at my table, nor follow me in the ways to hear my teachings. Rather, he did not believe in Me, nor did he look with kind eyes upon those who followed Me. In his heart existed the idea of destroying the seed I had entrusted to my disciples, which was just beginning to spread. But Paul did not know that he was one of mine. He knew that the Messiah had to come, and he believed in it. But he could not imagine that the humble Jesus would be the promised Savior. His heart was full of the arrogance of the world and therefore he had not felt the presence of his Lord.

41 Saul had risen up against his Savior. He persecuted my disciples and the people who turned to them to hear my message from the lips of those apostles. And so I surprised him when he was about to persecute those who were mine. I touched him in the most sensitive part of his heart and immediately he recognized me because his Spirit was waiting for me. Therefore he heard my voice.

42 It was my will that this well known man should be converted in this way, so that the world might experience in all his ways those surprising works which would serve as an incentive to faith and understanding.

43 Why go through in detail the life of this man who from that time on dedicated his life to the love of his neighbor, inspired by the love of his Master and his divine teachings?

44 Paul was one of the greatest apostles of my word, his testimony was always permeated with love, sincerity, truthfulness and light. His earlier materialism became a very high spirituality, his hardness became infinite tenderness; and so the persecutor of my apostles became the most zealous sower of my Word, the tireless itinerant preacher who brought the Divine Message of his Lord, for whom he lived and to whom he dedicated his life, to various nations, provinces and villages.

45 Here you, beloved people, have a beautiful example of conversion and a proof that men, even if they have not yet heard Me, can become great apostles of Me (157, 42 - 47)

The example of the apostles

46 Who but I encouraged the disciples in that "second time" when they went about the world without their Master? Does not the work of each of them seem to you admirable? But I tell you that they too had weaknesses like every other man. Later on they were filled with love and faith; it did not discourage them to be like sheep among wolves in the world, and to go their way always under persecution and mockery of the people.

47 They had the power to perform miracles, they understood how to use that grace to convert hearts to the truth.

48 Blessed are all those who heard the word of Jesus from the mouth of my apostles, for with them my teaching was not changed, but was given in all its sincerity and truth. Therefore, when people listened to them, they felt in their Spirit the presence of the Lord and felt in their being an unknown sense of power, wisdom and majesty.

49 In those poor and humble fishermen of Galilee you have a worthy example: transformed by love into spiritual fishermen, they shook peoples and kingdoms by the word they had learned from Jesus, and prepared by their perseverance and sacrifice the conversion of the nations and the establishment of spiritual peace. From the kings to the beggars - they all experienced my peace in those days of true Christianity.

50 That era of spirituality among men did not last; but I, who know all things, had announced and promised you my return, knowing that you would need me again. (279, 56 -60)

The spread of Christianity

51 My teaching, on the lips and in the works of my disciples, was a sword of love and light, which fought against ignorance, idolatry and materialism A cry of indignation rose in those who saw the imminent destruction of their myths and traditions, while at the same time a hymn of rejoicing came from other hearts in the face of the light-filled path that opened up for the hope and faith of those who thirst for truth and those burdened by sin.

52 Those who denied the spiritual life were enraged when they heard the revelations of the kingdom of heaven, while those who foreknew that existence and hoped for righteousness and salvation from it thanked the Father that He had sent His only begotten Son to the world.

53 The people who had preserved in their hearts the blessed longing to serve their God with sincerity and love Him saw their way become light and their minds clear as they immersed themselves in my Word, and they felt a revival in their Spirit and in their hearts. Christ's teaching as true spiritual bread filled the immeasurable emptiness that was in them, and with its perfection and meaning fulfilled all the longings of their Spirit overabundantly.

54 A new age began, a more luminous way opened, leading to eternity.

55 What beautiful feelings of spiritual upliftment, of love and tenderness were awakened in those who were enlightened by faith to receive my word! What courage and what steadfastness accompanied those hearts that knew how to suffer and overcome everything without a moment's despair!

56 Is it because the blood of the Master was still fresh? No, people: the spiritual essence of that blood, which was the material embodiment of Divine Love, does not dry up, nor does it ever go out; it is present today as it was then, alive and full of life.

57 The reason for this is that in those hearts there was likewise love of truth to which they consecrated their lives and for which they even gave their blood to prove that they had learned the lesson of their Master

58 That generous giving of blood overcame the obstacles and the afflictions.

59 What a contrast was shown between the spirituality of the disciples of my word and the idolatry, materialism, selfishness, and ignorance of the fanatics in old traditions or of the pagans who lived only to pay homage to the pleasure of the body! (316, 34 - 42)

60 Sow the way of life with good exemplary works, do not falsify My teachings. In this, take as your example my apostles of the "Second Age", who never fell into meaningful cults, to teach and explain my teachings. Not to them can one ascribe the guilt for the idolatry into which mankind subsequently fell. Their hands never built altars, nor did they build palaces for the spiritual worship of God. But they brought the teaching of Christ to mankind, brought health to the sick, hope and comfort to the poor and afflicted, and like their Master, they showed the way to salvation to the erring.

61 The Christian religion which you know today is not even a reflection of the teaching which my apostles practiced and taught!

62 I tell you again that you may find in those disciples perfect examples of humility, love, mercy, and exaltation. They sealed the truth which their mouth spoke with their blood.

63 Mankind will no longer demand blood from you to believe your testimony; but it will demand truthfulness from you. (256,30-33)

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