BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 4

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teching 4:

1 Every time you hear My word, you feel that you leave your pain with Me. But why, every time you return to Me, your heart shows itself to Me anew to the brink with

Bitterness fulfilled?

2 It is time you learned to keep my peace

3 This time is for preparation, and everywhere, in villages, towns and regions, "trees" are growing up to give spiritual shade to the wayfarers.

4 These wanderers are the crowds who come one by one to this rallies; when these hear my word, which tells them that they have already found shade under the foliage of the Tree of Life at other times, they recognize deeply that they did not know how to use the time to come closer to the Promised Land.

5 Which of you will once again reject me, as he did in times past, when he feels that he is facing a new opportunity for salvation? Who will avoid his task and ignore the voice of his conscience? Who will continue to indulge his materialistic dreams after being awakened by this voice?

6 Your Spirit trembled when, despite your anxiety, you heard the Father say that He loves you, that He forgives you and helps you to renew yourselves so that you may come to Him.

7 You bowed yourselves to the divine love, and full of joy you set out to visit the sick, so that they might come hastily into the presence of the Master and find healing of their sufferings with Him.

8 Here is the tree which offers its spiritual fruits to men.

9 I am the tree of eternal life. Remember Christ on the cross. He was like a tree whose arms were lovingly spread out like branches to give shade to mankind. His words that slowly descended on that crowd of people, and His blood that fell drop by drop, were like fruit that broke away from the divine tree.

10 The year 1950 is near, in which you will hear this Word for the last time, which is a heavenly fruit for you. Then the tree, the fruit and the shadow shall be in your Spirit.

11 Those who at that time are still materialistically minded and fanatical through my word will try to hold me back and ask me to speak to them in this form for some time; but this will not be able to happen because I have made my will known to you and it is written down.

12 The "nightingales" who have given My Word will fall silent for these rallies and I will reward their obedience with the gift of the Word and inspiration

13 You do not yet know what I have in My high councils for those times already today I tell you that in that blessed time I expect from all of you the fulfilment of My Will and that you are obedient and gentle as sheep

14 But it is not My Will that you judge one another It will be My perfect righteousness that judges each one of My children.

15 Hear Me, My people, do not let Me speak only in vain. You still have time for reflection and learning.

16 Let no one claim to act according to his will, although man will have the opportunity to do so temporarily; for the righteousness of the Lord will reach him and then only what is appointed for him will happen.

17 Prepare yourselves, prophets of the third time, so that you may warn the crowds, and that they may not be beguiled by the false Christs and the false rallies.

18 Do not doubt these my words just because I am transmitting them to you through an uneducated and simple voice bearer.

19 Open yourselves and announce these teachings to all, for there is very little time left for them.

20 A single word of light will be enough to keep your brothers awake.

21 Replacing faults with good qualities will be the noble striving of the spiritualists of the future, those who are to build a higher kingdom over the ruins of human life.

22 It will be the generations of the future who will build this world of higher morals, deeper knowledge, and greater spiritualization. But also you people of the present can do much. With a little good will, you will remove the ruins, the debris of a past full of aberrations and shamefulness, leaving behind only the light of a long and painful experience. I will bless you and let you see a glimmer of light of that Kingdom of Peace that you will build together, if you make an effort to live a good life, so that your mind will be concerned with the virtues and your lips will be a reliable instrument of truth and inspiration that germinate in your Spirit.

23 Though your feet touch the earth, you must not allow your aspirations to be held by it. Set higher and higher goals for yourselves without forgetting to give to God what is God's and to the world what is yours.

24 My word is meant for all, but not all receive it in the same way. Many hear it with indifference, but there are also those who could no longer live without the bliss of hearing me. Among these I have also seen the one who comes without having taken material food, and who, in hearing My Word, forgot his needs and privations, and when he left the meeting room, felt so filled with strength and hope, peace and comfort that he began to murmur: "Truly, it is not bread alone that makes a man live, but every word that comes from God.

25 Only I see that which every heart holds, without anyone knowing it. I find sad, thirsty, sick or tired sheep; creatures without love and without home, who nevertheless, when they hear Me, say, "I am happy when I listen to the Divine Master, because then all my cares vanish and my heart overflows with light and joy.

26 Others, on the other hand, sink into lethargy and do not let their hearts soften as in the first days when they heard the voice of their Lord.

But how can the teaching continue as long as some listen and others do not, as long as some feel Me and others remain unfeeling?

27 Disciples, go within, hear and feel Me as before Remember how you confessed that this Word is your life and the light of your destiny. Do not forget that I tell you today: what you need will be given to you in due time.

28 Pour new oil into your lamps, so that the flame of faith and knowledge may shine again.

29 Do not sleep, watch and pray, for the Master may surprise you when He enters your home as in the old days, as in those days of spiritual enthusiasm, when you felt My Presence at every step

You will then see how your life will be enlightened anew by that light which ceased to enlighten you without you becoming aware of it, and it will give you back the confidence in a future full of abundance and wisdom.

30 Entrust all your thoughts to Me; offer Me your heart; every bitterness and every suffering will be like flowers I receive; flowers of pain, bitterness and disappointment, but flowers at last, because they bear witness to purification and emit a fragrance that rises to Me

31 Immerse yourselves in silence, O Spirits, you who receive My Light, while your heart laments its suffering to Me leave your tears with Me and take My healing balm for it

32 The Father, the Supreme Being, has turned His Eyes on you Show yourselves neither defeated nor powerless before Him, for when He created you, He gave you His power.

33 If your sufferings are severe, His mercy is greater. Make merits of faith and love for yourselves and do not doubt that He will bring you forever into the kingdom of His goodness and wisdom.

34 Men, trust Me, and if your powers fail you, give Me the burden of your cross while you draw new strength.

35 Understand that this world is a purifying source and that your Spirit will shine like light in space when he leaves it to return to his true home Remember that I told you: "He who seeks Me finds Me; he who seeks finds Me. - You have sought Me and now stand before Me.

36 But there are also those who seek me and yet do not find me, because they do it where I cannot be. These then even begin to doubt my existence without knowing that they are very near to me, that I am in them myself.

37 They do not find me in their own heart because they are like closed temples. The peace and the light that is in them remained hidden.

But there is the true sanctuary, in which I dwell and wait for you to enter, to speak to you of deep revelations and to explain to you the "why" of many mysteries. When you have entered, you know where you come from and where fate is leading you, and you are amazed that you have found Me where you have seen nothing before.

But he who does not know this sanctuary builds his temple in the material world, erects an altar in it and places a God on it, which he has made with his hands. Only in the course of time, and after he has convinced himself of the imperfection of his worship, does he awaken and set out in search of the spiritual God, the God of truth, the only God, because the one whom he conceived could give him nothing, since he had no life.

38 It is God who gave life to man, who created him; and it is not man who can create gods and give them life.

39 As you hear this word little by little, you come closer to understanding. When this enlightenment then completely fills your Spirit, you will say to Me, "Lord, the miracle has happened.

40 So you will understand what are the works which I am doing in the Spirit at this time.

41 Your spiritualization will not need the miracles and proofs of the First and Second Times to believe in Me.

42 Today you are experiencing the heavenly manna coming down in spiritual form. You will see water of repentance springing from the rock which is the heart of the great sinners. You will see the dead raised to life by faith and virtue, the morally afflicted purifying themselves, and the blind to the truth opening their eyes to see My splendor.

43 If in the Second Time My birth as man was a miracle, and My spiritual resurrection after My bodily death another miracle - verily I say to you - then My rallies in this time by means of a human mind are a spiritual miracle

44 My prophecies will be fulfilled in this time until the last. I leave you My three testaments, which form one.

45 Whoever has known the Father before as love, sacrifice and forgiveness, let him come to know Him fully in this time, so that he may love and worship Him instead of fearing His righteousness.

46 In the First Times, if you were attached to the Law, it was because you feared that divine justice would chasten you; this is why I sent you My Word, so that you might know that God is Love

47 Today My Light comes to you so that you may not go astray and reach the end of the way in faithfulness to My Law

48 Long have you served the world and it has rewarded you badly. But when were you told that man should be servant of the world? Do you not know, or do you not remember, that you were told: "Subdue the earth"? How many times have you had to come before me like the prodigal son!

49 It is My desire that you come to Me full of merit, virtue and humility.

50 I have found you covered with spiritual leprosy and have healed you by My mere will. I want you to heal your brothers in the same way without feeling disgust for their sins. Then it will be your works that bear witness that you love Me, and not your lips that trumpet this without the heart feeling it.

51 You are not to act like the Pharisees who boasted in the synagogue that they were worthy before God, and who displayed charity in the open street.

52 Keep My teachings to study them thoroughly, for the day is drawing near when you will no longer hear this word through the mind of the voice bearer, and then those who have learned and understood will be strong like invincible soldiers

53 When you are prepared, you will speak inspired by Me and in this simple way teach mankind While some of My new disciples will have to visit men, others will have to wait for their brethren to come to learn My teaching from them.

54 People, declare My word and My teaching also to the children. Remember that My teaching does not stop at age or sex, for it is for the Spirit.

55 Give My teaching to the children, simplifying them and bringing them within the reach of their intellect. But never forget that the best way to explain My teachings is through the virtue of your life, in which they see your works of charity, patience, humility and spiritualization. This will be the best form of teaching.

56 Tell them about Jesus, tell them about Mary and all those men and women who brought a message of light to the world. So you will show them the way to Me.

57 Tell them that your Spirit will enter My sanctuary on the day of rest to glorify Me. For six days you dedicate to your human duties and inclinations, and after that you rest for a day and of it dedicate a few moments of contemplation and worship to your Lord.

58 There you will find me waiting for you, always waiting for your prayer, which is the language in which you speak to me of your worries, your love or give thanks to me

59 You have entered My sanctuary, which is formed by the crowds of people eagerly waiting to hear My divine Word verily I tell you, I have overflowed you with a flood of teachings This Word will become a fruitful seed in your Spirit to turn you into My workers.

60 You come here with a grateful heart; for before I told you that you had to spread active charity, I granted you a miracle by giving you back either health, peace or some other lost good

61 Today you say to Me in your gratitude: "Master, what can I do to repay so much love? Then I show you the vast "fields" so that you may clean them from nettles and boulders and sow the seed of love, peace and mercy.

62 Before I send you out, I fill you with power and faith, so that you neither waver nor despair in the struggle. Often you will see your wheat rising and growing among thistles and thorns, and there you shall tend it until the time of harvest, and then separate the wheat from the tares.

63 The more suffering it costs you to till the fields, the greater will be your love for them and your satisfaction when you see them blossoming.

64 In truth I say to you: This spiritual wheat, which you cultivate under My instruction, will be bread of eternal life for your descendants beyond the seventh generation.

65 Do not tire of hearing Me, O disciples, who are united in joy. I speak to your Spirit through these unclean human lips through which I make myself known. but truly I tell you: My Word is not defiled by this uncleanness, it comes pure to your Spirit

66 Study My teaching so that you may understand what is the field, the seed, the water and the implements of the field, and that you may know what is the perfect way of preparation, sowing, irrigation and soil care

67 The farmer who works in this way will know how to distinguish the good fruit from the bad.

68 See how many, thinking that they were already able to sow, have gone out and sowed strange seeds instead of this wheat, which gave them thorns as they matured.

69 I want the laborer of the Third Age to be employed. That is why I let the call go out to the great multitudes of the people, so that among them those may set out who have to follow me in this time.

70 So gradually, while I am giving you one lesson after another, the time is coming when you are to take up your task fully.

71 On your journey you will find fields which were sown in other times and which are only waiting for irrigation and care. These are those Spirits in which that seed of faith is located, which they have received since the time of the prophets and my apostles.

72 Some carry within them the seed of the First Times, others that of the First and Second Times, and you are to put within them the seed which I have given you in this Third Time, since you possess the seed of the Three Times, which is why I call you Trinitarians

73 This is the life and the work that awaits you why do you fear the battle although I give you everything? why do I see tears in the eyes of some of My workers when the hardest part of the struggle has not yet begun?

I want you to believe that I am close to you, that your spiritual gifts are a reality, that I will grant you all that you will ask Me in the moments of trials, in critical moments for your spiritual perfection. I no longer want to see you fainthearted.

74 Most come forgetting their Spirit to ask for bread, healing or work for the body, and in all of them I work a miracle, because these too will be testimonies that tomorrow will ignite faith and hope in the hearts of your brothers.

But do not ask Me for so little. That which seems so much to you will soon be over. Rather ask me for eternal benefits, spiritual goods. I will then give you what belongs to the world as an encore.

75 I have more to give you than you can ask of Me. Therefore do not put up with so little.

76 I can transform hearts into sources of inexhaustible charity, can fill the mind with inspiration and the lips with words. I can give you the gift of healing and the power to dissolve darkness and defeat evil.

77 Those who seek such things will experience how the powers that were unconsciously in their Spirit emanate from them. Who will close his doors to him who knocks, though he has such great gifts? Which paths might appear bumpy and long to him who enjoys my power? What weather could appear merciless to him, when he can have power even over the elements?

78 O disciples, your highest task will be the work of love! Often you will do it in secret without boasting, without letting the left hand know what the right hand has done. But there will be occasions when your activity of love will be seen by your fellow men, so that they may learn to participate in it.

79 Do not worry about the reward! I am the Father who rewards the works of His children with righteousness, without forgetting a single one.

80 I have told you that if you will give a glass of water with true love, it will not go unrewarded.

81 Blessed are those who say to Me, when they come to Me, "Lord, as a reward for my works I expect nothing; for me it is enough to be alive and to know that I am Your child, and already my

Spirit filled with happiness."

I tell you: You come weeping because you have lost the way, the health and the keys to work. Only then do you reflect on your heavenly Father.

82 Now here I am among you. You are with the Master, and the reason that brought you here is unimportant.

83 Listen to My teachings! Some are meant for the disciples, but there are others that are meant for the "little children".

84 Do not be ashamed to be among brothers and sisters who are advanced in My teachings, and from whom you seek to hide your ignorance. They came just like you.

85 You who come here little by little learn the divine lesson so that you may have something to offer to those who come after you.

86 No one is surprised that I have sought My new disciples among the dross, renewing them with My Word to send them later to mankind with a message of renewal, life and light for their brothers.

87 Among the sins, imperfections and profanations of this people, the light of My Spirit has been revealed in this time So I have come struggling to conquer these darknesses until I make the light shine.

88 Bless all those who closed their eyes to so great human imperfection and rose above so great misery, who knew how to find My presence in My new rallies

89 this uneducated and sinful people will be more and more polished and purified because it is its task to make My spiritual work manifest with greater perfection from generation to generation

90 Be no longer those who were yesterday. Leave the outlived cults, bad habits, and strive for improvement of your Spirit.

91 I have surprised you at the very time that was announced by Jesus and the prophets as My new coming.

now that My promise is being fulfilled, you see sin at the greatest height of corruption, you see human ambition and hatred manifesting itself in wars as a result of the darkness enveloping the Spirit of men at this time

92 But behold, when the darkness was at its most impenetrable, a divine ray fell down to tear them apart, and by becoming a human word to say to men, "Love one another.

93 Watch and pray and do not judge, so that I may not have to tell you again, "He who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.

My peace be with you.

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