Hammer Time

Jeremiah 23:29
Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaker the rock in pieces?
My son, I say it's Hammer Time - time to hammer a nation and a people into My will, to conform the people into the image of My Son, Jesus! Those that call themselves by My Name will either conform or be crushed by My hammer. My hammer is not like the earthly hammers. My hammer crushes sin and chips out impurities. My hammer hurts because the flesh does not want to part with sin. My people, pray and ask for My hammer in your life - it will make you stronger! So many of My children fail to see that the situations in this life are My hammer working to make you conformed into My Son's image.
My son, it's Hammer Time, and My hammer also brings My judgment upon an unrepentant Nation! My hammer will crush sin in My house first, then it will crush the things that people worship as idols before Me! I will crush the economy of the world! I will crush the abortion murder centers of the world! I will crush lying kings and those in authority in every nation that denies I AM!!!
My hammers are now striking the Earth, and great earthquakes are happening. My hammers are striking those who come against My People Israel - watch My Fury! My Holy Angels have been given hammers to strike the Earth, causing great quakes and great waves.
My children, the time is now upon you to REPENT, get into My Word, and fix your heart on My Son! I have given many warnings, and now it's Hammer Time! My Son is coming soon as the command is on My breath!!! Do not play around with sin! REPENT, My children, and be counted worthy to escape what is now coming up on your Earth! Seek Me with all your heart, and your house will be in order. Continue to seek My voice, and I will speak to you. I am that still small voice you hear in your quiet times with Me. 
I love you, My children. IT'S HAMMER TIME!!! ARE YOU READY???  
The Father
Source: https://byronsearle.blogspot.com/2018/11/hammer-time.html

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