Separation of powers

Question from Anna Maria to Joshua asking for a Rhema:
Is my job over because you do not tell me anything anymore?
The Rhema: Psalm 91: 9-10
For the Lord is your confidence, the highest is your refuge.
You will not encounter any evil and no plague will approach your hut.
"Go on."
Thank you.

Separation of powers
Anna Maria breathes at night in her aching neck while the head position is straight. There comes from inside:
Anna Maria negates something ...?
"Marry ... spinner ... yes .... You always say no if I ask you ... "???
What should I say, if I should not say yes ??
"Thunder .... What do you want ... I've been married to you for a long time.
Leviticus. ... .. dance song. Marry me.
Not that ... "(not Anna Maria's husband).

What do you want from me? Why are you asking me that? I have long been your wife. Not his.
"Geyser. When it goes up, everyone's gone. "
"Wryneck, back and forth as you please."

Do not do theater. I am already your wife.
"Are you sure you want it?"
How so. Do you doubt about that?
"Now you have it."
Why do you doubt this, that you keep asking me that? Why do you keep asking if I am already? You're weird.
"Only Isaiah was prepared. He can help you. Still."

Isaiah. Do you mean Byron? Was he Isaiah?
"Ether. Fuel (fuel, flames). Breath. You can hold on to me. "

 Why do you ask me? Why me? 
"Queen" What you do not say. "Do you think so?" (Should Anna Maria say)
Why that? "Free"  (she should say) 

Byron was Isaiah. Tell me the truth. 
".. leads to Isaiah!)" 
"Song of the Kings" 
Scriptures to Song of Kings: 
3 songs Samuel Ch. 6, 22 
6 Songs 1. Kings Ch. 8, 17, 18, 19 
1 song 2. Kings Ch. 18 
Song of Solomon, the Song of Songs!
 You've kissed me. That's the song. 
"Nard. These are scents. Anoint." 
"Anna. Scattered in all directions. Because you were so blinded. " 
"Take a break. You will need it. "
The dream: (Version A) 
It's about a wedding. One is a bride. Comes in conflict with a second. Both are not. It's a third one you do not know
  "Have a snack ... H ..." 
Anna Maria considers: If the two are not the bride, which is it? Is it the purified form as the third option that is taken? 
"When it gets warm!" 
Anna Maria does not remember the dream at first, everything is darkened. She asks: 
Father, give me the meaning of this dream and that I remember it. 
"You can do it. Back and forth."   
The possibility of "STRAIGHT OUT" is it. The paradox of the "GOLDEN BIRD" is it. (Depth psychological interpretation by Eugen Drewermann of the fairy tale: "THE GOLDEN BIRD"Where the fox finds the neutral solution on the threshold between the two as a clever, and where the groom catches and takes the virgin in the bathroom, when she is completely naked and defenseless and has not expected it, but is in a clean state!) 
"The nose"! 
Because you have the same ??
THE DREAM (Version B) 
A woman comes from the right, clearly visible, full of enthusiasm and confidence and optimism she enters the middle of the room. There's another woman opposite her who came from the left. This one  is wrapped in darkness that you can not see it. It is, if only her shadow is there, her thoughts can not be seen. Both get into a conflict with each other. Both are not the bride. 
Behind the two in the middle shows the mother. She observes the spectacle, draws its conclusions from it and says: 'Ah ... that's how it works!' And she stood firm and was visible as a person and had the insight, the knowledge. 
Now you have enlightened me. 
"To keep" 
If you think so. 
Yes- ; No-answers are dualistic! Paraphrase and stay in the middle! 
Paraphrasing is a method of interviewing. One makes a statement and the other confirms it by saying a similar sentence that corresponds to the statement made. This avoids dualism (conflict or contradiction). In this way one preserves the innocence and purity of the spirit by answering, as it were, NEUTRAL and orienting itself neither on the left nor on the right. 
Here are some examples of practice where Jesus Anna Maria is training or testing for this ability:
"Welcome" As you say
"Stupid. Ill. " Heal me. You can do that.
"Receive" If you want. If you need that.
"Get away" Where to? Where should I go?
"The New" Since the beginning I am with you
"Shore" grass
"Family" There are many. "Free" (she should say here)
"Consecrate " consecration
Two forgotten ......
"Israel" your people
"Coffee" drink. Drink.
"Holland" Other area
"Water" liquid, it flows
Start "stranded". Regenerate.
"Will marry?" Good idea. I will think about it
"Soldier" I do what I can
"Haste"   makes waste
"Wedding"? Will you celebrate  
 "Drama" Dissolve
"Follow me" I'm on my way
"Live. Love. " As good as it gets.
"Stay with me" What do you need me for?
"Service" You mean drudge
"Silent" smile
"Quite" smile
"I have enough" I rest.

Anna Maria wants to lie down and rest. It's the middle of the night. There comes:
"Separation of powers"
Aha. The right attitude makes the difference. Namely stay neutral.
The three women in the dream stand for:
1. Coming from the right, visible, audible = consciousness, body, mind, thinking, knowledge
2. Coming from the left, shadow, not visible, inaudible = subconscious, soul, out of body control, works uncontrollably through humans, but was programmed by humans through thought patterns
3. Behind, in the middle and between 1. and 2. = the spirit (conscience, heart), the mother.

"There is more than just the mind or the logical thinking"
Subconsciousness (soul) and heart (conscience, spirit) are beyond the control of the superficial mind.
It can only be heard in silence, when you breathe in it, listen to it, feel it and listen to it, if something wants to show itself, if something changes, e. the pain as one lovingly accepts and tracks it, or if the inner voice has its say. This always speaks the truth, but can be misinterpreted by the mind, because the mind allows only what it has learned. The inner voice can also be a drive, an intuition, an inspiration, or the memory of something learned from experience.

The voices of consciousness (mind) and subconscious (soul, subtle nature) can also be demonic, because they are wrong, deceive and lead to obscurity.

They are subject to constant change, drifting here and there, without calm and rest, because they are constantly in conflict with each other (Duality), without finding a common solution.
The THIRD PERSON in the dream in the middle, between and behind the first two, offers neutral solutions on the basis of justice and truth.

The SPIRIT (heart, conscience) is an arbitral tribunal, a true and just judge who does not pronounce judgment, but expresses the solutions that are obvious after watching the wrangling between the first two and making a conclusion has moved to a higher level. Therefore, his work is to be considered creative because it does not lead into the blockade, but out of it and around it, into the redemptive liberation through a higher insight.
"You slept deeply!"
You wake me up.
Anna Maria says to her husband: I'll start governing! Do you know what Separation of powers means?
'Judiciary, Legislative, Executive' he says.

Separation of powers means:
We need an arbitration board. Someone who acts as a mediator when two have an argument with each other. The two must bring their case before the referee, each from his point of view. Then they are asked to look together for a solution. If they can not find a solution, the referee must offer them a solution that complies with the principle of justice and truth.
The counterparties do not have to pay anything. 

The referee is paid by the people's entertainment and consumption taxes.

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