7. Influence and Significance of the spiritual Teachings

The Third Testament 
I. The Second Coming of Christ, Third Era of Revelation
Chapter 7 - Influence and Significance of the Spiritual Teachings 
The effect of the revelations

1 Here, in the face of this Word, there is no man who does not tremble in the interior and exterior of his being, that is, in the Spirit and in the flesh. As he listens to Me here, he gives his attention to life, to death, to divine justice, to eternity, to spiritual life, to good and evil.

2 As he hears my voice, he feels in himself the presence of his Spirit, and he remembers where he comes from.

3 In the short period of time when he listens to me, he feels one with all his neighbors and recognizes them in the deepest part of his being as his true brothers and sisters, as brothers and sisters in spiritual eternity, who are even closer to him than those who are only in the flesh, since this is only temporarily on earth.

4 There is no man and woman who, when they hear me, do not feel looked upon by me. Therefore no one dares to hide or gloss over his stains from me. And I make them consciously, but without publicly exposing anyone, because I am a judge who never exposes.

5 I tell you that I discover among you adulterers, child murderers, thieves, vices and infirmities that are like leprosy on the soul of those who have sinned. But I not only prove to you the truth of my word by showing you that I am able to uncover the transgressions of your heart. I also want to prove to you the power of my teachings by giving you the weapons to defeat evil and temptations, by teaching you how to achieve renewal, and by awakening in your being a desire for the good, the high and the pure, and an absolute aversion to all that is base, false, and harmful to the Spirit. (145, 65 - 68)

6 Today ye live yet in the days of gloom which go before the light. And yet, using the small brightening of your misty sky, that light penetrates with fleeting rays of light that reach some points of the earth, touching hearts and making spiritual beings tremble and awaken.

7 All who were surprised by this light stopped on their way and asked, "Who are you? And I answered them, "I am the light of the world, I am the light of eternity, I am the truth and love. I am he who promised to come back to speak to you, he of whom it was said that he was the "Word" of God.

8 Like Saul on the road to Damascus, they humbled all their pride, conquered their arrogance and humbly bowed their faces to tell Me with their hearts: "My Father and Lord, forgive me, now I understand that I have unknowingly persecuted You!

9 From that moment on these hearts became little followers; for in this "third time" to this day no apostle has appeared among my new disciples with the devotion of the one who persecuted me so much in my disciples, and who afterwards loved me with such fervor. (279, 21 - 24)

10 The churches have sunk into a centuries-long sleep of routine and standstill, while the truth has remained hidden. But those who know the commandments of Jehovah and the Word of the Divine Master must recognize in this voice that is currently speaking to you the voice of the Spirit of Truth promised for these times. (92,71)

11 I know that many will be outraged when they learn this Word; but there will be those who, in their confusion of mind, will not recognize that in man, apart from human nature, there is also the spiritual part of the being - or those who believe in the human Spirit but, bound by the habit of their traditions and their beliefs, deny that there is an infinitely long path of development

for the Spirit. (305, 65)

12 I will leave these words written down, and they will come to my disciples of the future, and when they study them, they will find them fresh, alive, and their Spirit will tremble with delight, feeling that it is their Master who is speaking to them at that moment.

13 Do you think that all that I have told you is only for those who have listened to Me? no, beloved people, with My words I speak for those present and for those absent, for today, for tomorrow and for all time; for those who die, for the living and for those who are yet to be born (97, 45 -46)

Knowledge and hope from the new word

14 I am the word of love, which brings comfort to him who suffers, to the troubled, to the weeping, to the sinner, and to him who has sought me. My word is the river of life in those hearts, where they quench their thirst and wash away their impurities. It is also the way that leads to the eternal home of rest and peace.

15 How can you come to the conclusion that the struggle of life - its sacrifices, tribulations and trials - ends with death, without finding a just reward in eternity? Therefore, my law and my teaching, with their revelations and promises in your hearts, are the incentive, the caress and the balm of the day's work. Only when you turn away from my teachings do you feel hungry and weak. (229, 3 - 4)

16 In my divine love for human creatures I allow them to explore my works and make use of all created things, so that they would never have reason to claim that God is unjust because He hides His wisdom from His children

17 I formed you and gave you the gift of freedom of will and respected it, although man has abused this freedom and thereby violated Me and profaned my law

18 But today I let him feel the caress of my forgiveness and enlighten his Spirit with the light of my wisdom, so that one of my children after another may return to the path of truth

19 The Spirit of truth, which is my light, shines in the Spirit because you are living in the times announced, in which every mystery will be illuminated to you, so that you may understand that which has not yet been correctly interpreted. (104, 9 - 10)

20 I have made myself known in this place of the earth, and will leave my word as a gift for all men. This gift will eliminate the spiritual poverty of humanity. (95, 58)

21 I will give to all the true way of worshipping God, and also the right way to live in accordance with the Divine Law, the fulfillment of which is the only thing the Lord will attribute to each of you.

22 Eventually ye shall know the content or meaning of my word, O ye men. Then you will discover that my teaching is not only the Divine Voice speaking to men, but also the expression of all Spirits.

My word is the voice that encourages, is the cry for freedom, is the anchor of salvation. (281, 13 - 15)

23 My word is the voice that encourages, it is the cry of freedom, and the anchor of salvation. (281, 13 - 15)

The power of the Word of God

24 My teaching unfolds man in all aspects of his being: it sensitizes and ennobles the heart -, awakens and deepens the mind, and perfects and uplifts the Spirit.

- The terms "heart" and "Spirit" have been used in the rallies of Christ different Meaning: "Heart" (span. "corazon") symbolizes the earthly-human, also body-dependent soul life, with which psychology deals, while "Spirit" (here "espiritu") designates the higher, eternal aspect of being, which lets itself be led by the God-spark, the conscience, inherent in it, through its "voice.

25 Make of my teaching a thorough study that enables you to understand the right way of exercising my teachings, so that your development may be harmonious; so that you may not only develop the mind without striving for the ideals of the Spirit, which you are to encourage.

26 All the faculties of your being can find in my words the luminous path by which they can grow and perfect themselves to infinity. (176, 25 - 27)

27 My teaching is spiritual by nature, is light and is power that flows down and penetrates your Spirit to make them triumph in their struggle with evil. My word is not only to flatter the ears, it is light of the Spirit.

28 Will you hear me with the Spirit, that it may be nourished and use the meaning of this teaching? Then cleanse your heart, clear your mind and allow your conscience to guide you. You will then experience how a transformation begins to take effect in your being - not only spiritual, but also moral and physical. That elevation which the Spirit gradually attains through knowledge - that purity which it gradually attains - will be reflected in the feelings of the heart and in the health of the body.

29 The passions will become weaker and weaker, the vices will gradually disappear, the fanaticism and ignorance will give way more and more to the genuine faith and deep knowledge in my law. (284, 21 - 23)

30 This teaching, known only to a few and unnoticed by mankind, will soon reach all those who suffer as a healing balm, to give comfort, to ignite faith, to dispel darkness and instill hope. It lifts you above sin, misery, pain and death.

31 It could not be otherwise, for it is I, the Divine Physician, the promised Comforter, who has revealed it to you (295, 30 - 31)

32 Once you are spiritualized and then meet people who suffer and despair because they cannot possess what they seek in the world, you will see their materialism contrasted with the exaltation of my disciples, whose satisfaction will be great because their aspirations and desires will be noble, based on the firm conviction that in this life everything is transitory.

33 My disciples will speak to the world through examples of spirituality - a life that struggles to bring the Spirit closer to the Godhead, rather than chaining him to the false treasures of the world.

34 I know that in the times to come the materialists will be outraged when they learn this teaching; but their conscience will tell them that my word speaks only the truth. (275, 5 - 7)

35 In the great daily work that awaits you, I will be your help. My teaching will cause great upheavals in the world. There will be great changes in customs and ideas, and even in nature there will be transformations. All this will indicate the beginning of a new age for mankind, and the spirit beings, whom I will shortly send to earth, will speak of all these prophecies to contribute to the restoration and upward development of this world. They will explain my word and interpret the events. (216, 27)

36 A time of resurrection is this "third time". The spirit beings resembled the dead and the bodies resembled their burial caves. But the master has come to them, whose word of life told them, "Come out and rise up to the light, to freedom!

37 Who of them has opened his eyes to the

When the truth opens and then is able to lift up his life, his works and his feelings in love for his fellow men, this world will no longer be a place of exile or a valley of tears and atonement, because he will feel more and more the bliss of true peace, which is the gift of peace of soul.

38 That state of elation in this life will be a reflection of the perfect peace and light which the Spirit will enjoy in better worlds where I myself will receive her to give her a home worthy of her merits (286, 13)

Reactions of theologians and materialists.

39 Be not dismayed when you are told that he who spoke to you at this time was the tempter, and that it is prophesied that he also would do wonders by which he himself would disturb and confuse the elect. Verily, I tell you, many of those who so judge my rallies will be among those who are indeed in the service of evil and darkness, even though their lips seek to assure that they always spread the truth.

40 Do not forget that the tree is recognized by its fruit, and I tell you The fruit is this Word that has become audible through the minds of these voice-bearers - men and women of simple hearts. By the fruit and by the spiritual progress of those who have enjoyed it, mankind will recognize the tree that I am.

41 The Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Work will begin to spread, causing a real alarm among many who, convinced that they have studied and understood the teaching which they once received from the Father, have become vain about the knowledge of their philosophies and sciences, without realizing the spiritual development which humanity has attained.

42 When they awaken from their inertness of spirit, they will notice the way in which the Spirit of men thinks and feels today, will cast spells against what they will call "new ideas," and will spread that this movement was caused by the Antichrist.

43 Then they will take their refuge in the Scriptures, the prophecies and my word, which I gave you in the "Second Age", to try to fight my new rallies, my new teachings and all that I promised you and am fulfilling today.

44 My word will reach on the lips of my disciples and through writings even to those who do not accept anything that is beyond the material or that is outside their knowledge and concepts which they once accepted, and they will call me a false god because I have brought you this word

45 But when you hear this, your faith will not be shipwrecked - although your heart feels hurt - because you will remember with inner movement that your master had already announced it to you and encouraged you with his word to withstand these tests.

46 But I say to you that although you will encounter in your way deceit, hypocrisy, superstition, religious fanaticism, and idolatry, you must not condemn anyone for his transgressions. Teach them with my word and leave the matter to me, who am the only one who may judge you and who knows who is the false God, the false Christ, the evil apostle, the hypocritical Pharisee. (27, 32 - 35)

47 The war of ideas, creeds, religions, teachings, philosophies, theories and sciences will come, and my name and teaching will be on every lips My return will be discussed and rejected, and then the great believers will rise and proclaim that Christ has been among men once more. At that time I will encourage those hearts from infinity and perform miracles in their ways to strengthen their faith. (146, 8)

The effect of the spiritual teaching

48 My light, in its spreading throughout the world, has caused that my truth is sought in every teaching. This is the reason for the behavior of men in their different beliefs.

49 It is the fulfillment of that which has been prophesied. Which of them represents the truth? Who hides the hungry wolf in sheep's clothing? Who with pure garment assures his absolute inner purity?

50 You must apply spiritualism to discover my truth, for mankind has been divided into as many creeds and worldviews as the development of human thought.

51 So more and more sects and denominations have been formed, and it will be very difficult for you to judge the truth contained in each of them.

52 My teaching enlightens the thoughts

and conceptions of men, and little by little everyone will grasp the foundations to perfect his works and direct them to a more perfect and higher path.

53 The time will come when every sect and church will examine itself in order to search for what belongs to my works But to find that treasure, they will need to lift up their Spirits and listen to the voice of conscience. (363, 4 - 8 ; 29)

54 There are many religious communities on this earth, but none of them will unite men or cause them to love one another. It will be my spiritual teaching that does this work. In vain will the world oppose the advance of this light.

55 When the persecution of my disciples is most severe, the forces of nature will be unleashed; but they will be appeased by the prayer of these my workers, so that the world may experience a proof of the authority I have given them. (243,30)

56 The world will be stirred up when my word is heard in the nations, because the Spirit of men, prepared for this revelation, will be moved by joy and at the same time by fear. Then he who wishes to know the truth shall be freed from the bondage of his materialistic ideas and shall refresh himself on the luminous horizons which are presented to his gaze. But he who remains in his mental darkness and in the struggle against this light still has the freedom to do so.

57 The change of heart to spirituality will bring about friendship and brotherhood among the nations. But it is necessary that you prepare yourselves, for the struggle will be great. When men rise up against one another in wars, it is not because it is my will, but because they have not understood the law of God. (249, 47 - 48)

58 The time of the all-encompassing judgment has come, and all works and all religious communities will be judged by me. A cry of woe will escape the Spirit of man, since everything that is wrong will be revealed; truth alone will shine forth. In mankind there will be an awakening, and then men will say to me, "Father, give us your help, give us a true light that guides us. And that light and that help will be the teaching of the HolySpirit; it will be the teaching which I have given you and which also belongs to all of them, because I am the Father of all. (347, 27)

The meaning of the new word of revelation

59 Apparently this revelation contains nothing great, but you will experience in the future what significance it will have among mankind.

60 Among this people there are disciples of all kinds; some suspect the greatness of this work and already feel the shock which its appearance in the world will cause; others are content to believe that this is a good way, and there are also those who cannot discover the greatness of this teaching and who doubt its victory and entry into the hearts of men. I tell you, it is a jewel which I have entrusted to you, whose Divine Rays of Light you did not want to recognize because you did not fathom my teaching. I have told you that it is in darkness that the light shines brightest, and likewise in this time of materialism and sin you will see the truth I have brought you shine in its full brilliance.

61 Do not forget that even in his time there was doubt about the word of Christ, for people judged Jesus by his origin and clothing, and when they learned that he was the son of a carpenter from Nazareth and a poor woman - who was later to set out in the company of poor Galilean fishermen, to preach a teaching that seemed strange to them - they could not believe that this itinerant preacher who went from village to village and offered the meagerness of his clothing was the king whom the Lord had promised to the people of Israel.

62 I give you these indications because men seek the outward glow which blinds the senses to believe in the greatness of that which is to be seen and felt only with the Spirit.

63 I had to shed my blood, give my life, and rise again, so that men's eyes might be opened. Which cup shall my Spirit drink now, that you may believe in me? Humanity: What would I not do to see you saved? (89, 68-69 & 71-73)

64 Anyone who would claim that my teaching is a danger to the material progress of mankind is committing a grave error. I, the Master of all Masters, show mankind the way to its upward development and to true progress. My Word does not only speak to the Spirit, it speaks to the mind, to reason, and even to the senses. My teaching not only inspires and teaches you the spiritual life, but it brings light to every science and to all paths. For my teaching is not limited to bringing all spiritual beings on the way to the home which is beyond this existence, it also reaches the heart of man and inspires him to lead a pleasant, dignified and useful life on this planet. (173, 44)

65 The "Third Age" in which you are now living is the time of uncovering great mysteries. Scholars and theologians will have to correct their knowledge in the face of the truth I am revealing to you at this time.

66 This is the time when men will open their eyes to the light of my wisdom - a light which I have turned into teaching, so that through it you may rise spiritually to true life. (290,51 - 52)

67 Men will try to deny my revelation truth, but the facts, the proofs, the events will speak and testify to this truth, which will come from the lips of my people as the great message of the "Third Age. And also through scriptures my teaching will spread in the world, because this is a permissible means, which I inspired from the earliest times, my messenger. I only want you to watch over my truth and pass it on to the hearts in the purest and simplest way. (258, 6)

68 In that "second time" my coming as a man was believed by only a few hearts. Nevertheless, mankind later determined the birth of the Redeemer as the beginning of a new age. Likewise in this time the beginning of my rallies to you, that is, my coming as HolySpirit, will be fixed tomorrow as the beginning of a further age.

69 Listen to what Christ tells you, the embodiment of Divine Love: Peace to men of good will, to those who love the truth and sow the seed of love. (258,41 - 43).

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