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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 12:

1 Be blessed in this morning of holy remembrance, in which people honor the memory of the Messiah.

2 I bring you not only hopes, but also beautiful realities.

3 The storm of suffering that you endure in your lives will be short lived; all this will pass away and you will cease to weep and suffer.

4 A man's existence on earth is but a moment in eternity, a breath of life that animates man for a time and immediately departs again, only to return later and give breath to a new body.

5 Rejoice that no pain lasts forever; your sufferings are temporal and pass away very soon.

6 The time of atonement and purification is fleeting for the one who contemplates trials with spiritualization; but for the one who is completely absorbed in materialism, that which is in reality very soon over will be long.

7 As the beats of your heart pass away, so in infinity the life of men passes away.

8 There is no cause for fear, for just as a sigh escapes someone, or a tear is shed, or a word is said, so also the sufferings of man pass away.

9 In the infinite tenderness of God all your pains and sorrows must dissolve into nothing.

10 If pain wounds you, it is not because it comes from Me to you, but because you have sought it before, and the law of righteousness must be fulfilled.

11 Yet no one is left helpless, you all have someone to encourage and protect you, you have many loves behind the veil of matter But you do not know them and do not know in what way they show you love from the hereafter. It is the Spirits who dwell in the Kingdom of Light, who help and comfort the little brothers, the weak, the fallen, the sick.

12 The enlightened ones are the high messengers of the Lord, who, in the performance of important and difficult tasks, order and procure all that has been given to them.

13 I call them enlightened ones because they are those who have let my seed of love blossom in their Spirit. These are the enlightened ones whom you do not yet know because you lack spiritual sensitivity.

14 For My Presence to be felt by you, it was necessary to make My thoughts resound through a human body; but verily I tell you, the universe is filled with spiritual vibrations which you too could hear if your spiritual preparation and ability would allow you to do so

15 I had to speak to you in this form to make Me audible, for I want to free you from your chains of ignorance, break these bonds that hinder you and help you to truly understand My teaching

16 He who is bound to the weaknesses of the world will not be able to feel Me in fullness No man whose heart is hardened can reach perfection.

17 I must make Myself palpable in your hearts so that you may understand Me and must repeat My teachings often and seek the moment when you are prepared to receive Me; I am the one who will help you to understand Me

18 You must understand that I have come to break the chains that have made you slaves to pain, to free you from sufferings that you have created yourselves and made more protracted by repeating your errors and imperfections But if you are stubborn in evil, I am constant in My Love to save you; and even if you should find yourselves in the dens of vice or in the deepest abyss of your passions, there I will seek the lost to bring them into the Kingdom of Light. But you must be humble and righteous* so that My seed blossoms in you.

* In the sense of the Bible and the present Divine Teachings, the word "righteous" means: to fulfill the law of God - in the New Commandment of love - through action and to stand before God's justice.

19 In truth I say to you: Even when I see that you have freed yourselves from the transitory and useless, that you have strained yourselves in turning away from the bad ways, I cannot yet tell you that you are already able to lead a people; for you are still lacking much to attain spiritualization.

20 I also come to awaken ideals in you so that you may free yourselves from ignorance; for with this chain that binds to materialism, you cannot act as My apostles nor give examples of true love

21 I am the Sun of Truth, which dissolves the mist of ignorance; come out of your darkness and receive the illuminating and warming rays of God's inspiration

22 If you would already understand Me, you would feel fully how I come to your Spirit as Wisdom, as Life, and if your mind and heart would keep My Words of Light, you would soon belong to the number of enlightened ones

23 O blessed morning, full of prayers, songs and blessings! If men would penetrate at least for a few moments into the greatness of its meaning - how much peace and how much light would they reap for their Spirit!

24 Look, My people, look at heaven, look closely at it and you will experience that in every star there is a promise, a world awaiting you; these are worlds of life promised to the children of God and which you will all inhabit For all of you will get to know my kingdom, which was not only made for certain beings; it was created as the universal home, in which all children of the Lord will unite.

25 But you must always be of clear mind, free from (dark) clouds, must always be awake to feel that My inspiration comes to you.

26 When one day a man enlightened by My Wisdom will rule the earth, all will be harmony; but to this day you have not accepted My teaching, you have not desired to be leaders of the earth or of a single nation, and that is why wars are going on

27 Hear now something important for you, which will comfort you in your pain

28 In the future I will send you enlightened spirit beings who will come to earth as rulers and these will not allow any more wars because they know that this planet is there for all men and that the discord among nations, which goes back to the beginnings of mankind, is the undeniable proof of envy, resentment, distrust, division and hatred among men

29 This morning, enlightened by the memory of My coming to this world in Jesus, was made even more luminous by your exaltation.

30 Do not refrain from prayer, even if it is so short that it lasts no longer than five minutes; but in it, with the light of your conscience, take a close look at what you are doing, so that you may keep an eye on your actions and know what you need to improve.

31 If you lose the concept of time in your elevation in prayer, it will be a sign of spiritualization, since you will be able to step out of time, even if only for a few moments, that time which the slaves of materialism desire only for their pleasures or for the increase of their money.

32 He who tests himself daily will improve his way of thinking, living, speaking, and feeling.

33 The spiritual development of man, his transformation, his renewal and elevation are the reason for the rallies of My word in this world.

34 I want you to reach perfection so that you may work for your happiness and peace.

35 If you do not walk in the path of good despite this daily examination of conscience, you will be responsible for your missteps, your falls and your errors.

36 If some of My teachings should not be duly reproduced because they have been spoken through a word mediator with little eloquence, turn to the spiritual side of the word without dwelling on that poverty of expression, and you will find in the truth of My teaching the divine essence of My teachings.

37 To many who hear my word, it appears to be the greatest teaching that can be received on earth today; to others it gives the impression of containing no truths. But it is not the first time that my revelations are rejected by men.

38 Many masters and messengers have come to this world, and when they began to sow My seed of truth and love, you killed them because the darkness of mankind could not bear so much light

39 The prophets, patriarchs and seers have been martyrs, victims of human wickedness, because men could not understand neither the truth that came from their lips nor the goodness of those hearts.

40 All the enlightened ones have known the cross of suffering, with all the torment and bitterness that men know how to cause to their brothers.

41 These sufferings are necessary for every Master, they are thorns over which he must pass, and bitterness which he must know in order to make visible in the midst of them the greatness of his Spirit.

42 This way you do not yet know, but you will have to know it and go on it when you go to work inspired by Me, filled with the power which love gives.

43 For you love is a beautiful word; but until today you have not penetrated into its true meaning

44 He who is master knows what his purpose is and blesses it, and knows which is that of his brothers.

45 And what is your purpose? - The same as the Master of Masters was once, and that was appointed to all messengers: to save, to love, and to redeem sinners.

46 Your purpose is to be enlightened and a prophet; one day you will be this; and then you will know the sufferings of those who marked out the way for you. At the same time you will know the love and courage that accompanied them on their path of life.

47 In the most difficult hour of suffering and trial, they all had to win in an inner struggle; and when their conscience asked them whether they wanted to renounce their mission or remain among the people who gave them death, they answered firmly that they wanted to remain with their people, for this was their task, even if their brothers would not understand it in the same way. They steadfastly persevered with those they loved as long as a breath of life remained for them. They knew that the darknesses in mankind had to be dissolved; but verily, I tell you, they were not animated by selfish interest, although their reward was kept for them in my kingdom.

48 I am the book for all, and as proof of this you have Me here. I am still with you because I love you and you need Me. - To conquer happiness there are two paths for you to follow of your own free will: that of love and that of pain; but verily I tell you that on every path you choose I will stand by you as a helper. When you come to know the high sensations of the purified Spirit, you too will say: I will stay with sinners.

49 I ask those who have worked with love in My work: What did you feel when you worked for good, for the benefit of others?

50 You say to Me: "Master, a fluid has surrounded us in this and has driven a force to continue without tedium or fatigue;" you say to Me: "we have been working with love in My Work

51 Were you getting tired of hearing Me? - "No, Master," you tell Me. Neither did I become tired of being with you from the beginning of your creation.

52 I give you My teachings, divine counsels, laws and rules for eternity, and sometimes you too, in the exercise of My words through your charity, have given teachings while working for the good of others.

53 If any one of you remains untouched by My teaching, he is like a rock; but you all listen carefully to My word, for no one can remain unfeeling towards this light

54 Someone asks Me: "Master, why are there those who bring great missions to earth and others do not? And I answered you that those who have only a small mission today will be the great enlightened ones tomorrow.

55 Always live vigilantly, for on your way there will be some who say they belong to Me; but do not believe them already in the first moment, believe for the sake of what they manifest in humility, in wisdom and love

56 Others will tell you that they are in communication with me while they are the first to be deceived. Therefore you must always be watchful over the task you have and the position you take. You must open your eyes and ears, and also forgive much.

57 You must know many things, so that you may tell them which is the true way and how to free yourselves from bondage, from ignorance. Understand that you are obliged to prove the truth you preach, even with works.

58 This planet will change, for men will spiritualize, and then they will offer perfect worship to God.

59 The moment of silence has come, the moment of your communion with Me, so that, like the waves of the sea, you may unite yourselves with My divine Spirit Silence - not only on the lips, but also in the inner temple of man, because it is your Spirit who speaks to Me, and the moment is solemn.

60 Become silent and hear Me, you walkers on many paths, you who bring the dust from many paths; let Me be the light on your path of destiny

61 From different religions you have come to hear this Word, through which you have experienced that the only spiritual law, the only true doctrine that is to rule men, will be this: "Love one another. But this doctrine will be spread by those enlightened by these teachings, not by those who violate the law, nor by the evil preachers of an eternal hell.

62 On the lips of My new messengers neither lies nor blasphemy will be found; they will not teach the doctrine of an unjust, cruel, merciless God, incapable of saving all his children, but of the God of true love and perfect righteousness.

63 I do not even tell you that this spiritual teaching will be the world religion; for never have I delivered religion but law. I limit myself to telling you that the law that will triumph on earth and will have abiding validity on it to enlighten the existence of men will be the law of love which I have explained to you in My teaching so that you may fully realize it.

64 Mankind will still do many false works of love and charity until it learns to love and to exercise true love activity, and many will still have to wander from religion to religion until their spirit soars up to higher recognition and they finally understand that the only law, the universal and eternal teaching of the Spirit, is that of love, to which all will reach.

65 All religions will disappear, and what will remain will be only the light of the temple of God shining within and without man, the temple in which you will all offer a single cult of obedience, love, faith, and good will.

66 Your conscience is ready to call your attention to every one of your steps, and it makes you restless when you transgress my law Thereupon you have made the resolution not to fall again into evil.

67 I have also seen those who, in silence, comfort and heal the sick, who, without boasting, know how to give the right word, which saves, rebukes and strengthens.

68 While you listen to Me, your heart ennobles and the Spirit rises above the selfishness of matter and thinks of others, making their sufferings and trials his own. You wish there were no more war because you are beginning to love peace; yet war will continue its way of destruction and death because still not all men think and feel as you do at this moment. But the period of time given to the rulers will not last much longer; soon you will see their rule and power turned to ashes.

69 What is the debt of these men before God, and how will they have to pay it? - only i know; but verily, i tell you, no one will escape the law of atonement. therefore I tell you: while they continue to destroy the world that God gave them to live in, you should watch and pray for your brothers, for they do not know what they are doing For if they knew, they would have long ago rebuilt with their tears, with their blood and even with their life all that they have destroyed.

70 Keep on praying for peace in the world, it is your duty; pray that men may understand each other and love one another.

71 If men would realize that the earth was created for all, and if they would know how to share in a just way with their brothers the material and spiritual treasures with which their existence is littered, truly, I tell you, already here on this earth you would begin to feel the peace of the Spiritual Kingdom

72 I have been among you, although I tell you once more that I have not descended into matter, but have only sent My divine thoughts into a human brain through which they have been transformed into words.

73 If anyone should say that it is impossible for me to contact mankind by this means because I am infinite and you are not worthy to receive Me, I say then: instead of looking at your smallness, I reveal Myself to you because you need Me

74 My divine Spirit knows no distances nor barriers; in every form I am with you, because My Presence is universal

75 Soon I will no longer avail myself of these voice-bearers, because this form of rallies will end in 1950. - I am your father, and you my children, learn to speak directly to me. Do you not remember how the Divine Master taught you in those days? Remember that Jesus did not seek intermediaries to speak to the Father.

76 My Word, My teaching speech, is today apparently destined for you alone; but in truth it is destined for all, for His Wisdom and Love embraces the whole universe, uniting all worlds, all spirits incarnated and desincarnated; My Word, My teaching speech, is today destined for you alone, but in truth it is destined for all, for His Wisdom and Love embraces the whole universe, uniting all worlds, all spirits incarnated and desincarnated Come to me when you need me; seek me when you feel lost.

77 I am your Father who knows your sufferings and who consoles you. I instill in you the love you so much need, for yourselves and to spread it in your surroundings.

78 If you truly recognize my presence in the wisdom which I am revealing through these voice-bearers, recognize also that the time has come to begin the work of building up on the spiritual path

79 Ah, if only all those who have been called would come forward; verily, I say to you, the Lord's table would be overflowing with disciples, and they would all eat the same food! But not all those who have been invited have come; they have given various occupations and thus put the divine call in second place.

80 Blessed are those who have come in haste, for they have received their reward.

81 At all times, but today more than in the past, man feels himself master of his actions, independent of every spiritual law. He has transformed himself into an egoistic being who thinks only of himself. His heart is without love toward others, and therefore mankind resembles an immeasurable desert, dry and arid. Can men in this state unite, understand each other, and help each other in an honest and noble way? - No! If mankind does not remove the evil seed from its heart, it will continue to destroy itself; some will mistrust others and continue to quarrel while they are without love.

82 This is the farmland in which I sow My seed in the Third Age, for which I am preparing a people of workers, a people whose heart is moving away from selfishness, reflecting on My Truth and turning to the good

83 But before you came to me, you sought happiness and peace for yourselves, without thinking of giving up your happiness to reach the foreign, or putting your desires before the needs of your neighbor.

84 If you fulfill the law of love, you will have attained your unity and harmony, you will stop suffering, and the peace of nations, which men have not attained until today, will be established in humanity

85 How easy it would be for people to understand each other with a little spiritualization!

86 I ask those who recognize this teaching as a truth capable of saving and uniting mankind: Why don't you decide to put it into practice? Are you content to regard it as a simple wisdom teaching or as one more theory?

87 Man wants to save himself without recognizing his spiritual nature, and this is his greatest error. As long as he lives and feels strong on earth, he strives to forget every idea that reminds him of eternity or spiritual life. He does not lose this intuitive knowledge, but he does not want to know anything about it, and only when death approaches him and he feels the agony of death within him, it happens that in an instant he wants to make amends for mistakes and make up for lost time; but then it will already be too late, for not everything reaches repentance. It is the law of justice to reap what has been sown, even if repentance will help him to bear with love and patience the atonement of his guilt, which in reality will be his work of restoration and renewal.

88 You listen and at the same time affirm that I speak truthfully to you You let your conscience speak to you, and it tells you that your faith was often a sham because you did not have the certainty of the Spirit's presence of eternal life. No doubt you had in mind to fully enjoy your existence on earth and to make preparations for the step to spiritual life only when the last moment has come. The idea of a life after this was like a reassurance of faith, to fall back on it when the time came, and to be able to survive the fearful moments of separation.

89 I ask you: Should man live like this? Do you thus show your faith in the Father and thus attain true spiritual advancement?

90 Think over everything I have told you in this teaching, and you will finally see that man has always been wrong with his selfish and material feelings.

91 Fathom My teaching, which reveals to man the connection from spirit to spirit through love and all virtues that come out of it and all sensations and gifts of the spirit; and say whether it is not the key which can open the gates to eternal peace and imperishable wisdom to mankind

92 In the three periods of time in which I have divided the development of mankind, I have marked out for you with My Light the same straight and narrow path for the ascent of the Spirit, the only path of love, truth and justice

93 I have led you from teaching to teaching, from revelation to revelation, until this time came when I tell you that you can already unite with Me from Spirit to Spirit. Could mankind have connected in this way in the First Time? - No, it was forced to make use of material worship, rituals and ceremonies, traditional feasts and symbols, so that it could feel the divine and spiritual close. Out of this inability to approach the spiritual, to rise to the divine, to recognize the deeper and to unravel the mysteries, the various religions arose, each one corresponding to the degree of spiritual backwardness or progress of men, some more devoted to the truth than others, some more spiritual than others, but all aiming at the same goal. It is the path that spirits follow through the centuries and ages, the path to which the various religions point. Some have progressed only with the greatest slowness, others have stopped, and still others have succumbed to deceptive doctrines and have become stained.

94 A new age has dawned for humanity; it is the age of light, whose presence will be a culmination in the spiritual path of all men, so that they may awaken, reflect, get rid of the heavy burden of their traditions, fanaticism, and errors, and then rise to a new life.

95 Some sooner and some later, so little by little all religions and sects will reach the invisible temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit, present in My Work, immovable like a pillar rising to infinity, in expectation of men of all peoples and sexes

96 When all have entered the interior of My Sanctuary to pray and immerse themselves, the one and the other will obtain the same knowledge of My Truth Therefore, once this climax on the way is completed, all will rise united in the same law and worship their Father in the same way.

97 Why should anyone be surprised at my new revelations? verily, I tell you, the patriarchs of old had already known of the coming of this Age and the seers of other eras had seen it and the prophets announced it It was a divine promise given to men long before I was born through Jesus.

98 When I announced to my disciples my renewed coming and indicated the form in which I would make myself known to men, much time had already passed since the promise had been given to you.

99 Now you have before your eyes the course of that time; here those prophecies are fulfilled. Who can be surprised by this? - Only those who have slept in darkness, or those who have extinguished My promises in themselves.

100 Here is my light, which awaits all to stop them on their way, because I will reveal to them the spiritual treasure which they carry in themselves and yet were not able to discover. I will convince them that they have already explored the material too much, that they have already surrendered themselves to the transitory and ephemeral. I will teach them to seek in their own Spirit the conscience, which is the divine essence that I have placed in every man.

101 In truth, I tell you that you have never passed on all the great and good that is present in your Spirit, for you do not even know it. How will you love one another with the perfection I have taught you if you do not acknowledge yourselves as brothers? It is necessary that you make use of the being that the Spirit carries within you so that your love may be love and your mercy may be true mercy, something more than empty words, something more than miserable coins, something more than the piece of dry bread that remains on your tables, which are the only means you use to make yourselves believe that you love neighbor and love one another.

102 How beautiful your world will be when men will have discovered in their Spirit the blessed treasure with which their Creator endowed them already from the moment of their creation!

103 I give you this teaching, that through it you may look to the past to seek your beginning, that you may examine your present and look to the future, which awaits you full of wisdom, work, struggle, and divine rewards.

104 You are sinners, but you love Me, and when you think of Me, you try to please Me by exercising charity towards your brothers You are sinners, I know it, but you pray when you have sorrow. You are sinners, but you are willing to share your bread with the one who comes to your door asking for charity.

105 For all the good that you do in desire of My good pleasure, receive My caress, feel My consolation, receive My blessing

My peace be with you!

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