BTL - Volume 1- Teaching 6

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1 

Teaching 6:

1 Blessed are you who listen to the teaching of the Master, for My teaching is the seed you will pass on to the generations to come You are the first-born son who prepares the way with his example for his younger brothers and sisters.

2 This is the Third Age in which My Divine Spirit pours out upon all flesh and upon every spirit, in fulfilment of the prophecy I gave you that every eye will see Me

3 In truth I tell you: when you unite yourselves from Spirit to Spirit with My Divinity, you will see Me, for I develop your spiritual vision

4 You are the heirs of My Kingdom. The Father has given you the fruit of the tree of life so that you may sate yourselves and later grow their seed.

5 The Lord possessed the lands and gave them to His children, who are you, calling you "labourers on His estate".

6 Those who understood their task and knew how to work the fields have refreshed themselves and show Me their satisfaction; those who imagined the path adorned with fragrant flowers and believed that the tree did not need care and attention to bear fruit are showing themselves exhausted today. They found so much misery, sin and pain on their path of life that they felt unable to ease their brothers' cross. No sooner had they begun their daily work than they felt exhausted. They dedicated themselves to the task of healing the sick, and became sick themselves.

7 But still the Master is among His disciples, to give them new teachings and help them to rise. I tell you: Ask Me, and I will give you, for I am your Father.

8 My teaching full of love and patience will change you into gentle sheep willingly following the voice of their shepherd.

9 Do not forget that you have sworn by the Ark of the New Covenant to fulfil the commandments of My Law

10 Yes, disciples, your task is that of peace and unity; you will have to rebuild My Temple because through you I have to leave My Word, My prophecies and My Commandments to mankind

11 I also tell you: Why do you dare to act against My will or to falsify it when you are the heirs of the Father? do you not think that by doing so you increase your burden of atonement? - There you have the reason for your illnesses and blows of fate!

12 If I have made you "first", do not become "last". Take your place and keep this grace until the end of the way.

13 Do not divide yourselves, form one family; only in this way can you be strong.

14 Do not become proud, remember that your fields are small and your seed is still limited. Always be humble, and you will be great before the Father.

15 Those who were weak yesterday will be the strong of tomorrow, that morning which you are to long for, which will be like the dawning of a new day whose sun will light up your Spirit. Then you will be helpers to one another, to help you bear the burden of the cross.

16 Do not consider My work as a burden and do not say that the fulfillment of the beautiful task of loving the Father and your fellow men is difficult for your Spirit. What is really heavy is the cross of your own and other people's wickedness, for whose sake you must weep, bleed, and even die. The ingratitude, lack of understanding, selfishness, and slander will lie on you like a burden if you give them shelter.

17 To the unruly man the fulfillment of my law may seem hard and difficult because it is perfect and favors neither wickedness nor lies. But for the obedient man the law is his defense, his support and his salvation.

18 I warn you of all things and prepare you so that you may spread My teachings with true sincerity.

19 I enlighten My voicebearers so that My Ray, having become a human word but full of heavenly essence, comes down on them to feed, cleanse and heal the multitude. soon the number of My voicebearers will increase; men and women will speak extensively and through them I will reveal great teachings to you

20 I speak to you and I watch over you. do not sleep like the disciples of the Second Age while Jesus was praying in the Olive Garden, otherwise the enemies will surprise you

21 Pray united with your Master, so that your prayer may give you courage and you may not despair at the alarm signals.

22 Some doubt My presence, even when they receive My rallies through their minds. This is because, in judging his life, his words and even his thoughts, he considers himself unworthy and unclean and believes that My presence in him is impossible. Verily, I tell you: unclean and sinners are all those through whom I communicate Myself; but I see their continuous effort to make themselves more and more worthy to transmit My divine Word, and My power and Light are with them.

23 This people, who in the present time should look like a man in full youthfulness, has come like an old man into the presence of His Father. They come spiritually tired from their long pilgrimage, bowed down by the weight of their burden, withered and disappointed. But to help him on his way, I have opened a book, the Book of Life, in which he will discover the mystery of eternal peace, eternal youth, health and joy.

24 On My lands you will regain the strength you have lost, O My workers!

25 My Word always advises you goodness and virtue: that you do not speak ill of your fellow men, thereby exposing them to shame; that you do not look with contempt upon those who suffer from diseases which you call contagious; that you do not favour wars; that you do not have a shameful occupation which destroys morals and favours vices; that you do not curse anything created, take away anything foreign without the owner's permission, nor spread superstition. You shall visit the sick, forgive those who offend you, protect virtue, and be good examples; and you shall love me and your fellow men, since in these two commandments the whole law is summarized.

26 Learn My lesson and teach it by your actions. If you do not learn, how will you preach My teaching? And if you do not feel what you have learned, how will you teach as good apostles?

27 Tell Me, people, what have you really researched thoroughly and put into practice to this day? My word is clear and simple, and yet you have not yet understood how to interpret it. But I enlighten you and guide you on the path of light. Do not leave this path, nor turn back; do not go too hastily either.

28 Out of love for you I have come to teach you, and I long for you to come to Me and, like the angels, raise your song: "Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will.

29 I also want to hear from you a word of repentance, your honest confession, to comfort and advise you as Father and to be your best friend.

30 Today you do not yet know all that I will reveal to you during this period. Step by step I will teach you. My teaching, which is known only to a part of mankind, will unfold its splendor when the time has come.

31 I have called neither scholars nor philosophers to help Me use their intellect. I have chosen the humble ones to make out of them the voice bearers of My Word by which My Spirit gives you this rallies, and He rejoices when He sees that you recognize Me.

32 The source of my love is overflowing: will you receive me? I am in the essence of my word. Unite your singing with that of the angels and praise Me. Everything that you ask for in favor of your spiritual progress I will grant you.

33 You hear the Father's Word, My Eyes penetrate your hearts and in some I see the hardness of the rock and the coldness of the marble; but I make water spring from the rocks and My Love and Tenderness will give you the warmth your Spirit needs

34 I formed your body out of matter and gave you My divine Breath I equipped you with a conscience so that you should live in knowledge of My Being and from time to time I have given you teachings full of Wisdom that uplift your spirit. In the Second Time I sowed My seed of love in you, and today I come to nurture it. In the end of times you will all be with Me as I have been with you.

35 I have "smoothed" you along the way because I desire you to be pure and virtuous so that you may become My good disciples.

36 Live awake and praying, and all suffering will be bearable; you will not fall into temptation and will feel that - close to you - My Spirit as Father protects you. Be strong in the trials. Remember that in the Second Time, when the cup of bitterness was handed to Him and He felt the pain that awaited Him, Jesus said: "If it is possible, take this cup from Me; but not My will, but Your will be done". You who also suffer and tolerate on earth - will you not do the same to Him? Will you not follow Him?

37 Why today, when I speak to you as Spirit of the Comforter, do you have less fear than when I spoke to you as Judge in the first time and as Master in the second time, although I spoke to you as the same Spirit in the three times? Perhaps because I speak to you with gentle kindness?

38 I was teaching you in the Second Time and today I am offering you the same food of My Word; for you are My disciples and I want you to feed on Me; I am offering you the same food of My Word Resurrect to the life of grace and make use of this present time in which I am teaching you. Later, when you have received all that I have prepared for you, I will demand of you an account of your works in this time and in all times. For when I came to earth to become man, you spoke with me and received my teachings as today. But while in that time some of you believed, others doubted, and that time of grace, that opportunity for the progress of your Spirit, passed away. But the Father gives His children new teachings and tests for their spiritual ascent; and in this time I give you another teaching so that you may have a closer look at the promised land.

39 I have spoken to you through the mediation of various voice-bearers, and since they are imperfect as human beings, you have doubted. but verily, I tell you, I serve them because I know them and have prepared them through centuries to present them to you in this time as interpreters of My Word

40 I have sought you because My love for you is very great. For every creature I have designed a destiny of atonement in which the loving justice of the Father is reflected. In spite of your aberrations I reveal to you your task among mankind; but it is necessary that you reflect thoroughly and prove yourselves worthy of it. Remember that I manifest myself not only in word with you, but also in inspiration and revelation through dreams and visions.

41 My people: you have not yet perfected yourself, but you will be with Me when you have purified yourself through your merits. may you consider yourself ignorant today, I will enlighten you, and you will speak to men and astonish them When you are prepared, your desire will be to cooperate with Me in the work of salvation of mankind.

42 I am teaching you the truth and showing you the way, so that you may prepare yourselves and with your prayer and works emulate Me in remembrance of My example in the Second Age Let all the actions of your lives contain love and truth so that through them you may bear witness to Me. Remember that not everyone who speaks My name loves Me, not even everyone who speaks My name worships Me. Only those who fulfill my law bear witness to me.

43 Now I am giving you another opportunity to ascend the ladder of your perfection; and do you know what is the secret of ascent? - Love, sincerity, purity of heart and good works. This is why I have told you: purify the vessel inside and outside. Watch like the wise virgins of My parable; keep your lamps burning; speak with conviction of My teaching and do not be afraid nor ashamed to be My disciples. For if you deny me today, you will feel pain tomorrow when you convince yourselves of my truth.

44 If you do not recognize me by my words, recognize me by the miracles I have done among you. What I have promised you through the mediation of the voice bearer, I have fulfilled on your way of life. Why do many deny My rallies as the Divine Spirit even though you live in the time of the Holy Spirit?

45 If you would demand from Me proofs of these revelations, I would give them to you But if I were to put you to the test, what would you do? - You would feel weak and small.

46 I will see with you the faith which the sick showed, who came to Me in the second time; that of the paralytic, the blind, and the incurable woman. I want to feel loved as a father, desired as a physician and heard as a master.

47 This time I have not come to be sacrificed as in the second time. My Spirit will only pour out in light, in essence, on all My children to save them. As soon as you have come higher on the way of your development, you will form one Spirit of good, of peace, to intercede for all your brothers.

48 Unite your love with the intercession of your spiritual mother, for the scepter of righteousness has already come very near to men.

49 Do works of love and give to your brothers as I have given you.

50 Reflect on My words and feel responsible for your tasks. - why do you sometimes forget that I have come full of love to forgive your transgressions and give you opportunity to begin a new life? Why do you fall into daily routine although I am working on you so that you may progress on the path of development, discovering new and wide horizons and endless stimulation for the Spirit?

51 Not only be moved in the moment when you hear My Word do not weep over your transgressions without feeling deeply and do not make false resolutions for betterment, which you will break very soon Watch and be strong so that you may remain firm in your resolutions, and when you vow to improve, do so with firmness and then come to Me with joy to say to Me: "Father, I have fulfilled Your commandments, I have obeyed You, and have honored Your name.

52 This is the announced time in which I had to speak to mankind and I want you, in fulfilment of My prophecies, with this word I have given you, to compile volumes of books, later to make extracts and analyses of them and bring them to the attention of your brothers Do you want to take on this task? I give you the time to fulfill the tasks I have given you in My work and outside of it. Work, and peace and joy will be in your Spirit. Act without becoming arrogant, without encapsulating yourselves in a circle of selfishness. Be a support and example for your material and spiritual brothers and sisters. Your mission is not limited to working for the incarnated beings, but you must also stand by those who are no longer incarnated, these creatures in need of love and help, whom very few think of. Do not be content to believe in and acknowledge My rallies in this time; it is necessary that you apply the teaching I am teaching you.

53 Do not allow children to stray from the path for lack of instruction. Remember that their developed Spirit may stumble on the stones of the wrong way, though he was prepared to accomplish great tasks.

54 A Parable

In the midst of a blooming garden there was a venerable old man who looked at his work with joy. A spring, from which crystal clear water gushed out, watered the well-tended garden. The old man wanted to share his fruits with others and therefore invited the passers-by to enjoy his goods.

55 So a sick man also passed by him, a leper. The old man looked at him lovingly, received him and asked him what his desire was. The wanderer said to him, "Do not come too close to me, for I am a leper. The old man, however, without feeling disgust, induced him to enter, gave him shelter in his house and fed him without asking him the reason for his evil. The leper cleaned his body under the care of the old man and said to him with gratitude: "I will stay with you, for you have restored my health. I will help you till your fields."

56 After this a woman came to that place where despair was written on her face, and the old man asked her, "What is wrong with you? And she replied crying, "I cannot hide my error. I broke the marriage and was chased from my home; my little children were left abandoned". The old man said to her, "Commit no more adultery, love and honor your husband, and while you return to your home, drink of this crystal clear water and purify yourself. But the wife replied: "I cannot go back, but let your call come to my home also; and I will remain in your service.

57 The days passed, and the little ones who were left alone were looking for the good old man, knowing that he was distributing benefits; and he said to them, "What are you looking for? They answered, "We were left alone at home, our parents have left us, and we come to you in search of bread and shelter, because we know that we will find these things with you. The old man said to them, "Come in, your parents are with me, rest and unite with them.

58 All reunited in that blessed society regained peace, there was forgiveness and reconciliation, and they returned to everyday life. The renewed father, cleansed of his leprosy, sheltered his wife under his roof again and gave warmth to his little children. She, repentant and pure, was the womb for the husband and cradle for her children. The little ones, who thought they had lost their parents forever, thanked the old man for giving them back to them and making it possible for their home to be restored.

(End of the parable)

59 In truth I tell you: If you seek me in your greatest difficulties, you will always find the solution for them.

60 I am the old man of the parable. Come to Me. I reject no one, but I use your trials to purify you and bring you closer to Me. Come all, regain peace and health. Drink from the crystal-clear spring and become healthy. For I am the book of life and have acquainted you with another page so that you may study it and become strong in my teaching. Do you want to continue on this path? - Get to know my law and fulfill every single one of my commandments. Do not make your father bitter, do not let Me suffer. Remember that My sacrifice endures; through your doubt and incomprehension you crucify Me at every moment.

61 To you men I have granted an inheritance, a good, a wife entrusted to you to love and care for her And yet your companion has come to me and has lamented and wept before me because of your incomprehension. I have told you that you are strong, that you were created in my image and likeness. But I did not command you to humiliate the woman and make your slave out of her. I have made you strong so that you represent Me in your home: strong in virtue, in endowment, and have given you the woman as a complement in your life on earth as a companion, so that you find in mutual love the strength to stand up to the trials and changing destinies.

62 Today I call you into my kingdom to save you; but you have to work and earn merits to rise higher on the path of light which I have marked out for you I am eagerly expecting you; come and you will be received like obedient children and there will be a feast in the heavens.

63 Why do you feel weariness in your Spirit although I give you strength in every moment? do not move away from Me even if there is fatigue or cold which mankind has left in you I am the resurrection and the life; if you trust Me, you will regain strength and joy. If you need a support, lean on Elijah, your shepherd, and he will give you support. If you need comfort and tenderness, take refuge in Mary, your heavenly Mother, and feel her caress and her healing power. Understand her love; she feels your pain and stands by you in your suffering. How great her suffering is when you go astray and walk like blind people after having seen this light.

64 Pain has flooded the heart of mankind. Today that prophecy is being fulfilled which says: "The fathers will deny their sons, and these their fathers. Among brothers shall be misjudged and hated. You also see how the homes are places of discord and strife. But I hold you back on this way and tell you that you are to throw away the weapons of destruction and not kill each other, that you are to escape from chaos, come to me and follow me in the work of restoration.

65 I ask you: Have you not received comfort and strength in My Word? Have you not been deeply moved in My presence? - Yes, disciples, if "the flesh" does not confess this, the Spirit recognizes Me, thanks Me and discovers the essence of My love at the bottom of this Word. Did I not promise you in the Second Time that I would come again as Spirit of Truth? See how I have fulfilled all that I have offered you.

66 Study, disciples, to teach those who will come after you. Philosophers and scientists will seek you out, and I will speak to them through your mediation, thus proving to them once more that I have served the poor and the simple. Rise, workers, and sow the fields which I have prepared for you, for very soon I will come as steward and judge to demand from you the harvest of the seed which I have handed over to you.

67 I clothe you with My grace so that you may become humble masters of your brothers and heal the sick Receive those who come here in search of light and be light for all. Counsel and convert sinners, but do not boast that you are My disciples. If you feel the pain of your brothers and know how to comfort them, if you love in truth and give selfless help without making it known, then you may call yourselves My disciples.

My peace be with you!

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