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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teching 2:

1 Behold, here I am again among you in this hour in which your Spirit listens to me and thanks me.

2 Every time a new year begins, humanity draws new hope, although there are those who feel fear. Why do you fear life and time? They always remain the same; it is you who pass by. Today you are children and tomorrow you will be adults; today you are on earth, tomorrow you will not be; today you are born, tomorrow you will die.

3 You live in the perfection of times. Already your Spirit is no longer subject to material life; it has entered into eternity. You are atoms of my divinity. I am eternal. I have always been. The Divine Spirit never grows old. I am immutable and imperishable, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. You have come forth from Me, and therefore you will return to Me.

4 Certainly, every new year is a mystery to men, but truly, I tell you, it is a new step you have to take on the way of your development.

5 Have no fear of the future because you do not know it; do not see it shrouded in darkness Remember that I am time and eternity; think that I am in the future.

6 You, My people, know something of what is in the future because I reveal it to you and you have among you prophets who enter the future according to My Will and give you testimony of it

7 You have no right to doubt; you are not blind men who must fear to stumble in the way

8 For all men I have opened ways that they may find peace. I have marked out ways for them so that they may find me in all my truth.

9 O mankind, I am so near to you, and you do not feel Me!

10 I have given you the mystery of peace, which is love one another.

11 The hour will come when peace will be longed for by men so much that they will seek it by all means: in religions, in science and in various doctrines The faithful and those who call themselves atheists and freethinkers will all move towards the same point in search of this peace, and when they reach it, they will face Me.

12 Take note, you who are listening to My words at this moment, but will soon no longer hear them it will not be in this year when this revelation ends, but only at the time determined by My Will, namely 1950

13 Let those who have been listening to Me for a long time remember that I told you: My Word will descend from the top of the mountain and you will be at the foot of it to receive it

14 Since the first "mouthpiece" whose mind I used for this rallies, I told you that this divine rallies, which began in 1866, would end in 1950 and that after that year you would not be left orphaned because My Presence would be felt even more strongly if you understood to prepare yourselves

15 Today is the first day of the year 1941, so you will hear My Word for another ten years, time enough for many of your brothers to get to know this teaching, that many who did not believe will come to believe and many who were disobedient will set out to carry out My commissions

16 My humble and gentle Word will be a bliss to the suffering and to every Spirit like dew and fragrance This Word, which so many have rejected and which so many have disgraced for their pleasure, will seem like a caress to all.

17 Do not believe that your country will be the only one to receive My spiritual benefits No, from the beginning I hold the inheritance ready for every nation of this earth.

18 My Truth will again penetrate all homes, just as Jesus once entered the temples dedicated to worshiping God and amazed the priests, the elders and the teachers of the law with His Word

19 Who will take Me as an example in this day and age? Who are those who do not fear mankind? - Those who bear witness to the truth through their works. Verily, I say to you: He who speaks the truth, like his Master himself, will not fear death.

20 It would have been long since time that this word would have sounded inside the temples and churches and its echo would have reached the mighty of the earth. But it is necessary that the messengers of it should be purified and reformed to be worthy messengers of it. See how time has passed without you having made this armament your own.

21 I do not require sacrifice from you; I only want your actions to be spontaneous and your love to be true. Nevertheless, you must not forget the example of the obedience and submission of Abraham when the father asked him for the life of Isaac, the beloved son.

Who of the people of the present, of those who love Me, would give Me such a proof of obedience, love and faith?

22 My apostles proclaimed My truth, and when men condemned them, they did not flee from death.

23 He who lives in the truth has nothing to fear.

24 Your way, My people, is littered with beautiful examples.

25 The light of the sixth candlestick brings light to the people of this time; but the five seals that have already passed away have also left their light in the Spirits.

26 When you arrived at this radiant light, some in Spirit* and some in body, you asked what you were called to do. Then you heard that voice saying to you: I am the Lamb who sacrificed Himself for love of you, and I have come to enlighten your Spirit so that you may love one another and come to Me.

* as Spirit without a material body.

27 At this time I come in Spirit. My light falls on men like tongues of fire so that they may speak about My law in all tongues.

28 One hundred and forty-four thousand spirits incarnated and desincarnated will pave the way in this time. They will be forerunners, prophets and messengers. They are those who are marked by me, who shall precede the armies.

29 The name of the tribe to which they belonged in the first days was revealed to these marked ones, so that they might know that they had made a covenant with their God at that time and have been on the way of the Lord for a long time. But in the present day, every tribal name has disappeared, because it is not the Lord who draws boundaries to separate people from one another.

30 When in 1950 My Ray descends for the last time through the voice bearer, all will be prepared for the times to come. But until that time I will continue to teach you. But before that, lay your grief on Me and rest. When your grief has subsided and your tears have dried up, straighten up your spirit again so that my teaching may be in it.

31 I do not want to see any of My disciples hungry or thirsty; I want to see you sated because you have eaten and drunk the bread and wine of My love Only in this way can you do works among mankind worthy of Me. Do not forget that with every day that passes, the moment of My parting draws nearer, and that he who does not make use of this time of instruction will later feel orphaned.

32 It was not by chance that brought you to this rallies. My voice called you on your ways and led you so far. Now you know that you have come to know the task you have to fulfill on earth.

In My words you have experienced which is your origin and your destination. It was revealed to you that you are part of a people that has received the manna of the Spirit in three epochs.

33 If you investigate spiritually all that took place among the people of Israel in the first two times, you will know that the same thing has taken place in the presence of you.

34 The life of that people, their history, is a teaching, a parable for all mankind. It is a textbook whose law I have revealed to you on Mount Sinai.

35 Today that book is opening before your Spirit, and you see new teachings germinating from it, because what you did not understand in those times, you are learning to understand today.

36 Your Spirit can knock at the gates of the hereafter in the desire for wisdom, your spiritual capacity allows you to come closer to the Master, so that He may give you the new teachings which His secret treasure chest holds.

37 My people, when I see you walking in the ways of the world, dragging chains of toil and imperfections with you, I send you My love to assist you in the way of development; I am sending you My love to help you in the way of the world

38 You are wandering in a desert and in the middle of it I made palm trees grow so that you might find shade and refreshment

39 From the barren rock of your heart I have made an inexhaustible spring gush forth from the barren rock of your heart, so that you may drink and never thirst again

40 Today I will not give you any fields in the world to till them. You will find your fields in your hearts. Some have just begun to cultivate, others are finishing their sowing.

41 Let not the fathers use the excuse that, in order to fulfil their family obligations, they cannot think of doing good for others.

42 Let not the men tell Me that they feel incapable of teaching My law. To all of you I say that there are abundant opportunities in your life's journey to sow My seed without wasting your time and neglecting your duties.

43 Serve Me and I will serve you

44 Do not be disappointed when you sow love and reap ingratitude in the hearts of your sons or your brothers. You know what Jesus sowed in the world and what He reaped. But he told you that the harvest is not on this earth, but in heaven when the time comes.

You too, My disciples, should take the patience of the Master as an example. Seek neither rewards nor compensations on this earth, rather wait for the hour of your happiness in the hereafter.

45 Remember that I have come down to judge your works and to reveal your merits and weaknesses. I pour out My grace on every Spirit, subjecting you to trial and asking you: why today, when you have returned to earth in the times of perfection, why have you not given Me a harvest to show for yourselves, when you have had My Law from the beginning of times and I have instructed you to watch over the nations* to convert them to My Teaching?

* This includes: spiritual readiness to help in the form of intercession, example and proclamation of divine truth.

46 In this age I have come in Spirit and demand of you the fulfillment of the commandments I left you in the Second Age when I dwelt among you. I search in your Spirit for the echo of My words and in your way the trace of My steps and do not find them. Have you exercised and taught love? - In spite of everything you can make up for your transgressions and make up for the time you missed because I give you a new opportunity. You must work not only for yourselves, but also for your brothers who, in the days of peace to come, must come to connect with Me in a more perfect way.

47 You have in Me a tireless Master and a perfect Father who loves you and reproves you what would you do if I were to grant you benefits only for the strict fulfilment of My Law?

48 When I speak to you in this way, you weep inwardly over your offences and look for a pleasing sacrifice: you put before Me the blessed children and ask Me to forgive your sins for their innocence To this I answer you: If you know how to care for their heart and keep them in virtue, I will accept your sacrifice.

49 I do not want to judge you with severity; before that I prepare you in a reasonable time for the exaltation of your Spirit, so that you may work and be nourished with My Word. Meanwhile, you will be witnesses of great afflictions where the elements are released; many peoples will be scourged by severe hurricanes and will obtain pardon only through the intercession of God's motherly love in the form of Mary.

50 In search of divine signs and proofs, you will see the crowds coming to this nation and I will receive them, will wipe out from their minds any false interpretation of My Word and show them the truth Then they will bow to my love.

51 You have Mary, your tender mother, who awaits your obedience she knows that My Spirit is sad about the imperfection of men and she approaches you to give you the good and struggles to lead you to the attainment of perfect peace

52 While mankind at this time is purifying itself and weeping, you are being prepared through My Word to bring comfort and peace to hearts Suffering will be like a melting pot in which the Spirit will purify itself to make itself worthy to come to Me. All have received My strength, and in the greatest trials they will advance.

53 I receive your fulfillment (of tasks) of one year, as I have received that of all My creatures. I bless your good intentions and leave in you every seed that has not been well tended, so that you may continue to make it fruitful until perfection. Recognize what is pleasing to me so that you may always live in accordance with my law.

54 Do not violate the law; do not speak my name unless you are prepared. Make yourselves worthy so that you may be recognized and your example may invite your brethren to follow me, and I may tell them Be welcome, disciples, who humbly come to these places of assembly, like sheep coming to their fold, guided by the voice of their shepherd.

55 Whoever walks in this way, done with good will, will never feel tired.

56 If there are persecutions in this path, I have given you weapons in your defense: not murder weapons to hurt your brothers with, but prayer, by which you are strong and invincible.

57 I am your goal, and therefore all of you will return to Me when you fulfill My law. But you must do your part to advance in the way of your development.

58 Make my word your own, for it is your inheritance. Recognize the power that rests in him. Whoever possesses it will be able to save a region in the midst of an affliction.

59 It is written, "The earth will tremble from one end to the other," and it is necessary that in those days of darkness there should be men full of faith so that they may be like torches illuminating the way of others.

60 I do not want this people, whom I have awakened in the present, to sink again into sleep, because otherwise they will shake up the painful ache and woe of mankind. And when it then rises headlessly to bring comfort to its neighbor, it will discover that these are no longer on earth, but already in the hereafter.

61 Which one of you, when he hears the voices of confusion, fear and pain of men, will want to turn his back on them and get out of their way without trusting Power that gives you the exercise of My teaching to do something for them? Do you not believe My words when I have told you that in the hour of trial it will be I who speak through your lips and reveal His power in your works?

62 He who doubts will be as powerless and in need of help as he who has nothing to give to the one who asks.

63 This is the Third Age, in which your Spirit has a foreboding that he must receive from the Father the indispensable gifts and powers to rise above the dominion of materialism and corruption. But verily, I tell you, these gifts have been resting in your Spirit from the beginning.

64 Some have come to me weakened by sickness, and others to demand proofs from me so that they might believe in my presence. The former have recognized that their purification was necessary to come to me purified. These are on the way to follow me.

65 The latter departed again when they had received what they sought, without attaching importance to my word and without even suspecting where and with whom they were.

66 Still others, who came in the certainty of finding only material goods in this way, felt disappointed at this feast of spiritual food and departed again in search of better ways. It will be a long time before they realize that the Kingdom of the Spirit is not of this world.

67 But I receive all. There has not been one who knocked on my doors without them being opened to him. I say this to you because also at your doors someone will desire entrance, and this will be me who will knock modestly, as the needy are used to doing.

68 You tell me: "Master, how is it possible that you appear before our doors as the needy? But I tell you: do not be surprised and do not think it impossible, I will come hidden in the heart of the poor, the sick, the defeated and the mourning to knock at the door of your mercy Behold, I tell you: Become hardened in your mind and Spirit so that you may make use of the teaching I have brought you.

69 This is the time in which you will learn to practise, explain and live My teaching which you are receiving today in these assembly halls; and tomorrow you will set out to spread it among mankind

70 In My Words I am speaking to all My children, whether they are present at this rallies or not, whether they have been on earth already or whether they are yet to come Let every one of them accept what concerns him.

71 In this time this teaching will be the light that leads mankind on the way of truth; for men have closed their eyes to this light. But verily, I tell you: the blind cannot guide the blind without stumbling or falling into the abyss.

72 The Spirit of truth is in every one of my teaching speeches. Use this time of My rallies, watch jealously over My words and never deprive yourselves of this heritage.

73 My love will overcome the hardness of your heart. As in that second time, the gate to salvation is open. Come and walk through it the way that will lead your Spirit into the Promised Land.

74 No leaf of the tree moves without my will. - If I have manifested Myself with you, it was because this was My Will, and in the depths of it lie very great projects with each one of you and with the whole universe.

75 Men are purifying themselves in this time through great suffering; but out of this humanity so sinful today, tomorrow generations will come forth who will be in contact with My Divinity from Spirit to Spirit

76 Those who experience this time will marvel at the greatness of My Work and the fulfilment of My Word then they will see how children will teach, instruct and bear witness of Me with true spiritualization, how young people and adults will leave the pleasures and amusements of the world behind to devote themselves to the practice of My teaching, declaring that the time they live in is the one announced by the prophets

77 But those who hear my word today and are sluggish or unbelieving will feel ashamed in the face of these examples.

78 These will not hear My word through a human voice bearer who is sinful and imperfect, but they will hear the voice of their Lord in their conscience.

79 You, my listeners, were destined to hear Me on this way of understanding, which is very lofty but not the most perfect. Ten years are still at your disposal. Make use of them so that tomorrow you do not need to weep over lost time, since for you, my people, a time of greater spiritual development will later dawn.

80 If you do not keep My Word now, later, when this rallies no longer exist, you will come with pain in your hearts to these places of prayer to ask your Father to speak to you and that He would like to communicate Himself again through the human mind; but you will not hear Him again. You will then look upon My former word transmitters who will remain silent for this rallies and will only tell you to rise spiritually.

81 It is My will that you do not profane My command. I do not want to have to say to you, when you come to me, "depart from me, I do not know you" and that then a heavy burden of reparation remains in your Spirit.

82 I speak to you about spiritual teachings that are within your realm of knowledge, and yet there is still one who doubts my words. What if I were to speak to you about divine manifestations or describe eternity to you? Then you would tell Me: "What are you speaking to us about, Father, we do not understand any of it.

83 I entrust to you My new prophets, who have something have insight into the hereafter. They will bear witness to these spiritual teachings and announce to you events that are yet to come.

84 Here is my teaching, disciples, I do not prolong it so that you do not tire and I have to repeat it on another occasion. But if you want to benefit from My teachings, renew yourselves and put an end to every evil and vice.

85 Then you will experience selfishness, hypocrisy, vanity and materialism disappearing imperceptibly from your hearts, and instead you will begin to exercise true charity that expects no reward.

86 You will be offended and wonder at the fact that Not having returned a slap in the face, as you did in times past. Then, filled with thanksgiving against your Master, you will rise and say to Me, "Lord, only You teach us these lessons and make us strong in these trials.

87 I am the vine and you are the branches; therefore bear the same fruit that I have borne for you.

My peace be with you.

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