Battle Ready

Words from Jesus spoken to Byron Searle
Psalm 18:2 
The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
My son, so many people who call themselves by My Great Name are not Battle Ready! They say they are, but many have already fallen to the enemy. I hold the people to blame, but more so the pastors for not teaching My Children how to stand against the wiles of the devil! When I was tempted in the desert, I was tempted not buy a principality or ruler in a high place or any other high-ranking demon. I was tempted by Satan, himself! You say, But you are God! I say, I am a man also, and was tempted in all ways as you are! I defeated Satan because I had My armor on! I slashed and stabbed him with My Sword, which is the Word of God! I hurt Satan so bad that after just three temptations, he had to go recuperate for a season!
My son, tell My People and My Remnant that the tests and trials have greatly increased! I hear the prayers of My People, crying out for Me to help them! But I say, I have given you everything you need to defeat any adversary that comes against you! I have given you My armor!!! Do you put it on everyday?? If not, you will be defeated!!! 
The devil and his minions have been at war for thousands of years. They know every weakness you have, and they know how to tempt you to fail. Once you fail, they then feed you doubt and guilt and try to make you drop your Shield, which is Faith. Do you not see that you battle in the spirit, not in the flesh??? PUT YOUR ARMOR ON EVERY DAY LIKE THE BATTLE IS ONGOING AND YOU MUST BE BATTLE READY!!!
My son, My Remnant is under severe and extreme attack. Most are standing, although battered badly.  I, the Lord say, STAND!!!  Be battle ready, for what you are going through now is but training for what is about to come! My Remnant must be battle-hardened and ready for the onslaught that is coming upon you in the near future! I know your problems, and I hear your cries, but I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN ALL THE UNIVERSE -- MY SWORD -- THE WORD OF GOD!!!  NOTHING in the spirit can stand that comes against My warrior FULLY ARMORED UP!!!
My son, soldiers do not go off to battle wearing sweatpants and tank tops! No!!! They go fully protected and weapons loaded! I have given you the Girdle of Truth around your waist - PUT IT ON!!! I have given you the Breastplate of Righteousness because you are the Righteousness of God - It's stronger than Kevlar!!! I have given you Boots for your feet so you can run, preaching the gospel!!! I have given you the Shield of Faith - PICK IT UP!!! WALK IN GREAT FAITH!!! It will stop all the attacks of the enemy! I have given you the Helmet of Salvation to protect your mind from the constant attacks of depression and despair!!! Next, the Ultimate Weapon - THE SWORD OF THE WORD OF GOD!!! CARRY IT ALWAYS!!! TRAIN USING IT!!! This weapon was designed by Me - Personally!!!
My son, tell My People I love you and want you to be victorious with Me, in full battle gear, leading you! TRUST ME!!! Walk by faith, not by sight, and walk in the spirit, not the flesh!!! 
Messiah Jesus

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