... and another sign appeared in the sky - a dragon, fiery red ...

A. M. Hosta

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What do the Bill Gates Foundation, the Obama Foundation, the WHO, the pharmaceutical industry and Covid19 have in common?
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Revelation 12:1-8
1 And a great sign was seen in heaven: a A woman clothed with the sun, and with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.
2 And she was with child; and she gave a cry, in the pains of childbirth.
3 And there was seen another sign in heaven; a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns.
4 And his tail was pulling a third part of the stars of heaven down to the earth, and the dragon took his place before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when the birth had taken place he might put an end to her child.
5 And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who was to have rule over all the nations with a rod of iron: and her child was taken up to God and to his high seat.
6 And the woman went in flight to the waste land, where she has a place made ready by God, so that there they may give her food a thousand, two hundred and sixty days.
7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels going out to the fight with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels made war
8 And they were overcome, and there was no more place for them in heaven.

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"Safety …. NAZI.."
Aah. Because I support the liberation / denazification of Germany – who are victims.

Conversation with Christ
That's why I always avoided him because I was tempted by the 'mammon' beast.
"Now both can be in the blog (GE, EN), what it is about now."
Now the bomb is ticking - 'mammon'
"Mammon is being restricted - Jerusalem."
With the chip of the Beast system
"Allegedly ... done ... I am the beast." ???
You are the sole ruler…. Trial of the spirits… separate wheat (good works) and chaff (bad works).
"All go viral."
I know.
"You clever one."
Thank you.
Shet doesn't scare you. Highly deserved. "
Scared me enough times and then ... NOTHING. I practiced a lot with you.
"After eons of rebirth. Twelve. "(Eons)
Oha. So much.
"The thing was manifest - still today."
You have a hard time with the dulled human beings, they don't want to develop.
"How long have I been waiting for you. Tried to reach you, but you were never there. Child."
And now I finally hatched from the egg?
"You didn't notice me before."
Until I was washed up on your shores as beach goods and you shook me awake.
"Romantic. Why?"
I was disguised as floating thing in the ocean. I want to live, love, laugh, cry and be comforted by you, father.
"The sky is open to you - the door is open again - you are accepted."
Then I can go on in spiritual reality and continue to ascend.
"Come on now ….  may bless. "
I'm also glad, much better now.
"Face. You recognize my face. You know who I am. Come over."
Come on. In the Book of Life I recognized your face as you really are - I love what I recognize there from you. You are the Lord, Almighty and Eternal Love, that is you.
I learned from you.
"Mirror ... mother."
Oh yes, almost forgotten.
"Well-behaved. Your seed doesn't perish. I put it on well. It will continue to grow. "
It's nice for them, for your children. Thank you.
"Lively. Friendly. Tough. Long-suffering. "
Characteristics of God. I know.
"Do I have to overthrow the gentlemen ... there are more of them. Well-behaved."
Oh yes, the hornets are still hiding. Get them out of there and put them on the pedestal so that they can be seen by anyone who should be stabbed in the heel. Thank you.
"To the light."
The clear view on bright day so that you can see them.
"Please me. I still have a lot of plans for you. "
I can imagine. It won't be boring as I know you. I will have to crack a lot of nuts. But it gets easier the more I get through your exams. Cracked a nut is a new finding.
"Good. Now that's it. "
Thank you for the conversation. It was a pleasure, dad.
That is the fear that has been overcome.
"You grab it."
And you cried because you thought if, when tied up again, I can't stand it. It was your face. It left me standing there. But I don't know what else is going to happen to us. Help me, right.
"I'm rich."
YOU. You are so rich. There is nothing that is not yours. Me too. Everything. Everything. And yet so humble and generous. Great father.
"If they vote here - to exchange a Jewish scandal for kebap - a scandal."
What do you mean?
"The western countries. Israel. Driven. "
Yes. Still, I'm on the line. Don't get it
Oh, you mean to exchange the Vatican for the Third Temple.
"Not yet."
"I am God."
I see. You against the Antichrist.
"Russia ... America ... the new one."
There is something exchanged everywhere. You were exchanged for humbuk everywhere. Why the new one? That's me! Is that a bad exchange too? But I'm happy with how it is.
You mean ... she. Now you prick me
"Homage .. hurts."
She paid homage to you .. unlike me. Ouch. I adored you and kept looking for you, but she adored you. Tender. You two.She is still there for you.
"The new .. the heart ... you are my dearest."
Oh, that hurts. I know that. I got to know that it hurts. Me too. It hurt me so often.
Yes. Promised. I know you or you know me. I know how everything is meant. Your plans - you never change, even if there are detours to the people, nevertheless everything has its order with you. You recognize everything in advance. You are familiar with our ways.
"Bill Gates. Sophisticated. He still has targets. "
Goals that target humanity. He hates us, wants to destroy us, kill us. But this time he lost.
"I'm looking forward."
Me too. Goldie. We two. We'll keep Gates at bay, right.
"I love you."
Me too. I really love you very much. You don't know it. You know it.
Yes. There you say it So often. That's why they throw us out, out of revenge, because of their envy.
"Now we are close again."
Oh dad. You are the best.
"You didn't climb at all."
Ah. We (my husband and I) weren't downstairs at all, but always with you.
"I am pushed back with my longing in my heart - houses."
I noticed it clearly in Rüdiger's discussion group. Hard, cold hearts that reject LOVE. If they had love, they would inspire confidence, but fear vibrates in the subconscious and therefore one shies away. You don't even dare to start talking about the love that you are. How can there be peace if they run in the same direction as the people's representatives, in slogans and hostility, if they don't give up their pride. Not all but most.
They are already in the third time, but they do not know and believe that they are the grandchildren of God, the children of the third time, the children of Christ, the merciful, benevolent love.
"By the way, Satan tramples out of laziness and because he lacks ideas."
Ideas, inspirations, intuition come from God alone. But Satan hates God. Gates stole the inventor from Microsoft. He took away his invention and then marketed it.
You are creative. Satan is dulled from his evil deeds and lacking in ideas.
I see you smile.
You're happy with how everything is going now, much better than a few years ago. The pure joy. For you, everything is a game - a dance that you have mastered. Great.
No matter how many Bill Gates has in his luggage, you have more, much more like him. And definitely better.
"Wedding. I'm happy. With me."
"Marie ... fifty fifty ... everything."
"So. Now you can run straight again. I leveled the obstacles on the way. "
You mean the mask requirement, the vaccination certificate wiped away. Good. Thank you.
"The flu"
"With probably the lowest number of deaths per year."
Yes. HiHi. That Bill Gates. Such a monkey theater.
"It was 5 times as much for viruses in other years."
I'm relaxed today, Your Majesty, like I haven't in a long time.
"1: 0"
Against Bill Gates. Yes. You have done a great job.
And this Mrs. von der Leyen…. Let Mr. Foßkuhle win against her, Father.
(Mr. Foßkuhle of the Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that Germany should no longer buy bonds from poorer states because it is a burden on future generations, and Ms. von der Leyen has filed a lawsuit against it.)
"We arrived in February 2010."
Ahaaa. Before 2012, when the world should end. Interesting -
"Money. Finances. "
and after the 2008 financial manipulation (expropriation).
"Rain-free (without severe weather disasters) and it is also my job."
"Bill Gates."
You think to stop him. I couldn't have done that in 2012, I slept until 2017, so to speak.
"The last will be the first ..."
"That means smile?"
Acknowledge, agree…. The tree of knowledge of the good.
It scratches my throat, what does that mean, how does it come about?
"... want to marry me ... stuck."
Ah yes, that's how it was. Attacks against this make me cough.
"So you should do that."
I will.
"Fosskuhle will survive the attack."
Thank you. You know, you don't have to do anything for me to do this for you. It is a miracle for me anyway that you chose me when I am nobody.
"Drink coffee."
"It is getting more and more. I watched you closely, you want to be everything to me. "
HiHi. Yes.
Is he jealous. Was that why he was so rude to me when you sent him about Hosta.
"Bill Gates is begging for money everywhere to do the real tests."
Because the WHO is broke. So these tests weren't the real tests at all? But now the whole world knows what he is doing when he has a second wave and what his intentions are and that this is a controlled  flu to kill people.
"The Pharaoh."
Do you mean Obama
When Obama came to the government, there was a talk of being a Pharaoh.
"Gay degenerate."
What do you want to tell me?
Do they work together? Does he also have something with the Bill Gates?
"Pharmaceutical industry."
They both work with the pharmaceutical industry, you mean - the Bill Gates Foundation and the Obama Foundation (was founded in 2017 when the sign in the heaven, the woman, covered with the sun, on 9/23/2017 at 11:59:59 pm over Jerusalem and later the dragon appeared in the sky, the red dragon who wants to kill the woman's seed. Now I have got it.
"Fish. Well done."
Why? What do the fish have to do with it?
"Competition. Fine."
That I do not understand.
"Fine means you can do it."
Fish. Do you mean fish is the grandchildren, your little ones, because you are the fish and the grandchildren are your seed.
Of Satan. Out of envy, he chases the fish, your little ones, your semen.
Because he hates. He hates the fish, that's why he wants to kill them. I love them, the little ones, they are cute. I like to play with them and they with me. (Our goldfish in the aquarium).
When you said that the water is no longer good for the fish, which I partly replace every week, you didn't mean the tap water. You meant the harmful water of Satan, the flu that is supposed to kill the little ones, the fish, your seed, now I understand it.
Now everyone should slowly understand what is behind Corona. Corona from Latin means 'heart', the coronary arteries of the lungs are called the coronary arteries.
Satan's hatred rages against the heart, against love, against light, against the divine seed against his little ones - they are to be killed by Satan out of envy.
What is the biggest assignment you have ever given to a person, I asked you when you told me about it and your answer was:
"Savior out of real love."
Now I understand the job, father. Thank you.
And you told me that my love stabs Satan's eyes and he will plunge over the cliffs into the sea.
I saw them in a vision, those piercing yellow eyes as he turned me on. Disgusting.
Many of your little ones are incarnated in Germany. That is why the Germans are hated, persecuted, suppressed and bled to death. Satan has long wanted to destroy the German people. But you are there now to save it and through it all other peoples. Thank you, father.

9/23/2017 An important sign in the sky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXl4u_lO9h0

Pres. Obama speaks at closing session of his foundation's summit https://youtu.be/lHzWEor3Y2w 

The truth about Corona is that it is only at rest and inactive at the moment because the temperatures are now higher and because it best multiplies at temperatures around 8 degrees Celsius. As soon as the temperatures drop back to about 8 degrees it will multiply explosively (exponentially). Vaccinations will not help because it will mutate again and the vaccination will no longer work. However, the body makes antibodies to protect itself from the virus.
The only real protection is to trust in God, to call on his name, to confess to him his own mistakes, to regret them, to study his word and to perfect oneself so that we can get closer to him and will be allowed to return to father's house, which is his heart.
J.H .: There is no single biological virus, but only laboratory created / invented viruses. and about 98% of all so-called viruses u co, can with Biolog. Means to be rendered harmless.
A.M.H .: Viruses are living beings and all life has its origin in God - but I agree with you on one point: Sterilium hand disinfectant fails in hospitals because if used too often it loses its effectiveness.
This is where the mutating pathogens such as MRSA etc. come from, where it no longer helps. Covid19 is also a mutation from SARS and it existed long before Wuhan, where people probably tampered with it ?!
But now the father says:
"There the man kissed me too. Stay relaxed. You don't know who messed with it before. Let it be"
It was clear to me that bird flu, swine flu and how they are all called new pathogens emerged in whatever way. Corona virus is said to come from bats.

NK: (new knowledge) God is everything that permeates all creation internally - pulsating, invigorating - renewing. All who are pure and receptive perceive it.
Evolution Earth will be completed in 1000 years - then it will be paradise from the beginning forever - but spiritualized.

"They notice you .. but as a witch ... Marie was there for the first time .."
Then I wasn't Marie when I was a witch. You say you are also Covid, you are also Satan etc., everything that has ever been created for the purpose and that I am incarnated again and again for 12 eons at your behest. And you say:
"The door to heaven is open to you - it is open again - you are accepted."
So I was NOT incarnated here only once. You mentioned that I was the Nertus and that I was there when the arms of the Rhine were created.
All creatures must first earn the heaven of spirit and therefore practice a lot, practice, practice.
I have been your employee since the very beginning. I was able to help you advance the evolution of the earth among people with tasks that you have assigned me. We were always in agreement - the spaetzle (husband) and I - right?
"I'm going to close that now."
Do you want to go? Close what? Please stay.
Ah. I don't have to incarnate anymore. Thank you.
Gladly. But the earth is just one of many planets. Are there others where I should help with evolution? I am devoted to you - Goldie.
.. thank you. With the perfection of the earth, the other planets also reach perfection - right ?? But those who have not striven for perfection come to other planets. You said that you were incarnated on other planets as saviors, but that they listened to you and followed your instructions.
"You have been badly mistreated."
You also.
"Great! Before onet becomes that, you have to descend deeply. "
Just like you.

Update 05/17/2020
The father just said the following: Continued:
"Bill Gates has now moved up to the .od (??) and he has 41% of all ... .. (??) behind him."
Is Gates the new world ruler ???
"Gender ... Radio ... in the news "
There are more gentlemen you said you have to eliminate.
".. then it’s said. Works. "
I don't know exactly what you're talking about. I have the article…. And another sign appeared in the sky…. A dragon, fiery red ... updated among many YouTube videos with many visitors today and posted it in German and English ...
"Then that's almost 30% ..."
"Shut down…. The glass ID card… Covid…. Mass demonstrations…. Dismantled (unmasked) ... at home I saw that ... .. don't be surprised ...... language "
I do everything bilingually and work with Google Translator…. On my homepage…. It is read in over 50 languages.

( https://friedensreich-christi-auf-erden.com/blog-english/another-sign-apeared-in-sky-dragon-fiery-red/ )


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