Why does not anyone help me ???

I see Trump in a blue suit with a broom in his hands and how he's preparing to sweep everyone away. 
Then I see his face, he looks wild. 
"The point of no return." 
Then I see Putin's face, sweaty eyes on his forehead, but he is brave and determined to defend himself against the assailant USA. 
Trump builds his fleet in the Black Sea to attack Russia. 
The Pentagon is attack target of Russia as revenge. 
Iran threatens Israel to destroy it completely, as it would drive the war. 
US attacks Venezuela. Putin defends Venezuela against the US. 
Conflict in the South China Sea is getting worse. There is a mass presence.
 USA, Australia, India, Japan, England send more and more war machines with nuclear explosives into the Indo-Pacific ocean. 
Then I see Trump, like a little child, ask me: 
"Why does not anyone help me?" 
I answer him, "Because you are not looking for God. Because you do not ask him for advice. " 
He is very sad.

Supplement - 4 hours later:
Trump: "Stop the drills. America does not want to be guilty of downgoing. "
He says this with a whiny tone. Then:
"But it's a lot."
He lists all the nations: Iran, Australia, China, Russia, Japan ...
I say: Humble yourself, take back you, then you will be great and everyone will love you.
Trump thinks sadly of the downfall of his own nation.
I say, get to the bottom of it and start new. Russia seeks dialogue, honest dialogue. Collaboration could be very fruitful.

 Russia in the defense fight? Munich Security Conference https://youtu.be/EP9_D_of2bA

Spirit says: 
"Revelation.. out of operation."

My Rhema for you...
Introductory Perspective to the Sacred Event
1. In the beginning of time the world was without love; the first men were far from feeling or understanding that Divine Force, that essence of the Spirit, the principle of all Creation.
2. They believed in God, but attributed to Him only strength and the power of justice. They believed they understood the Divine language through the elements of Nature, so that when they saw them peaceful and serene they believed the Lord to be pleased with the works of men, but when the elements were unleashed, they believed they saw in them the manifested anger of God.
3. In the heart of man, an image had formed of a terrible God, capable of anger and the desire for revenge, so that when they believed they had offended Him, they offered holocausts and sacrifices in the hope of placating Him.
4. I tell you that those offerings were not inspired by their love of God, but the fear of a Divine justice and fear of punishment were what inspired those first people to offer tribute to their Lord.
5. The Divine Spirit they called only God, never Father, or Teacher.
6. It was the Patriarchs and the first prophets who began to make men understand that God was justice, yes, but the perfect justice; that He was first of all Father, and that as Father, He loved all His creatures.
7. Step by step, walking slowly on the path of spiritual evolution, humanity continued its pilgrimage, passing from one Era to another and learning a bit more of the Divine Arcane through revelations that God gave His children in every Era.
8. Still man did not arrive at a complete understanding of the Divine Love, for He did not truly love God as a Father, nor did He feel in his heart the love his Lord gave him at every step.
9. It was necessary for the perfect love to be made man, that the Word be made flesh, and be transfigured to a form visible and tangible to men, for them to finally know how, and how much, God loved them.
10. Not everyone recognized the presence of the Father in Jesus. How could they recognize Him, if Jesus was humble, compassionate, and loving even with those who offended Him? They saw God as strong and proud before his enemies, harsh and terrible with those who offended Him.
11. But, just as many denied, many also believed those words that penetrated to the most hidden reaches of the heart; that way of healing incurable ills and illnesses with a mere caress, a look of infinite compassion, and a word of hope; and in that teaching that was the promise of a new world, a life of light and justice that could not be erased from the many hearts of those who understood that Divine man to be the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of He whom men did not know, and therefore could not love.
12. The seed of that supreme truth was planted in the heart of humanity for all time. Christ was the Planter, and He is still raising that seed. Later He shall come for the harvest and enjoy it for all eternity. He shall not have to say again, “I hunger” or “I thirst,” for finally His children will love Him the way He has loved them since the beginning.
13. Who is it that speaks to you of Christ, disciples? It is He.
14. It is I, the Word, who speaks to you again, humanity. Recognize Me. Do not doubt My presence because of the humble form of My presentation. Ostentation can be no part of Me.
15. Remember Me in My passage through the world in those times. Remember that I died as humbly as I had been born and lived.
Read the whole Message here...

Approximately 4:45 pm
I heard:
"Revelation 3: 2"
It says: 

2. 'Become awake and strengthen the other that wants to die, simply I have not fully invented your works before God.'
Next it says:
3. So remember now how you have received and heard and hold it and repent. If you do not wake up, I will come upon you like a thief, and I will not know what hour I will come upon you.
4. But you have quite a few names for Sardis, who have not stained their clothes and they will walk with me in white clothes, because they are worth it!

And I think I heard that Trump renounced. He asked if he should call back the troops..

Because I do not know it, I asked the father. He said, 
"Peninsula quakes, retrieving, timing, tornadoes, they're guilty and Putin wants to bomb and cyber attacks on satellites, it's escalating, Democrats are angry, too."

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