Contrite Hearts

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle
Psalm 51:17
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.
My son, people WILL NOT HEAR until My judgments are FELT! There can be NO REVIVAL until the hearts of the sleeping Body are broken! They do not want Me to return, for their hearts tell Me to stay away! This sleeping Church is full and fat and in need of nothing! The conferences and seminars teach them they do not need Me! You can achieve happiness and wholeness if you follow the seven steps to self worthiness (false teachings being taught in the Church).
My son, those that follow the shallow, self-absorbed, false teachers and preachers will soon find themselves unable to reach out to Me, for they will not know how! I look for broken and contrite hearts, hearts of men who want nothing else but to serve Me in Spirit and Truth! Men who worship Me, for I AM GOD and know their innermost thoughts! I want My People to care more for Me than the world! For even though you are in the world, you are not of this world! Many of you say to Me, "What can I do? My health is bad, or I am too old!"
I tell you now, if you can speak, I can use you to move mountains! Moses was 80 when I sent him to pharaoh. Abraham was 100 when he and Sarah had Isaac. I use whomever I want, no matter the age! I love you all! Seek Me in prayer, and I will use you! Give Me your heart, and I will crush it and make it usable unto Me!
My son, I am coming soon to gather My Remnant unto Me! They have sacrificed all, lived on their knees, assaulted the very gates of hell! These I have been preparing for a day and an hour - they will lead the sleeping Body to Me after such a long slumber! The trials and tests that My Remnant have gone through to strengthen them, the Body will have to go through. However, many in the Body will perish during the Time of Trouble in this land. Some that will perish will come home to Me, but many more will not, for the door will be shut. All will have had the opportunity to get their houses (hearts) in order MANY times! So many will not have listened to My prophets and watchmen.
My son, I have told you many times that this day will come like a thief in the night, but many in My Body say that is just a metaphor. Many will be caught unaware as to the times of the seasons and the day at hand. It will be a time of gross darkness, sin will be rampant, and men will hate Me. That time is here! I know when I am coming back, and it is sooner then most of My People think! I say, BE READY AT ALL TIMES, walk in Holiness and Righteousness, and keep Me first and foremost on your mind!! Never fear speaking of Me to the lost! If they reject you, move on, for there are so many lost!
My son, this world is ready to feel "My Shaking," and everyone on earth will feel it and fear, for they will know IT IS I and not some natural event! This will be the beginning of the Days of Trouble, and they will not stop until I come and stop them!!!
My Remnant, you know the time is short, for I have shown you in dreams, visions, or told you in words. You each have a part, as no one is capable of knowing the whole. I say unto you, be at peace with your fellow brothers and sisters! Just because I reveal one thing to one person, and not to you, does not make them wrong or you right! For you all know ONLY IN PART, so forgive those you have come against, and pray that the understanding will be made known to you! I love you all, My Remnant, but some will miss the Gathering because pride has entered your heart! If you do not seek forgiveness, I will no longer reveal the mystery of prophecy to you, and your light will go dim!
My son, the time has come to tell My Remnant to stop playing around the outside of the circle and to step into it with ALL YOU HAVE!!! Many will think they already have it all, but I, the Lord, say unto you, YOU HAVE BUT ONLY PUT IN YOUR BIG TOE!! THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!! NOW IS THE TIME - DIVE IN!!!
I am coming soon for those with a broken and contrite heart! Those who pray daily! Those who seek My Face and press in and keep pressing! I am coming for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, not the lukewarm who think they do Me a service! I am coming for those who love Me - TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY!!! 
Messiah Jesus

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