31. Redemption and Eternal Salvation

The Third Testament 
VII.  The evolutionary Road to Perfection
Chapter 31 - Redemption and Eternal Salvation 
The correction of misstaken concepts about redemption

1 Many people believed that all the tears of this world were caused by the sin of the first inhabitants of the earth. In their inability to interpret the parable, they finally said that Christ came to wash away every stain with His blood. If this assertion was correct, why do people continue to sin and suffer even though that sacrifice has already been made?

2 Jesus came to earth to show people the way to perfection-a way he taught with his life, his deeds, and his words. (150, 43 - 44)

3 You will all reach the goal by fulfilling your task. I have given you my teachings, which are inexhaustible, so that you may ascend the ladder of your development. It is not my blood that saves you, but my light in your spirit will save you. (8, 39)

4 A new cross will be given to me in the third time. This will not be visible to mortal eyes, but from its height I will send my message of love to mankind, and my blood, which is the spiritual essence of my Word, will be changed into light for the spirit.

5 Those who judged Me in those days are today bringing the light of repentance to the hearts of men with their spirit to make amends for their faults

6 For my teaching to triumph over the wickedness of men, it must first be scourged and mocked like Christ at the pillar of Mary. Out of every wound my light must flow to lighten the darkness of this world without love. It is necessary for my invisible blood to fall upon mankind to show it once again the way to its redemption. (49, 17 - 19)

7 I tell you again that in Me all mankind will be saved. That blood shed on Golgotha is life for every spirit. But it is not the blood itself, since it fell into the dust of the earth, but the Divine Love symbolized in it. Whenever I speak to you of my blood, you now know what it is and what meaning it has.

8 Many people have shed their blood in the service of their Lord and out of love for their fellow men, but this did not embody the Divine Love, but only the spiritual, human.

9 The blood of Jesus, however, embodies the Divine Love, for there is no blemish on him. In the Master there was never any sin, and he gave you his blood down to the last drop to make you understand that God is all for his creatures, that He gives Himself to them completely, without reservation, because He loves them infinitely.

10 When the dust of the earth absorbed that liquid which was life in the body of the Master, it was so that you might understand that my teaching had to make the lives of men fruitful through the divine watering with his love, wisdom, and justice.

11 The world - unbelieving and skeptical of the Master's words and examples - opposes my teaching and says that although Jesus shed His blood to save people from sin, the world was not saved; that it sins more every day, although it is more developed.

12 Where is the power of that blood of salvation, men ask themselves, while those who were to show the real basic ideas of my teaching do not know how to satisfy the questions of those who hunger for light and thirst for knowledge of the truth.

13 I tell you that at this time the questions of those who do not know have more depth and greater content than the answers and explanations of those who claim to know the truth.

14 But I have come anew to speak to you, and here is my word for those who believe that that blood actually brought about the salvation of sinners from divine righteousness - all those who were lost and condemned to severe punishment.

15 I say to you: If the Father, who knows all things, had believed that men would not gradually use and understand all the teaching which Jesus gave them in his words and works - verily, He would never have sent him; for the Creator has never done anything useless - nothing that is not destined to bear fruit. But if He sent Him to be born among men, to grow, to suffer, and to die, it was because He knew that that radiant and fruitful life of the Master would, through His works, mark out an indelible path, an indestructible trail; so that all His children would find the path that would lead them to true love and, in following His teaching, to the home where their Creator awaits them.

16 He also knew that that blood, which testifies to sincerity, to infinite love, and was shed to the last drop, would teach men to fulfill the task with faith in their Creator, which would lift them up to the Promised Land, where they could offer Me the fulfillment of their task and then say, "Lord, all is accomplished.

17 Now I can tell you that not the hour in which my blood was shed on the cross was the one that indicated the hour of man's redemption. My blood remained here, present in the world, alive, fresh, and marked with the bloody trace of my Passion the way to your atonement, which will make you reach the home your Father promised you.

18 I said unto you, I am the fountain of life; come and cleanse yourselves from your stains, that ye may go freely and safely to your Father and Creator.

19 My source consists of love, inexhaustible and boundless. This is what my blood shed at that time wants to tell you. It sealed my word, it confirmed my teaching. (158,23 - 33)

20 Today, many centuries away from that event, I tell you that although I shed my blood for all mankind, only those who followed the way that Jesus taught you were able to obtain the salvation of their spirit; while all those who remained in ignorance, in their fanaticism, in their errors or in sin, are not yet saved

21 I tell you, even if I became man a thousand times and died a thousand times on the cross, as long as men do not rise up to follow Me, they will not attain the salvation of their spirit. It is not my cross that is to redeem you, but yours. I carried mine on my shoulders and died on it as man, and from that moment on I was in the bosom of the Father. You are to follow me in gentleness and in love and carry your cross on your shoulders with true humility until you have reached the final goal of your mission, to then likewise be with your Father. (168, 16 - 17)

22 There is no one who does not want to find happiness, and the more permanent it is, the better- for I teach you a way that leads to the highest and eternal happiness. Nevertheless - I only show you the way, and then I let you choose the one that pleases you most.

23 I ask you: "If you long for happiness - why do you not sow it to reap it afterwards? How few are those who have felt driven to be there for men! (169, 37 - 38)

24 False is the conception you have of what life on earth means, of what the spirit is, and of what the spiritual world is.

25 The majority of believers think that if they live with a certain righteousness, or if they repent of their transgressions at the last moment of their lives, heaven is safe for their spirit.

26 But this false idea, which is very pleasing to man, is the reason why he does not persist in fulfilling the law throughout his life, and thus causes his spirit, when he leaves this world and enters the spiritual world, to find that he has come to a place where he does not see the miracles he had imagined, nor feel the highest bliss to which he thought he was entitled.

27 Do you know what happens to those beings who were sure to go to heaven, and who instead found only confusing things? Since they were no longer at home on earth because they lacked the base of their bodily shell, and since they could also not rise to those heights in which the spheres of the Spiritual Light are located, they created for themselves - without being aware of it - a world that is neither human nor deeply spiritual.

28 Then the spirit beings begin to ask themselves: Is this heaven? Is this the home that God has appointed for the spirit beings after they have wandered so long on earth?

29 No - say others - this cannot be the "bosom of the Lord," where only light, love, and purity can exist.

30 Gradually, through reflection and pain, the spirit comes to understanding. He understands divine justice, and enlightened by the light of his conscience, he judges his past works, discovering that they were poor and imperfect, that they were not worthy to deserve what he had believed.

31 Afterwards, on the basis of this self-reflection, humility shows itself and the desire arises to return to the ways he had gone, to erase the stigma, to make amends for the mistakes and to do truly meritorious things before his Father.

32 It is necessary to enlighten humanity about these mysteries, so that it may understand that life in matter is an opportunity for man to acquire merits for his spirit; merits that will elevate him until he deserves to live in a sphere of higher spirituality, where he must act again with merit, so as not to be left behind and to continue to ascend from stage to stage; for "in the Father's house there are many dwellings.

33 These merits you shall acquire through love, as the eternal law of the Father has taught you. And so your spirit will progress on the ladder of perfection step by step, and in so doing will learn to know the narrow path that leads to the kingdom of heaven - to the true heaven, which is the perfection of the spirit. (184, 40 - 45)

34 Verily, I tell you, if I had come at this time as a man, your eyes would still have had to see my wounds fresh and bleeding, because the sin of men has not ceased; nor would they want to be redeemed in remembrance of that blood which was shed by me on Calvary and which was a proof of my love for mankind But I have come in the spirit to spare you the shame of looking at the work of those who judged and condemned me on earth.

35 All is forgiven; but in every spirit there exists something of what I shed for all on the cross Do not believe that that life force and that blood dissolved or were lost. They embodied the spiritual life which I poured out on all men from that moment on. Through that blood, which sealed my word and confirmed everything I spoke and did on earth, men will develop upwards in the desire for renewal of their spirit.

36 My word, my works and my blood were not and will not be in vain. If at times it seems to you that my name and my word have been almost forgotten, you will soon see them appear anew, full of lifeblood, life and purity, as a seed which, although constantly fought against, never dies. (321,64 - 66)

37 The blood of Jesus, transformed into the light of salvation, penetrated and continues to penetrate all spiritual beings as salvation. Eternally my spirit gives salvation and light, unceasingly I let the rays of my light penetrate where it is dark, unceasingly my Divine Spirit pours out - not as human blood, but as redeeming power, as spiritual life on all my children. (319, 36)

The "heaven" wants to be won

38 Men, swept away by the violence of their passions, have sunk so low in their sins that they have given up all hope of salvation. But there is no one who cannot be healed. For the Spirit - when he has convinced himself that human storms will not cease unless he listens to the voice of conscience - will rise and fulfill my law until he reaches the goal of his destiny, which is not on earth but in eternity.

39 Those who believe that existence is meaningless, and who think of the uselessness of struggle and pain, do not know that life is the master who forms, and pain is the chisel that perfects. Do not think that I created the pain to give it to you in a goblet - do not think that I made you fall. Man became disobedient of his own accord, and that is why he has to straighten up again through his own efforts. Also you are not to think that only pain perfects you; no, also through love activity you will reach me because I am love. (31, 54 - 55)

40 Pray more with the spirit than with the body, for to attain salvation, not a moment of prayer or a day of love is enough, but it requires a life full of perseverance, patience, generous works, and the observance of my commandments For this I have given you great abilities and empathy.

41 My work is like an ark of salvation inviting all to enter. Everyone who keeps my commandments will not perish. If you are guided by my words, you will be saved. (123, 30 - 31)

42 Remember that only that which is perfect comes to me. Therefore your spirit will enter my kingdom only when it has reached perfection. You have come forth from me without experience, but you will have to return to me adorned with the garment of your merits and virtues. (63, 22)

43 Verily I say to you, the spirits of the righteous who dwell near God earned the right to take that place with their own works, not because I gave it to them I only showed them the way and at the end of it showed them a high reward.

44 Blessed are those who say to me, "Lord, you are the way, the light that illuminates it, and the strength for the wayfarer You are the voice that indicates the direction of the way and revives us on the journey of life; and You are also the reward for him who reaches the goal. - Yes, my children, I am the life and the resurrection from the dead. (63, 74 - 75)

45 Today the Father does not ask, Who is able and willing to save the human race with his blood? Nor will Jesus answer: "Lord, I am the Lamb who is ready to pave the way for the atonement of mankind with his blood and his love.

46 Neither will I send my "word" to become man in this time. This age is over for you and left his teaching and exaltation in your spirit. Now I have initiated a new epoch of spiritual progress, in which you are to be those who acquire merits. (80, 8 - 9)

47 I want to see you all happy, dwelling in peace and in light, so that little by little you may possess everything, not only through my love but also through your merits; for then your satisfaction and your happiness will be complete. (245,34)

48 I came to show you the beauty of a life higher than human, to inspire you to high works, to teach you the word that awakens love, to promise you the happiness never known, that awaits that Spirit who was able to climb the mountain of sacrifice, faith and love.

49 All these things you shall recognize in my teaching, so that you may finally understand that it is your good works that will bring your spirit closer to true happiness. (287, 48 - 49)

50 If, in order to travel from one continent of the earth to another, you must cross many high and low mountains, seas, peoples, cities, and countries until you reach the goal of your journey, remember that, in order to reach that Promised Land, you must also travel long distances to gain experience, knowledge, unfolding, and development of the spirit in the long journey. This will be the fruit of the Tree of Life that you will finally enjoy after you have fought and cried a lot to reach it. (287, 16)

51 You are children of the Father of Light; but if, because of your weakness, you have fallen into the darkness of a life full of toil, error and tears, these sufferings will pass because you will rise at my call when I call you and say to you: "here I am, illuminating your world, inviting you to climb the mountain on whose summit you will find all the peace, happiness and riches that you wanted to accumulate in vain on earth (308, 5)

52 Every world, every plane of existence, was created so that spirit beings might evolve upon it and take a step toward their Creator, and thus, advancing ever further along the path of perfection, might have the opportunity to reach, spotlessly, purely, and well-formed, the goal of their itinerary, the summit of spiritual perfection, which is the very dwelling in the kingdom of God.

53 To whom does it seem impossible to finally dwell "in the bosom of God"? O you poor men of understanding, who do not really know how to think! Have you already forgotten that you came into existence from my bosom, that is, that you have already existed in it before? Surely there is nothing strange about the fact that everything that sprang from the fountain of life returns to it in its time.

54 Every spirit was virginally pure when it came out of Me into being; but afterward many tainted themselves in their ways. Nevertheless, since everything was foreseen by Me in a wise, loving, and just way, I immediately set about providing all the necessary means for their salvation and renewal along the path my children had to go through.

55 Even though that spiritual virginity was defiled by many beings, the day will come when they will purify themselves from all their transgressions and thereby regain their original purity. The purification will be very meritorious in my eyes, for the Spirit will have won it through great and continuous trials of his faith, love, faithfulness and patience.

56 All of you will return to the kingdom of light on the way of work, struggle and pain, where you no longer need to incarnate in a human body, nor to live in a world of matter; for then your spiritual power will already enable you to send and make tangible your influence and light from one plane of existence to another. (313, 21 - 24)

The most powerful force for salvation

57 Behold, here is the way, walk in it, and ye shall be saved. Verily, I say to you, it is not necessary to have heard me in this time to obtain salvation. Everyone who exercises my divine law of love in life and transforms that love inspired by the Creator into charity is saved. He bears witness to Me in his life and in his works. (63, 49)

58 If the sun radiates life light upon all nature and upon all beings, and if the stars also radiate light upon the earth, - why then should not the Divine Spirit radiate light upon the spirit of man?

59 Now I say to you, men, go within yourselves, let the light of justice, which has its origin in love, spread in the world. Let My truth convince you that without real love you will not obtain your salvation. (89, 34 - 35)

60 My light is for all my children; not only for you who inhabit this world, but for all the spirit beings who live on different planes of existence. They will all be liberated and resurrected to eternal life when they fulfill my divine commandment, which demands of you that you love one another, with their works of love for their brothers and sisters. (65, 22)

61 Beloved people, this is the "third day", on which I raise my word to new life among the "dead". This is the "third time" in which I appear before the world in a spiritual way, to tell it: "Here is the same Christ whom you saw die on the cross, and He is speaking to you now, for He lives and will live and will always be.

62 On the other hand, I see that men have a heart in their bodies that is dead as regards faith, love and light, although they claim to proclaim the truth in their religious communities. They think that they have secured their salvation when they pray in their churches and participate in their rites. But I tell you, the world must learn that the salvation of the Spirit is obtained only through the accomplishment of works of love and mercy.

63 The places of assembly are only a school. The churches should not limit themselves to merely explaining the law, but should ensure that the world understands that life is a way of applying what has been learned from the divine law by practicing my teaching of love. (152, 50 - 52)

64 Christ became man to reveal Divine Love to the world. But men have hard hearts and a know-it-all mind; they soon forget a received teaching and misinterpret it. I knew that little by little people would confuse justice and love with revenge and punishment. That is why I announced to you a time when I would spiritually return to the world to explain to men the teachings which they had not understood.

65 That promised time is this one in which you live, and I have given you my teaching so that my justice and divine wisdom may be revealed as a perfect teaching of the sublime love of your God. Do you think that I have come because I fear that men will eventually destroy the works of their Lord or even life itself? No, I come only out of love for my children, whom I want to see full of light and peace.

66 Is it not right and proper that you also come to me only out of love? But not out of love for yourselves, but in love for the Father and for your fellow men. Do you think that he who avoids sin only out of fear of hellish torment, or he who does good works only in the thought of the reward he can obtain with it, namely to gain a place in eternity, is inspired by Divine Love? He who thinks in this way does not know me, nor does he come to me out of love. He acts only out of love for himself. (164, 35 - 37)

67 My whole law is summarized in two commandments: love of God and love of neighbor. This is the way. (243, 4)

Salvation and redemption for every spirit

68 Now I do not come to raise the dead physically, as I did with Lazarus in the "Second Age". Today my light comes to awaken the spirit that is mine. And this will rise to eternal life through the truth of my word; for your spirit is the Lazarus, whom you are currently carrying in your being and whom I will raise from the dead and heal. (17, 52)

69 The spiritual life, too, is governed by laws, and when you depart from them, you very soon feel the painful consequences of that disobedience.

70 Recognize how great my desire is to save you. Today as then, I will take up the cross to lift you up to true life.

71 If My Blood shed on Golgotha shook the hearts of men and converted them to My Teaching, it will be My divine Light at this time that will shake the spirit and the soul to bring you back to the true way

72 I want those who are dead to the life of grace to live forever. I do not want your spirit to dwell in darkness. (69, 9 - 10)

73 Recognize how many of your fellow men, in the midst of their idolatrous goings-on, await the coming of the Messiah. Consider how many in their ignorance think that I will only come to hold my judgment on the wicked, to save the good and destroy the world, not knowing that I am among men as father, as master, as brother or friend, full of love and humility, and stretch out my helping hand to save, bless and forgive all. (170, 23)

74 No one is born by chance, and no matter how insignificant, incompetent, and poor a person thinks he is, he was created by the grace of the Supreme Being, who loves him as much as the beings he thinks are higher, and he has a destiny that will lead him, like all, to the bosom of God

75 Do you see those people who go about in the streets as outcasts, carrying with them vices and misery, not knowing who they are or where they are going? Do you know of the people who still live in forests, lurked by predators? No one is forgotten by my Father's love, they all have a task to fulfill, they all possess the germ of development and are on the path where merit, effort and struggle will bring the spirit to me step by step.

76 Where is there anyone who - even if only for a single moment - has not longed for my peace and has not wished to be freed from earthly life? Every spirit is homesick for the world he inhabited before, for the home in which he was born. That world awaits all my children and invites them to enjoy eternal life, which some long for, while others only await death, only to cease to be, because they have a confused spirit and live without hope and without faith. What could move these beings to fight for their renewal? What could awaken in them the longing for eternity? They only expect not to be anymore, silence and the end.

77 But the "light of the world" has returned, "the way and the truth," to raise you to life through his forgiveness, to caress your tired face, to comfort your heart, and to cause that he who did not think himself worthy to exist may hear my voice telling him, "I love you, come to me! (80, 54 - 57)

78 Man may fall and plunge into darkness and therefore feel himself far away from me; he may believe that when he dies, all is over for him. For me, on the other hand, no one dies, no one is lost.

79 How many are there in the world who were thought to be degenerate beings and who are full of light today! How many who have left as a trace the stigma of their sins, their vices and crimes have already reached their purification! (287, 9 - 10)

80 Though many defile their spirit, yet condemn them not, for they know not what they do. I will save them too, regardless of the fact that they have forgotten me at present, or have replaced me by the false gods they created in the world. I will also bring them into my kingdom, even if they now - because they follow the false prophets - have forgotten the good Christ, who gave his life for them to teach them his teaching of love.

81 No one is "evil" to the Father; no one can be, since his origin is in Me. Lost, blind, violent, rebels - so many of my children have become because of the free will with which they were endowed. But in all of them there will be light, and my mercy will lead them on the way to their redemption. (54, 45 - 46)

82 You are all my seed, and the Master reaps it. If among the good seed there is the tares seed, I also take it lovingly into my hands to transform it into golden wheat.

83 I see in the hearts the seed of tares, of quagmire, of crime, of hatred, and yet I reap and love you. I caress and purify this seed until it shines like wheat in the sun.

84 Do you think that the power of my love is not able to redeem you? I will, after I have purified you, sow you in my garden where you will bear new flowers and new fruits. It is part of my divine task to make you worthy of me. (256, 19 - 21)

85 How could a spirit be irretrievably lost for me, when he carries a spark of my light in him, which never goes out, and I am with him on all ways? No matter how long his insubordination may last or his confusion continue - never will these dark forces withstand my eternity. (255, 60)

86 For me it is just as meritorious when a being stained with the trace of heaviest transgressions inspires itself to purify itself from a high ideal as when a being that has steadfastly remained pure struggles until the end not to stain itself because it loved the light from the beginning.

87 How far from the truth do those walk who think that the confused spirits have a different nature than the spirits of light!

88 The Father would be unjust if this were true, just as He would no longer be the Almighty if He lacked wisdom and love to save the defiled, the impure, the imperfect, and could not unite them with all the righteous in one and the same home. (295, 15 - 17)

89 Verily, I say to you, even those beings you call tempters or demons are only confused or imperfect beings, whom the Father wisely uses to carry out his high counsel and plans

90 But these beings, whose spirits are today surrounded by darkness, and many of whom have made bad use of the abilities I have granted them, will - when the time has come for them - be saved by Me

91 For the moment will come, O Israel, when all the creatures of the Lord will glorify Me forever. I would no longer be God if I could not save a spirit with my power, my wisdom and my love. (302, 31)

92 When did parents on earth love only the good children and detest the wicked? How many times have I seen them most lovingly and carefully facing those who hurt and make them suffer the most! How could it be possible that you could do greater works of love and forgiveness than mine? When did you ever experience that the Master has to learn from the disciples?

93 Know, then, that I consider no one unworthy of me, and that the way to salvation therefore eternally invites you to tread it, just as the gates of my kingdom, which are the light, the peace, and the good, are forever open in expectation of the coming of those who were far from the law and from truth. (356, 18 - 19)

The glorious future of the children of God

94 I will not allow a single one of my children to get lost or even be lost. I will transform the parasitic plants into fruitful ones, because all creatures were called into existence to achieve a goal of perfection.

95 I want you to rejoice with Me in my work. Already before I have let you share in my qualities because you are a part of me. Since everything belongs to me, I also make you owners of my work. (9, 17 - 18)

96 Do not doubt my words. In the "First Days" I fulfilled my promise to you to free Israel from the bondage of Egypt - which meant idolatry and darkness - to lead you to Canaan, the land of freedom and worship of the living God. There my coming as a man was announced to you, and prophecy was fulfilled word for word in Christ.

97 I, that Master who dwelt in Jesus and loved you in Him, promised the world to speak to it in another time and reveal Myself in spirit. And here is the fulfillment of my promise.

98 Today I announce to you that I have reserved for your spirit wonderful regions, abodes, spiritual homes where you can find true freedom to love, to do good and to spread my light. Can you doubt this after I have fulfilled my former promises to you? (138, 10 - 11)

99 My divine desire is to save you and to lead you into a world of light, beauties and love, where you vibrate joyfully because of the exaltation of the spirit, the magnanimity of feelings, the ideal of perfection But do you not recognize my Father love in this divine desire? Undoubtedly, he who does not understand this in this way must be blind. (181, 13)

100 Remember: All the beauties of this world are destined to disappear to make way for others at some point. But your spirit will continue to live forever and see the Father in all his glory - the Father from whose bosom you come. All created things must return to the place from which they came. (147, 9)

101 I am the eternal light, eternal peace and eternal bliss, and since you are my children, it is my will and duty to make you partakers of my glory; and for this I teach you the law as the way that leads the spirit to the heights of that kingdom (263,36)

102 Always be aware that the spirit that reaches the high degrees of goodness, wisdom, purity and love is above time, pain and distance It is not limited to dwelling in one place, it can be everywhere and can find in all places a supreme bliss in existing, feeling, knowing, loving and knowing oneself loved. This is the heaven of the spirit. (146,70-71)

My peace be with you !

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