New York will be destroyed and many will die

Sean Cruz
“New York will be destroyed and many will die. Intercede for them for many will die.”
Recieved 1-29-18
After returning from work, I heard in my spirit, “I have something to say to you.”
After preparing and telling God I was ready to hear, He said:
“Things are coming to fruition. New York will be destroyed and many will die. Pray that many will be saved. Listen to me son, many will stumble in darkness and will have no light to see because of what is coming upon the earth.”
I could not write fast enough and at some point had to stop because I lost focus. After a while, I asked God to repeat what he said just as a confirmation of what He previously said.
“New York will be destroyed and many will die. Intercede for them for many will die.”
I want to stress that I feel in my spirit that the Lord is bringing to mind that intercession needs to ramp up especially for the lost in places that will suffer severe judgment. In this particular word, it is New York. In a past word on September 30, 2017, He mentioned California being as Sodom and Gomorrah and to, “pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ that live there, that they may hear my warnings.”
We need to be interceding more than ever for our siblings in Christ that live in these areas that will soon see judgment. And we need to pray for the lost to be saved. Just as Abraham interceded for the righteous in Sodom and for Lot, we ought to be daily interceding. I’d like to state that sometimes we tend to feel that these things will happen immediately, but God gives us time to pray and warn.
Afterwards, the Lord said:
“The world is asleep and so is the church. Very few listen to Me. Few hear Me and take the time to listen.
My son, hear these words: death is at the doorsteps and many, even those who think they know Me, do not know me. Many will perish, for their names are not written in the Book of Life. Tell them to repent and to seek My face. Tell them to seek My face.
Forego the words of men and listen to Me, My people! Do you not know that death is near? Or do you suppose that no harm will befall you? Your arrogance will bring you low and many will mourn at the sight of great death this year.”
“Do not fear for I am God–I will bring justice to the nations and peoples of the world. Before Me will stand every man, woman, and child, and all will give account of their deeds. But many do not know Me and therein lies the problem. If you do not know Me, I will spit you out.
Believe in My Son, Jesus. Put your faith in the only man who can save you from hell. No other man can save.”
Concluding Notes:
I suspect that what God said about New York is not tied to what He says about “great death this year.” I did not feel they were connected but that He was referring to a set or sequence of events that involved a great amount of death.
Towards the end of what He told me, the Lord impressed in my spirit that He was directly speaking about the all-is-getting-better prophets (politicians, pastors, and fellow siblings in Christ), and that includes President Trump. In retrospect of his first State of the Union, I was very observant of how great and impressive his speech was from a human perspective. And in my flesh, I almost wanted to believe it–that maybe America can become great again. But several things stuck out to me.
At some point, President Trump said, “This Capitol. This living monument. This is the monument to the American people.” That checked with my spirit as something not good. The only living building is the living temple–the body of Christ. The President also boasted of the Statue of Freedom that sits atop of the Capitol dome. That same statue was designed to represent the Goddess of Liberty, Libertas. It is an idol and we should not be proud or boast of such a thing. Freedom cannot exist apart from God. Freedom only exists IN God.
Americans, our faith should not be in the power of our liberty. It will soon be taken away. Even now, it has been chipped away little by little. God will reveal to us where our hearts TRULY lie. Is our heart seeking after the world? Or is it abandoned after Jesus?
There is only one NARROW way. As wonderful as our American freedoms appear, do not be deceived. It is a flash. It is a fleeting comfort that will soon be replaced by mourning.
Because God is not a respecter of men. We have the most responsibility as a nation blessed to be godly priest-like people to the world. But instead, we export the most abominable things to the whole world. We export pornography, child sex trafficking, abortion rights, homosexual rights, pride and haughtiness, war and proxy wars, and we participate in all manners of guile deceit by undermining and toppling other nations for our own interests. We export materialism, the love of money, and the love of self. Look around. The love of many has grown cold. But the church easily dismisses our sins and excuses it by proclaiming that we also spread missionaries around the world. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. We cannot serve both Mammon and God.
I will end with a word I received on October 3, 2017, after inquiring about the Las Vegas shooting. I hope this speaks out to many Americans who are easily swayed by every draft of wind.
“Listen to me, persecution will come very soon. Do not be distracted by video games. Do not be distracted by the shows and movies. Lean on me! All day! Persecution is near and will even be on your street. It will divide families, it will destroy cities and reveal my true ones.”
Today, God says, “Seek MY face. Seek MY face.”
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