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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 79:

1 Some have heard My Word early in this time, others have come late, but truly, I tell you, it is not the length or shortness of time in which you have listened to Me that will give you spiritual ascent and progress, but the fervor and love with which you embrace My Teaching and the mercy that is present in your works

2 Come to Me, you who are tired, sad and hungry for love, those whom mankind has treated badly Come to Me, you who are sick. I will make you feel the sweet love of My mercy. I will remove your grief and make you children of peace, light and faith. - You ask me why I came to you: Because I see that you have forgotten the way on which you are to return to the womb from which you came, and I show it to you anew.

3 The Way is My Law and by following it the soul will obtain immortality I show you the gate, which is just as narrow as the way, which I showed you at that time with my teaching.

4 I am currently rebuilding the temple to which I referred when I said to My disciples who were admiringly looking at the temple of Solomon: "Verily I say to you, no stone of it will remain on another, but I will rebuild it in three days". With this I wanted to say that every outward cult, however splendid it may appear to men, will disappear from the heart of men, and I will erect in its place the true, spiritual temple of My divinity. Now is the third time, that is, the third day, on which I will finish the reconstruction of my temple.

5 Disciples, My Word is pouring over your minds so that when the hour comes in which you will no longer hear it, there will be no hunger or thirst in your hearts to hear Me

6 Love one another already here on earth and remember that you are all united by indissoluble spiritual bonds and that inevitably the time will come when you will all be united in the spiritual world. Do not only make self-accusations for that life, and do not wait until you have to be ashamed in the presence of those whom you have offended.

7 Those who have developed the gift of vision can testify to My presence; but those who have not been able to develop it and who lack faith say: I want to see in order to be able to believe

8 You would like me to show you My wound to look at it and sink your fingers into it But I say to you: Thomas indeed asked for this proof and it was granted to him, but afterwards he wept over his lack of faith and gave his life to bear witness to my teaching. If I granted you this grace - would you do the same as that disciple?

9 The day I am giving you My Teaching is a day of grace because the Peace of My Spirit is pouring out on the whole universe as unqualified Lord of all created things, I make My Presence felt in all and demand of every being and creature to show Me the fulfilment of its task Lastly, I seek My temple in the heart of man to dwell in him.

10 The people who hear My word do not know whether their works, when they bring them before Me, will prove pleasing to Me. ah, if only instead of fear you felt bliss whenever My Divine Ray comes down But your faith is small, and your foreboding has not yet told you anything about the battle that is coming upon you, which is why it is necessary that I tell you that under the light that the Sixth Seal spreads, all communities of faith, religions and sects of the earth will unite to offer one kind of worship to the one God whom all seek.

11 On these dry fields has fallen the fruitful rain of pain, and soon they will be receptive to receive the spiritual seed. I am currently training a people that will grow from day to day. I will form it out of men of all races, and its first task will be to make furrows on earth with its works of love to sow later the seed of my truth.

12 How much more must you reflect on My teaching and prepare your heart to give your brothers a true witness and example through the love and mercy of your works!

13 Make use of these teachings because this is the moment when my light, when it reaches the voice bearer's organ of understanding, becomes a word on his lips and speaks to you of the Spiritual Kingdom which you are all invited to inhabit

14 I speak to the man whose being sprang from the Creator Source of God and who, having received the Divine Breath in his spirit, is able to understand his Father and hold spiritual communion with him.

15 I am your Father; out of My Spirit came the idea to bring you to life, and this inspiration was realized. In My Spirit was the will to create you, and man was made. I wanted you to have resemblance to me, as it must be between a father and his children, and I gave you spirit, and through this spirit you will be the closest to me among all creatures.

16 I entrusted the Spirit with a task in the material world so that he might find in it a wide field for his development, a world of experiences and small and great trials, which would be a stepladder, touchstone and atonement valley.

17 The human body was entrusted to the Spirit so that he might find in it the most effective and perfect means of development - a body endowed with a brain, so that the Spirit might manifest his intelligence through it; a carrier of sensitive nerves, so that he might perceive every feeling in the body. The heart was also planted in the body so that love and all good feelings emanating from it should have a human mediator. But I wanted this creature, given so much grace by the Father, to be weak, so that the soul incarnated in it would be a support for the soul, so that the soul would fight in it and never abandon itself to the inclinations of the flesh.

18 The flesh in its weakness is self-willed and sensual, it loves the lowly, and therefore it must be ruled. Who better to fulfill this task than the soul, which is endowed with power, light, intelligence and will? - In order that the progress and development of the soul should be meritorious before God and before itself, it was granted free will to choose the way of good or evil, so as to ascend or fall by itself.

19 Thus arose the struggle within man, a struggle of the soul with matter. Who do you think will emerge victorious from the battle? - The soul had no weapons because it was only beginning its path of development; the world and matter, on the other hand, had many weapons to defeat it, many temptations to bring it down, and many pitfalls to corrupt it in it.

20 The Father - foresighted and merciful and intent on the victory and salvation of the soul - kindled in her a light that was to serve as a beacon all the way, guiding her in darkness - an inner judge in every work done, a counselor who was always to instigate man to do good and thus prevent him from making mistakes. This light, which reaches the material part of man's being through the soul, is the conscience, is the divine spark that never goes out, the judge that can never be bribed, the beacon that never changes its position, the guide that never misses the way.

21 These are the three parts of which man consists, that is, his three natures - the divine-spiritual, the spiritual, and the material in perfect union, so that the soul may triumph over the trials, passions, and storms of the world and finally take possession of the Spiritual Kingdom.

22 When you consider that sin, error, passions, and evil in all its forms have always prevailed among men, do you believe that it can be said that the spirit has lost the battle, or that conscience has not found a hearing? - For the moment you can accept this; for there have been no small trials to which men have been subjected, and therefore many have failed the same, and it was necessary that in their fall they emptied the cup of suffering so that they would awaken and listen to that voice which has been overheard for so long.

23 Now is the time of conscience, judgment and final reckoning, as the Second Time was that of the dawn of spiritualization and the First was that of natural law.

24 I have revealed Myself to mankind in three different forms, but these three forms represent a single core of being; therefore some see three deities where there is only one.

25 I am One, and allow only that you ascribe a Trinity to Me, if you understand that I manifested Myself in righteousness in the First Time, that I revealed My Love to you in the Second Time, and that I saved Wisdom for you for this last time

26 Wisdom is the book which opens before you today, showing you its contents in infinite light, in unexpected revelations and never-before-seen knowledge. Only there you will experience what exists beyond you, and you will then be able to explain to yourselves the reason for many of my teachings of the present and past times.

27 What do you know about the hereafter? What does man know of that which comes after this life? What do you know about the reason why you are born and why you die?

28 All that which you call the unrighteousness of God, or the irony of fate, and which you should call righteousness, you will be able to explain to yourselves clearly when you learn the lessons which the Book of Wisdom reveals to you in the Third Age through your conscience.

29 Were you not prophesied that every eye would see Me in this time? by this I wanted to tell you that you would all know the Truth I am

30 How can you suppose - although you have been in the light of the Holy Spirit - that you could remain forever in darkness?

31 Look at men, how they destroy and hate each other, snatching power from each other, not shrinking from crime, deceit or treachery. There are people who die by the millions as victims of their fellow men, and others who perish under the effect of vice. Is there light in them? Does the spirit that lives in them speak? That which is there is darkness and pain, the result of the abuse of the gift of free will and of not listening to the inner voice, and because they did not direct their attention to the light of that divine spark which you all carry in your being and which is the divine ray of light which you call conscience.

32 Man has sunk to the abyss, and to that point conscience has accompanied him in waiting for the right time to be heard. Soon this voice will be heard in the world with such great power as you cannot yet imagine. But this will cause humanity to rise from its abyss of pride, materialism and sin, to wash itself in the tears of its repentance and begin to move upwards on the path of spiritualization. I will stand by all my children, for I am the resurrection and the life that lifts the "dead" from their grave. In this life, which I offer to mankind today, men will do my will and renounce freedom of will out of love, convinced that whoever does the will of the Father is neither a servant nor a slave, but a true child of God. Then you will know true happiness and perfect peace, which are the fruit of love and wisdom.

33 People, you ask Me for forgiveness for all the faults you have committed, for My Word has deeply moved your souls But I ask you: why do you not feel the same remorse when your conscience disapproves of any of your works? Are this inner voice and the one that announces itself through these voice bearers different from each other? Think and understand that you do not always hear Me in this form to move you to repentance. It is necessary that you spiritualize yourselves little by little, and that you hear the voice of your conscience with greater clarity from day to day, which exists within you as a book of wisdom and love.

34 Understand: Although creation is apparently complete, all things are still evolving, transforming and perfecting. Can your soul, for instance, escape this divine law? No, My children. No one can say the last word about the spiritual, about science, or about life, for they are my works, which have no end.

35 I teach you to take the place I have appointed for each one in a worthy manner, and to follow with obedience and at the same time with unwaveringness the path that My Father's Love has laid out for you My Heavenly Word enlightens both the one who holds the position of a Lord and the one who performs the task of a subordinate; it is like the light of the sun shining on all.

36 Yet men on earth have not yet accomplished their greatest works, those that give divine satisfaction to My Father's Heart Still their works, wonderful from a human point of view, prove to be small when their authors judge them with my laws of love. That is the reason why many scientists do not want to strive for the spiritual, because they know that there is the presence of him who knows everything - of him who sees everything and judges everything. They prefer to deny my existence, in opinion, to silence the voice of their conscience with it.

37 Do not think that I judge My children badly for the sake of the fact, because they want to know the secrets of nature. No, My wisdom is the divine inheritance which I hold ready for My children. But I judge very well the purpose or the intention of the scientists when this intention is not aligned with the aims for which the secrets of nature were revealed to them.

38 When I tell you that my wisdom will be yours - do you believe that a single life on earth can be enough to learn all that I have to reveal to you? When I tell you that you cannot attain human science without going the long way of development, you can still less acquire the knowledge of the spiritual without a complete development of your spirit.

39 I do not set spiritualization in opposition to science, for this error was that of men, never mine. On the contrary, I teach you to harmonize the spiritual with the material, the human with the divine, the transitory with the eternal. Nevertheless, I explain to you that, in order to walk on the paths of life, one must first know the path that is paved for you by your conscience, whose spiritual law springs from the Divine Spirit.

40 Man believes to act according to his will; he believes to be free from every higher influence on him, and finally considers himself independent and the shaper of his own fate, without suspecting that the hour will come when all will understand that it was my will that was done on them.

41 Many works of Divine Righteousness will be seen on earth; among them you will also be able to see that scientists visit uneducated, simple people who carry in their hearts the seed of spiritualization, or who have developed the gift of dialogue from spirit to spirit, to hear through them the revelations which their minds did not discover

42 To you, people who listen to Me, I tell you once more that you should heed My teachings, for the time is drawing near when this manifestation will come to an end, and then he who fed, learned and kept the spiritual goods will be strong; but he who did not understand it or interpreted it as he saw fit will be weak

43 Do you see how many crowds of people surround me in this time of the announcement through the human organ of the intellect? Truly, I tell you, after 1950 there will be only a few who will follow me.

44 Today you do not understand what I tell you, but then you will understand.

45 Anticipate with your spirit the stepladder that rises before you into infinity. It is like a luminous path that invites you to come to the bosom of the Father, who is a womb of peace and unspeakable joy.

46 I found you lost like shipwrecked men without a compass, like wanderers lost in the desert; but I sent you a light that helped you to find a path full of hope, faith and consolation, which encouraged your spirit and flooded it with vitality and energy to go towards the promised goal

47 At the end of the stepladder, there on the summit, there is a home that you are all destined to reach, but which you must attain by merit, by faith, by great love and boundless mercy, breaking down obstacles, overcoming adversity and overcoming enemies, until you finally come to the New Promised Land, which is not of this world.

48 This stepladder is a straight path where there are no pitfalls or labyrinths, by which I want to make you understand that you will not find difficulties in the fulfilment of My Law

49 Take firm steps on this path, fight for your ascent; I will make you strong Understand: If it is not with my power and my light - with what weapons do you want to fight and defend yourselves? If I did not grant you my lightsaber - with what would you overcome your temptations? If I did not cover you with my cloak - how could you free yourselves from your enemies? But indeed, I tell you, you must also win My protection and the light of My sword through your merits!

50 Your traces shall remain visible on the spiritual path that opens before you They shall be examples of good works, of renunciations, noble deeds, high love and mercy without limits.

51 To each one his destiny is marked out by his spiritual task and his human task. Both must be in harmony with one another and directed toward the same goal. But verily, I tell you, I will consider not only your spiritual works, but also the material ones, because also through them the spirit can acquire merits, if love and mercy towards your brothers is present in them.

52 You will not be alone in your wanderings; before you there are many beings - some very near and some farther away - who likewise advance step by step, and who watch and pray for those who walk behind them. They have no desire to arrive alone or to be the first, but to pave the way for their brothers, so that one day the joy of the first may be the joy of all.

53 How glorious is this way in my eyes! How refreshing is My Spirit when He sees the progress of My children and their effort to ascend to reach new degrees of perfection!

54 There are beings from all worlds and spheres beyond, some incarnate in spirit and some incarnate in the other, and all fulfil different tasks. In infinity (of worlds beyond) it is where you make your home, to enjoy the peace of the spirit tomorrow.

55 As long as you are still heading for the goal - let your mind come to rest, which sometimes resembles a storm, and listen to my word, pay attention to it and fathom it, for it is the light of the beacon for your salvation Many have come to Me as shipwrecked men; but I have given them My peace, which has been like a lifeboat, and I have sent them out to sea anew to seek their brothers who have gone astray.

56 Who had the certainty of perishing and suddenly felt that a gentle hand saved him from the abyss, naturally understands his fellow men when he sees them in the same situation and extends his hand towards them.

57 He who does not know My love will not be able to make it palpable to his brothers; but he who is able to feel it during all his life bears witness to Me and finds deep happiness in doing to his brothers what the Father did to him

58 O beloved people, the Master wants you to understand His teaching and act according to His instruction. I have told you that My Teaching is a narrow path; for if you deviate from it on the one hand you will deviate from My Laws of Love and on the other hand you will be in danger of falling into fanaticism, which means blindness and stagnation. The temptations are on both sides of the path, but the Divine Light is always shining ahead on the horizon, inviting your spirit to ascend and to perfection on the straight and narrow path of good.

59 Someone asks Me in his heart, "Is it absolutely necessary to love in order to find salvation? But the Master answers: No, it is not "absolutely necessary" to love in order to find salvation, for love is not given under compulsion, it is to arise naturally and spontaneously. The one who asked this question did so only because this feeling was not yet born in him; but it will finally germinate and blossom in him, and then he will understand that love is something in the soul, born with him like the fruits of the earth; that it is the most natural thing, that he carries in his heart the seed, which is a seed of life. So love in the soul is the seed for eternity.

60 You have understood, disciples; but immediately doubts come to you whether this humanity can save itself through love, since it is precisely this which it lacks. then I tell you that love is like a divine seed that can never die, that remains hidden in the most secret corner of the human heart, and if it has not yet germinated until now, it is only because it has not been watered with the water of truth; for the water it has received has only been apparent love. Selfishness, falsehood, hypocrisy, empty words (feigned) "light," this is what the heart of mankind receives day by day. But is it possible that the heart feeds on something which does not contain any life essence of eternity?

61 I, the Divine Sower, who works the fields with love to give them life, came to irrigate them with My Own Blood, and now, in this Third Time, I will give you another proof of the power and life that the seed of Love contains within.

62 If I have called you "labourers in my fields", it is not because you already are, but because I want you to work with me in this Divine task to save your brothers out of love

63 You have wandered far, and I tell you in this time: stop and rest! through all the vicissitudes of life you have remained faithful to My trace Leave behind you all these bitterness you have experienced on the path of life. When you begin to receive this seed (of My Word) in your hearts, you realize that I am handing more and more over to you and do not demand an account of it from you. But know that you have the duty to nurture this seed in your lives, for the day will come when I will appear as steward of My lands and demand an account of your work from you. Work with love and zeal, but also with simplicity and naturalness. I do not want them to call you fanatics; I do not want my work to become an obsession in your mind. Pass on my truth through true love of neighbor and demand nothing in return, for I will let justice be done to you.

64 Be cheerful in the knowledge that you have a beautiful task which your Father has entrusted to you, and always remember that when your cross is heavy, you have the Almighty as your helper. Climb up the steep mountain slope, for it is not necessarily Golgotha that awaits you, but My Fatherly Love.

65 Watch that this revelation is not distorted by anyone. Purify your forms of devotion as much as you can and increase your understanding and spiritualization. My work is perfect in every way; but if you should ever discover something that you consider imperfect, be sure that this imperfection is not divine but human. - Pray for all the nations of the world, recognizing how they are being purified day after day by pain and how they are being defiled again and again by sin. Pray that it will be light in them and that when they realize the time when they are pure, they will know how to keep this purity. For then they will be worthy to have me with them and sufficiently sensitive to feel my presence.

66 I bless all nations - those who love Me and those who reject Me - both those who follow Me and those who have moved away from Me. All are called to come into My presence, and sooner or later they will find the way that will lead them to the Father's home, which awaits them lovingly.

67 You will all arrive at the table where "the first" were refreshed, and you will experience that there are enough places and food waiting for you too. Put this parable into practice, both in material life and in spiritual life, and you will understand that there is no need to feel pain for those who fulfill the laws of human life and the laws of the spirit. Think about this teaching and, focused on the innermost part of your heart, hear the voice of your conscience.

My peace be with you!

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