BTL - Volume III - Teaching 79

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 79:
1. Some have arrived to listen to My Word during this period at
an early hour, others have arrived late; but verily I say to you that it
is not the length or shortness of the time that you have listened to
Me that will give you the elevation and progress, but the desire and
love with which you embrace My Doctrine and the charity that
exists in your deeds.
2. Come to Me, those of you who are tired, sad and hungry for
love, those whom Mankind has treated badly. Come to Me, those
who are sick, I will make you feel the sweet love of My charity. I
have come to put aside your bitterness to convert you into the
children of peace, of light and of faith. You ask Me why I have come
to you? Because I see that you have forgotten the pathway where
you should return to the bosom from whence you emerged, and I
have come to show it to you again.
3. The path is My Law and by means of its fulfillment the spirit
will attain immortality. I am showing you the door, so narrow like
the path that I pointed out to you with My teaching during that
4. I am rebuilding the temple that I referred to when I said to
My disciples who marveled contemplating the temple of Solomon:
"Verily I say to you that there shall not be one stone left upon
another, but I will reconstruct it in three days." I meant that any
external worship regardless how sumptuous it may seem to Mankind
will disappear from the heart of men in order to raise in its place the
true spiritual temple of My Divinity. This is the Third Era, or that is
to say, the third day in which I shall finish reconstructing My
5. Disciples, My Word overflows upon your mind so that when
the moment comes that you cease to hear it, there will not remain in
your heart hunger or thirst to listen to Me.
6. "Love one another" from here on Earth realizing that all are
united by spiritual indissoluble bonds and that irrevocably the
moment will come when all shall be united in the spiritual realm.
Do not form only remorse for that existence, nor expect to feel
shame in the presence of those whom you offended.
7. Those who have developed their gift of spiritual vision will
be able to testify My presence; but those who are unable to develop
it and lack faith, say: I would like to see in order to believe.
8. You would want Me to show you My wound to contemplate it
and sink your fingers within it, but I say to you: Thomas asked for
that test, and it was granted to him, but later he wept for his lack of
faith and he gave his life for testifying My Doctrine. If I would grant
you that grace, would you do the same as that disciple?
9. The day when I give you My lesson is a day of grace because
the peace of My Spirit pours out all over the Universe. As the
Absolute Lord of everything created I make My presence felt in all
asking each being and each creature to offer Me the fulfillment of
their mission. Finally, I seek My temple in the heart of man to dwell
within it.
10. The people who listen to My Word do not know if upon
rendering their deeds before Me, they will be pleasing to me. Ah if
instead of fear you would only experience joy when My Divine ray
of light descends! But your faith is meager and your presentiment
has not yet given to you any indication about the battle that
approaches so that it is necessary that I tell you that under the light
that the Sixth Seal radiates, there will be a unification of all beliefs,
religions and sects on Earth, to render only one worship to the only
God whom everyone seeks.
11. Upon these arid fields a fertile watering of affliction has
descended and soon they will be prepared to receive the spiritual
seed. I am preparing a people who will grow from day to day. I shall
form it with men of all races and their first mission will consist of
opening furrows in the soil with their deeds of love to sow the seed
of My truth much later.
12. How much will you have to meditate within My Doctrine
and prepare your heart to present to your brethren a testimony and a
true example with the love and charity of your deeds!
13. Take advantage of these teachings because this is the
moment when My light, on reaching the mind of the spokesman,
becomes word in his lips and it speaks to you of the spiritual realm
to where everyone is invited to dwell.
14. I come to speak to man whose being emerged from the
creative fountain of God, who for having received the Divine breath
in his spirit, is capable of comprehending his Father and have a
spiritual communication with Him.
15. I am your Father, from My Spirit emerged the idea allowing
you to be born to life, and this inspiration became a reality. Within
My Spirit was the will to create you, and thus man came to be; I
wanted you to have a likeness to mine as is proper between a father
and his children, and I endowed you with a spirit, and because of
that spirit you will be among all creatures the ones most closest to
16. I have entrusted a mission in the material world to the spirit
so that in it he would find an extensive field for his evolution, a
world of lessons of minor and great ordeals that would be a ladder, a
crucible and a valley of expiation.
17. The spirit was provided a human body so that in it he would
find the most effective and perfect way to develop himself. A body
endowed with a mind so that through it the spirit would manifest his
intelligence; a possessor of sensitive fibers so that he would
perceive every sensation; also a heart was placed in the body so that
love and all good sentiments deriving from it would serve as a
human interpreter; however, that creature, endowed with so much
grace by the Father to offer it as a support to the spirit and destined
to incarnate within it. I wanted it to be weak so that the spirit would
struggle inside it and never put his trust in the tendencies of the
18. The flesh in its weakness is capricious and sensual; it loves
what is degrading, and therefore it should be controlled. Who else
could better comply with that mission but the spirit, endowed with
strength, light, intelligence and will? In order for the progress and
evolution of the spirit to have merits before God and before himself
he was granted the freedom of will, that is, freedom of choice to
select the path of good or evil, ascending or descending by himself.
19. Thus the struggle surged within mans innermost being, a
struggle between the spirit and the flesh. Who would triumph in the
end of the battle? The spirit did not have any weapons because he
had just begun his journey of evolution; on the other hand, the world
and the flesh had many weapons with which to defeat him, many
temptations that would make him fall, and many crossroads in
which to lead him astray.
20. The Father, provident and merciful, watchful for the triumph
and salvation of the spirit, kindled a light within him, which all
along the journey would serve as a beacon that would guide him
through darkness, an inner judge within each of his accomplished
deeds, an adviser who would always induce man toward good
saving him from falling into errors. That light that through the spirit
reaches the physical body of man, is the conscience; it is the Divine
spark which never extinguishes, a judge who will never be bribed, a
beacon that never changes position, a guide that never takes the
wrong path.
21. There you have the three parts of which man is formed, or in
other words, his three natures: the Divine, the spiritual and the
material in a perfect union so that the spirit will triumph over the
ordeals, over the passions and turmoil of the world and be able to
possess the Spiritual Realm.
22. Consider that sins, errors, the passions and wickedness in all
their forms have always prevailed among Mankind, do you believe
that it can be said that the spirit has lost the battle or that the
conscience has been unheeded? For the moment you can assume it
thus, because it has not been small ordeals through which man has
been subjected, and that is why many of them have not resisted them
and it has been necessary that in their downfalls they would drain
their cup of grief so that they may awaken and listen to that voice
which for such a long time has been unheeded.
23. This is the era of the conscience, of judgment and the
balance, just as in the Second Era it was the birth toward spirituality
and in the First Era it was that of the natural Law.
24. In three distinct forms but forming only one essence, I have
manifested Myself before Mankind, which is why there has been
some who beheld three gods where only one exists.
25.1 am One, and I only permit that you attribute a Trinity to Me
when you realize that in the First Era I manifested Myself as justice,
that in the Second I revealed My love for you and that I reserved the
wisdom for you in the last Era.
26. Wisdom is the book that today is opened before you
showing you its contents of infinite light, of revelations not
perceived and of knowledge never reached. Only there will you
know what exists far beyond you and you will explain to yourself
the reason for so many of My teachings of today and of past eras.
27. What do you know about the Hereafter? What does man
know what exists after this life? What do you know about the reason
why you are born and the reason why you die?
28. All that you call injustices of God or ironies of destiny and
that you should call justice, you will clearly explain it to yourself
when you learn the lessons that the Book of Wisdom comes to
reveal to you during the Third Era through your conscience.
29. Was it not prophesied that every eye would see Me during
this period? By that I meant that everyone would know the truth,
that I am the truth.
30. How can you conceive that having been before the light of
the Holy Spirit you would remain in darkness forever?
31. Behold Mankind occupied in destroying and hating one
another, in snatching the power from each other, without holding
back on crime, theft or treachery. There you have men who succumb
by the millions, victims of their fellowmen and others who perish by
the effect of vice. Is there light in all that? Does the spirit within
them speak out? What exists there is darkness and pain, resulting
from the abuse of the gift of the freedom of will and from not
listening to the inner voice, of not beholding the light of that spark
of God that everyone carries within their being and which is the
Divine light that you call conscience.
32. Man has descended deep into an abyss and even to there the
conscience has accompanied him, waiting for the propitious
moment to be heard. Soon that voice shall be heard in the world
with such great a force that you cannot imagine now, but it will
make Mankind come out of their abyss of pride, materialism and
sin, to be cleansed in the waters of repentance and begin to elevate
themselves toward the path of spirituality. I will help all My children
because I am the resurrection and the life who comes to lift the dead
from their tombs. In this existence that I now come to offer
Mankind, men will abide by My will renouncing their freedom of
will through love, persuaded by the fact that he who abides by the
will of the Father is not a servant nor a slave, but a true son of God.
Then you will know a true happiness and a perfect peace, which are
the fruit of love and wisdom.
33. 0! My people, you ask Me forgiveness for all the mistakes
that you have committed because My word has been able to touch
your spirit, and I ask you: Why do you not feel this same repentance
when the voice of your conscience is reproaching one of your
deeds? Is it because that inner voice and that which is manifested
through these spokesmen differ one from the other? Meditate and
understand that you will not always listen to Me by this means in
order to be repentant; it is necessary that you spiritualize yourselves,
and that each day you heed with greater clarity the voice of your
conscience which exists in you like a book of wisdom and love.
34. Understand that even though Creation has apparently been
terminated, nevertheless everything evolves, everything is
transformed and perfects itself. Could your spirit be able to escape
that Divine Law? No My children. No one will be able to say the
last word about the spiritual, about the science nor about life
because they are My works which have no end.
35. I teach you to occupy with dignity the position that I have
destined for each one of you and to walk along with meekness and
at the same time with firmness along the path that My charity has
outlined for you. My celestial word illuminates in the same manner
the one who holds a position of lord, as well as he who complies
with the mission as a servant; it is like the sunlight, which
illuminates everyone.
36. Men still have not complied on Earth with their greatest
deeds, those which would give My heart of a Father a Divine
satisfaction. Still, many of their marvelous deeds within the human
life, turn out insignificant if their authors judge them with My laws
of love. There you have the reason why many men of science do not
want to glance into the spiritual, because they know that the
presence of the One who knows it all is there, the One who sees and
judges all. They prefer to deny My existence believing that by doing
so they will silence the voice of their conscience.
37. Do not believe that I judge My children wrongly for the
reason of wanting to know the mysteries of Nature, no; My wisdom
is a Divine heritage that I have for My children; but I do judge the
purpose or the intention of the men of science when they are not
channeled for the purpose for which it was revealed to them.
38. If I say to you that My wisdom shall be yours, do you
believe that only one existence would be sufficient to know all that I
have to reveal to you? If I say that you will not acquire the science
without traveling the extensive road of evolution, much less will you
be able to acquire the knowledge of the spiritual without a complete
evolution of your spirit.
39. I do not come to put into conflict spirituality with science,
because that mistake has been from men but never mine; on the
contrary, I come to teach you to harmonize the spiritual with the
material, what is human with the Divine, what is temporary with the
eternal. Nevertheless, I declare to you that to travel the pathways of
life, it is necessary to know beforehand the path that your
conscience outlines, whose spiritual law proceeds from the Divine
40. Man believes to be doing his will; he believes to be free
from all influence superior to him and he even believes himself to
be absolute and forger of his own destiny without perceiving that the
moment shall come when everyone will realize that it was My will
that was done in them.
41. Many deeds of Divine justice will be seen on Earth; among
them you will behold the men of science descend even to the
humble people, those who carry in their hearts the seed of
spirituality or who have developed the gift of the communication of
spirit to Spirit, in order to hear through them the revelations which
their mind was unable to discover.
42. To you people who listen to Me, I say again that you must
take into account My lessons because the moment draws near when
this manifestation ceases and then he who nourished himself,
learned and understood, he will be strong; but he who did not
comprehend or interpreted it to his will, shall be weak.
43. Do you see how many multitudes surround Me during this
period of communication through a human spokesman? Verily I say
to you that after 1950, very few will be those who will follow Me.
44. Today you do not know what I say to you, but then you will
understand it.
45. Perceive with your spirit the ladder that elevates before you
toward the infinite; it is like a luminous path that invites you to
reach the bosom of the Father, which is a bosom of peace and
indescribable joy.
46. I found you lost like shipwrecked victims without a
compass, like lost travelers in the wilderness; but I sent you a light
which helped you find a path full of hope, faith and comfort, which
animated your spirit filling him with vigor and energies to continue
seeking the promised goal.
47. At the end of the Ladder, there on the summit, exists a
mansion, which all of you are predestined to reach, but which is
necessary to conquer with merits, with faith, with great love and
limitless charity, knocking down obstacles, overcoming adversities,
dominating enemies, until you finally reach the new Promised Land
that is not of this world.
48. That ladder is a straight pathway where there are no
crossroads or labyrinths with which I mean for you to understand
that in the fulfillment of My Law you will find no complications.
49. You are to march firmly along that road, you are to struggle
for your elevation. I will make you strong; understand that if it is not
with My power and My light, with what weapons are you going to
fight and defend yourselves? If I would not lend you My sword of
light with what would you overcome your temptations? If I did not
cover you with My mantle how would you free yourselves from
your enemies? But verily I say to you that My protection and the
light of My sword you will also have to win over with your merits.
50. Your footsteps shall remain imprinted along the spiritual
path that is opened before you; they will be an example of good
deeds, of renunciations, of noble acts, of elevated love and of
limitless charity.
51. Each one has his destiny outlined with his spiritual mission
and his human mission; both must harmonize and tend toward the
same goal and verily I say to you that not only will I take into
account your spiritual deeds, but also the material ones, because
through them the spirit can also earn merits if in them there is love
and charity toward your brethren.
52. You shall not be alone in the journey; ahead of you, some
closer and others more distant, there are many beings who also
advance step by step and who are watchful and pray for those who
are coming behind them. Their ideal is not to arrive alone or be first,
but rather to prepare the way for their brethren so that some day the
rejoicing of the first shall be a rejoicing for all.
53. How beautiful I behold that path! How My Spirit rejoices
seeing the progress of My children and their efforts to elevate
themselves to attain new levels of perfection.
54. There are beings of all worlds and mansions there, some in
spirit and others incarnated, all fulfilling diverse missions. It is in
the infinite where you are erecting your dwelling to rejoice
tomorrow with the peace of your spirit.
55. While you reach the goal, pacify your mind that at times is
like a storm and listen to My Word; be attentive to it and analyze it,
because it is the light of the beacon of your salvation. Many have
reached Me like shipwrecked victims; however, I have given them
My peace which has been an ark of salvation and I have sent them
again to the sea in search of their brethren who are lost.
56. He who has the certainty of perishing and suddenly felt that
a provident hand saved him from the abyss, it is natural that
afterward he will understand his fellowmen when he sees them in
that same situation and offers them his hand.
57. He who is not aware of My love, cannot make it felt on his
brethren; but he who is able to feel it throughout his lifetime, will
give testimony of Me and shall find joy doing with his brethren what
the Father has done with him.
58. 0! My beloved people, the Master wishes that you would
understand His lesson and practice His teaching. I have told you that
My Doctrine is a narrow road, because if you deviate from it toward
one side, you will move away from My laws of love, and toward the
other you would be in danger of falling into fanaticism, which
means blindness and lethargic. Temptations are on both sides of the
road; the Divine light always glows ahead, in the horizon, inviting
your spirit toward elevation and perfection along the straight and
narrow pathway of righteousness.
59. Someone asks Me within his heart: Is it necessary to love in
order to be saved? No, it is not necessary to love to be saved,
because love is not given by force, it should emerge naturally and
spontaneously. He who has formulated that question is because that
feeling still has not been born within him, but it will get to
germinate and flourish and then he will understand that love within
the spirit is something which has been born within him, like the
fruits of the earth; that the most natural thing is that in his heart he
carries the seed which is the origin of life. Thus in the spirit, love is
the origin of eternity.
60. You have understood disciples, but then doubt crosses your
mind whether this Humanity can be saved through love, since that is
precisely what it lacks. For that reason I say to you that love is like a
Divine seed that will never die, that it remains hidden deep within
the heart of man, and that if up to now it has not germinated, it is
because it has not been sprinkled with the water of truth, because
the watering it has received has been of apparent love. Egotism,
falsehood, hypocrisy, vain words of light, is what day by day the
heart of Mankind receives, and is it possible for the heart to be
nourished by something which does not contain an essence of the
61. I, the Divine Sower, the One who lovingly works the fields
to give them life, came to water them with My own blood, and now
in this Third Era, I shall give you one more proof of the power and
the life that the seed of love possesses.
62. If I have named you laborers of My fields, it is not that you
are truly one already, but that I want you to work together with Me
in this Divine task of saving your brethren through love.
63. You have traveled much and I say to you during this period:
Stop and rest! Through vicissitudes you have persevered in pursuit
of My footsteps. Forget all that bitterness that you have gathered in
that long journey. If you are beginning to receive this seed within
your heart you see that each time I give you more and I do not hold
you accountable for it, know that you have the obligation to
cultivate that seed during your lifetime because the day will come
when I will appear as the administrator of My fields and ask that
you give an account of your labor. Work with love and eagerness,
but also with simplicity and naturalness; I do not want you to be
called fanatics; I do not want My Work to become an obsession in
your mind. Deliver My truth by means of true charity and do not ask
for anything in return, for I will do you justice.
64. Be rejoiced knowing that you carry a beautiful mission that
your Father has entrusted to you and always remember that if your
cross is heavy, you have as your Cyrenian the Almighty; scale the
slope, which is not precisely the Golgotha that awaits you, but rather
My love of a Father.
65. Be watchful so that this revelation will not be altered by
anyone. Purify your practices whenever you can and increase your
comprehension and spirituality. My Doctrine is perfect in all its
aspects, but when you find something that you judge as imperfect,
be certain that that imperfection is not Divine but human. Pray for
all the nations of the world; behold that day by day they are being
purified by suffering and again they are being blemished by sin. Pray
so that the light be with them and knowing in what moment they are
cleansed, they will know how to retain that purity, because they will
be deserving to be with Me and sensitive to feel My presence.
66. I bless all the people, those who love Me and those who
deny Me, the same as those who follow Me, as well as the ones who
have moved away from Me. All of them have been singled out to
reach My presence and sooner or later they shall find the path that
will guide them toward the mansion of the Father who lovingly
awaits them.
67. All of you will reach the table where the first ones have
rejoiced and you will contemplate that there are also places and
fruits that await you. Apply this parable to the physical as well as to
the spiritual life, and you will understand that those who comply
with the laws of the human life and those of the spirit, will have no
reason to feel suffering. Meditate over these teachings and
concentrated in the bottom of your heart listen to the voice of your
My Peace be with you!