BTL - Volume III - Teaching 78

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 78:

1 The clarity and simplicity of My teaching have encouraged you to take the first steps in the Third Age and already you are beginning to stammer My divine words You are beginning to realize that it is a refreshment for the heart to remove the pain of a fellow human being and to show him love and mercy.

2 Do not call Me unjust when pain and trials afflict you for a short time You must know that they strengthen the soul and that, moreover, this people has been an instrument of My Will at all times to set an example to mankind through the same. Be strong so that in your visitations you give proofs of love and obedience to My will.

3 Fathom and comprehend all the teachings I am giving you at present and do not make bad use of them, for then you will return with torn clothes and a heart full of bitterness like the prodigal son of the parable Make your heart a granary and keep the divine seed there. When the time has come, I will summon the people and invite them to come to this nation that will open its doors to the foreigners, to the homeless who seek peace, light and health. And the doors of your hearts shall then be open like those of the Second Jerusalem, the Spiritual City, whose dazzling white is brighter than snowflakes and whose gates are open from eternity in expectation of the children of the Lord.

4 Great is the spiritual mission of the inhabitants of this land. Therefore prepare your hearts to give shelter to every fellow man who turns to you, without regard to race, color of skin or outward appearance.

5 Your spirit is not yet able to comprehend all the greatness of the revelation which he has received in this time, but your heart suspects that something great has come down to you. Your world of former times has disappeared since you have heard my word, because your selfishness was exposed by him. This world was small because it was limited to the personal inclinations, to what you possess on earth and to the imperfect conception you have of what is the law of God. Now your horizons have expanded to infinity, and in it you sense an unknown world, which you will eventually conquer through your spiritual upward development. Today you see in every human being a brother and in every human being a child of My divinity. Today you see human life as a step on the infinite ladder of your ascent to the Creator. Today you know that those who suffer in this tear valley are not forgotten by God, that all receive the light of His love.

6 Disciples, remain in the peace I give you, do not let the world with its temptations snatch it from you, for you are to pray for your neighbor But how can you think of them when there is no peace in your hearts? Overcome the difficulties of your life, do not consider them insurmountable; the power that is in man is great; what you have been lacking is faith. Persevere in faith, in good works, and through them you will move mountains.

7 Do not think that your life is unfruitful when you remember that you have not done great works. If it is pure, you have done something good, because I have told you that "the last" will know Me through "the first. Accept this task gladly.

8 I receive the lamentation of some hearts, in which they tell Me that among their relatives there are unbelievers who have strayed from the way. They tell me that they have spoken much with them and achieved nothing. I tell you that you must learn to speak through works, even through silence, that you must be sensitive so that you are not clumsy. If you prepare yourselves, if you persevere, your gaze will become piercing, and you will not miss the opportune moment when you must give that heart the final shaping with your "chisel". Your victory will show you that those whom you thought strong in their perseverance were in fact weak. Put My divine counsel into practice, and you will soon bear witness to My truth. I will grant you this grace because I have more to give you than you have to ask of Me.

9 Among your relatives are those who have often torn My Work with their tongue and made your heart bleed

10 Ask yourselves: would you be here and would you listen to Me if pain had not afflicted you? There were some who blasphemed, who scolded and rejected Me; but the pain was stronger than them and bent them. Then they came here to My rally and wept out of remorse. Today they bless that pain that made them come to Me.

11 It is for you to pray for those who deny Me today. Make them understand that I come in desire for your soul, for I see them hungry and thirsty for My divine life force. I do not turn to your matter, because it has everything on earth of which it needs.

12 I must tell you: do not believe that the soul absolutely needs the human body and life in the world to be able to develop. But the lessons it receives in this world are of great benefit to its perfection.

13 Matter helps the soul in its development, in its experiences, in its expiations, in its expiations and in its struggles; this is the task that is given to you, and this you can find confirmed in this manifestation of My Divinity by man, where I make use of his brain and use it as a receiving device to transmit My Message Understand that not only the soul is meant for the spiritual, but that even the smallest thing within the material has been created for spiritual goals.

14 I address a thought-provoking impulse and a call to your soul so that it may override the influence of the material that dominates it and give its light to the heart and the mind, using the gift of intuition.

15 This My Light means for your soul the way to its liberation; this My Teaching offers it the means to rise above human life and be the guide of all its works, master of its feelings and not slave to low passions, nor victim of weaknesses and hardships

16 When the soul allows itself to be dominated by the influence of all that surrounds it on earth, it finally becomes one with its body to such an extent that it forgets its true nature, that it becomes so far removed from spiritual life that it becomes alien to it, and so it happens that when its body dies, it is necessarily confused and disturbed

17 How easily the body dies, but how difficult it is for the soul, which did not know how to prepare itself to free itself from its deep confusion.

18 While some, in their confusion, remain bound to their dead body, others, because they keep in their soul the impressions of their body shell, believe that they are still human and cannot rise to the home that corresponds to them, remaining bound to what they loved in the world.

19 There is no cup on earth more bitter nor more painful than that of confused souls. The obstacles, the inability to comprehend what is happening around them, the remorse, the homesickness for what they left, the loneliness, the silence and the inability to ascend, represent the fire in which they must purify themselves until they reach the light.

20 Do you think it is exaggerated when I tell you that millions of souls are leaving this world in a state of confusion? It is the result of men's ignorance due to their lack of spiritual contemplation and prayer.

21 My teaching of the Second Age revealed to men the Spiritual Life, but instead of fathoming My teachings and fulfilling My commandments, they created religious communities around My teachings, limited to the observance of outward rites and ceremonies, which gave their souls no more light, but turned them away from the path of fulfilling their spiritual duties.

22 Some among you ask Me if they fall into darkness when they leave this life. Then I tell them: If they have not fathomed my word and do not exercise it either, it will be of no use to them to have been among these multitudes who listen to my teaching of light.

23 That which the soul cherishes and cherishes, that also it will reap; this is the law and justice.

24 I, your Saviour, have shown you the true way at all times and I have revealed to you the means to avoid pain, confusion and darkness.

25 Today I come to you once more in fulfilment of this task, making light on your uncertain ways, shaking you out of your lethargy and reminding your soul that a new home awaits it, to which it must come prepared to live in and enjoy it forever

26 I come to you to give you a wake up and ask you, Which of you is a disciple of your own free will? No one, it is I who have called you. To hear My Word anew you had to be on earth several times. Between one incarnation and the next I have granted you a pause for reflection and preparation for a new life on earth.

27 As long as the soul is in matter, it has a share in the fatigue of it, and after a fight it needs a time of rest as well as reflection to form the plan, which it is to follow before it starts a new battle. Without these rests or rest periods on your path, you would make very little progress on your path. But it is necessary that a lucid and pure teaching teaches you these lessons in full clarity so that your heart, convinced of this truth, may gain a knowledge of the cause of many of the appearances and events, which you would never be able to comprehend without my revelation. In My merciful love lies the time, the life, the destiny of all, nothing escapes My power.

28 You have first come to know Me as a Father who in His righteousness is implacable to your transgressions. This Father has transformed Himself towards you into the most gracious and loving Master. Yet you did not understand how to interpret His teachings correctly because you believed that He punishes those who do not love Him with eternal fire. Now I am showing you that the Father does not reject His children just because they do not love Him; I am showing you that Divine Love has no limits, and that this love and this justice are expressed through the law of reincarnation which I have explained to you. Now you will comprehend that, by virtue of this divine law, there is no transgression, however grave, which deserves the eternal punishment of a soul. But to come to me, you must first make amends for this transgression.

29 What would I achieve with you if I really gave you eternal fire as punishment? How would you then blaspheme eternally against a God whom you would judge as unjust, cruel and vengeful!

30 My duty as Father is to give you opportunities for perfection at every step and to show you the right way through perfect teachings. I have taught you to forgive your enemies and to love them, and I have said to you: "Do to your fellow men what I have done to you in your own experience. Would I give you an example of this when you experienced that I punish those who did not love Me with eternal damnation? Do you think that I do not have power to make those who have hated Me love Me? It is they to whom I do not give eternal punishment, but sufficient time, so that light, renewal, and finally love, may break forth from them. Just as one waits until the earth is fertile so that the seed may germinate in it, so I wait for you to fulfill My commandment that tells you:

"Love one another."

31 Who can know your spirit in this world? The clergy of the religious communities cannot, for since they do not know themselves, they can recognize others even less. Your parents, with all their empathy, are hardly able to cross the thresholds of the heart. Little, very little does humanity know of the Spirit, for it has surrounded this light with secrets; but there is no secret, only ignorance. Who, then, could in the future lead the spirit of men on paths of light? Who could free him from his great errors? Only My teaching, this teaching, which I will write in your spirit. From it the light will break forth, which shows you the way, the voice that leads you. But know that everyone who does not pay attention to this voice, which can be heard in his heart full of love, denies the origin of his creative being. For at the moment when I gave birth to him out of my spirit, I kindled in him this divine spark, which is the conscience, so that it repeats to him during his entire existence that he is my child.

32 Verily, I tell you, sin and confusion in the soul are only temporary in relation to eternity, therefore purification and judgment cannot be eternal

33 Now you are becoming aware of what you have done concerning your soul and concerning the treasure of teachings you have not used The voice of your conscience becomes clearer and more audible, speaking to you of the past, of the present, and preparing for the future. Learn to recognize this voice, for in it I speak to you, and when you hear it, have faith in it. Woe to you if you should doubt! This voice will always guide you to the good; but if you should hear a voice that entices you to evil, it is not that of your conscience - it is the voice of your passions, which the influence of the senses gives you.

34 Tomorrow they will fight you because you believe in this teaching. For just as you hurry and make an effort to fathom this Word, so will men likewise prepare to fight against you. They will perform miracles of human knowledge and skill to prove to you that they possess the truth. You, on the other hand, shall perform spiritual miracles without boasting, through your works of love for your brethren.

35 Elijah, the forerunner, proclaims anew to mankind the spiritual presence of the Lord, the coming of the Spirit of Truth, who enlightens and reveals the mystery of the reincarnation.

36 I give you this knowledge because the world will surround you and will not let you escape, neither to the east nor to the west, neither to the north nor to the south. Then you are to make use of the authority I have given you to free yourselves from your oppressors.

37 Fear not, for you are not the only ones in the world who have sought the liberation of their soul. At this time men are rising up in the desire for light, for truth and the upward development of the spirit.

38 Remember Elijah, who in the first time testified to the true God. Hear:

39 The people of Israel fell into idolatry and worshiped a pagan God. In order to convince them of his error and his godlessness, Elijah spoke to the priests of the idol in the presence of the gathered people on a mountain: "Build a burnt offering altar of dry wood and put the sacrificial animal on it. I will prepare another altar of burnt offering in the same manner. Then call on the names of your gods, and I will call on the name of my Lord, and the God who sends down fire to consume the sacrifice shall be recognized as the true God.

40 The idol remained deaf to the pleas of its priests. Elijah said to them, "Cry louder, that your God may hear you, that he may awaken, for he may sleep. When the idolaters considered their efforts in vain, the Prophet devoted himself to prayer and asked his Lord to show himself as the living and true God. No sooner had Elijah finished his prayer than a ray came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering.

41 The people recognized the deception of the priests of Baal and at the same time realized that Jehovah, the God of Elijah, is the only and true God.

42 This Elijah, who was promised in those days for that time, is among you a second time. The Divine Master promised it to you in the Second Time, and he has come in due time.

43 Let Elijah be in each of you, especially when you are undergoing a trial. But then remember that Elijah is all love, faith, and humility, that you may emulate him, and then the prophecy will come true in you.

44 Many kinds of idolatry exist in the present. Science, war, gold, power, religious fanaticism, amusements, etc. are other numerous idols to which people willingly submit.

45 Nourish yourselves from My words so that you may be strong. Remember that you will have to listen to many words which are contrary to what I have taught you, and none of them must confuse you or make you doubt.

46 The book is opened, read in it, for as your Father is a book of wisdom, so you too can be a book of instruction and experience for your brethren

47 The life that surrounds you is one of the so many pages of the Divine Book. This is why I have told you many times: learn the daily lesson that life gives you. In this time you must become the good counsellors who speak with words and also by deeds. Could you speak of renewal if your brothers would surprise you in shady places? Could you teach them to live in peace if they discovered that there is no harmony in your home?

48 I see that many of the hearts of this people are still asleep, not wanting to understand that the day is already near when I will stop giving you My teachings in this form But when they see that the book has closed, they will weep their incomprehension; but then it will be too late.

49 Blessed are those who prepare themselves and are ready to obey the will of their Master, for when the new period of time comes in they will know how to unite themselves with me in thought and will cry out, "Lord, your book is still open.

50 I have compared My Word with the grain of wheat which I have sown in your heart with infinite love. The heart is the soil where it begins to sprout because your heart is equipped with sensitivity; but its impressions it transmits to the Spirit, who in truth preserves My Word. Even if the heart forgets its Father and no longer beats for life, that seed will remain stored in the spirit and the time will come when it will germinate. This time can be near or far, depending on the awakening of the soul for the love of the Creator. But since soul development belongs to eternity, there is no impatience in the Father. It is you who - whether as human beings or as spirit beings - must hasten your steps to avoid painful experiences by exercising the good.

51 The Book of Divine Wisdom, sealed with seven seals, was loosed from the Lamb. It was the Divine Master's love for human beings that caused the secrets of His hidden counsel to be revealed to them. The Sixth Seal shows its contents at this time and speaks of deep truths, lets you see the future of your world and paves the way to spiritual eternity.

52 I have taught you that wisdom is obtained through prayer; but this is why I do not want you to prolong your prayers. I have required of you the prayer of five minutes, and by this I mean that you should pray briefly that you may truly surrender yourselves to your Father in these moments; but the rest of your time you should devote to your spiritual and material duties to your brethren.

53 Sow your way of life with love, with mercy and good works, and then, when you leave matter and free your soul from it, instead of sinking down to the lowlands of atonement, it will rise to those worlds where, under spirits of light, it will reap all the fruit of its sowing. If you do not behave in such a way, you will reap pain on your way, and for this you cannot blame me because I did not create the pain, although I created everything that surrounds you. Pain is your creation, it is the result of your imperfections. I only allow you to empty the cup of suffering, because I know that you can only perfect yourselves when you know the result of your works, because by the fruit you recognize the tree.

54 Disciples, make from My Word a memorial book in which you can refresh your soul, and so that tomorrow you may bring this testimony and this happiness to your brothers My word must reach to the end of the world and touch all souls, whereby it changes the lives of men. My word will work the miracle of peace returning to this earth.

55 The forces of nature show themselves hostile and violent only because there is no harmony between them and men. Once men live in the same obedience to My laws as the rest of creatures, they will recognize in this planet the image of Eternal Life, that Paradise which will shelter in its bosom those who purify themselves and ascend on the way of love, to which Christ constantly points.

56 At present the people of Israel are rising to new life on earth. Today they still live in captivity, but my light is now freeing them. Before Him is the way and the divine promise that invites them to lace up their sandals, take up the walking staff, pray before Jehovah, and retreat into the desert in longing for the divine voice, the law of God, and His miracles.

57 The awakening is already beginning; you have already heard the voice of Elijah, the new deliverer. He has brought you to the foot of the new Mount Zion, which in this third time is rising before your spirit, so that you may hear the living voice of the Lord through the human organ of the mind.

58 You were raptured by the Divine Voice when you heard it; but it announced to you that its manifestation would be brief, so that you might set out to continue the journey you have begun, which will lead your spirit to the gates of the Promised Land.

59 Now also in other parts of the world the nations are waking up, because Elijah is knocking at their gates.

60 I have called you Israel because you will gather the essence of the revelations of the Third Age, because you will be the ones who will give the spiritual and right interpretation to My words, and because the history of that people will be repeated with you - with its trials, its fights and its battles to reach the Promised Land, and finally the triumph which consisted in conquest and possession of an ideal.

61 Know that you are Israel, remember that you are the people of God, make this ideal your own, so that you may be more courageous on the long pilgrimage; but do not proclaim that you are children of Israel, because you will not be understood, but rather your words will be mocked. Who will think that the new Israel is the Israel of the spirit?

62 Keep in your hearts this knowledge revealed by your Father. But when the spies and the ignorant come to you and ask you, "Are you the people of Israel? answer them as I answered the Pharisees and the ignorant when they asked me if I was the Son of God: "You have said it.

63 After I have told you this, you should know that this people, which is still hardly beginning to gather, will invite other communities to join it on its way - inviting them not so much by word as by example - and that it will clean the spiritual path of thorns so that those who follow will find the way cultivated; for I am issuing the call to all peoples and nations of the world, since the New People of Israel is formed by people of all races, classes and creeds.

64 Those who believe that the true people of Israel was that of the First Times are in error; that was only the image of the people who are to be the true people of God in the course of time, in whom all men must be fused together, loving their Father in their human brothers and sisters. This is what the law said in the First Time: "You shall love God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Thus said Christ in the Second Time when He taught mankind a new commandment: "Love one another. To those who fulfill these highest commandments, Elijah proclaimed at that time that they would see the Father in all His glory.

65 To every one a task will be entrusted, and to every one his spiritual gifts will be revealed, so that all may have in themselves the means to sow the good and spread light. Even in those days, a task was entrusted to each tribe and its spiritual gifts were revealed to them, so that all might unitedly offer the Father a fruit of submission, harmony and faith.

66 Beloved people, I provide you with everything you need for your wanderings. Your travel bag will be overflowing with My blessings, and you should not fear that they will run out. But if the shortage should arise to put your faith to the test, you should not forget that Israel learned from Moses in the First Days that whoever trusts in the Lord never perishes.

67 Watch and pray, Israel! O people who are destined to carry the banner of spiritualization through the world, learn to carry the tabernacle of the covenant in your heart, the ark of the covenant in your spirit, and the law in your conscience.

68 Go and proclaim to your brethren that the hour of freedom has come, and that that voice which is heard in the silence of the night is the voice of Elijah, who hastens from one end of the world to the other, waking the souls that have fallen asleep. Have no fear of the mockery and derision of your brethren; but if the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before you.

My peace be with you!

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