BTL - Volume III - Teaching 80

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 80:
1. O My people: I have poured upon you My happiness to hold
and make you hear My Word. I have made a feast day in this period
of commemoration so that when you cease to hear My Word, you
will be prepared and that your reunions may be like a fraternal
banquet of, which will be attended by those who did not listen to
this voice and will come seeking you. And when My Word is heard
with all its purity and essence by the multitudes, they will exclaim:
Truly the Holy Spirit poured the light upon us and they will
understand My teaching when I said: "Man does not live from bread
alone but from every word that comes from God".
2. Now they will not bend their knees to pray because they will
have learned to elevate their thoughts in search of a spiritual
communication with their Master. Your spirit shall become strong
and during the time of struggle he will be tireless, sowing the Divine
word by means of deeds, words and thoughts; he will go in search of
the needy to convey to them a spiritual message; on other occasions
from the corner of his chamber he will fulfill his mission praying for
his brethren.
3. There will be times of suffering when many of those men
who believe themselves prepared to sustain Mankind spiritually, will
do nothing or very little because they have been occupied only in
filling the minds with knowledge and science of the world, and have
left an emptiness in the hearts.
4. You who hear Me shall prepare the way for those who will
receive Me in Spirit. It was not by chance that brought before My
presence those who received My teaching, just as it will neither be a
coincidence that there will be a development of the spiritual gifts in
those who will feel My presence without the need of a human
5. Sensitivity, presentiment, revelation, prophecy, inspiration,
spiritual vision, healing, gift of speech, all of that and other
additional gifts will pour out from the spirit, and through them men
will confirm that a new era has been unfolded before Humanity.
6. Today you doubt the existence of those gifts because there are
some who hide them from the world fearing their judgment;
tomorrow it shall be the most natural and beautiful thing to possess
them. I come to you during this Third Era because you are ill in
body and spirit. The healthy one has no need of the doctor, nor does
the just one require purification.
7. My charity has forgotten all the offenses that Mankind has
hurled against Me, and My love has poured out tirelessly to give it
life. The centuries have passed over generations and more
generations of sinners, of fratricides, and when man is losing hope
of obtaining salvation, I have come still confiding in you because I
know that you will finally have to love Me. Your love will save you
in this era.
8. Today the Father will not ask: Who can and is ready to rescue
the human race with his blood? Neither will Jesus answer: Lord, I
am the Lamb who is ready to trace with My blood and My love, the
path of restitution of Mankind.
9. Neither will I send My Living Word to incarnate during this
era. That Era has already passed for you and it left its teaching and
elevation within your spirit. Now I have opened a new phase of
spiritual progress in which you will be the ones who will make
10. The Word of God, who is Spirit, light and life, humbly
descended from His Kingdom during that Era to speak close by to
His children. Insofar as His Body, Christ was an example of
humility among men. As for His Spirit, He was perfection.
11. When the last instant on Earth came about for the Lamb,
with the same humility with which He accepted His mission, He
said to the Father: "All is consummated!" That sacrifice is the
greatest lesson of love and charity that I bequeathed to Mankind.
That act was like a seed, which fell upon every spirit.
12. Why are there some who wait for the Spirit of Truth as a
Man, to carry out that sacrifice again? During this Era I have come
in Spirit, just as I promised, to pour My light among Mankind in a
form of inspiration so that they, illuminated by that light, may be
saved by their own merits. Does it seem difficult for you to love and
help one another during your lifetime?
13. I do not ask that you leave everything as I asked those who
followed Me in the Second Era, among which, he who had his
parents left them, he who had a spouse left her; they abandoned their
home, their riverbank, their boats and their nets; they left everything
in order to follow Jesus. Neither am I saying that it is necessary for
you to shed your blood in this period.
14. I have told you that there, where one of you resides, he can
do a great deal each day. Seek within the most intimate part of your
being the noble and virtuous fibers that I have placed within each of
the sons of My Divinity; that fiber is not of the heart, it is the spirit.
15. Do not forget that your origin is in My love. Today your
heart is hardened because of the egotism, but when it becomes
sensitive again to every spiritual inspiration, it will feel love toward
its fellowmen and will experience someone else pain as if it were its
own. Then you will be capable of complying with the precept that
says to you: "Love one another".
16. That is My weapon, that of love, the one that I have never
concealed from you, the one which I have always shown you in the
fight against the darkness of sin. He who wishes to be My warrior
let him take up the sword of love. Only thus shall I be able to speak
to a people who throughout the centuries and the ages have forged
themselves through suffering.
17. Your spirit has managed to calm down and only waits and
confides in My will.
18. During this era Elijah came as the forerunner to prepare the
spirit of man for My communication with him. The word of Elijah
awakens, startles and alerts you because his light is like that of a ray
of light.
19. Your spirit during this Era is capable of comprehending who
is Elijah. It has been some time ago that you left your spiritual
infancy. It has been faith and intuition which have made you feel My
presence and each one of My manifestations during this period when
My Doctrine will give men true greatness, not the false one that the
world gives, but rather that which comes from humility and virtue.
20. A delicate mission awaits each one arises to follow Me.
Without a cross no one can imitate Me; but verily I say to you that
the cross that I place upon your shoulders, shall not be to humble
you but to sustain you along the pathway of the cross of your life.
He who throws away his cross, will have to fall; he who loves it,
will reach his goal; he who carries it on Earth up to the moment of
heaving his last sigh, at that instant he will behold how his cross
sustains, elevates and guides him to Me. Anyone who is surprised by
death carrying the cross upon his shoulders, shall not fear
penetrating the unfathomable. There, many mysteries that man was
unable to decipher will be dissipated. Do you believe that the Father
prefers that you be ignorant on Earth? No, My people; I am a
constant revelation of mysteries before men, but they are obstinate
in being blind in face of the evidence and deaf to My voice.
21. Those who believe in Me know that I am clean and just; but
since man loves what is unjust, impurity attracts him and sin tempts
him; he prefers the liberty of his passions rather than the
illumination of his spirit. The attraction that sin has over man is
similar to that which you feel before the emptiness and the
profoundness of an abyss. How difficult salvation seems to the one
who has submerged and does not know Me, and how easy it seems
to others to save themselves thinking that on the last moment of
their life, it will be enough for them to confess their faults to obtain
absolution and conquer a place in the Kingdom of the Father!
22. You must know that blemishes are only washed by the water
of repentance, not the fear of justice; that what draws near the
Father is the reparation of all faults of the repentant spirit.
23. Everyone believes in Me, even though not everyone
confesses it nor everyone loves Me. Do not believe in the atheist; I
do not contemplate atheists nor do they exist; the flesh may deny
Me, but not the spirit. Will some man deny his blood father even if
he has not known him? So, neither will the spirit be able to deny his
spiritual Father, even when he does not know Him. Could a fruit
exist that had not been in the tree previously?
24. Since the beginning of time I teach and judge you with love.
If you improperly call My justice punishment or sentence, then I say
to you that I punish and sentence you with love. I speak to you this
way because you live during a period when it does not have to be
fear of My justice that will guide you toward the fulfillment of My
mandates, but rather a closer approach to My love, to My Law, for
in it is the love toward your Father. However, if you wish for My
laws not to judge you, know them through My teaching and live by
them. How do you expect to live freely outside of the pathway
without being surprised by suffering? He who breaks the laws is
instantly touched because of them. Do you want a greater proof of
25. This Nature that I have entrusted to you is a true fountain of
life and health; drink of its waters and you will live without any
afflictions; you will have strength, light and happiness in your
journey and your spirit shall fulfill its destiny better. How can you
pretend to be healthy of body and spirit, if you do not seek these
benefits there where they are? You seek health for your body
through a doctor of this Earth, whose heart does not always harbor
charity and you seek the health of the spirit, parting with something
material to offer it in exchange for your tranquility before the voice
of your conscience.
26. Verily I say to you that Nature has a bosom like that of a
loving mother; while you live within it be rejoiced because the spirit
also shares the enjoyments of the flesh through which the Father
gives him so many and so beautiful lessons of love.
27. Today Mankind lives separated from every fountain of life;
behold their affliction. Then the world believes that I should remove
My justice from among men so that peace and happiness will return
to them, when all you have to do is to return to the pathway of the
Law. Man says that he goes in search of an ideal, and I say to him: Is
it possible for him to attain that ideal if he travels along a path
without light?
28. Men have created a world to their liking, to their will. I have
allowed it so as not to deprive them of their freedom of choice;
however, they themselves will destroy that world as proof that they
built upon quicksand. How is it possible the powerful say, that so
much power can be extinguished? And nevertheless, kingdoms,
thrones, scepters, sciences and wealth will collapse. A feeble gust
and only history shall gather the ashes of so much false grandeur.
29. I call your world false, because while your face smiles; you
carry within your heart, when not filled with bitterness, certainly
with bad will. And if you have done this with the human existence,
what can you say how much you have done or failed to do,
concerning the life and laws which correspond to your spirit? You
have let him go so far from the fountain of eternal life, of the truth,
of justice and love which are in your Creator, that instead of being
the Lord in the world and over the physical, he has passed on to
become an offended and humiliated slave. The spirit has remained
submissive to the weaknesses and inclinations of the flesh. He has
come to yield to the love that he feels for the body to which he finds
himself bonded. In spite of the love that the spirit feels for the
world, in spite of the extreme materialism he has reached, there isn’t
anyone who has not felt, even for an instant, a wish of penetrating
beyond this life, into the Spiritual Realm. There isn't anyone who
has not had from here an instant of elevation, who has not had a
presentiment of the existence and the peace of that life. My spiritual
revelations in this world are an invitation to My Realm.
30. The day shall come when all Humanity will know My
teaching. Many will deny it and will even say that it was the tempter
who inspired these lessons; but when it is believed and practiced by
one of My children, they will behold the emergence of good fruits
from those who denied Me as a testimony of this truth.
31. Be healthy of body and spirit and you will imitate the good
patriarchs, those who knew how to render their offering to the
Father and found rejoicing complying with their earthly duties. I
speak to you people, and I speak to Humanity. Even while listening
to Me, you are not completely on the right path, instead you try to
walk with your right foot on My path, while with the other you walk
outside of it.
32. I say to everyone: "I am Health, I am the Way, the Truth and
the Life".
33. The spirit of Elijah guides you toward My presence and he
helps you to be deserving that I come among you. Do not deny
Elijah during this Era, as you denied Christ during the Second Era
and Moses in the First.
34. Keep in mind that Elijah comes to remove the veil with
which you covered many mysteries, so you may behold the splendor
of your Father.
35. Be humble and obedient so that you can give time for your
spirit to fulfill his mission. He is the possessor of the light of
experience, of the evolution and the knowledge.
36. The spirit is born in Me; he has his infancy, his development
and his plentitude, contrary to the flesh that ages and dies; he always
grows in knowledge and in love that is, perfection. You know you
have emerged from Me, but you do not know how; you also know
that you must return to the Father, but you do not know in what
manner. Those are My high judgments, they are the secret that you
must respect.
37. I have placed greatness in man, but not the one that he seeks
on Earth. The greatness that I speak of is sacrifice, love, humility
and charity. Man continually flees from those virtues withdrawing
from his true greatness and from the dignity that the Father has
given him as His son.
38. You avoid humility because you believe it to signify
smallness. You evade ordeals because misery frightens you, without
realizing that they come only to liberate your spirit. You also avoid
the spiritual because you believe that by delving deeper into that
knowledge means wasting your time, not knowing that you despise a
light superior to all human science.
39. That is why I have told you that there are many who even
though they swear that they love Me they do not love Me, and
saying they believe Me they do not have faith; they have come to
tell Me that they are ready to follow Me, but they want to follow Me
without a cross. And I have said to them: Anyone who wants to
follow Me, let him take up his cross and follow Me. Anyone who
embraces his cross with love will reach the summit of the Mountain
where he will breathe his last sigh on this Earth in order to be
resurrected to the eternal life.
40. The spiritual life that is yearned by many is feared, denied
and even mocked by others; but impassible, it awaits for everyone.
It is a bosom that shields you, arms that embrace you, the homeland
of the spirit; it is a profound mystery even for the wise, but in My
Arcanum you can enter as long as the key that you use to open the
door is that of love.
41. Understand that since the beginning of the existence of man,
the Father has been for His son an everlasting revelation of
mysteries. Be rejoiced thinking that if in so many eras of your life
man has not reached the limits of his science; when he penetrates
into the pathways of spirituality he will eternally be finding new
beautiful attractions, new marvels, new beings, different mansions
that will allow the son to love his Creator with greater perfection
each time, with a love like I have for you. Because of that sentiment
so pure and great that I feel for Mankind I became Man so that you
would have Me close. But after that sacrifice I see that men of these
times are deaf, blind and ungrateful toward that love; that they have
created for themselves a world where they will not have to comply
with My precepts, with My just laws, with My Doctrine of love.
42. An abyss attracts men, it seduces them toward what is
prohibited, and they take up their freedom of will in their own way.
Thus to such a Humanity, yielding to their passions, interests and
earthly pleasures, its undoing would seem unpardonable. For the
spirit it seems very difficult to be saved and he does not comprehend
that in the Divine justice in the love of His Father, he can find the
pathway wherein he will be purified, elevated and saved.
43. All of Mankind believes in My existence because they have
a spirit and preserve the intuition that I exist. Even he who denies
Me believes in Me because My presence is in him and in all that
surrounds him. But man has succumbed under material impulses
and temptations. The darkness, which he has thus formed are those
that do not permit this Humanity to contemplate the splendor with
which the Holy Spirit approaches them during this era. But there
shall be no human force or spirit that will overcome My power, My
light or My love. And when the children appear sobbing before the
Father, some will ask for forgiveness and forgiven they shall be
because of their humility; others will approach to ask Me: Father,
why have you punished me? To these I will say: I never punish
anyone, you have only gathered along your path what you have
sowed on it; you were unable to preserve health for your body and
spirit, and he who defies or violates My laws, judges himself
through them.
44. Live in harmony with the natural laws and with the spiritual
laws and you will always be healthy of body and spirit.
45. Today Mankind possesses much science, but with it they
have created a strange world that separates them from what is
natural, from the fountain of life, from the elements of Nature that I
have entrusted to them for their conservation and recreation. How
can man who lives that way be healthy of body and spirit?
46. The Earth is like a mother who opens her arms to receive
you from the first instant that you are born; the air that you breathe
from it is similar to My Divine breath. The sun king, majestic in its
greatness like a torch of fire, is an image of the Omnipotent Being
because it is light, warmth and life. You have in this Nature the
water that is similar to the truth, because it is crystalline, transparent
and pure; it calms the thirst that burns, purifies and bathes; through
its action the fields are made fertile and the seeds germinate. These
four elements united by laws of Divine wisdom form with their
unity and harmony your mansion. In order to inhabit it, to
conscientiously enjoy it and identify yourselves with its laws, man
was blessed with all the attributes, powers and senses necessary for
his existence.
47. Then why, if you are certain that I love you, you call Me
unjust when you suffer because of your fault, and you say that the
Father punishes you?
48. My love is immutable, it cannot be greater because it is
perfect, nor can it ever decrease. I have given you proof of this by
granting you this existence, which is your shelter and that is always
generous and maternal to you. Have you lacked sunlight for one
single day? Has the air ceased to vivify you? Have the seas gone dry
or the rivers ceased to flow, whose liquid bathes all the Earth? And
the planet in its evolutions has it whirled under your feet to hurl you
into space at any time?
49. I have not been mistaken in what I have done; man has
certainly mistaken his route and his existence, but soon he will
return to Me like the prodigal son who squandered all his
inheritance. With his science he has created a new world, a false
kingdom. He has made laws, he has set up his throne and has
appropriated for himself a crown and a scepter. But how fleeting and
deceiving is his splendor! A weak gust of My justice is enough for
their foundations to be shaken and all their empire to crumble.
Nevertheless, the kingdom of peace, of justice and of love, is very
distant from the heart of Mankind, who has not been able to conquer it.
50. The pleasure and the satisfactions, which their work
provides for men, are fictitious. In their heart there is pain,
uneasiness and disappointment, which are hidden behind the mask
of their smile. This is what has been done with the human existence,
and regarding the life of the spirit and the laws that govern him, they
have been distorted forgetting that there are also forces and elements
that vivify the spirit with which man should be in contact to endure
the ordeals and temptations and withstand all the obstacles and
disappointments along the road of his ascent toward what is perfect.
51. That light from the infinite that reaches every spirit does not
originate from the sun; the strength that the spirit receives from the
Hereafter is not an emanation of the earth; the fountain of love, of
truth and of health which calms the thirst for knowledge of the spirit
is not the water of your oceans or your water springs. The
environment that surrounds you is not only material, it is an
emanation, breath and inspiration which the human spirit receives
directly from the Creator of everything, from the One who has
created life and governs it with His perfect and immutable laws.
52. If man would put a bit of good will to return to the pathway
of truth he would instantly feel, as an incentive, the caress of peace;
but the spirit, when he materializes himself under the influence of
the flesh, succumbs within its clutches, and instead of being the lord
of this existence, the helmsman who guides his vessel, he comes to
be a slave of the inclinations and human tendencies and a stranded
victim in the midst of the storm.
53. I have already told you that the spirit is before the flesh, as
the body is before the garment. That body that you possess is merely
a passing adornment of the spirit.
54. No one has been born by chance, and as humble, awkward
or small that he believes himself to be, he has been created by the
grace of the Supreme Being, who loves him equally as other beings
whom he considers superior and he has a destiny that will take him,
like all others, to the bosom of God.
55. Do you see those men who like outcasts cross the streets,
dragging along their vice and misery, not knowing who they are nor
where they are going? Do you know of men who still dwell in
jungles surrounded by beasts? Not one of them is forgotten by My
charity; all of them have a mission to fulfill, all of them possess the
origin of evolution and are in the path where their merits, efforts and
struggles will guide the spirit to Me from step to step.
56. Who is he who has not wished for My peace, even if it were
only for an instant, longing to liberate himself from this earthly life?
Every spirit feels nostalgia for the world that he previously
inhabited, for the home where he was born. That world waits for all
of My children inviting them to enjoy the eternal life that some wish
for, while others merely wait for death to cease to be, because they
bear a confused spirit and live without hope and without faith. What
can encourage these beings to fight for their regeneration? What can
awake in them the longing for eternity? They only wait for the
nonexistence, the silence and the end.
57. However, the light of the world, the way and the life have
returned to resurrect you with My forgiveness, to caress your
fatigued brow, to comfort your heart and make the one who felt
unworthy of living, to listen to My voice which says to him: I love
you, come to Me!
58. But just as I awaken in you a yearning for eternity and
perfection, I also say to you: Just because of this, you must not
believe that I want you to be unaware of the material life. Do not
interpret My teachings erroneously. Everything that was created and
placed on Earth is for your happiness.
59. The patriarchs and the just taught you with their example to
live happily on Earth, enjoying the natural benefits and also
complying with the spiritual law. Imitate them and you will again be
healthy and strong; I want a strong people among you who will rise
to fight and defend the truth; if I would teach you to separate from
Nature then it would turn against you.
60. In God there exists no contradiction even when men believe
sometimes to find them within My teachings. To help you
understand them I have come to open your eyes to the light, saying
to you: If you want health for your body return to the arms of mother
Nature from where your body emerged, in whose bosom you were
cradled, and where you shall blend when you again are received
within its bowels. I have also said: If you want to possess a strong
and healthy spirit and the hope of attaining the reward that I have
promised you, practice My law, complying with the precepts which
61. To comply with My Law it is not enough that you speak
about Me, nor is it enough for you to be the great analyzers of My
Works to believe that you are My apostles because the greater shall
be before Me that humble person who does not know how to
express My Word but who on the other hand, is able to practice love
and charity among his brethren.
62. In the Second Era only three years of teaching and twelve
men were enough for Me to convert Mankind. Today many years of
preparation and a multitude of disciples have not been enough.
63. The fact is that you are materialized. Only five minutes you
think of Me and the rest of the time you dedicate it to your earthly
64. I re-encourage you so that you will not stop in your
progress. Be watchful, for soon you shall behold how the lords of
the world will become extinct and when they are gone, the slaves
will disappear. Then Mankind will begin to consider itself as only
one family. From the heart of men will pour out an atom of good
will among one another and peace will return to them.
65. 0! lost spirits, spirits without peace and without a Law,
come! It is not darkness or the nothingness that awaits you; it is My
love of a Father, it is the Universal concert.
My Peace be with you!