BTL - Volume III - Teaching 80

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 80:

1 People, I have showered you with My favours to restrain you and make you hear My Word I have celebrated a feast in this time of remembrance so that when you no longer hear My Word, you will be prepared and your meetings will be like a feast of brotherhood, to which those who did not hear this voice and who come here longing for you will rush. But when my word once reaches the crowds in all its purity and spirit-essence, they will cry out: "The Holy Spirit has indeed poured out light upon us! And they will understand My teaching, in which I told you: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from

God is coming."

2 They will no longer kneel down to pray, for they will have learned to send up their thoughts in the desire for spiritual communion with their master. Your spirit will grow stronger; in the time of battle it will be tireless in spreading the divine word through works, words and thoughts. It will seek out the needy to bring them a spiritual message. Another time he will fulfill his mission in the seclusion of his sleeping chamber by praying for his brothers.

3 There are times of pain coming when many people who consider themselves prepared to give spiritual support to men will be able to do nothing or very little, because they have been busy only filling their minds with the scholarship and science of the world, leaving their hearts empty.

4 You who hear me should prepare the way for those who will receive me in spirit. It has not been chance that brought into my presence those who have received my teaching, any more than chance will develop the spiritual gifts in those who are to feel my presence without the need of a human voice bearer.

5 Sensitivity, presentiment, revelation, prophecy, inspiration, seership, healing gift, inner word - all these and other gifts will come forth from the Spirit, and through them men will confirm that a new time has dawned for men.

6 Today you doubt that these gifts of the Spirit exist, because some hide them from the world, fearing its opinion; tomorrow it will be the most natural and beautiful thing to possess them. I come to you in this third time because you are sick in body and soul. The healthy man has no need of a physician, nor the righteous man of purification.

7 My Father's love has forgotten all the insults which mankind has hurled at Me, and My love has flowed inexhaustibly to give its life centuries have passed over many generations of sinners, of fratricides, and as man loses more and more hope to find salvation, I come and continue to put My trust in you, because I know that you will love Me in the end Your love will save you in this time.

8 Today the Father does not ask: who is able and willing to save the human race with his blood? Nor will Jesus answer: Lord, I am the Lamb who is ready to pave the way for the atonement of mankind with His blood and His love.

9 Nor will I send My "Word" to become man in this time. This age is over for you and left his teaching and upward development in your spirit. Now I have initiated a new epoch of spiritual progress, in which you are to be those who acquire merits.

10 The "Word" of God, which is spirit, light, and life, came down from His kingdom willingly at that time to speak directly to His children. Christ was an example of humility among men in regard to His physical-earthly nature; in regard to His Spirit, He was perfection.

11 When the last moment on earth came for "The Lamb", he spoke to the Father with the same meekness with which he accepted his mission: "All things are accomplished. That sacrifice is the greatest teaching of love and mercy that I have given to mankind. That work was like a seed that fell on every soul.

12 Why do some expect the Spirit of Truth as man to accomplish that sacrifice anew? In this time I came in spirit - as I offered - to pour out My light in the form of inspiration among men, so that these, enlightened by this light, may find salvation through their own merits. Does it seem difficult to love you and to help you in life?

13 I do not demand of you to leave everything behind, as I demanded of those who followed Me in the Second Age Among them, some left their parents, another his companion; they left their house, their shores, their fishing boat and their nets; they left all these to follow Jesus. Neither do I tell you that it is necessary that you shed your blood in this time.

14 I have told you that where each one of you dwells, he can do much day by day Seek in the innermost part of your being the good core which I have put in each of the children of My Divinity; this core does not belong to the heart but to the spirit.

15 Do not forget that your origin is in My love. Today your heart is hardened by selfishness, but when it once again becomes receptive to every spiritual inspiration, it will feel love for its neighbor and sympathize with stranger pain as if it were its own. Then you will be able to fulfill the commandment that tells you: "Love one another.

16 This is My weapon: that of love, which I have never hidden from you, which I always show clearly in the struggle against the darkness of sin. Whoever wants to be My soldier, seize the sword of love. So I can speak only to a people who have been forged in pain over centuries and ages.

17 Your spirit has managed to be seized, and it hopes and trusts only my will.

18 At this time Elijah came as a forerunner to prepare the spirit of man for the union with me. The word of Elijah awakens you, shakes you up and makes you alert, for his light is like a ray of lightning.

19 Your spirit in this day and age is able to comprehend who Elijah is. You have long since left spiritual childhood behind you. It is faith and prescience that made you feel My presence and every one of My revelations in this time in which My teaching will give men true greatness - not the false one that the world gives, but the one that springs from humility and virtue.

20 A difficult task awaits everyone who sets out and follows Me. Without the cross no one can have Me as an example; but verily, I tell you, the cross which I lay on your shoulders is not to depress you but to sustain you on the painful way of your life. The one who throws his cross from himself will have to fall, the one who loves it will reach the goal, the one who carries it on earth until the moment he breathes his life out will experience at this moment how his cross lifts him up, carries him up and leads him to me. Everyone who is surprised by death while carrying his cross on his shoulders need have no fear of falling into the unknown. There many mysteries will dissolve, which man could not decipher. Do you think the Father prefers you ignorant people on earth? No, people, I am for men a constant source of revelation of secrets. But these insist on being blind to the obvious and deaf to my voice.

21 Those who believe in Me know that I am pure and righteous; but since man loves evil, the unclean attracts him and tempts him to sin He prefers the freedom of his passions to the enlightenment of the soul. The attraction that sin has for man is similar to that which you feel in the face of emptiness and the depth of an abyss. How difficult it seems to him who has fallen down and does not know Me to save himself, and how easy it seems to others to save themselves, thinking that it is enough for them to confess their transgressions at the last moment of their lives to obtain forgiveness of sins and to take a place in the kingdom of the Lord!

22 Know that only the water of repentance washes away the stains of shame, not the fear of judgment; that what brings you nearer to the Lord is the making amends of a repentant soul for all its transgressions.

23 All believe in Me, even if not all confess it, not all love Me. Do not believe in the atheist, I see no atheists, and they cannot exist. The "flesh" may deny me, but not the spirit. Can any man deny his bodily father, even if he has not known him? Nor can the spirit deny his spiritual Father, even if he does not know him. Can there be a tree fruit that would not have been on the tree before?

24 From the beginning of times I teach and judge you with love. If you improperly call My righteousness punishment or condemnation, I tell you that I punish and judge you with love. - I speak to you in this way because you are living in a time when it is no longer fear of My righteousness that should make you obey My commandments, but turning to My love, to My law, because in it is the love of your Father. But if you want that my laws do not judge you, get to know them through my teaching and live according to them. How do you want to live at your own discretion off the way, without unexpected pain hitting you? Whoever violates the laws is immediately afflicted by them.

Do you want even greater proofs of love?

25 This nature, which I have entrusted to you, is a real source of life and health. Drink water, and you will live without tribulations; you will have strength, light, and joy on your path of life, and your spirit will better fulfill its destiny. How can you claim to be healthy in body and soul if you do not seek these benefits where they are? You seek the health of the body on earth with the physician, whose heart does not always contain mercy, and you seek the health of the soul by renouncing something material to give it away in the face of the voice of your conscience.

26 Verily, I tell you, nature has a bosom similar to that of a loving mother; refresh yourselves in it while you live in it, for the soul also participates in the delights of the body through which the Lord gives you so many and such beautiful teachings of love

27 Today mankind lives far from every source of life, hence its tribulation. As a result, the world believes that I should end My righteousness among men so that peace and well-being may return to them, while all you have to do is to return to the way of the law. Man says that he is striving for an ideal, but I say to him, "Is it possible to achieve this ideal by walking on a path without light?

28 Men have created a world according to their imagination, according to their will. I have let them go so as not to rob them of their free will; but this world they will destroy themselves, as proof that they have built on quicksand. "How should it be possible," say the mighty, "that so much power should be wiped out? And yet, empires, thrones, sceptres, science, and riches will perish. A faint breath, and only historiography will still collect the remnants of so much wrong size!

29 False I call your world; for while your face laughs, your heart is - if not full of bitterness, then full of evil-will. And if you have already done this from human life - what can you say about all you have done and omitted in regard to life and laws that affect your spirit? You have allowed him to be so far removed from the source of eternal life, from the truth, justice and love that are in your Creator, that although he is to be the Lord in the world and above the material world, he has become an oppressed and humiliated slave. The spirit is thus subject to the weaknesses and inclinations of the body. He has finally given in because of the love he feels for the flesh to which he is bound. Despite the love the soul feels for the world, despite the excessive materialism it has attained, there is not one who, even for a moment, has not felt the desire to penetrate beyond this life into the spiritual world. There is not one who has not already had a moment of inner elevation here, who has not foreseen the existence and peace of that life. My spiritual revelations in this world are an invitation into my kingdom.

30 The day will come when all mankind will know My teaching. Many will deny it and even say that it was the tempter who entered these teachings. But if they are believed and practiced by one of My children, it will be experienced how even those who denied Me will bear good fruit as a testimony of this truth.

31 Be healthy in body and soul and take as your example the good patriarchs, those who knew how to offer their sacrifice to the Father and took pleasure in carrying out their duties on earth. I speak to you, people, and I speak to mankind. To you, the people of Israel, I speak because, although you listen to Me, you do not walk entirely on the right path, but try to walk with your right foot on My path while walking with the other beside it.

32 I say to you all: I am health, I am the way, the truth and the life.

33 The spirit of Elijah leads you into My presence and helps you to become worthy that I come to you. Do not reject Elijah in this time, as you rejected Christ in the second time and Moses in the first.

34 Remember that Elijah has removed the veil with which you covered many mysteries, that you may see the glory of the Father.

35 Be gentle and obedient, that you may give your spirit the opportunity to fulfil its task. He is the owner of the light of experience, development, and knowledge.

36 The Spirit is born in Me, it has its childhood, its unfolding and its fullness; in contrast to the "flesh" which ages and dies, it always increases in knowledge and in love, that is, in perfection. You know that you have come forth from Me, but you do not know how. You also know that you must return to the Father, but you do not know in what way. These are My high counsels, are the mystery that you are to respect.

37 I have put greatness in man, but not that which he seeks on earth. The greatness I speak of is sacrifice, love, humility, mercy. Man constantly flees these virtues, thus turning away from his true greatness and the dignity which the Father has given him as His child.

38 Humility flees from you because you believe that it means wretchedness. You flee trials because misery frightens you, without realizing that it will set your soul free. You also flee the spiritual because you think that it is a waste of time to delve into this knowledge, not realizing that you despise a higher light than any human science.

39  That is why I have told you that there are many who, despite their assertion to love me, do not love me, and although they claim to believe in me, have no faith. They have gone so far as to tell Me that they are ready to follow Me, but they want to follow Me without a cross. But I have told them that everyone who wants to follow me should take up his cross and follow me. Everyone who embraces his cross with love will reach the summit of the mountain, where he will breathe out the last breath on this earth to rise to eternal life.

40 The spiritual life, which is longed for by some, is feared, denied and even mocked by others; but it inevitably awaits you all. It is the womb that receives all, the arm that reaches out to you, the homeland of the Spirit - an unfathomable mystery even to the learned. But my secrets can be penetrated whenever the key you use to open this gate is that of love.

41 Understand that from the beginning of man's existence the Father has been a constant revelation of secrets to the child. Rejoice in the thought that if man has not reached the limits of his science in so many ages of your life (on earth), he will also eternally discover new beauties, new wonders, new beings, other worlds, as soon as he enters the paths of spiritualization. These new experiences will cause the child to love its Creator with ever greater perfection, with a love similar to that which I have for you. Because of this so pure and great feeling I have for humanity, I became man so that you would have me close to you. But after that sacrifice I see that the people of this time are deaf, blind and ungrateful to that love, that they have created for themselves a world where they do not need to obey My commandments, My righteous laws, My teaching of love.

42 The abyss attracts men, the forbidden entices them, they make use of their freedom of will in their own way. Their downfall seems inevitable to a mankind that is so addicted to the passions, the striving for profit and the pleasures of the earth. To the soul it seems very difficult to find salvation, and it does not understand that it can find in Divine Justice, in the love of its Father, the way by which it purifies itself, develops upward, and finds salvation.

43 All men believe in my existence because they possess spirit and have kept the deep inner knowledge that I exist. Even he who denies me believes in me, because my presence is in him and in everything that surrounds him. But man has succumbed to material incentives and temptations. And the darkness which he has created in this way is that which does not permit mankind to see the splendor with which the Holy Spirit approaches it at this time. But there will be no human power and no spirit to defeat my power, my light or my love. But when the children come before the Father sobbing, some will ask forgiveness, and they will be forgiven for their humility; others will ask me, "Father, why have you punished me? To them I will say: I never punish; you have reaped in your way only what you have sown on it. You were not able to preserve the health of body and soul; but whoever challenges My laws or violates them judges himself by them.

44 Live in harmony with the laws of nature and the spiritual laws, and you will always be healthy in body and soul.

45 Mankind today possesses much science, but with it it has created a strange world, which separates it from what is natural, from the source of life, from the elements of nature, which I have entrusted to it for its preservation and refreshment How can a person who lives like this be healthy in body and soul?

46 The earth is like a mother who spreads out her arms to embrace you from the moment of your birth; the air you breathe on it is similar to My Divine Breath; the majestic royal star, in its splendour like a torch of fire, is an image of the Almighty, for it is light, warmth and life In this your nature you also have the water, which is like the Truth because it is crystal clear, transparent and pure; it quenches the tormenting thirst, purifies and purifies; under its action the fields become fertile and the seeds germinate. These four elements, united by laws of Divine Wisdom, form your home in their unity and harmony. In order to live on it, to enjoy it consciously and to live in complete harmony with its laws, I bestowed upon man abundantly with all the qualities, powers and senses necessary for life.

47  Wherefore, if you are certain that I love you, why do you call Me unjust when you suffer through your own fault, saying that the Father chastises you?

48 My love is unchanging, it cannot be greater because it is perfect, nor can it ever become less. I have given you the proof of this when I granted you this life, which is your shelter and which is always lavish and motherly towards you. Did you miss the light of the sun for a single day? Has the air at any time not enlivened you? Are the seas dried up, or do the rivers no longer flow, whose waters wash over the whole earth? And the planet in its revolutions, did it at any time escape from under your feet to throw you into the void?

49 I have not erred in what I have created, but man has missed the way and the life marked out; but soon he will return to Me like the Prodigal Son who wasted all his inheritance With his science he has created a new world, a false kingdom. He has made laws, he has established a throne for himself, and has equipped himself with a scepter and a crown. But how perishable and deceitful is his glory: a faint breath of My righteousness is enough to shake his foundations and cause his whole kingdom to crumble. Yet the kingdom of peace, justice and love is far from the human heart, which it could not win.

50 The pleasures and satisfactions that the work of men gives them are only imaginary. The pain, restlessness and disappointment that hide behind the mask of smiles gnaws at their hearts. This has been made of human life, and as far as the life of the spirit and the laws governing it are concerned, these have been twisted because people have forgotten that there are also forces and elements which animate the spirit and with which man must remain in contact in order to withstand the trials and temptations and to confront all obstacles and adversities on his ascent to perfection.

51 This light that reaches every spirit from infinity does not come from the royal star; the power that the spirit receives from the hereafter is not the outpouring of the earth; the source of love, truth, and health that quenches the spirit's thirst for knowledge is not the water of your seas or your springs; the atmosphere that surrounds you is not only material, it is outflow, breath and inspiration that the human spirit receives directly from the Creator of all things, from the One who created life and rules it with His perfect and unchanging laws.

52 If man would make a little good will to return to the way of truth, he would instantly feel the caress of peace as an incentive. But whenever the soul materializes under the influence of matter, it succumbs to its claws, and instead of being the master of this life, the helmsman who steers his ship, it becomes a slave to human weaknesses and inclinations and suffers shipwreck in the storms.

53 I have already told you that the soul comes before the body, as the body comes before clothing. This matter which you possess is only a temporary clothing of the soul.

54 No one is born by chance, and no matter how insignificant, incapable, and poor a person may think himself, he was created by the grace of the Supreme Being, who loves him as much as he loves those beings he thinks superior, and he has a destiny that will lead him, like all, to the bosom of God.

55 Do you see those men who go about in the streets as outcasts, carrying with them vices and misery, not knowing who they are and where they are going? Do you know about the people who still live in the woods, lurked by predators? No one is forgotten by my Father's love; they all have a task to fulfill, they all possess the germ of development and are on the path where merit, effort and struggle will bring the spirit to me step by step.

56 Where is there anyone who - even if only for a single moment - has not longed for My peace and has not wished to be freed from earthly life? Every spirit is homesick for the world he inhabited before, for the home in which he was born. That world awaits all My children and invites them to enjoy eternal life, which some long for while others only expect death, only to cease to be because they have a confused soul and live without hope and without faith. What could move these beings to fight for their renewal? What could awaken in them the longing for eternity? They only expect to cease to be, to remain silent and to end.

57 But the "light of the world" has returned, "the way and the truth," to resurrect you to life through His forgiveness, to caress your tired face, to console your heart and cause that he who did not consider himself worthy of existing hears My voice telling him: I love you, come to Me!

58 But just as I awaken in you a longing for eternity and perfection, I also tell you: therefore do not believe that I want you to disregard material life Do not misinterpret My teachings. All that was created and put on earth is for your happiness.

59 The patriarchs and the righteous showed you by their example to live happily on earth, enjoying the natural goods and at the same time fulfilling the spiritual law.

Take them as an example, and you will be healthy and strong. I want to have a strong people among you who fight and defend the truth. If I were to teach you to separate yourselves from nature, it would turn against you.

60 With God there are no contradictions, even if men sometimes think they can find them in My teachings. To help you to understand them, I have opened your eyes to the Light and told you: if you desire the health of your body, return to the arms of your mother, nature, from which your bodily shell came forth, in whose womb you cradled yourselves, with which you will merge when your inner being reabsorbs you. I have also told you: if you want to possess a strong and healthy soul and hope to obtain the reward I have promised you, live My law by fulfilling the commandments which tell you: "You shall love your God with all your heart and with all your soul" and "Love one another".

61 To fulfil My Law it is not enough to speak of Me, nor is it enough that you are great explorers of My Work to believe that you are My apostles; for greater will be before Me that simple mind which does not know how to express My Word but which instead knows how to exercise love and mercy among its brethren; I am the only one who can express My Word

62 In the Second Time three years of teaching and twelve men were enough for Me to transform mankind. Today many years of preparation and a large number of disciples have not been enough.

63 The reason is that you are too much attached to material things. Only five minutes you think of Me, and the rest of the time you devote to worldly pursuits.

64 I instill new courage in you so that you do not stop on your path of development. Watch out, for soon you will experience an end with the rulers of the world, and when they step down there will be no more slaves. Then mankind will regard itself as one family. A spark of mutual good will will will burst forth from the hearts of men, and peace will come to them.

65 Stray souls, souls without peace and without law, come forward! Not darkness or nothingness is what awaits you, it is My Father's Love, it is the harmony of all worlds and beings.

My peace be with you!

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