BTL - Volume III - Teaching 77

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 77:
1. Welcome beloved laborers, who have been converted into My
companions in struggle and in work.
2. Those who have embraced this cross with love come to offer
Me the fruit of their labor, because they are happy knowing that they
serve their Father. Others arrive sad and crestfallen before Me; they
are those who upon hearing that on the streets they were called
heretics, traitors or sorcerers, were overcome with fear and shame
and since then they hide themselves from the looks of their brethren;
and when they happen to speak about My Work they do it briefly
with fear and hesitation. What fruit will these timid hearts be able to
raise and what peace will they achieve knowing they are disciples of
this Doctrine?
3. I want My disciples to be masters of themselves in all
occasions; that they testify the truth of My Doctrine before their
brethren with their deeds of love and carry their heads high and with
peace in their heart because all that will be proof of a firm
conviction of the truth that they have embraced a testimony of faith
and dignity before their brethren.
4. To those weak and afraid I come to speak to them with words
that will lift their downhearted spirit and kindle their faith. I come to
convince them that no one in the world will be able to present to
them a more perfect and spiritual Doctrine than the one I have
revealed to you in this period.
5. When that certainty penetrates within their heart they will no
longer hide themselves from the gazes of their brethren or will they
be ashamed or remain silent. They will raise their face, manifest in
their actions the light that My teaching radiates and shall not fear
anyone's judgment, because they will be at peace with their
6. I have brought to you a lesson and I have explained it with
words easy to understand so that soon you will practice it; I have
taught you maxims which on being impressed indelibly in your
heart, you will have them present during any moment of your life so
that when Humanity happens to ask you for proof, you shall give
testimony of My truth without any hesitation and without fear.
7. I have not come to offer you thrones, crowns or treasures of
the world, but rather the knowledge of the gifts for the spirit; but
verily I say to you that a single one of these gifts is worth more than
all the kingdoms of the Earth.
8. I say to you that although you know that what I have
delivered to you is of infinite value, do not become conceited
because of it; bear in mind that I, your King, being the owner of
everything created, have humbly and without any display, appeared
before you.
9. He who wishes to know about My Kingdom, to dwell in it
and possess its riches, let him conquer it with love and with
10. My Spirit invites everyone to come in search of My
Kingdom, not only the inhabitants of this nation but also men of all
nations. My seed is spread throughout the world, they are the chosen
ones with the blood of the Lamb, those who have arrived and
continue arriving among Mankind, giving the Good News,
awakening men from their lethargy and preparing the path for them.
They will raise behind them the great caravans to guide them toward
spirituality; they will go forth in front of the people like that star,
which guided the Three Kings in the Second Era, indicating to them
the birthplace of the Savior.
11. It has been predetermined that I shall manifest Myself
through each one of My marked people and My manifestations will
be of light, of power and consolation. They will be My forerunners,
My prophets, My inspired ones; they will be apostles of spirituality,
doctors, guides and advisers. All this of which I speak was already
written and predicted.
12. Here you had the envoy of the Third Era, through whose lips
Elijah spoke, who came to prepare the New Era; you had the
spokesmen through whose faculty My Word vibrated. In other
places, under different ways, they will have My message that shall
be for their spiritual preparation as this communication has been to
you.13. The message will be brief, and once delivered by those who
received it, they will have to arise and give it fulfillment with their
deeds of love.
14. Humanity shall be united spiritually through these messages,
because the essence of all of them will be only one: My Truth.
15. Let no one change or alter the meaning of My revelations so
that once the hour of your encounter arrives; you will not come
across with different interpretations.
16. You, who are receiving a clear and ample revelation, as is
My Ray of Light made word, you are in this era the most responsible
in the face of Mankind and this Work. Blessed are the disciples
faithful in My teaching, blessed are those who fervently seek My
Word, because they will be filled with wisdom.
17. There are some who attend My manifestations as a custom
and while My Word speaks to their heart, their thoughts wander
along to different places, occupied when not only in deep worries,
but also in superfluous desires. I say that you must not sleep before
My lesson, because you do not know the moment when I will call
you to fulfill a delicate mission.
18. You ask Me why I have come to communicate through the
faculty of the ignorant, and I say to you that his ignorance may be in
his uncultured mind, but not in his spirit, which is evolved. Some
will say: "Father, with what precision your prophecies are being
fulfilled". Others with sadness say to Me within their heart that they
are afraid to imitate the traitor of My apostles, forced by the heavy
burden of worries and obligations that they have on Earth. However,
I say to you: Look at Me, that having to take care of the needs of all
the worlds and all those beings that form the Universe, I still
descend among you to bring you a light, some hope or a drop of
19. I promised you during that era to return among Mankind and
here I am fulfilling that promise even though many centuries have
passed. Your spirit longed for My presence in his wish for peace, in
his hunger for truth, in his yearning for knowledge, and My Spirit
has descended to make you hear a teaching in accordance with the
period in which you live. How can men wish to keep on living as
they have done until now? It is no longer time for them to be at a
standstill spiritually nor lethargic in the practice of rituals and
20. Humanity should by now know their Father better, feeling
within their heart the suffering of their fellowmen and contemplate
with the eyes of their spirit those beings deprived of light who
wander through space filling their incarnated brethren with pain and
darkness so that they may guide them with their prayers toward the
path of spiritual progress.
21. To your left and to your right are the needy, also those dead
to a life of grace, and you let them pass by because you do not know
what to do with them; however, if you do not know what to do with
one of your brethren when you see the world wars unleashed and
pain multiplied and overflowing, what are you to do? You feel
yourselves insignificant and powerless to help those who suffer in
some way.
22. It was necessary for Me to come during this period of
suffering to remind you of forgotten teachings and to reveal new
lessons to you. It will not be necessary for you to perform miracles
as you imagine them. Verily I say to you that many times you
perform true miracles that only I know, because not even you are
aware of it.
23. I only ask that you have great faith, that you practice the
spiritual prayer and that you persevere in righteousness and your
eyes will be witnesses of great miracles.
24. I promised Mankind to return in another era and here you
have Me fulfilling My promise. I had to come again to conclude a
teaching which throughout two eras I had come revealing it to you,
and whose last part had been reserved for this Third Era.
25. It has not been your heart who has waited for Me, since it
lacked the knowledge of that promise of My return seeing that My
Word and prophecies of the Second Era remain almost hidden; it has
been your spirit who has received Me, because he preserved My
promise and was able to feel in that calling of his conscience the
presence of the Creator, appreciating the essence of the Divine
Word, when it touched the fibers of your heart.
26. This has been a period of satisfactions in which I have
wanted you to feel very close to the presence of the spiritual,
humanizing My Word, permitting to a certain limit the
materialization of the Spiritual Realm and allowing you that through
the gift of vision you would behold something of the Spiritual
Realm and also something of the future.
27. All these manifestations have momentarily dazzled your
mind, because I find you confused. You hear My word and although
it is clear you are not able to comprehend its significance; you know
that this Doctrine has descended from Me, free of every human
influence and nevertheless, you are mixing it with cults and
practices characteristic of idolatry and fanaticism; you know only
too well that this teaching is spiritual, and you would wish it to be
something tangible or visible to human eyes.
28. The torrent of light which has poured upon your spirit has
dazzled you; you still have not succeeded in finding the essence of
this revelation, but verily I say to you that this confusion will be
temporary and that as you are penetrating into the profoundness of
My Word, you will be acquiring knowledge of its truth and its
spirituality, whether on interpreting the Doctrine as well as on
practicing it.
29. Not everything has been imperfect and impure; within you
there has been something which has permitted you to feel the
message of the Third Era and that something has been your
sensitivity toward the spiritual, for which I have named you
forerunners of spirituality among the peoples of the Earth.
30. This message that you are receiving from your Master
through a spokesman has been the preliminary lesson because My
communication through this means will soon cease and then you
will begin to communicate from spirit to Spirit and you will arise in
search of towns and nations to deliver the message of spirituality
that I announced to Mankind that the Third Era is here, that the
spiritual era has arrived.
31. While you do not analyze or comprehend the Doctrine of
Spirituality, I will not permit you to rise to preach, because My
Word is a Divine seed, which must not be mixed with another seed,
nor should it be confused with straw.
32. Before the light sheds in your mind, there will be a battle
within you; but it is necessary for that struggle to take place in order
to compel you to meditate and delve deeper into My Work until you
succeed in seeing it defined and clear, until you find its truth and its
essence. When that fight ceases, when those feelings calm down and
the storm has subsided, the people will come out of the darkness
into the light to become the propagators of a Doctrine of peace, of a
teaching of knowledge, that will reveal to men the most unexpected
secrets that will help them to be great, wise, strong and spiritually
33. Seek the immortality of the spirit, practicing My Doctrine of
love. The fields are suitable to sow My seed; behold confusion
everywhere, men are like the winds which know not from whence
they come or where they are going. It was necessary for My light to
appear along the path of Mankind. The light has now been cast, I
have sent it; it remains for men to open their eyes to it.
During these moments I prepare you so that you will teach your
brethren to elevate their eyes toward the infinite where they will be
able to behold the Divine light.
34. But verily I say to you, how hardened and cold I find your
heart; in spite of listening to this celestial teaching hour after hour
the doors of your charity are still not opened. I have taught you to
visit the sick in his bed, to visit prisons and hospitals, to convey a
ray of light to those places of expiation; I have taught you to give
wise counsel or a phrase of true consolation. Do you know why I
send you to visit those places? So that those who know how to feel
their brethren’s pain may practice charity and those of cold hearts on
finding themselves before those scenes of suffering, will be touched
and thus the seed of compassion and charity may begin to germinate
in their heart.
35. Make your existence on Earth productive, so that when you
arrive before My presence you will not have to confess filled with
remorse, that you were unable to take advantage of the times and
that your life was spiritually sterile.
36. It is the moment when the conscience speaks and tells you if
you have worked with limpidity or not, if you have harmonized with
one another, if you have known how to receive the needy, the sick
and the poor with love and charity.
37. Pray, beloved disciples, so that the good inspirations will
always accompany you and tomorrow you will not fall into
temptation; I want to see you united in My Work, loving one another
and living to serve your brethren.
38. Each house of prayer where you manifest your love to Me,
is like a branch; all of them in unity form a solid tree; some are big
and strong, others are still small and weak, but all are taken into
account because from their oneness emerges a freshness, a shade
and a shelter for all travelers; may each one be watchful over his
branch, because the storms draw near, which will shake the foliage
of the tree with violence and fury. That trial is necessary so that the
dry leaves and bad fruits fall on the ground, so that when the
caravans approach, they will find a good shade for their fatigue and
seasoned fruits to satisfy their hunger.
39. The dry leaves and the bad fruits are all those practices and
habits which you have inserted into My Work, since they are not a
part of it; day by day and year by year you have forcefully practiced
them as if they are the same Law.
40. I want you to open your eyes to the truth in order for you to
become aware of the purity of My Doctrine, and little by little you
can free yourselves of everything superfluous that you have blended
into your practices.
41. The storm approaches, but it does not come to destroy you,
but rather to leave with you a very great benefit if you know how to
remain calm and take advantage of its lessons; however, if through
your fanaticism you become attached to your customs and do not
take advantage of the trial, you will remain submerged in a deep
lethargy that you will not know how long it will last; afterward a
new whirlwind will come, still stronger, to awaken you from your
sleep, your mistakes and your disobedience.
42. Meditate deeply over the purpose of My new manifestation
and you will remain convinced that I came to liberate you from the
lords of the world, from the chains of ignorance and fanaticism,
freeing your spirit to help him elevate himself to Me and serve his
fellowmen, making use of his spiritual gifts. But after having given
you this freedom, do you still want to fall into darkness and into a
more painful yoke? Reflect with the maturity of an evolved and
indoctrinated spirit so that you will measure the consequences of
what a new disobedience would cause you.
43. Be convinced from here on that I did not call for you so that
you would come to idolize new symbols, but rather for you to learn
a lesson of love; understand that it is not even My will for you to
remain always congregated within the warmth of these prayer
houses, but that once you are strong you will have to rise to practice
the lesson learned; it does not matter that you separate from those
who heard the Master together with you, since after all you will
always be united in the spiritual.
44. Keep in mind that I have told you that scientists, theologians
and philosophers will come before you to question you, and that you
are not to conceal with undignified practices and confused words the
splendor of the light I kindled within your spirit, nor to cloud the
purity of a Work that is without any blemish, like the one I come to
entrust to you, but to demonstrate to them the wisdom of which I
have made you possessors.
45. Think of your children, in those generations of tomorrow,
those who will regard you as privileged beings for having had the
incomparable privilege of having listened to the Holy Spirit through
His spokesmen, and of course they will want to behold in your
deeds the virtue and purity, spirituality and wisdom that you
inherited from Me. Have you at any time thought about all this?
Nevertheless, if you prepare yourselves, all of you may be able to
serve Me, all of you can be righteous and elevate yourselves to Me;
if it were not so, I would not have come to call upon you during the
Third Era.
46. Now you are humans, however I will make angels out of
you who will come to dwell within My Realm of light. Today you
are on trial; you are being purified in this crucible of vicissitudes
from which you will come out cleansed and strong.
47. In like manner that I point out your imperfections in order
for you to correct them, I also bless and praise your qualities and
good deeds. Do you think I have not seen you pray for the sick? Do
you believe I have not beheld your efforts to extend the knowledge
of My Doctrine and that I have not been aware of your efforts to
regenerate yourselves, as well as your renunciations and sacrifices to
be worthy of My charity? I know and see it all and proof of it is that
in each good deed that you perform, I make you feel My peace and a
deep satisfaction for having done good.
48. During these moments I listen when you say to Me. "Father,
how much suffering war causes in its wake among Mankind." We
can anoint the sick who are within our reach, but what can we do
among those who suffer in distant countries?" The Master says to all
those who know how to weep for their brethren: Keep on visiting
and anointing those who are within your reach and pray for the
distant ones, for I will do what you are unable to do. Soon the time
will come when you will have to disperse throughout the world,
delivering My message of spiritual freedom, peace and salvation to
all nations; the moment will soon come when My emissaries will
make Humanity feel the sweetness of My balsam within the essence
of My Word.
49. Now everyone eat of the bread of My Word and feel
yourselves forgiven by your Father; everyone be seated at My table.
I do not come to ask who washed his hands to eat his bread and who
did not. I want that he who knows how to prepare his heart to hear
My word as well as the one who arrives without that preparation, let
all take delight in eating of the Divine bread, because all of you are
My children and I will convert everyone into apostles of the truth.
The tree, the fountain and the pathway are for all.
50. Behold the Spirit of Truth in the twentieth century,
explaining what He said to you during the Second Era and that you
were unable to interpret. My apostles of those times while hearing
Me were even confused, and while deliberating among themselves
they said: It seems that sometimes the Master contradicts Himself;
but the time came when they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and
recognizing the greatness of My Word they understood that the
human language is too poor to express the Divine, and because of
that sometimes they believed that the Master had committed some
error while indoctrinating them.
51. They continued My Work of salvation writing their names
alongside that of their Master with deeds of love and humility, and
thus they testified My truth.
52. Notice how much time has passed since then over this
Humanity who calling themselves believers of Christ and
recognizing My apostles as followers of the Master, have more and
more removed from their heart that essence and that seed, leaving
only My name, which they are not able to pronounce with respect or
honor with their deeds.
53. Seek My name on Earth and you will find it on the lips of
the majority of men; seek My presence and you will only find it
represented in images made by human hands. Seek My footsteps
and you will not find them within the heart of Mankind, because
they have been erased from there.
54. These people have listened to Me during this period and
they have heard that revealing phrase which states. "You and they
are the same ones". He who understands the meaning of that phrase
will then say: How can it be possible for me to remain ungrateful
and contain myself for always in my selfishness? And in the face of
that reflection he awakens and arises toward the fulfillment of his
55. I say to you that it is necessary for Humanity to know that its
spirit has come many times to Earth and that still they have not been
able to arise along the pathway of My Law in order to reach the
summit of the Mount.
56. In the middle of the present century I shall lift this word,
which has now been with you and that tomorrow will be within all
My children as a fertile seed.
57. Study My Word seeking within its profoundness the Divine
essence and you will live the supreme enjoyment of being the
sowers in the domain of the Lord.
My Peace be with you!