BTL - Volume III - Teaching 77

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 77:

1 Be welcome, beloved workers, you who have turned yourselves into My companions in struggle and work

2 Joyfully offer Me the fruit of their labour those who have embraced this Cross with love, for they are happy to know that they are serving their Father Others come to Me sad and dejected; they are those who, when they heard that heretics, traitors or sorcerers were being called after them in the streets, felt seized by fear and shame, and since then have been hiding from the eyes of their fellow men, and when they finally speak of My work, they do so briefly, with fear and uncertainty. What fruit will these fearful hearts be able to produce, and what peace can the knowledge of being disciples of this teaching bring them?

3 I want My disciples to feel in all occasions as masters of themselves, that through their works of love they will witness before their brothers the truth of My Teaching, with their faces lifted and with peace in their hearts, for all this will be a proof of the firm conviction of the truth to which they have given themselves and a testimony of faith and worthiness among their brothers

4 To the weak and fearful I will speak to them with words that will lift up their troubled soul and inflame their faith I will convince them that no one in the world can present to them a more perfect and spiritual teaching than the one I have revealed to you in this time.

5 When this certainty penetrates their heart, they will no longer hide themselves from the eyes of their brothers, nor will they be ashamed, nor will they continue to be silent. They will lift up their faces, will put into their actions the light that radiates My teaching, and will fear no one's judgment because they are at peace with their conscience.

6 I have given you a teaching and have explained it to you in easily understandable words, so that you may soon put it into practice. I have taught you principles which, since they are indestructibly imprinted in your hearts, you can remember at every moment of your life so that you may bear witness to My truth without hesitation and without fear when men demand proofs from you.

7 I have not offered you thrones, crowns or treasures of the world, but the knowledge of the abilities of the spirit. But truly, I tell you, one of these spiritual gifts is worth more than all the kingdoms of the earth.

8 But I say to you: although you know that what I have given you is of infinite value, you shall not become vain because of it. Be aware that I, your King, the owner of all created things, have come to you humbly and without boasting.

9 Whoever wants to know My Kingdom, to dwell in it and possess its riches, must win them through love and through humility

10 My Spirit invites everyone to My Kingdom, not only the inhabitants of this land, but the people of all nations. My seed is scattered all over the world; it is those marked with the blood of the Lamb who have come and will continue to come among mankind to pass on the Good News, to shake people out of their lethargy and to pave the way. They will awaken great multitudes of people and show them the way to spiritualization. They will precede the nations like that star that led the magicians in the Second Age and showed them the place of the Savior's birth.

11 It is destined that I will manifest Myself through each one of My marked ones, and My manifestations will be full of light, power and consolation They will be My pioneers, My prophets, My inspired ones, they will be apostles of spiritualization, doctors, guides and advisers. All this of which I speak to you was already written and foreseen.

12 Here you had the Messenger of the Third Age, through whose mouth Elijah spoke, who prepared the New Age; you had the voice bearers through whose mediation My Word resounded

In other regions they will have My message in different forms, which is to serve the spiritual armament, as this announcement has done for you.

13 The message will be short, but when it is given, those who received it will have to set out to follow it with their works of love

14 Mankind will be spiritually united by these messages, for the essence of all of them will be one: My truth.

15 Let no one falsify or change the meaning of my revelations, so that when the hour of your meeting comes, you do not take offence at different interpretations.

16 You who receive a clear and extensive revelation, as it is my ray of light that has become the word, are the most responsible to this work and to humanity in this era. Blessed are the disciples who are faithful to my teaching, who diligently seek my word, for in them will be wisdom.

17 Some take part in My rallies out of habit and while My Word speaks to their hearts, their thoughts wander in different places, either busy with grave worries or with useless plans I tell you: do not sleep with My teachings, for you do not know the time when I call you to accomplish a difficult mission.

18 You ask Me why I make myself known through the mediation of an ignorant man and I tell you that his ignorance is in his untrained mind but not in his spirit which is already developed - Some say: "Lord, with what accuracy your predictions come true" Others tell Me with sorrow in their hearts that they fear to be like the traitor among My apostles, forced by the heavy burden of the worries and duties they have on earth. But I say to you: look at Me, I have to pay attention to the needs of all worlds and all beings that make up the universe, and yet I come down to you to bring you a light, a hope or a drop of healing balm.

19 I once promised you to come back to mankind and here I am to fulfill that promise, even though many centuries have passed. your spirit longed for My Presence in its desire for peace, in its hunger for truth, in its longing for knowledge, and My Spirit has come down to make you hear a teaching according to the time you live in How can men want to continue to lead a life as they have done so far? It no longer corresponds to the time to continue to remain in spiritual stagnation, or in spiritual inertia in the practice of rites and traditions.

20 People should already know their Father better, feel in their hearts the pain of their neighbors, and see with the eyes of the Spirit the beings who are without light, who roam the space and fill their incarnated brethren with pain and darkness, so that they may lead them with their prayers on the path of spiritual ascent.

21 On your right hand and on your left are the needy, even those who are dead for the life of grace, and you let them pass, because you do not know what to do with them. But if you do not know what you are to do with one of your brothers - what will you do then when you see world wars breaking out and pain multiplying and effervescing? You feel too insignificant and powerless to help those who are suffering in any way.

22 It was necessary that I came in this time of pain to remind you of forgotten teachings and to reveal new teachings to you. It will not be necessary for you to do miracles as you imagine them. Verily, I tell you, you often perform real miracles that only I know, because not even you become aware of them.

23 I only ask you that your faith be great, that you practice spiritual prayer, and that you remain steadfast in good, then your eyes will be witnesses of great miracles.

24 I promised mankind to come again in another time, and here I am, fulfilling my promise. I had to come again to complete a teaching which I had revealed to you during two epochs and the last part of which was saved for this third time.

25 It was not your heart that awaited Me, since it had no knowledge of the promise of My Return, because My Word and My prophecies of the Second Age are hardly known It was your spirit that received Me because it kept My promise in itself and was able to feel the presence of the Creator through the wake-up call of conscience and to appreciate the essence of the divine Word when it touched the tender strings of your hearts.

26 This has been a time of grace, in which according to my will you were to feel the presence of the spiritual very close, since I humanized my word, allowed the use of the spiritual world for earthly affairs up to a certain limit and allowed that you saw something of the hereafter and also of the future by means of the gift of the spiritual face.

27 All these spiritual manifestations blinded your mind for a short time because I find you confused. You hear my word, and although it is clear, you do not succeed in understanding its meaning. You know that this teaching has come down from Me, free from all human influence, and yet you mix it with cults and rites peculiar to idolaters and fanatics. You sufficiently know that this teaching is spiritual and would like it to be something tangible or visible to the material eyes.

28 The flood of light has blinded you, which has poured out upon your spirit. You are not yet able to discover the essence of this revelation. But truly, I tell you, this confusion will be only temporary, and to the extent that you penetrate to the core of my word, you will gain knowledge of truth and spiritualization - both in the interpretation of the teaching and in its practice.

29 Not everything in you has been imperfect and unclean; there was something present that enabled you to emotionally grasp the message of the Third Age, and this something has been your sensitivity to the spiritual, which is why I called you pioneers of spiritualism among the peoples of the earth

30 This message, which you receive from your master through the voice bearer, has been a preparatory instruction, because my announcement in this form will end soon, and then you are to begin to unite with me spiritually and set out to the peoples and nations to deliver the message of spiritualization, which announces to mankind that the Third Age has dawned, that the spiritual epoch has begun

31 As long as you do not fathom nor understand the teaching of spiritualism, I will not allow you to start preaching because My Word is divine wheat that must never be mixed with another seed or with chaff

32 Before light becomes in your mind, there will be fights in your midst. But it is necessary that this fight breaks out so that it forces you to think and to delve into my work until you recognize it exactly and clearly, until you discover its truth and its core of being. When then this fight ends, the minds calm down and the whirlwind calms down, the people will come out of darkness into the light and become the announcers of a peace teaching, a teaching of divine morals and a deep and true wisdom, which will reveal the most unexpected secrets to men, which will help them to be spiritually great, wise, strong and superior.

33 Seek the immortality of the soul by practicing my teaching of love The fields are in suitable condition to sow My seed thereon. Recognize the confusion everywhere; men are like winds that do not know where they come from nor where they are going. It was necessary that my light appeared on the way of mankind. The light has already dawned, I have sent it out, men need only open their eyes for the same. At present I am preparing you to teach your brothers to raise their eyes to infinity where they can see the Divine Light.

34 But truly, I tell you - how hard and cold I am striking your hearts, although they hear this Heavenly Teaching hour after hour; the gates of your Mercy are not yet opening I have taught you to visit the sick man in his camp, to visit prisons and hospitals to carry a ray of light to these places of atonement. I have taught you to give a wise advice or a word of true comfort. Do you know why I send you all to visit those places? So that those who are able to feel the pain of their fellow men may practice charity, and so that the cold-hearted, when confronted with these images of pain, may be moved and the seed of compassion and mercy may germinate in their hearts.

35 Make sure that your existence on earth is fruitful, so that when you once come into my presence, you will not have to confess full of remorse that you did not know how to use the time and that your life has been spiritually unfruitful

36 It is the moment when your conscience speaks and tells you whether you have acted sincerely or not, whether you have lived in harmony with one another, whether you have received the needy, the sick and the poor with love and mercy

37 Pray, beloved disciples, that good inspirations may always accompany you and that you may not fall into temptation tomorrow. I want to see you united in My work, loving and living one another, to serve your brothers.

38 Every meeting place, in which you offer your love to Me, is like a branch; all united form a mighty tree. Some branches are large and strong, others are still small and weak, but all are important, because from their union comes freshness, shade, and refuge for the wayfarers. Everyone should take care of his branch, because hurricanes are approaching which will shake the leaves of the tree with fury and anger. This trial is necessary so that the dry leaves and rotten fruit may fall, which will cause the multitudes of men who seek refuge with you to find benevolent shade for their weary limbs and ripe fruit to satisfy their hunger.

39 The dry leaves and the bad fruits are all those ritual acts and customs which you have established in My Work, although they do not belong to it - those which, because you have persevered day after day and year after year, you finally consider as if they were the Law itself

40 I want you to open your eyes to the Truth so that you may become aware of the purity of My Teaching and gradually get rid of all the superfluous things you have added to your religious customs

41 The storm is approaching, but it is not coming to destroy you, but to leave you a very great blessing if you remain calm and know how to use its teachings But if, because of your fanaticism, you cling to your customs and do not make use of the trial, you will fall into a deep stalemate, which you do not know how long it will last. After that, a new, even stronger whirlwind will come to snatch you out of your sleep, your errors and your disobedience.

42 Think carefully about the purpose of My new manifestation and you will come to the conviction that I came to free you from the rulers of the world, from the chains of ignorance and fanaticism, thus setting your spirit free to help it to rise up to Me and serve its neighbors by making use of its spiritual abilities But after I have given you this freedom - do you want to get into darkness anew and into an even more painful yoke? Think about it with the maturity of a developed and taught spirit so that you measure the consequences that a new disobedience could bring you.

43 Win already now the conviction that I did not call you so that you should worship new symbols, but so that you learned a love teaching. Understand that it is not even My will that you remain together forever in the warmth of these places of gathering, but that as soon as you are strong, you should set out to make the lesson learned a reality. It does not matter that you thereby distance yourselves from those who listened to the Master together with you, for in the end you are forever united in the spiritual.

44 Remember that I have told you that scientists, theologians and philosophers will come to you to question you, and that you are not to hide by unworthy ritual acts and confused words the brightness of the light which I kindled in your spirit, nor are you to tarnish the sincerity of a work without blemish, as it is entrusted to you, but are to show to the questioners the wisdom which I gave you

45 Think of your children, of these generations of tomorrow, who will consider you as privileged beings because you have had the incomparable good fortune to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit through His voice bearers, and who naturally want to see in your works the virtue and purity, the spirituality and wisdom that you have received from Me as heir Have you ever thought of all this? - Nevertheless, if you equip yourselves, you can all serve Me, you can all be good and rise to Me. If it were not so, I would not have called you in the Third Age.

46 Now you are human beings, but I will make angels of you who will live in My Kingdom of Light Today you are being tested, you are purifying yourselves in this melting pot of afflictions, from which you will emerge pure and strong.

47 Just as I point out your imperfections so that you correct them, so I also bless and praise your good qualities and good works. Do you believe that I did not see you praying for the sick? Do you believe that I have not seen your efforts to spread the knowledge of My teaching and that I have not noticed your efforts to renew yourselves, as well as your renunciations and sacrifices to earn My mercy? All this I know, all this I see, and proof of this is that in every good work you do, I make you feel My Peace and a deep satisfaction for having done good.

48 In these moments I hear you telling Me: "Father, how much pain war leaves in its path among mankind! We can "anoint" the sick who are within our reach, but what can we do for those who are suffering in distant nations?" The Master tells all of you who are able to weep for your brothers: Go on visiting and "anointing" those whom you can reach, and pray for those who are far away, for I will do what you are not able to do. Soon the time will come when you will have to scatter over the world and bring My message of spiritual freedom, peace and salvation to the nations; the time will soon come when My messengers of mankind will make the mildness of My balm of healing palpable in the essence of My Word.

49 Eat now all of you of the Bread of My Word and feel your Father's forgiveness; sit down at the table, all of you I do not ask you who washed his hands before taking the bread and who did not. I want both the one who knows how to prepare his heart to hear My Word and the one who comes without this preparation to rejoice in eating the divine bread, for all are My children and all will I turn into apostles of truth. The tree, the spring and the way are for all.

50 Behold, here is the Spirit of Truth in the twentieth century, explaining what he said in the second time and what you have not been able to interpret. My apostles of that time became confused when they listened to Me, and in the discussion among themselves they said, "It seems that the Master sometimes contradicts himself. But there came the time when they were full of the Holy Spirit, and realizing the greatness of My Word, they understood that human language is too poor to express the Divine, and so they sometimes believed that the Master had made a mistake in teaching them.

51 They continued My work of salvation, and through works of love and humility wrote their names beside those of their Master, thus testifying My Truth

52 See how much time has passed since then over this humanity which calls itself Christ-believer and acknowledges My apostles as followers of the Master, but has more and more removed that essence of life and seed from their heart, leaving only My Name which they do not know how to pronounce with awe nor honour through their works; I am not afraid that My Name will be given to them

53 Seek My name on earth, and you will find it on the lips of the majority of men; seek My Presence, and you will find it represented only in images made by the hands of men Seek my trace, and you will not find it in the hearts of men, because there it was wiped out.

54 This people has listened to Me in the present time and has heard that revelatory sentence which told you: "You and those (of yore) are the same. The one who understands the meaning of this saying then says to himself, "How is it possible that I should remain in ingratitude and shut myself off forever in My egoism? But in this reflection he awakens and sets out to fulfill his mission.

55 I tell you, it is necessary for men to know that their souls have come to earth many times and they have not yet understood how to ascend by the way of My Law to reach the top of the mountain

56 In the middle of the present century I will finish this Word which today will be fruitful seed in you and tomorrow in all My children

57 Study My Word and seek in its core the divine essence of life, then you will experience the supreme bliss of being sowers in the Lord's fields

My peace be with you.

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