Great Idolatry

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle
I Corinthians 10:14-15
14 Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.
15 I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say.
I felt the Lord was extremely serious tonight as He spoke this word to me. He is always serious about His warnings and weeps for His lukewarm Church and the lost, but tonight I could hear and feel a stronger, more serious urgency in His voice. 
My son, I AM come to judge this nation for the idolatries that men worship over Me! These idols have crept into every life, every home, and every Church! These idols are innocent at the start, then grow into an obsession, and eventually things of worship. There are many idols that people worship - the biggest one is SPORTS! 
This weekend, the mindset of this nation will be worshiping this idol! They will not think about the bloodshed of the innocents! They will not think about the homeless or the people dying in the cold or wars! Their hearts and minds will be more concerned on who will win - the Patriots or Rams - the good or the evil! I tell you now, this nation is evil, and evil will rule! Men's hearts are so far from Me that THEY WILL WORSHIP THIS IDOL IN MY HOUSE!!! Instead of preaching repentance and salvation to the lost, they are cheering men fighting each other in great arenas! There is nothing new under the sun!
My son, I WILL SHAKE THIS NATION, AND THE NATION WILL GO DARK!!! Men will not know what to make of the darkness, yet it is only a reflection of their hearts! The blind fools say this nation is blessed under a great king [Trump], but I say, the blood of millions will be on his hands! He is only working for himself, and his decisions are based on "What is in it for me?" His pride is great, and his fall will be greater! All this king has done is deceive the very elect into believing he is the one I have sent to save this nation! He is the one I have brought to JUDGE this nation! He seeks only himself, and all else is a ruse!
My son, this nation deserves severe judgment, but I am merciful and full of compassion and have held back as long as I can. Tell My Remnant to prepare their hearts and clean all the junk out of their houses! I AM COMING AND WILL SHAKE THIS WORLD WITH A SHAKE THAT ALL WILL FEEL AND FEAR!!! IDOLATRY MUST COME OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!  
Messiah Jesus 


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