The two Ways

Revelation of the Lord from Jesus' childhood and youth to Jakob Lorber (1843)
A domestic kitchen scene & meaning of the food
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02/01/2019 at 2 am 

Anna Maria wakes up and hears the voice of the Father's Spirit inside her. He says:"I am your father."Then the father asks Anna Maria:"Sit.""Battle."Anna Maria goes to her place to listen to what the father wants to tell her."Morning News. Administration. Lead Trump away. World Government. Deal depends on the worlds final .... You got it! "There are rumors that Trump is being tried and sentenced for disagreeing with his actions with the aim of eliminating him in order to establish the world order. The deal depends on the complete decline of the global economy and finances.
"So far we have it."What can you do about it? I pray yes."Fake."You mean, lies are scattered here and it's a false alarm."Wait. I am not ready yet.""Marry. Well done. Stay there. The sect was the departure from the evil world. "(Sects are not quite the way that Jesus pleases because there is no love there)Anna Maria thinks: I know. I took refuge there and cleansed my heart - there was room for it in the times of meditation and in the seminaries, to turn inwards intensively, until you opened the heart door with a gust of wind (at a seminar in Tuscany in the summer of 2006. Since then, my heart is open 2007 she has then met her husband.

"Envy! Were always preferred and the whipping boy for all humanity. "That's only spoken for me, not for everyone, right?"But!!""I am ready."Thank you. Father."Battle. Polar night. Money. Investment. "Trump has recently raised interest rates, which will cause the economy and finances to collapse globally, as markets can no longer bear it. It can be very, very dark for a long time like a long lasting polar night (1/2 year) in terms of money and investment. When the economy and the finances collapse, this justifies the war against America and many nations that everyone is looking for."Africa. Prostitution."The father speaks here perhaps of the mixing of the lawns by involuntary multiplication by the asylum seekers."William!"Here, the father probably means Crown Prince William of Windsor, who owns the RFID chip and also manages this machine to make the chip."Millennium!"Here the father speaks of building the Third Temple for the Son of Perdition in Jerusalem.
"Pentecost!"Do I have to go there? I prefer to stay here. I do not feel well there. They talk so much, and if you do not talk like that, you're down."Battlefield!"You mean, it's a battlefield of vain speeches and obscene songs. That's it."To run. Street!"Pentecost is the day of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They still run on the streets of the world and make vain and haughty speeches and sing unclean songs and they do not want the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They go their own ways. They say we have been an association for many years, but we do not need a statute because they do not want God's law.Her husband's stepmother said cheerfully to Anna on Christmas: "You do not have to go to the 'annual Pentecostal walk' either, after she was raised on the subject 'Jesus' and therefore spoke out, even though she knew that she should not do it better. Then she was forbidden to talk about it, and when she still talked about it because she thought it was right, the father-in-law forbade her to do so and told her that she could stay overnight, but then she did not want to that she will ever come back.Now her parents-in-law, her brother-in-law and her husband have booked the Pfingstwandern without letting them know.
"I separated you. You are mine! "Jesus comforted Anna Maria when she went home alone the next day. Her husband wanted to visit other relatives, but Anna Maria had night shift the next day and wanted to drive early because of the danger of slippery roads and darkness on the way home.Anna Maria wants to write a circular mail to all Pentecostalists and clarify the matter, so that no lies are spread about them, even if they are no longer allowed to go along.She thinks:Like the little boy Jesus, Father, so I am respected in the eyes of men. Forgive them, father. I also forgave them and I am glad that you are with me. Thanks father.When her husband was on vacation in Fuerteventura in February 2017, Jesus gave them a sign:They went for a walk on the beach and Jesus said to Anna Maria:"This is me!"Yes. He is everything that is and in everything is.There were a lot of pigeons and exotic birds on the beach. They were so tame that they let me put Anna Maria and her husband on the hand or the shoulder and be petted and also feed the next day after they bought fodder. But this was forbidden.Jesus said to Anna Maria:"I can only reveal myself like this."This was a sign of God for both of them. 
When Myriam was 14 years old, the temple student should be given a good hand. There were those who were eligible for the temple, so one of them would be chosen. Everyone got an olive branch in hand with green leaves. The branches all got spots and the leaves withered, except for Josef. The competitors demanded a new sign, as they considered this a coincidence. The priest ordered to bring a dove to let Maria fly at his behest. The dove should then sit on the branch of the chosen one and then on his head. And so it happened that the dove sat by Joseph on the branch and then on his head. But Joseph wanted to get away from it and told the priest: "I am already old and have long been a widower and have great sons. I make a fool of myself when I take this maid to me. 'Then the priest answered that he should not anger the God of heaven, since he would otherwise fare like Korah and his clan, who had rebelled against Moses and was swallowed up by a gap in the earth that opened up. Joseph asked forgiveness and asked the priest to ask God again. The priest did so and went before the holiest and prayed to God. But God said to him, 'Do not disgorge me this man whom I have chosen for the Virgin, for he is the most just of all in the whole earth.' The priest came back and said this to Joseph and Joseph the maiden and brought her to his humble home and then told her to be well, but he had to go on and build a house for a wealthy city, so that he could not stay with her ...... read more 
"... you had to remove the true resistance first."
What are you talking about?
"... rule the earth!"

 "Now the direction is showing more and more."
In what way?
Right way. You are that.
You speak of your second coming, to say to each one, 'Give an account of your administration'. It shows with each, which direction he has chosen, more and more clear.
You think ... Lucida?
By the summer you have extended Trump's lifetime again!

2. Addendum:
Tonight Jesus said something about a deal that is in the news today and he said that it's fake news. Because the NWO would only work if the economy and the finances are on the ground.
Now comes this video. Trump is shocked but happy that the Chinese ar
e buying American farmers for trillions of food.
This is the fake news because I believe that if the Russians and the Chinese are planning EMP attacks on the US then they will do that with a specific strategy and I think that is starving the people or taking their food before they attack them.

TRADE DEAL 🔴 Chinese Officials SHOCK President Trump after buying Billions from American Farmers 

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