BTL - Volume III - Teaching 76

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 76:

1 It is a day of grace for you. You are coming to hear My loving Word that floods your heart with love. You tremble with joy at the thought that you are the pioneers of those generations of My disciples who will soon come to earth. Then you confess before Me that you are too clumsy and too weak to carry out a task worthy of Me. You doubt because you have not understood me. But I would not send you out to carry out such an assignment, which is so difficult to fulfil, when I would see you weak as you are at this moment. My teachings come down to you day by day to teach and strengthen you so that I can send you into battle as soon as you are strong in your faith.

2 Verily, I tell you, if anyone thinks that sinners are not worthy that I save them, he does not know Me I do not want death for any of My children, and again I am ready to sacrifice to save them and lead them to true life. Understand that it is not possible that there is a being which - created for a certain purpose - is able to cause the will of the creator to change; and you were created to ascend to me by the way of truth. This is the way, which men have lost through their materialism and which I again show you through my love.

3 I will cause this mankind, as well as the people of Israel, to break the chains of bondage and to set out at the foot of the mountain where they will hear My Voice that will show them the way to the Promised Land

4 I did not grant all mankind the grace to hear My Word in this Third Age; I did this only with those who could feel Me in this form and believe Me This manifestation, this word, is to serve as preparation, so that all mankind will later feel my presence in one form: the spiritual.

5 Do not be afraid, people, have the certainty that you will not be alone in this hour of destiny; for nature will speak and the forces of nature will testify and fulfil My prophecies so that mankind may know that this is the Third Time, the one of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit

6 My Justice will come upon every creature and will touch every human being, just as the angel of the Lord came upon Egypt and executed My judgment, in which only those who had marked their door with the blood of a lamb saved themselves

7 Verily, I tell you, in this time everyone will be saved who watches and believes in the Word and promises of the Saviour, the Divine Lamb who sacrificed himself to teach you to pray and to fulfil with perfect love the tasks of your atonement, because My Blood will protect you like a mantle of love But the one who does not watch, who does not believe or who blasphemes will be afflicted so that he will awaken from his lethargy.

8 The year 1950 is approaching and soon the time of judgment will come, of which I speak to you, the time of the fight of light against darkness Prepare yourself, people, watch and pray, feel the pain of your brothers. See how the body shells and the souls become more and more sick; full of fear of the dangers that lie in wait for you, seek a beacon to lighten them and a balm to heal their ills. I have prepared you that you may be shepherds of these straying sheep and bring them to Me to cleanse their souls, heal their bodies and pave the way for them, giving them love and righteousness to start a new life.

9 My Light has appeared on this earth and is spreading everywhere; it gathers around Me My children of all races and creeds you who now hear My Word have recovered your spiritual gifts, you are healed and are full of strength When mankind once experiences these events, it will call you gifted. It will ask you to give it a little of this truth which I have revealed to you and will eagerly listen to your words. There are many who should already read in this book, but who have delayed their coming, and who will come when my word is finished. But for this time you are to be prepared, and you are to teach them with love, as I have taught you.

10 Fear not the darkness in which your brethren live, nor the "leprosy", nor the sword of their tongue They will approach you, some reluctantly, some understandingly, and you shall teach them all with love. I have spoken to you with love, and My words have been a caress and a comfort to all My children. I have appeared before great crowds of people, not caring that some believe My words and others deny them. I have cherished and nurtured the human heart without any preference. This watering through My love will make it fruitful and in a short time the life of man will be transformed. After My word will be finished, you will continue to be there as My disciples, and you will follow My steps and with your works you will bear witness to the truth of My teaching.

11 I want to make of you a strong people, a fighter who overcomes obstacles and reaches the goal of his mission to win the high reward I have promised him. When I anointed you, I made you recognize your spiritual gifts and you were equipped for the great daily work. Do not put these spiritual gifts to the test, rather believe in them and do not violate faith. Do not put me to the test because if you do so I will always show who I am! But if I subject you to a test, you would become weak.

12 If you want to heal the sick, do it in my name and carry out your task with humility. If I make the end of life of your brothers and sisters recognizable, do not ask me to prolong their existence. Become the guides of those souls who are called away to the hereafter and whom I entrust to your mercy. But if it is your task to give back the health of the body, feel the pain of your brother and use your spiritual gifts, counsel and encourage, then your love will perform miracles.

13 You commend to Me the hearts which, because of their insensitivity, have not accepted My teaching. arm yourselves with patience, for if you have faith in My Word, you will sow this seed in all hearts and I will give the necessary proofs of their conviction to the people entrusted to you

14 I want you to remember My teachings forever, because I have not come to speak into the void, but to put My Light in your minds and hearts Remember: if you do not make use of My teachings, many hungry people who have been waiting for Me for a long time will go away empty, knowing that I will come to correct all errors.

15 My elect are wisely scattered in all nations, all of them have a commission from Me to fulfil. Some will come to this nation, apparently moved by material reasons: some in search of work, some in need of rest. I want you to be prepared by this time, that you are already My disciples. Only in this way will my word find faith - through the example and faith that the people are able to give to their brothers.

16 I am the Divine Steward who will send you out in due time to sow the seed. But I do not want to hear the following words from my disciples: "Master, you told me that the earth was prepared and purified, and I found thorns and stones on which I stumbled.

But I answer you: I have not offered you a flowery way, I have told you that it is the same one that Jesus walked in the Second Age, and after Him all His disciples.

17 You can all follow Me because you are pure. Before I drew you to Me, I purified you. Therefore you are worthy to sow My seed in the heart of your brothers. The fields are prepared, because the spirit of Elijah has been like the sound of a bell at this time, waking up everyone who slept. He awakens you so that you may hear My voice and not let the Master speak alone in the desert. All you who are refreshed when you hear My word have been awakened by the grace of that spiritual shepherd. Verily I tell you, when I see you gathered together listening to Me, there is bliss in Me, and when you do not approach the tree to eat of its fruit, there is sadness in your Father.

18 I have come to unite you with the people long scattered in the world; I will unite the Twelve Tribes to make them one and send him with a mission of peace among mankind But when I see the ingratitude among these children, I can only feel pain and sorrow.

19 I entrust to you the tree of eternal life, whose glorious sweet fruit is health, joy, and peace. I have allowed men to plant different trees, and have seen that the majority of their fruits have been bitter, and that their producers have made mankind eat from them.

20 My word has come upon your selfishness. This is why I have told you that what I hand over to you you should be brought to the knowledge of your brethren. But you only want to refresh yourselves in my manifestations, without assuming duties toward the others. But the Master has not called you to teach you useless instructions; He has told you that you should learn this divine lesson so that later in your life you may use it by applying it to your neighbor. I reveal to you in this moment that your spirit has an ancient debt to anyone who comes to you with a suffering, a need or a request. Think with what love I place it on your path of life so that you may fulfill your reparation by making it the object of your love for your neighbor.

21 For a long time I have been speaking to you to form a new apostle body in the bosom of this people. generation after generation has heard My Word and still I do not discover those who by their steadfastness are the cornerstones of My Temple

22 The year 1950 will come surprisingly soon for you and when you will no longer hear My Word, you will feel like orphans

23 My Justice must haunt you until you understand that you must unite and form a people full of harmony and brotherhood these times are approaching and now that there is still time for you to prepare yourselves, I tell you lovingly: do not wait as sleepers until this hour comes

24 The union (of the different churches) seems difficult to you, and impossible your reconciliation and brotherhood with all the peoples of the earth. But truly, I tell you, men will finally still acknowledge and love each other.

25 Once men submit their free will to their conscience and work in accordance with the divine will, they will feel that the burden of life will become lighter and nothing will tire the body or the soul.

26 How much the Father longs for you all to feel to Me as children and not as accused! Whenever you leave the earth and come in to give an account to Me of the fulfillment of your life's work, you feel depressed by the accusation which your conscience makes you feel. But now it is time that on your arrival in the hereafter you sing a song of triumph and joy because you can tell your father "Lord, all is accomplished!"

27 If the way had been wide, all mankind would already have reached the mountain top. But since the way was full of trials and the gate narrow, it was necessary to acquire merits in order to be able to advance on it.

28 It is impossible for you to have an idea already in this world of what or how My Kingdom, Heaven and Glory is constituted. I want you to be content to know that it is a state of perfection of the soul, from which it experiences, feels and understands the wonderful life of the spirit, which you at present can neither comprehend nor imagine.

29 I tell you that not even the souls living on higher levels than the one you are on know the reality of that life. Do you know what it means to live "in the bosom of the Father"? Once you live there, only then can you know. Only a vague premonition, a faint inkling of that mystery fleetingly touches your heart as a stimulus on your path of development.

30 Come to the Father on the narrow way of love, which is mercy, which is forgiveness, which is humility, and you will take His grief from Him.

31 People, I have seen you weeping over the world. Be blessed! Your heart begins to feel the strange pain. I have seen you, in the silence of the night, raising your thoughts to Me to ask from Me peace and balm for mankind. Truly, I tell you, you do not know how much is given to the world through your prayer!

32 Do not be troubled if in this life you do not see the result of your petitions and your tears for those whom you do not even know The chisel of pain smoothes your heart, and My Word moves you in every moment to charity. Today you understand the power that you possess through the mind, as well as through other abilities that you have not cultivated until now. A still unknown life exists in you.

33 Can you imagine the pain of a spirit when, on returning to the spiritual valley, it becomes aware that it was not able to fulfill its mission in the world, nor was it able to reveal its abilities and qualities to the flesh? In this time I am giving you My teachings anew, although I have already given them to you in the teaching I gave you in the Second Time; but then you could not grasp them. All that you could not quite comprehend, you took for a mystery, and you spread a veil over it. It is this veil that I now tear apart with my light, so that the mysteries show you their actual essence.

34 This is the reason why I have told you that you did not recognize the power of thought Today I tell you that thought is voice and hearing, that it is weapon and shield. It creates as well as it destroys. The thought shortens the distance between distant dwellers and finds those whose trace it had lost. Know your weapons before the battle begins. He who knows how to prepare himself will be strong and invincible. It will not be necessary for you to wield murder weapons. Your sword shall be pure and pure thought, and your shield faith and charity. Even in silence your voice shall resound as a message of peace.

35 This is the teaching I am teaching you now, and indeed, I tell you, My Words will not be lost, as not a single drop of blood spilt on Calvary was useless I take only a few moments of the time I have given you for your material life, through which you can attain eternal life. These moments are priceless.

36 I did not even ask you to believe in Me when you came here. It was I who preceded you and gave you proofs by healing your physical sicknesses, giving peace to your spirit or something you thought unattainable. After that, when you believed in Me and faithfully devoted yourselves to the fulfillment of My law, I indicated to everyone his task so that he would not stray from the path and he would only take upon himself what was coming to him and give mercy and love to his brothers as I have done to you.

37 Do you think that all who teach are masters? do you think that all who call themselves servants of God are My emissaries, or that I have given them the task they are doing? Do you think that all who rule in the world, rule and command, have the necessary abilities to accomplish this task? No, people! How few are those who carry out the task that has been entrusted to them in truth! While some seize a position that does not belong to them, those who ought to be in it see themselves humiliated and set back. - I had to come anew as Master to teach you; I, who am your God, had to come to offer you the spiritual community; and I, who am your King, had to come to rule you, to advance your soul on the path of development.

38 In the past you have accumulated only words which no one taught you to understand or interpret and which only confused you. Which of you - after having received My Word as a seed and the fertilizing dew of My Light that explains everything to him - still believes in the eternal fire of hell? - None of you. Today you know that it should not be the fear of punishment that makes you obey My law, but your love, born from the depths of your heart. Those times when your soul trembled before the justice of a terrible and merciless God are over. What I revealed to you in past times in a figurative sense was misinterpreted. What you are to know is this: If the conscience of a sinner succeeds in dissuading the soul from its material attachment and shows it all its faults, the comprehension of its ingratitude will bring it to repentance, and the shame it suffers will be so strong that the false idea of a material fire as the purifying element of the soul will seem weak to you in comparison.

39 Conscience is the light of God, and this light is fire of love that consumes every uncleanness. Behold, this is the "fire" in which the soul is melted to rise anew full of light.

40 I also tell you that just as there exists in conscience that fire which is not material fire, so there exists in the soul darkness and abandonment, which are not of the nature of those you have in the world, nor as you imagine them to be.

41 How were you able to believe that on the day of judgment the bodies of the dead would rise and unite with their souls to enter the kingdom of God? How can you interpret in this way what you were taught at other times?

42 The flesh is of this world, and in it it abides, while the spirit freely rises and returns to the life from which it came. "What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of My Spirit is spirit. The "resurrection of the flesh" is the re-embodiment of the soul, and if some of you believe that this is a human theory and others of you believe that it is a new revelation - verily I say to you, I have begun from the beginning of mankind to make this revelation known to the world! You can find the proof of this in the text of the Scriptures, which are a testimony of My works.

43 But in this time this revelation has reached your spirit while it was on a higher stage of development, and soon it will be justly accepted as one of the most righteous and loving laws of the Creator Reject the idea that you had of the "Day of Judgment"; for it is not one of your days because it is a period of time, and the "end of the world" is not that of the planet on which you live, but the end of the selfish life you have created on it.

44 Verily, I say to you: You are already living on the "day of

Lord", you are already under His judgment. The living and the dead are being judged at present, past and present deeds are weighed on this scale (of judgment). Open your eyes so that you may be witnesses that Divine Justice is being felt everywhere.

45 Just now you must remain strong, for the storm is unleashed, and temptations are waiting for you at every turn. Leave Sodom and Gomorrah - sinful cities - and do not turn your face back, for they invite you to stay, and since you have already freed yourselves, do not sink back into their bosom, for you may not have the strength to part from them afterwards. Go without tarrying towards the City of Peace, the city that will settle in your heart when the time comes.

46 How long will the judgment last? - you do not know; but verily I tell you, the time of purification will be shortened by My Divine Mercy - to you old men, who are deeply grieved because your intellect tells you that you will no longer experience the victory of My Law on earth, I say in truth: who can tell you with certainty that you will not then return to the world to be witnesses of the coming of My Kingdom and to take another step on the path of development? To those who do not return I say that I will let them see the victory of my justice from the hereafter, and the voice and presence of these beings will be felt on earth.

47 I have given you a new teaching. With it I have destroyed wrong ideas because you had interpreted earlier instructions earthly-materially. Know that I speak to you in different forms. One and the same teaching I present to you in different ways so that no one is left who does not understand my word. Remember that in all those who listen to Me neither the spirit nor the mind has the same degree of development. I know what is necessary for everyone; that is why I humanize and limit my word until I make it understandable for all and every one of my children.

48 After I have given you my instruction, and so that you draw the right conclusions from it and your interpretation is correct, I send you my spiritual messengers, the messengers and interpreters of my word, so that they assist you in your study and you find the meaning of my revelations.

49 I want you to learn to understand the meaning that is given to the study and investigation of My Word, since every utterance contains either a revelation or a prophecy, a judgment or an instruction for your spirit

50 Those who give My Work the importance it has in this Third Age and who delve into the study of My Word will experience the flowering and unfolding of many gifts that were hidden in their essence Blessed are those who awaken at the voice of their Lord, for when they set out to fulfil their task, they will become aware that they are not outcasts or wretches as they had believed, and they will also learn that they were never forgotten by their Father.

51 Anyone who does not develop his spiritual gifts and abilities during this time because of folly, unbelief, or materialism will find himself overwhelmed at every turn by the great events and the afflictions which will appear in this period as intended. Therefore I say to you: Prepare yourselves, watch and pray, shake up mankind!

52 Have you observed your spiritual awakening among yourselves? Are you convinced that you have really slept? then do to your brethren what My Word has done to you and you will be able to initiate the dialogue from spirit to spirit

53 When you speak of Me and give your testimony, speak clearly so that you may not confuse anyone. Have I come hidden behind secrets or wrapped in darkness?

Admittedly, I have come in spirit, invisible to your human eyes, but spirit does not mean mystery or darkness, but light, truth and clarity for him who knows how to observe without prejudice and test with good will.

54 I am letting this people, who have been witnesses of My announcement through the human organ of the mind, know: That the time it has devoted to this study and the struggle it has waged to remain steadfast among men may tomorrow bear fruit worthy of its merits, it must, when this word is no longer resounding through the voice bearer, have accumulated in its heart all My teachings so that it may be able to bear witness to this truth.

55 My people say to Me in their heart: "Master, for many years we have been hearing Your divine Word without succeeding in penetrating to the core of Your teaching. How then, in the few years in which we can still hear You, can we achieve the armament You demand of us? But I tell you, if you have not come so far as to understand My revelation, it is only because you have lacked the inner gathering and contemplation to better fathom the teachings I have given you so far.

56 I will grant you a grace by which you may make your own all the wisdom I have given you in My Word But do not believe that this grace consists in an extension of My stay with you. No! What would be the point of staying even longer after I have told you everything and left it in the writings? That grace of which I speak to you will be given to you immediately after My Word has ceased to sound in 1950. Then I will grant you a (certain) time to devote yourselves to reading the innumerable teachings I gave you. You will devote yourselves to deep contemplation and thorough study, which will help you to discover all the spiritual content that The Word poured out on men in His announcement.

57 Through this study you will gradually spiritualize yourselves and will increase in knowledge and armament Then you will joyfully exclaim: "Lord, be blessed, for You have given us the opportunity to make use of that richness of light which You brought us and which has already disappeared from our hearts.

58 This is the Third Testament of the Only God, who made Himself known to men in three different forms of revelation and at three different times.

59 You cannot deny that during the time of My manifestation My gifts of grace were with you, although My righteousness was also present. All this has helped you to understand that this was truly a divine revelation and that it is certain that a new age has dawned for mankind.

60 O blessed nations, although you do not feel the closeness of My presence and are not aware that you have entered the new age marked by light and justice, I give you My love, forgiveness and blessing.

My peace be with you!

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