Anna Maria wakes up with an inner tremor, heart palpitations (from the Father Spirit). He says:
"Aftershocks. California (Illuminati) hit. Tsunami is the highlight. "
Father Spirit makes you feel inside the earthquake of California at the place of the Illuminati, which is hit by a tsunami, which will be the highlight.
Yes. Do not have much money left and have to pay the apartment when the man leaves.
"Enrolled. Waiting. "
She got the ball rolling by mailing to the Pentecostals. Her husband works abroad in an epilepsy center, he is not at home. Now he can accuse her again and lay down as a sheep.
"Finally. Regenerate. "
You're happy.

At 5 o'clock, Anna Maria wakes up again. Father Spirit says:
"Argentina. Heavy rain. They flee. On the border. "
Anna Maria has the feeling she is crazy, but she understands that comes from the place where the epilepsy center is, that she thinks she's crazy.
"The same. Insane. On the base. February"
"Erupting. Sheveluch. Fuego. "
Yes, all the volcanoes on the west side of North and South America smoke, while no one smokes in Indonesia. And where does that lead?
Anna Maria's husband quarrels with his father: Why did you do this to me? Now you have ruined my marriage as well. Insane.
"Wedding. Km. "
What does km mean?
"Princess. Heavy rain. "
Heavy rain. There also?

Anna Maria has earplugs in her ears and now no longer has the feeling of being crazy, but gets calm inside.
"Very good. They are talking. Gisela. "
They know it too. They did not get the mail from me, just the others. But they called her with certainty and asked what was going on. But I also sent the word of your return to the others. That surprised her.
Epicenter - that's the heart.
"You also. Same ... still willing ...? "
"I'm sorry."
We already are, Father Spirit!
"Go a .. WELCOME!"
You also. WELCOME!
I'm there. Hold me!
.... Go under? It's just ... .. star constellation ... ..very critical everything.
"Air base West"
If only I knew what you mean.
"XX" (Anna Maria's place of residence) "Critical"
Should I flee? Where?
"Stay there."
"Cold temperatures!"

 America is frozen, their hearts iced.
"Record cold. Animals. "
The animals die and the homeless.
"Food. Water. Drinking. "
It lacks everything.
"Romantic. Love."
You and me.
Yes, father spirit. You look satisfied.
"I am happy."
Hau a ... welcome, father spirit.
A monument? What was that again? (Def .: Important monument of large dimensions)
"Listen. Concrete Homes. Buildings collaps. America. "
Houses, concrete buildings collapse in America.
And in cars, the paint splinters from the frost.
"I do that. Fracture zone. Look buildings. "
Yes. Later. Later.
"Fahrenheit. The temperatures!"

You mean the harvest. Collect the bride. Today you're catching up with everything that has not lately gone.
"Billions of dollars. The pumping operations. Gas. Produce less at the moment. Fools. Even it's crazy. "

Yes, fracking, shaking the ground, poisoning and causing tremors.
"Who controls who?"

The world thinks it controls itself. The Pentecostals do not love each other. All egoist. Word battles. Everyone wants to make the best of themselves, play the first fiddle. Weak ones are hung or teased. Only the strongest survive until they are ill. Elbow society.
"The neighborhood. Look. "
Anna Maria's neighbors are fine.
Thank you, Father Spirit, you feel your love.
"At Fuego, they are shivering from the lava dome. Popocatepedl too. "

You are tired. Your voice fails.
"Spread. 50,000 foot heigh blast. Fuego occurred. Popocatepedl. That's why it's getting cold! "
... while the south is heating up.
"Pumping operations km-deep on a regular basis. Technology New Jersey, Long Island, British Columbia hit by tsunami, the middle point. Infrastructure struck partners concrete on February."New Mexico the mountains are climbing - rose - they represent the proxy 'willschir hirate'. Not right now. Theatre."

That does not surprise me.
"Science reached far beyond life with its bread." 
Their hearts have become as cold as ice.
 "Shiveluch, Stromboli, Italy, Fuego, Kamchatka are ice-deserts, computers, politics, government." 
"Your husband: Yes, surely you answer me, far too much, cognition, can I fetch power." 
"Can I still ... marry?" 
Anna Maria smiles. 
"Well done, men are women hunters." 
Yes. Exactly. Right. I'm fine with you. At least you are honest. 
"You get a strong loving couple." 
Yes. Is getting stronger. Excuse me. Have to laugh. Give pleasure. 
Anna Maria's husband has studied geology.Is that why you keep asking me if I want to marry you because he did not say that to ask that question? 
"Strange that you just want to know that!" 
Why strange? That's what a woman wants to hear - to be asked. You asked many times. That did me good as a woman to be taken seriously. 
"Monetary. Gally. In the way I represent it, it is holy." 
This is true. The saint is dear to me. 
"Quick, answer quickly. I need you."
I need you too.

"That's nice, I do not have to worry about that anymore." 
From time to time. Custom consolation. It was nice that you addressed it again. I feel better. Thank you. 
"Wait, I'll come." 
Yes I do. I make you happy. 
"Solar Wind, now it's me." 
So that was the reason you started the storm. You are sweet. LAUGHING.Finally you have managed to get through to me again. Bravo!!What's in there in this case that you're trying so hard? That must be something special.
 "Testified - Idolatry - fits." 
Thanks for the gifts. Amen. It is used for your and my love to become strong. Understand. 
"Perfect Discuss." 
"I make man and beast above you until you have faith." 
You are so bluntly open and honest. That's why I love you so much. 
"Move, that's the right path." 
You use the argument to finally reach me again. 
"Middle Point." 
I've had a kind of lock in the last few days"
and I could barely get up to something. Now it looks better. 
"Knowledge Frozen" 
 With my husband, you can only talk about knowledge and he is never satisfied, curious, he demands more and more and considers me ignorant, even stupid, but I am smart with oil in the lamp. The Whitsun group is a teacher group and he had from At the beginning, I'm afraid that I can not keep up. That's why I was scared of them. They only want to measure their knowledge and physical strength on strenuous hiking tours. 
If you think. 
"I already do it accordingly."
 If you do that, then something will come of it.
 "Woman, you have to get along with everyone."
 The maid of the Lord is turning to your wife. Amazing. 
by father spirit. 
 I'm just thinking about showing pictures, one on which our girls, Prüszül, look just like me, just more tender, much more delicate and prettier. That picture was taken during my first Pentecost walk.  
Oha! Now you're going to break in again because you do not want me to go there, for the Pentecost. I have understood.

Blocks of flats, entire streets collapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68qPP5K9SS8&t=606s
Californien Chaos before the Apocalypse:  https://youtu.be/QH4H_1e-9Rw
Life-threatening cold wave in the USA  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2CjoHu1BL0 
List of active Vulkanos like Shiveluch, Popocatepedl, Fuego, Reventador of today...  https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/de/volcanoes/today.html

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