The Last Two Days

This morning, when I woke up, I received this message from the Spirit of God at 1 am:

"These are the last days.
Now come the last two days.
Moscow and other places wants to be radically wiped out.
600 tons (weapons) go into ashes.
Ezekiel 8: 9 (The abominations of idolatry in the temple)
And he said to me, Go in and see the evil and disgusting things which they are doing here.
Siberia - They want to go there, the priests. The land is desolate.
Iran - totally. The Wappons - A hundretfold - Adam announced!
  (Iran has a hundred times more weapons as "ADAM." has announced.)
Iran's leader. There is a certain silence. Gone!!! (then they are gone)
The Vatican, the Beast, the Underground City is being bombed. They do not find peace
Day and night.
Sawed, hacked - the children (ritual and abuse victims) are then with me. They live.
Israel - Palestines walk in,  without anyone being harmed
The valley - the battle in the valley of Jehoshaphat (Jezreel Valley Armagedon, final court)
That's where I come in. "
(HE, the King of Kings)
(Here the heart of Jesus Yeshua trembles and bursts into tears, because he will finally be recognized as the King of Kings)
The angels sing: Hallelujah
Power and honor and strength to our God
The seas are rising
The coastal cities are being erased
"Flee, run, shouts Babel,
run for your life
but one of these points becomes neuralgic
(Neuralgic: sensitive, susceptible to interference)

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