BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 82

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 82:

1 Why do some of My children feel unworthy to call Me Father? come to Me, sinners, leave your burden of pain behind Lift your face and look at Me, My love makes you worthy. If not I forgive you - who will forgive you?

2 You were hungry for peace because your conscience reproached you for your faults until you came to the manifestation of My Word and your crying washed you clean Only I know to whom and to whom I speak in this way, and only they know to whom these words are addressed.

3 For a long time you have not blessed My Name; your torments and sufferings made you believe that you were in a hell without end The reason for this is that your eyes were closed to the Truth, that Light that shows you My Presence everywhere. The glory of nature surrounding you was not enough for you, nor the wonderful way in which the daily bread reached your lips to believe in My blessings. You saw only darkness in your surroundings, and only the fire of your sufferings was what you felt.

But when you were close to collapse, the Divine Helper came to lift you up to help you carry your cross.

4 Your eyes are opening more and more to a life of light and faith. With all your heart you say to Me: Lord, how blind was I, how disturbed was my heart! Today I see Your presence and feel Your blessings at every turn and in every place.

5 Verily, I tell you, those very ones who have suffered much and have often hurt Me will love Me most ardently, an offering for My Divinity will constantly flow from their heart They will not be material gifts, nor psalms or earthly altars. They know that the most pleasing sacrifice and veneration for me are the works of love they do to their brothers.

6 Beloved children, you who have come to Me as the Prodigal Son, do not forget the love with which I received you and the humility with which you came here; it would be sad if you became vain towards your brothers when you feel full of peace in life again, or selfish towards those who will come to you to ask from you some of what you possess today, for then you would be ungrateful children in My Eyes Watch and pray forever so that you do not fall into temptation.

7 Understand, beloved disciples, that this existence of which you rejoice today is a good opportunity to develop your soul upwards. For some this will be the last incarnation, others will have to return to earth anew. - This is the right time to speak to you in this way; no one should be offended or surprised by it.

8 Jesus revealed many unknown teachings to you at that time, and did many works that caused confusion at first, but were later recognized as true divine revelations. Take heed of what has just been said, so that you may not make reckless judgments at this time without first having thoroughly studied My teachings.

9 If mankind had been able to fathom the prophecies of the First and Second Times, they would not be confused in the face of their realization. The same thing happened in the Second Age when the Messiah was born among men, just as it is happening now where I came in spirit.

10 The meaning of My teaching is the same in both times. It prepares you to make of this life a loving, albeit transitory, home where men consider and treat each other as brothers and where they give each other the warmth of true brotherhood. - Prepare also the soul to enter, after this life, those worlds or homes which the Lord has prepared for His children. My wish is that when you enter them, you will not feel a stranger to them, but that your spiritualization and inner knowledge will let you see everything you encounter, as if you had been there before. There will be much truth in this, if you are already here in contact with the spiritual through prayer.

11 Open your spiritual eyes until you see the brightness of the light, which my truth radiates, so that you do not feel covered in darkness when you go over to the other homeland.

12  Among so many homes as the Father's House has, there is not a single world of darkness, in all of them is His Light; but if souls enter it with a bandage before their eyes because of their ignorance, how can they see that glory?

13 If you here in the world ask a blind man what he sees, he will answer you: only darkness. Not because the light of the sun is not there, but because he cannot see it.

14 Know that the love with which I give you My teaching is very great, even though the number of those who come together to hear Me is small

15 Among you are those who will give witness that this is the Third Time, in which the Holy Spirit is speaking to all men through conscience.

16 Among these multitudes are the spirits who in other times belonged to the tribes of Israel, called "the people of God" because the law and revelations were entrusted to them, so that they might spread them in the world. Some of these beings come to earth for the last time to complete a mission and to make spiritual reparation. During their ascent they will form the steps on which their brothers can ascend, who (for the time being) still remain in the earth valley.

17 The light and love that my word possesses has performed the miracle of letting pure and beautiful flowers sprout from the mire; make sure that your soul separates from your body full of purity and light when it becomes earth dust

18 O spirits, you who are just receiving My Teaching, be humble and obedient when you once come into My Presence and allow only My Will to be done on you! Many times you have incarnated on earth because you have fervently requested it from the Father. Now I tell you that you should no longer ask Me for it. Allow My will to be done on you.

19 Whenever you came into the world because I so ordered it, on your return I have relentlessly demanded of you an account of your works. What will happen when you return after you have come to earth because you have asked the Lord? How will your trial end, and how will you answer?

20 You are amazed when you listen to My teaching, and say in your hearts, How perfect are the Master's teachings. Then I tell you that these are still slight, since they all have the purpose of correcting and forming imperfect beings. When you have attained spiritual perfection, then will you hear the Word of God in its fullness.

21 Now your spirit, by means of the human mind organ, has experienced the time of My new revelation, and through it you feel My divine presence. My manifestation has been once more that of the Master, it is I who give you the instruction, but I also have servants who explain to you afterwards the instruction you have received. They are not human beings, for verily, I tell you, there is no one on earth who can correctly interpret My new revelations. It is the spiritual world of light that comes to your aid so that you do not fall prey to errors, nor form new secrets from teachings that are as clear as the light of day.

22 Everything has been prepared for the realization of this spiritual work. Not only your spirit has been prepared to enter this way, also your flesh, the earth on which you walk, the surroundings around you, everything has been prepared so that my light should shine in the deepest part of your being.

23 The soul purified itself in the hereafter from the stains it had received in previous incarnations, the body washed in pain and tears, the earth demanded back its original purity from men, and the environment was saturated with requests and prayers On the stepladder to perfection, the Lord descended to His people and reached the step where you were, and from there He made His voice heard to you through His messengers and voice bearers.

24 How many teachings, how many instructions I have given you from the moment I gave you My first manifestation! Through these you are to come to the understanding according to my will that I do not divide men but unite them. To you who profess a religious community, I say: Read My Book of Divine Love and Wisdom so that you may learn to be united in spirit with all your brothers, regardless of creeds, religions or ideologies.

25 This will be difficult for you at first, but once you have grasped this teaching, you will in truth identify yourselves with all human beings because you will feel in the heart of each one of your neighbours a spirit vibrating, which, being a child of God, must be your brother

26 Learn, beloved people, so that you may become the disciple of the Third Age, distinguished by his spiritualization.

27 Think, and you will understand that you are living in the right time to study my teaching. Come disciples, come to Me, for I will lighten the burden of your cross. I will help you to gain the place that is designated for each of you in the Promised Land.

28 Feel My love in your being so that you may understand that I exist and feel the divine desire to save you. My light is poured out over all mankind, for no creature could escape My gaze.

29 What would become of men if I denied them my spiritual light in the present times of trial and pain? Darkness would cloud their reason, their thinking would get into confusion, and - once without hope - mankind would rush towards death and perish in the abyss. But if men, in spite of the chaos in which they torture themselves, secretly nurture a hope of salvation, it is because my Divine Light instills confidence in them by means of their spirit and teaches them to expect everything from the infinite power of the Almighty God.

30 Verily, I tell you, My Word will transform the imprint of your present world and your whole life For the people of today, the world and its pleasures are the meaning of their lives. But soon they will value the spirit higher than the body, and the body higher than clothes, and instead of chasing after worldly glories, they will seek the immortality of the soul.

31 In the beginning there will be fanaticism for the sake of the spiritual, the striving for it will be increased to the extreme; but afterward the hearts will calm down and the spiritualization will blossom full of truth and sincerity.

32 When you look at the world as it is shaken by wars, languishing in hunger or shaken by the violence of the forces of nature, there are always those who say that it is My justice that destroys mankind; but verily I tell you that I have not come to destroy you but to save you Those who believe that their life is rooted only in their material body and who do not believe in the survival of the soul, see their step into the hereafter as the end of their existence and therefore consider me to be implacable and cruel.

33 If only you would understand that it is often necessary to die to the world in order to be able to live on in the spiritual, and that sometimes only a bitter pain or a cruel death is able to awaken and shake a soul that is slack in materialism.

34 What do you know of life and death? What do you know of the spirit? Very little, and that is why I am teaching you so that you may know how to live in harmony with the glory of the life that surrounds you.

35 In this time there is hunger in the world, hunger of body and soul. you are tormented more by that of the body, and it makes you say to Me: "Lord, in times past you sent down on your people the manna of the desert so as not to let them perish. Hereafter you entrusted to them a land rich in blessings, from the water of Jacob's well drank his children and his grandchildren and many other generations, and when you came into the world to teach with your words and you took the crowds into the desert, you took pity on their tiredness and hunger and did miracles so that they would have bread and fish to eat. Why don't you be moved today by our hunger and our misery, where you see us suffering so much, to obtain the daily bread?

36 If I were to tell you that the answer to all these questions is present in your conscience, you would not believe it. I must therefore speak to you and tell you that I have taken away from you nothing of what I have given you in the world for your sustenance and preservation. All is there, but if it does not reach all, it is because you have watered those seeds with selfishness and depravity instead of with the rain of brotherhood.

37 That is why it is necessary that a light of righteousness should fall on souls, and this is My inspiration which is pouring out on every human being in this time.

38 When men once grow weary of the bitter fruits they have produced and turn their eyes to Me, they will discover that spiritual life and material nature have never denied their fruits to the children of the Lord. They are present within every creature, and it is man who closed his eyes to reason and his intuition for eternal life. Then those who blasphemed before will confess that manna was never lacking in the desert of this life, that the well of Jacob still gives crystal clear water, and that the Lord does a miracle day after day so that mankind will not perish from hunger or thirst.

39 When the spirit of men opens its eyes to the light, it will see a new life within that very life which it thought it knew so far, and which in reality it never really knew how to appreciate.

40 I come to you as the Divine Physician, who turns to those who are ill in body and soul, to restore their lost health. I bring back to life those who have died for the truth and for true life. My mercy is ready to dry the tears of those who have wept much. I will anoint all of them with a single healing balm, which is that of love.

41 Welcome the poor, the weeping and those who suffer hunger and thirst for righteousness on earth and who endure everything with patience, for them I seek to reward their submission and their faith

42 This epoch of time is an opportunity to achieve the upward development of the spirit. Everything, even suffering, has the effect of turning mankind away from the materialism that has enslaved them.

43 Men will climb the Holy Mountain, on the summit of which they will meet Me; but even before them I will have already covered a new Calvary in the hearts of men, and I will be nailed once more to the Cross of My Mission.

44 On sins, hatred and vices I will not build a new world; I will build on firm foundations of renewal, experience and repentance; I will transform all in you Even out of darkness will light break forth, and out of death I will create life.

45 Even though men have defiled and profaned the earth - tomorrow they will make worthy this home with their good works, which will be recognized as the land of promise, to which they will come to perform noble tasks. Who then could still doubt the transformation of the world?

46 I say to you: If this mankind should be even more against Me because of their godlessness, their turning away from justice and goodness, I will appear in their way full of glory, as I did before Saul, and will make them hear My voice. Then you will experience how many of those who - without being aware of it - have persecuted Me will arise transformed and enlightened to follow Me on the ways of good, love and justice. To them I will say: Stand still, wanderers, and drink from this spring of crystal-clear water. Rest from the difficult journey of life that I have imposed on you. Entrust your worries to Me and allow My gaze to penetrate deep into your soul, for I will fill you with grace and console you.

47 Who among you could tell his Master that he is not suffering, that he has peace in his heart, that he has won in this life full of struggle and afflictions? I see you cruising in a sea of trials and that is why I want to give you courage. Learn to read in the book of life, which I will always keep before your eyes, for tomorrow you shall be Masters. Every single one of you shall take me as an example and fulfill the law to be healthy in soul and body. You will meet many teachings on your way, which will not lead you to me; I show you the straightest way, the shortest, the one of spiritualization.

48 In the Second Time I gave you My Word only three years, and in them I prepared My disciples. In this third period I spoke to you many years longer, but My disciples did not progress nor did My apostles leave the world behind to follow Me.

49 Whoever wants to follow Me, put simple sandals on his feet and do not take a second travelling bag, for in My way he will have no lack.

50 Develop your spiritual vision so that you may see what is happening in the spiritual regions in the Third Age. Then you can announce to the world that I have come down to enlighten every spirit. Prepare yourselves inwardly so that you may feel me and understand to receive what I give you. I will leave a book to mankind, and each page of it will be a proof of love. You shall unite this book with the earlier writings of Moses and my apostles, and the works of my disciples of all times shall likewise be written down in this book, which shall contain my wisdom.

51 If you cannot yet offer Me a great harvest, pray and ask Me for strength Watch, that your lamp may shine with greater brightness, and that it may illuminate your path. I have seen you weeping when you experience that the obstacles do not allow you to work. You have told Me, "Master, clear our path of thorns so that we may advance. - Make your body shell, which I have given you, lovingly docile and do not show yourselves weak or hostile. Do not tell Me that you are weak, for I have made you strong. Do not say that fulfilling your mission is a sacrifice. Work with love, and your works will remain written down. Climb the mountain of perfection until you find my presence. Lean on the staff that Elijah offers you, look to his example. He, who is symbolized by an aged man, who leans on a staff, does not rest for a moment, is always on the lookout for his strayed sheep to rescue them and lead them into My presence. His spirit does not despair in the face of disobedience and recalcitrance, his zeal and perseverance do not slacken. So shall you also be. Set out and do not fear the world nor temptation. Be strong through the spirit that I have given you.

52 Many lands are already prepared and awaiting the workers, but they have not yet learned to do their work. When you feel the full meaning of your mission, you will willingly take the way and fulfill your destiny. Set no limits to active charity in that time, but do not go as far as self-sacrifice either; you might tire and abandon the cross.

53 When you have healed the sick and removed their dark thoughts, their fallen asleep spirit will awaken and rise to a new life. I will always protect you when you live within My Laws because the scientists will approach you and call you to account for healing the sick without having obtained doctor degrees in the schools of the world and the men who govern the destinies of your nation will likewise ask you what your law is and you shall speak of My manifestation in this time and My revelations.

54 To bear witness to My teaching, glorify My name through your works, then your offering will come to Me

55 Let the sick, the lepers, the afflicted come to Me, those who have no peace in their hearts, and also those who have sinned or blasphemed; all these I will heal in body and soul.

56 Verily, I tell you, that sick person who would be able to keep, fathom and put into practice one of My Words of Life would be healed because he would keep in his heart a drop of My Divine Balsam

57 I have given you proofs of My power and My love so that you may walk the path with confidence. Receive this message of hope so that you may be strong in this time when sin has spread like an infectious disease.

58 A leprosy of a non-physical nature has spread on earth, tearing hearts apart and destroying faith and virtue. Covered with spiritual rags men live there; they know that no one can expose this wretchedness because men do not see beyond what is matter. But the hour of conscience is drawing near; it is the same as if you said that the Day of the Lord, or his judgment, is at hand. Then shame will rise in the one, and repentance in the other.

59 Those who hear this inner voice, burning hot and unrelenting, will feel in their inner being the fire that consumes, that destroys, that purifies. Neither sin nor anything that is not pure can resist this judgment fire. Only the soul can withstand it, because it is endowed with divine power. Therefore, when it has passed through the fire of its conscience, it will, purified of its faults, rise anew.

60 I have often spoken to you in past times of this fire, this judgment, this atonement; but the symbols by which these teachings were presented, you have understood in a material sense, and your imagination devalued the reality of these revelations.

61 How many falsifying interpretations did men give to these divine teachings. They make Me appear as a judge of appalling cruelty. How many absurdities has the human mind created and subsequently imposed (on men) as supreme truth.

62 Today I come in spirit to make you understand and live My divine teachings.

63 The prayer of the birds is their song, the prayer of men is their pure thoughts that ascend to Me Everything created has a gift for its Creator. The Father also has a gift for each of His creatures. Yet there is need, misery, and pain in the human race. It is the result of the use of freedom of will without listening to the voice of conscience, it is the lack of harmony between the divine and the material in the life of men; but all this pain that weighs on the world today will serve to wake them up from their deep sleep. When humanity one day realizes the truth and orients its life accordingly, it will discover the harmony of the spiritual with the material nature that surrounds it.

64 My new word will reach mankind as a message of light that will disperse the darkness of ignorance.

65 In this time I am preparing the new fishermen of souls who are to rescue the shipwrecked from the troubled waters. among these fishermen will be those who will hear My Word in this time, also will be those who, without having heard Me, have awakened in themselves the gifts of inner perception and inspiration to receive My revelations They will appear at different points of the earth and will know how to connect and unite to be strong in struggle.

66 Many ways and means will have My new disciples for spreading this blessed seed; but never forget humility and simplicity, for this is how I have come to you and in the same way you shall approach hearts, homes and peoples When you thus come, you will be recognized as messengers of a spiritual message, and your struggle will bear fruit of true spiritualization, renewal, and brotherhood.

67 In the Second Age, when Jesus had completed His divine mission on the cross, He turned His eyes toward infinity and said, "All things are accomplished.

68 In this Third Time, when I hand over to you My last word through the human intellect, I will repeat the same words, just as I will utter them for the last time when you are all once in spirit in the Land of Promise, where you will see Me descending from My Cross of Redemption to tell you anew: "all is accomplished.

My peace be with you!

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