Iran is the first of the Red Horsemen of the Apokalypse

The father gives me keywords in the morning meditation and the following poetry came up out of this 
"Iran is the first of the Red Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Armies of war and a meaningless wall
Thousands and thousands of murdering riders ... ..
While 13,000, yes 13,000 is the number to go to the Holy Mountain,
to the Mountain of Perfect Virtue

Exodus - Excerpt from the captivity of vice and the transgressions of virtues.
The Chosen are the first seaworthy ships,
they speak of the transition to the spiritual world
while the sinners play darts with their hearts.

In the kitchen, there is the table of bread,
with the messages of the word for the kings at the truth table.
The word awakens sleepers from the century's sleep.

It comes to tear down the gates of hell,
to satisfy the hunger of the depressed
and show them the spiritual glory of the Lord.

They will testify it with their mouths and bear it with their feet
to all human children.
They will argue for the cause of the Lord,
Hymns of praise in the hearts,
girded with eternal joy,
decorated with noble peace.

They measure the depth of the word,
healing balm, delicious ointments, spikenard for her wounds.

O happy ones, you have cleverly decided,
you've made a wise choice,
receive the blessings of the Father,
to live in the spiritual temple forever. Amen.

The lamb has spoken, the word and the love.
It took the lid off the coffins,
the little ones start to swing
with the concert of the heavenly places,
as free as the birds in flight
through the vastness of the spiritual worlds
like dancing, glowing, sparks of light.


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