BTL - Volume III - Teaching 81

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 81:

1 Ye come near this day to remember the new covenant which ye have made with your Father. In this time of judgment, My Spirit is present among you to demand the first accounts of your work, of your works, and to ask you what you have been doing since the moment you promised Me to fulfil My Law: to love one another

2 Among this crowd here are the "first" to whom I entrusted the responsibility for the "fields" and the "workers", to whom I gave the crystal clear water of brotherhood to water the "trees" with it.

3 Does your conscience reproach you for nothing? Has your mouth opened only to advise, to teach and to guide? Or did it speak without a word, like a double-edged sword that hurts on the right and on the left? Did you walk in the spiritual path and leave traces of unity, peace, and good will, or did you give him bad examples?

4 If My Word is occasionally severe, it is only because I do not want there to be lies, vices or deceit in the bosom of My people If he who leads a church gives bad examples, those who follow him will encounter obstacles. In this time of judgment I will show you the fruit of your seed at all times. Do not challenge My righteousness, remember first that I am above all an inexhaustible source of goodness.

5 I cannot consider you as little children to whom all imperfections are attributed; for your spirit, when it made a covenant with My Divinity in this time, had already covered a great part of the way before; I am the one who will be able to give you a chance to live in My Kingdom Whoever was a disciple of My law in the first time, in the second time a disciple of the teaching word of Jesus, must become similar to the Master in the present stage of development.

6 I entrust to your care the good, pleasant and sweet fruit which gives life, so that it may make you feel the contrast with the bitter taste and the devastations which the fruit of the tree of evil has caused among men.

7 I see the earth and the waters stained with the blood of men, I see men disregarding one another as if they were beings of different species, and killing one another without compassion or pity This tree of ambitious striving for power and hatred has been brought up by men, and its fruits have poisoned the peoples of the earth. Do not allow this seed to invade your midst.

8 Today the voice of Jesus could not rise and say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," for your spirit carries within it the knowledge of my love teaching.

9 Elijah opened the gate to a new age, he prepared the ways of the Lord. He has prepared you to receive the first fruits of My revelation and My teaching. Fathom My teachings and bear witness to them through your works.

10 In this time the Sixth Seal is broken, its light is spreading over the world, so that the men and women who hear My voice may awaken in time and stand up to fight.

11 The way is one; you already know it. You are to follow it so that you never stray from it. It is just that way, which I have marked out for you since you came out of me. in the present time I have granted you to gather in assembly places to hear My love teachings and to receive in them the multitude of the needy who will knock day after day at your door, which is Mine

12 How are you to be inwardly attuned every new day to receive the needy? With absolute humility, not with the crown and sceptre of vanity.

13 When this people have once united themselves spiritually, I will give news of it to the whole world.

14 I am entrusting to you a part of My Work which is whiter than the snowflake and purer than the water of your springs I want you to keep it this way until the end of the path of development.

15 As if a bell had rung inside your heart, you have remembered today that this is a day of grace, a day when the Master comes down to speak to His disciples My Spirit appears among you and opens like a book of wisdom. Your spirit appears before Me like a blank page, and on it I write My teaching.

16 The light of My Spirit, poured out on all matter and spirit, in fulfilment of a promise of the first times, is sinking on the intellect of these chosen ones, called voice bearers, to make the Divine Teaching audible to you

17 Some receive My manifestation with faith, others, listening to Me, feel that doubt has taken hold of their heart But I do not rebuke them because doubt will cause them to delve into the study of my teaching and through this they will eventually find faith.

18 A new life awaits men. Not that nature is transformed, the reason being that while mankind is spiritualized by means of this teaching, he will look at everything with the eyes of love, faith and mercy, that is, man will see life through the spirit. Today, when you see, feel and judge what surrounds you, you do so with a material mind and a selfish heart. This life must appear to you as a valley of tears, a world of sins and sometimes even a place of punishment. Your eyes discover no beauty, the spirit finds no place for itself, nor food or stimulation. But if you let the Spirit soar, and he looks down from on high at what surrounds and enfolds you, you will have to bow down before your Father and confess that you have been deaf, blind, and insensitive to his divine presence, which is revealed in everything that exists spiritually or materially.

19 Then the bitterness will fall away from you, and you will know the goodness that flows out of all created things, for everything is fruit of the Divine Tree.

20 The suffering that mankind is enduring today comes from the bad use of their free will and from their disobedience to my law. Its last fruits will be so bitter that it will hurl them far from itself, and this will open its eyes to the light and its heart to repentance.

21 Make the body docile and obedient so that it will not be an obstacle to your spirit. Subdue it until you have made it the best tool and the best co-worker in your spiritual task. Allow the light which the Sixth Seal radiates to be seen by both the spirit and the flesh, for you know that this light is shed upon all Being.

22 Comprehend My teachings and you will be My good disciples who, when the hour has come, shall seek out their brethren and present the revelation of the Seven Seals. Do not stop your steps because you think that you are not worthy of My grace because of the works of your flesh. I have already told you to stop the frenzied running of this unruly and weak creature entrusted to you on earth, and that in this struggle you will earn merits to obtain My grace.

23 Now is not the hour for you to feel sad or ashamed because of your past. Just remember that you must purify your soul. Now is the time for you to feel the happiest on earth because you are hearing the Divine Concert of My Word. Yes, people, My ray of light becomes inspiration and human word so that you may have My presence in this form. Stop thinking of your past and think of your future instead.

24 Prepare your weapons of love to fight with human ideas and theories. Strengthen your heart in faith so that you may not feel small, ignorant and weak towards those you call educated and learned; for they may understand something of science and religion, but they know nothing of My new revelations.

25 When I demanded your renewal, it was so that the mind and heart, once pure, could reflect My Divine Light

26 I have seen how many of you have searched and judged My Word; but I have not rebuked you because I know that tomorrow, among those who judge Me, the ardent disciples will arise. Later on you will teach in your way and will be mocked. Remember then the teaching of the Master, and instead of blaming your brethren for their doubt and mockery, you are to forgive them, knowing that among them are those who will repent of their judgment and come to faith.

27 Let no one feel compelled to be My soldier.

Follow Me as soon as your will is firm and your love drives you to put My teachings into practice. Time will pass and then you will understand and appreciate all that the Lord granted you in this Third Age and you will then feel pain that you were not understanding and obedient as long as I gave you My Word. But I grant you some more short periods of time so that you make amends for your mistakes and make up for the time that you have lost.

28 While the world attracts you by means of your body, my voice calls you into the spiritual spheres, which you are to enter pure of every blemish and filled with light. There my voice will resound in your conscience and tell you whether you have fulfilled your assignment on earth and whether you can already ascend another step on the ladder to spiritual perfection.

29 On the day which you dedicate today to rest, I come down to rejoice in you. It is the moment when you better realize that you cannot live on bread alone, but that you need My Word, which is your spiritual food. Many of you come to hear Me, but you do not all believe in My presence. Some would prefer to see me instead of hearing me through these organs of the mind, or at least to hear my voice in the infinite, in the spiritual space. But how will you see and hear me spiritually when you are completely bound to the bodily senses? That is why you are to work on yourselves so that you reach that high spiritual vibration, of which I give you knowledge through the intellect organ of man. After this time of my announcement in this form you are to be able to receive my inspiration or inspiration from spirit to spirit. This will be the perfect spirit connection.

30 The progress of science amazes you. Understand that a few centuries ago you would not have believed what man has accomplished today through the development of the spirit and the perseverance of his material nature.

31 Why should you not develop spiritually if you persevere? Why do you claim that new teachings will be revealed to you if you have not yet understood the past ones?

32  Those who believe in my existence and the non-believers of all times would have preferred today to see me visible to human eyes, materialized in some form. But why must you ascribe a form to Me, although I do not have such a form as a spirit? I am visible and touchable both to the eyes of your body and to those of your spirit, but it is necessary for you to know how to see. It is unjust that you say that God hides from your sights-when you say that I am selfish, because I do not let myself be heard or seen by those whom I call children of my divinity. I am always ready to let myself be seen, but since you consider yourselves blind to the spiritual, although everything is within your reach, you are not able to see it and you do not become aware of my presence, although you touch me.

33 In every age a God-messenger had to come to teach men to seek their Lord, to pray, to worship Him, to feel Him, to see, to hear, and to interpret Him. In this time Elijah came to prepare the way so that the human spirit could receive the presence and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

34  In order that the voice and the steps of Elijah might be heard and felt in a world deaf to any spiritual revelation by its materialism, I prepared a man who, in attaining maturity, would let manifest through himself the light of that great Spirit who inspired him, who did wonderful works through his mediation, and who prepared mankind by his light for the coming of a new time. Elijah had to pave the way, on which there were many thorns, many weeds and also boulders. It was religious fanaticism, ignorance, the pursuit of every inspiration that was considered new. But Elijah inspired laws, prepared hearts and sowed a seed that promoted the unfolding of a divine revelation and the spiritual fulfillment of a people who, in the most hidden corner of the world, awaited the indicated time to set about carrying out their task.

35 That man who was chosen by Me to be the voice bearer of Elijah was called Roque Rojas. He announced to the world in 1866 that a new age was opening up for mankind, which would be governed by the same law that the Lord revealed in the Three Epochs in which I have always told you: Love one another!

36 Only a few were able to truly feel the presence of the Messenger of God. Once more he was the voice that cried out in the desert, and once more he prepared the hearts of men for the coming of the Lord. So the sixth seal was broken, let its contents be seen, and poured out as a river of justice and light upon mankind. Thus many promises and prophecies were fulfilled.

37 Elijah, like Jesus and Moses, illuminated the eyes of your spirit, that you might see the Father. Moses taught you: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus told you: "Love one another." Elijah commanded you to have more and more mercy with your brothers, and immediately added: "and you shall see My Father in all His glory.

38 It is "The Word" that speaks to you at this time. I have not become man, yet you can discover similarity between My former manifestation and this one: just as the

Cradle of Jesus was poor and His death took place on the cross of sin of the world, likewise the place where today the light of the Third Age was born cannot be poorer and more humble, and the cross from which I will give you my last word will be man himself, through which I make myself known.

39 Through this mediator, through whom I speak to you, I have likewise received mockery, scourging, doubt, wounding. So it was my will, for my cross is now you.

40 Today I tell you: Since your eyes have opened to the Light, recognize how your world, its science, its morals and its religious communities are approaching the end of their existence. Of all this, only the soul will survive, which will rise on the ruins of its past life to a new spiritual age.

41 All signs which were foretold among you as the announcement of My new revelation have already come true. Will the world wait for further manifestations and therefore continue to await my coming? Will it do what the Jewish people did, who possessed the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, witnessed the fulfillment of them, received the Savior in their midst and did not recognize Him and still awaits Him? This experience is too heavy and painful for this humanity to still be able to harden itself to its materialism. Since the omens and the visitations have come true and I have not appeared in the synagogue or in any church - does not the world suspect that I must reveal myself presently in any place, since I cannot go against my word?

42  Disciples, hold fast to My teaching so that tomorrow you may bear witness to Me

43  Fear not misery, it is only temporary, and in it you are to pray and take Job's patience as an example Abundance will return, and then you will not have enough words to give thanks to Me.

44  If sickness once oppresses you, O blessed sick, do not despair; your spirit is not sick. Rise to Me in prayer, and your faith and spiritualization will give you back the health of the body. Pray in the form I have taught you: spiritually.

45  Understand that you have the light of your Master. Jesus is also the perfect example, whom you are to follow. Neither before nor after Him can you find an equal example in the world.

46 Jesus, the Christ, has been the clearest teaching example I gave you in the world to show you how great the love and wisdom of the Father is. Jesus was the living message that the Creator sent to earth so that you should recognize the high qualities of Him who created you. People saw in Jehovah an angry and unforgiving God, a terrible and vengeful judge; but through Jesus I delivered you from your error.

47 See in the Master the divine love made man. He judged all your works through His life of humility, sacrifice and mercy, but instead of punishing you with death, He offered you His blood to make you know the true life, that of love. That Divine Message illuminated the life of mankind, and the Word that the Divine Master gave to mankind became the origin of religious communities and sects through which men have sought and still seek Me. But truly, I tell you, they have not yet understood the content of this message. Humanity may indeed come to the conclusion that God's love for His children is unlimited, since He died in Jesus out of love for mankind. It is even inwardly moved by the sufferings of Jesus before His judges and executioners, gradually recognizing the Father in the Son as well, but the spiritual content, the scope of all that the Lord wanted to tell people through that revelation that began in a virgin and ended in the "cloud" of Bethany, has not been correctly interpreted until today.

48 I had to come again on the same "cloud" in which "The Word" rose to the Father, to give you the explanation and to show the true content of all that was revealed to you through the birth, life, works, and death of Jesus.

49 The Spirit of Truth, promised then by Christ, is this Divine manifestation which illuminated the darkness and explained the mysteries which the mind or heart of men could not penetrate.

50 My law is always the same; it is no less deep one time than another. It is your spirit that sometimes reflects the light of the Lord better than another time. This depends on the development your spirit has reached.

51 Today I tell you: The spiritual banquet awaits you, sit down at the table and eat of the food. I have granted you the multiplication of bread also in this time, because thousands and thousands are currently listening to My words in many provinces.

52 I bequeath you an inheritance without your sin being a reason to consider you unworthy. The gates of My Kingdom remain open in expectation of those who will come after. There you have My mercy before your eyes, which you did not expect to go so far as to come in contact with you.

53 Now that there is a lack of love in the world - feel the pure love of your Master so that you may recover from all your wounds.

54 When your heart full of vain seed, weeds and thistles comes to Me, I will forgive it, purify it and make it blossom I only expect you to strive upward, then I will reveal to you all that I still have in store for your spirit. But when you are then owners of what I promise you, you are not to go to catacombs to hide yourselves from the eyes of men; on the contrary, you are to step out into the light of day and reveal this truth in that brightness. Open your heart, your mind and your hearing so that you may let My teachings penetrate your soul.

55 For what time are you waiting to learn from Me? Are you waiting for the year 1950 to come to awaken from your slumber? no, My people, for then you will no longer hear My Word It is necessary that you come to the absolute conviction that you came into the world to serve your brothers.

56 You look at each other and you see that I have formed a community of sinners, of the ignorant, and you fear not to pass the trials But I know what I do; your business is to believe, trust and obey. The day will come when you offer me the seed which I have demanded of you.

57 People, prepare yourselves, allow new crowds to come to you. Among them will come those whom My love will choose so that I may proclaim My word through their mediation; for you know very well that your intellect cannot choose them. Only I know the destiny and the gifts of each one.

58 Purify your mind, lift it up so that you may unite yourselves in this moment with the pure spirits who live near me Send up a prayer inspired by the love for God, even your pain or remorse for the transgressions committed, as well as thanksgiving for the goods received. This will bring your spirit closer to the Father.

59 Everything that surrounds you is aimed at purifying you, but not all have taken it this way. Let not the pain you drink from your cup of bitterness be barren. From pain you can draw light, which is wisdom, gentleness, strength and sensitivity.

60 Fear not that when you arrive in the spiritual world you must think of what you have sinned on earth. If you let yourselves be washed clean by pain and repentance bursts forth from your heart, if you struggle to make amends for your transgressions, you will enter My presence worthy and pure, and no one, not even your conscience, will dare to mention your past imperfections.

61 In the perfect home there is a place for every spirit which awaits the arrival of its owner in time or in eternity. On the stepladder of love, mercy, faith and merits you will enter my kingdom one by one.

62 Show good examples before your children, which serve them as a staff on their way to continue their ascent to me. Do not consider them to be spiritually insignificant because you see them as children according to the body. Observe them, and you will see that their abilities are more developed than yours. They are to learn My teachings through you, but afterwards they will teach you to fathom them.

63 You who are young people today, when you reach old age, you will have experienced many miracles through the new generations of spiritualists.

64 I say to the fathers of families that, just as they are concerned about the material future of their children, they should also be concerned about the spiritual future, because of the mission they have brought to the world in this regard.

65 Remember that these beings, before they came in the flesh, have already prayed for you; they have protected you and have stood by you in your struggle of life. Now it is up to you to support them in the first steps they are gradually taking on earth through the weak flesh.

66 Come to me, disciples. Here is peace, not its pretense, which the world gives you, but that which flows out of My Spirit. Fill your heart with it, so that you may hear and understand Me and put My teaching into practice afterwards.

67 A certain number of hearts is assigned to each one of My workers. It is the land each of them has to work, so that it may bear fruit and he may show Me a rich harvest at the end.

68 No one would be able to build a temple like the one I am building in your spirit. The love of the Universal Creator builds this sanctuary with infinite patience. This temple will be indestructible, and while the man-made temples will crumble stone by stone under the influence of time and the storms, this one will continue steadfastly, for its foundations will be anchored in your spirit, and its towers will touch the kingdom of heaven.

My peace be with you!

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