Was Germany the cause of the Second World War? An analysis


TTT 33 : 93 Man has not evolved high enough to see through and judge his neighbor's life correctly. Those people who hold the spiritual and secular laws in their hands do not apply true justice to punish such cases.

Putin analyzes secret documents from the archives to find out who was the perpetrator of World War II.

Putin pulls out archives and names the perpetrator of World War 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsa4pt89R_8

Putin explains that Russia is innocent and had nothing to do with triggering the Second World War and that England and the USA were the big losers, i.e. the victims. There was the matter of the Baltic states, but that was not worth mentioning in view of the gravity of Nazi Germany's act of taking the independent and sovereign Czech Republic together with Poland and France and dividing it up among themselves.

The German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop was ordered to Russia to sign a treaty concerning the Baltic States. When the treaty was presented to him, it contained a secret clause, the contents of which he was not to know until he had signed it. Ribbentrop calls Hitler and Hitler says to him: "Sign it, Poland is attacking us."

Ribbentrop then learns of the secret clause: the Baltic states will be assigned to Russia.

This leads to a blitzkrieg by Nazi Germany in Poland and southern France. Both capitulate very quickly and now support Hitler as allies. Was this a false flag on Hitler's part in order to have a reason to wage war with Poland and southern France, but all three had secretly agreed beforehand and made an alliance pact with each other?

Is Stalin really not the cause of the Second World War? (Wasn't the secret clause in the Baltic Treaty a betrayal of Hitler?)

And are the Allies England and USA really the victims when you grasp the facts that Kaiser Wilhelm was expelled from the rising industrial nation of Germany before WW1, which had to be stopped, and fled to Holland and that according to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was condemned to pay 100 million tons of gold to the Allies as perpetual reparations, last in 1995, according to Putin, after the defeat in WW1. The USA only had 6000 tons of gold in comparison.

What does Jesus Christ's great prophecy to the nations in Mexico on January 10, 1945 tell us?

TTT - Chapter 64 - Prophecies 

14 ENGLAND: I enlighten you, my justice will still afflict you severely; but I give you strength, touch your heart and tell you: your claims to power will fall, your riches will be taken from you and they will be given to no one.

15 GERMANY: I am searching your pride at this moment and I say to you: prepare yourselves, for your seed will not perish. You have asked Me for new lands, but men have interfered with My high counsel. I bend your necks and say to you: take My strength and trust that I will save you.

16 But if you do not trust in Me and give in to your pride, you will be alone and a slave to the world. But this is not my will, for now is the time in which I overthrow the masters and free the slaves and captives. Take my light and straighten yourselves up.

17 RUSSIA: My Spirit sees everything. The world will not be yours. It will be I who reign over you all. You will not be able to blot out my name, for Christ who speaks to you will reign over all men. Free yourselves from materialism and prepare yourselves for a new life, for if this does not happen, I will break your arrogance. I give you my light.

18 ITALY: You are no longer the master as in times past; today mockery, servitude and war have prepared you for destruction. As a result of your degeneration, you are undergoing a great purification. But I say to you: renew yourselves, get rid of your fanaticism and idolatry and recognize Me as the supreme Lord. I will pour out new inspiration and light upon you. Take My healing balm and forgive one another.

19 FRANCE: You bring your pain before Me. Your lamentation reaches my high throne. I receive you. You used to lift yourselves up to the Lord, now you show Me only the chains you carry.

20 You have neither watched nor prayed. You have given yourselves over to the pleasures of the flesh and the dragon has taken you as prey.

21 But I will save you, for the lamentations of your wives and the weeping of your children reach Me. You want to save yourselves and I reach out my hand to you. But truly, I say to you: watch, pray and forgive!

22 UNITED STATES: At this moment I also receive you. I look at your heart - it is not made of stone, but of metal, of gold. I see your metal brain hardened. I find no love in you, I discover no spirituality. I see only megalomania, ambition and greed.

23 "Keep up the force", but I ask you: when will my seed take deep root in you? When will you tear down your "Golden Calf" and your "Tower of Babel" to erect the true temple of the Lord instead?

24 I touch your conscience from first to last and forgive you. I enlighten you so that in the most difficult hour, when the visitation reaches its climax, your mind is not clouded, but thinks clearly and remembers that I am over you.

25 I give you light, strength and authority. Do not interfere with my high counsel, for if you disobey my instructions or cross the line I draw, pain, destruction, fire, pestilence and death will come upon you.

A defeated country may be a military occupation zone for a maximum of 25 years. Obama said during his visit to Germany that Germany will remain a US occupation zone until 2099 (in order to continue paying reparations).

Germany finally needs a peace treaty recognized by the United Nations.

Since the 1970s, there has also been a change in the German people and they have begun to turn away from their pride towards more humanity and brotherhood.

What is imperialism today? Is it true that all B.R.I.C.S. states are members of the B.I.Z. in Switzerland? What is actually their goal? Is it not actually the aim of the B.R.I.C.S. to get the worldwide, digital central banking system off the ground? Are these forces really enemies with USA or are we just seeing one big distraction in Ukraine (indefinite war) and Israel (indefinite war) to distract from that fact?


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Jesus is whispering to me right now:

"The island did it. It's secret."

England's envy has always been of the Germans, but no one should know that.


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