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In a press conference with German journalists, Putin was asked: When will there be peace?

Putin responded by explaining how the crisis in Ukraine came about, who is disturbing the peace and that Russia is still ready for negotiations, which the West is rigorously rejecting. He called the German government simply stupid, as one pipe of Nordstream is intact, but Germany refuses to buy gas from Gazprom....

Putin interview: When will there be peace? - German  

This morning A.M. woke up with a realization that the Lord has given her.

It's good that Germany is called the dumbest government in the world and that German children are the dumbest children in the world. Germany is doing very well as a result. It is good that Germany is weak, small and impoverished. Germany is surviving. So it is not possible for Germany to arm itself and allow itself to be drawn into a war, into a proxy war for its big brother.

"The Eglanders are just waiting for it!"

They are just waiting for Germany to arm itself and allow itself to be seduced into waging war so that they can attack Germany again to destroy it, but a poor, weak and stupid Germany is not capable of this.

To him who understands it, it is given. Divine wisdom is at work here. Only in this way is it impossible for German pride to rise up again and break out. A small, weak Germany cannot do that. This is how the Lord saves it.

"Jeremiah look." 

Superbook Jeremiah (list)  

TTT 12 : 31 Can ye ascribe these words**) unto Christ, who is eternally one with the Father? - Now you know that it was a whimpering of the body of Jesus, which was defiled by the blindness of men. But as the caress of the Lord descended on that martyred flesh, Jesus continued to speak, and his words were, "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit". - "All is accomplished". (34, 27 -30)

**) "Father, Father, why have you forsaken me?"

Then the Lord said:

"And it will be restored - on June 2."

A.M. ponders these words and wonders - in what year? The Lord speaks again:

"This is about transforming the released power into commission!"

What do you mean, Father?

"Girl .... Take note!"

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