Russia and Germany - a comparison and what's coming soon


The revelation of Jesus through the apostle John

TTT 37 : 36 The contents of that book were revealed to you only by the Divine Lamb, for neither on earth nor in the heavens was there a righteous Spirit who could explain to you the deep mysteries of God's love, life and justice. But the Divine Lamb, who is Christ, broke the seals that closed the Book of Life to reveal its contents to his children.

We went a little deeper with our research here and noticed differences based on the following documentaries on how the lifestyle was in Russia and in Germany in the time between the two world wars and there are interesting differences on both sides.


Gulag: The Soviet 'Main Administration of the Camps

Soviet prison camps were a widespread and long-lasting system of criminal repression. The first camps were established in 1918 and their numbers peaked in the 1950s. In more than 40 years, 20 million people were sent to almost 500 camps. Innocent people were made guilty. Every sixth adult citizen was forced into a camp or expelled. The writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn called this system the Gulag Archipelago. It stretched thousands of kilometers from the White Sea to the Black Sea, from Moscow to Vladivostok and from the Arctic Circle to Central Asia. It was hidden and its existence was denied for decades. Prison camps were difficult to see and understand. They are still not well known today.... Further in the description under the video .......  


The Reichsautobahn (Roads of the Führer) Documentary

A documentary by Peter Friedrich Leopold 2000  


Last night A.M. was woken up by the Lord and he told her the following when he said:

"If the traffic lights go and the AfD comes the system collapses even faster."

The reason: there is no more money and the interest and compound interest on the debt is growing exponentially and therefore faster and faster. 

"Canada ... USA ..."



A.M. understands this to mean that the governments of Canada and the USA will go to divine judgment, just like the German government in Karlsruhe, because they are unfit to govern.


A weather forecast has predicted temperatures of - 25 ° C.

"Persevere in prayer day and night."

"The ruble goes first ... they won't make it."

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