CBDC Pilot Project Switzerland and others


A.M. wakes up around 1:45 a.m. and perceives the Swiss people's inner rebellion and cry of despair. They can't fight back against the central bank currency that went into pilot in Switzerland in December. 

Today's Central Bank Digital Currencies Status

A.M. prays: Lord, awaken faith in them and it feels good at first, but then the despair comes again. Then she sees
They have straps around their heads, pulled tight, tied together like suspenders.
They can't believe and are constricted.
Then the words form in her mind: 
"This is no longer a communist party system..." 
It's a total takeover.... 

Later, the Lord says to A.M.: 
"You know I'm coming. Amen." 

TTT 61: 19 Faith, hope, love, humility, confidence
19 If you are humble, you will be great. Greatness is not in pride and vanity, as many believe. "Be gentle and humble of heart," I have told you at all times.
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