Stories about Near death experiences - NDE


A.M. finds some videos on near-death experiences via YouTube suggestions. Here is a small selection of them  (they are all in English):
I Asked Jesus When He Would Return (NDE) Near-Death Experience
Jesus answered her: Only the Father knows that hour! 

 I Died And Saw Seventy Years Into The Future | Near Death Experience | NDE

Woman Dies And Is Shown The Year 2042 And Beyond | Near Death Experience | NDE
She was shown that in 2042 there would be a big earthquake and that parts of California, Korea and Japan would be swallowed by a tsunami and that in the following years there would almost be a nuclear war).

When I Died God Taught Me Why He Created Earth (NDE) Near Death Experience

She Died & Jesus Showed Her The Result Of Her Prayers | Near Death Experience

I Died And Was Shown What A Prayer Does To The Devil

What The Archangel Showed Him About The Future Will Shock You | Near Death Experience | NDE

GOD Showed Me My House in Heaven During My Near Death Experience (NDE)

Archangels Showed Him Glimpses Of Earth's Future | Near Death Experience | NDE

He Died And Briefly Saw Mankind's Future | NDE | Near Death Experience

He Died Saw Many Planets & A Future To Come | Near Death Experience

She Died And Was Shown Things To Come | Near Death Experience | NDE 

He Died & Was Shown WW3 By Jesus | Near Death Experience | Repost

I Died And Saw World War Three | Near-Death Experience | NDE 

I Died And Was Shown Rapture | Near Death Experience | NDE *

Note from A.M. Hosta:
I have not had a near death experience, but I have had telepathic dialogue with Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, almost every day since the beginning of 2017. I have also had many dreams and visions from the Lord. 
When he spoke the following to me in my Spirit (telepathically) on January 20, 2020:

"7 years from now, the Lamb will direct a seven year period where they will be cleansed.
I will bind Satan and the Antichrist (materialism) will rule the world." 

I thought that it might be the 7-year tribulation, but according to this statement* and according to the current state of developments worldwide, it seems obvious to me that these 7 years that the Lord spoke of here are not the tribulation. I have therefore thought to myself that the Rapture is not a taking away of all believers in an instant, but that the Lord Jesus Christ comes to each soul individually to assist them in their own judgment, since it is not He who will judge us, but it is we ourselves who will be judged. In fact, at another time in my body I also experienced my personal judgment, in which everything I had done as a sinful human being came before my eyes. The voice of the Lord was thunderous when he came and he accompanied me and it lasted 3 days in which there was a great sadness in me and the Lord accompanied me until it was over and then he said, 

"You have never experienced such a long judgment."

Indeed, no, Lord, but it cleansed me deeply and set me free and now I am again glad and thankful that you are with me. 
For this reason I thought that the personal judgment of each soul is an individual event and that it can also happen already here on earth in our body and then we, like me, continue to remain on earth afterwards as long as the Lord wills it to fulfill a task or to continue to purify and perfect ourselves. 
In addition, the Lord said to me on January 20, 2020:
"Trump is coming back." 

(January 20 is always the day on which a newly elected American president is officially inaugurated).

The following video also tells a personal rapture story: 
I Saw The Rapture When I Died | Near-Death Experience (NDE)

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