The spiritual battle is in full swing


TTT 35 : 18 But people who, because of their selfishness, keep their distance from each other, far from the spiritual life as a result of the materialism in which they have allowed themselves to be entangled today, are not prepared to be able to communicate with each other by means of their thoughts.


I was in a terrain of meadows, forest, mountains, watercourses, rocks together with a group of people and they were all busy digging or searching for gold. Some were more powerful than others and they saw the gold as their personal possession and did not begrudge the others any of it and tried to make them fail. It goes without saying, however, that anyone who found it would share it generously with others, but those who were willing to share it generously had it taken away from them by the powerful. According to the work, people met to share. I saw a stack of playing cards with famous men on them, but I didn't know any of them, so I couldn't take part in the game or it was more difficult to take part in the game.

When I woke up, I realized that I don't know Elon Mask, for example, and that this is a disadvantage for me because I don't know how to assess him and I can't see how to prepare myself so as not to be brought down by his activities.

Elon Musk*1) has sent tens of thousands of satellites into orbit, controlling and monitoring every centimeter on the Earth's surface, but they don't anticipate possible solar storms that can destroy the satellites. Recently there was a coronal hole on the sun so big that the earth would have fit in it 60 times and it was facing the earth.

I once saw in a vision how God, the Creator, dug a hole in the sun with the hollow of his hand and when he does this, solar storms arise and they can be powerful and destroy the enemy's weapons. The enemy thinks he has all the trump cards with technology, but technology is not God. 

*1) Elon Musk, the reality behind a fake alternative media activist in the service of the elite  

Elon Musk relies on a notorious surveillance firm with ties to Mossad to verify X accounts  

Google mapped every centimeter on the earth's surface (Google surch) and just patented*2) a new technology with algorithms that specifically search for words that contradict Google's policies such as soul, life and from this Google draws the right to delete an entire homepage with one click.

The algorithms are searching for the gold, for words of truth, knowledge and wisdom of God in order to eradicate them and wipe them off the face of the earth, to steal the orientation and power of the people who search for them, so that they become weak and controllable.

 *2) Google's new patent: Machine learning to detect "misinformation" on social media  

Example: I've noticed that my computer mouse is constantly asleep and unresponsive, like it just stops responding for seconds while a scan is being made of what I'm typing or looking at and this happens all the time and makes working on the computer considerably more difficult. One Telekom technician said the memory might be overloaded, another said it has nothing to do with the memory, but didn't tell me where the fault lies.

I realized that the dream was about the golden word of the Lord, about his wisdom, which gives strength to those who find it to stand in battle and I saw the many people who carelessly disregard it or reject it when I want to share it with them and thus it loses strength and that also robs me of strength.

Some who did not want to listen and rejected the Holy Word I wanted to bring them and who got vaccinated despite my warnings are now confronted with the consequences of vaccination when they get sick and are shown death and now call out to me because, as the Lord said, those who get vaccinated get Covid*3), as the vaccination destroys the immune system and then there is no longer any defense to eliminate the pathogens.

When this happens, I am often very close to the water, because I can no longer help them and they are not willing to accept help either, because they only listen to the mass media, which they blindly trust. The Lord also said that Covid will be eternal and that is what the elite are working on to immortalize Covid.

*3) WHO whistleblower warns: "They want to create a perpetual pandemic"  

The third world war, the spiritual battle, is raging among us and it is the battle of worldviews that Christ tells us about in the Third Testament. We are in the midst of it and it is important to recognize the enemy and to prepare ourselves for it or to be aware of it and to equip ourselves with the weapons of gold, truth, wisdom and power of God himself in order to draw strength and guidance from it and to stand our ground in the battle.

Times of silence to immerse ourselves, to search according to the gold within us and to come into our strength is as important as times of sharing with each other, where we then share the gold with each other. 

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