Antichrist Unveiled: The Terrifying Revelation in Fatima's Third Secret


For the first time, the terrifying REAL Third Secret of Fatima is revealed. Follow how Father Elias Mary stumbles upon the shocking REAL third secret of Fatima in late 2023. As an expert on the apparition of Our Lady of Akita, he was reading a Japanese book about the sermons of Father Yasuda, the spiritual director of the apparition of Our Lady of Akita, and was looking for information according to the meaning of the words "...signs left by My Son...". But he also came across shocking sentences in the message that have remained hidden until now.
Discover the shocking revelations of the terrifying, true third secret of Fatima, in which the Blessed Virgin Mary reveals the existence of the Antichrist. This eye-opening video explores the hidden truths presented by Blessed Mary herself, offering a deeper understanding of the future of the world. Revealing secrets that have long been hidden, this video sheds light on the terrifying prophecies of Fatima and the impending battle between good and evil. Delve into the mysteries surrounding the Antichrist and the impact his rise will have on humanity. Get ready for an enlightening journey that will leave you amazed and ready to face the challenges of the future.

7 Cities Will Be Destroyed In The 11th Year Of Pope Francis's Reign & He Will Be The Last Pope?
Pope Francis came into office on May 13, 2013. In 2023 he will have been Pope for a decade (10 years) and in his 11th year (2024) catastrophic events are expected to occur. 

St. Malachy's Prophecy About Pope Francis is About To Happen in 2024

 Padre Pio's Final WARNING About The 3 Days of Darkness

12.12.2023 around 0:00 am 

TTT 47 : 7 The trials that your world is going through are the signs of the end of an age, are the downfall or the death throes of an age of materialism; for materialism has been in your science, in your objectives and in your passions. Materialism has determined your worship of Me, and also all your works.  

A.M. went to sleep with this content, asking the Lord to give her the truth about His coming, and woke up around midnight when she saw these words arise within her:
"Prim ... wonderful ... one year ... half ... done ... happy Golan ... figure it out." 

From this she understood that we were not given another year, because the Lord had not said that we would get another year, that was an assumption of A.M. when the Lord only said: "1 year" regarding his coming. 
She learned in above videos that Pope Benedict resigned for a different reason, the reason being to want to watch the Pope coming according to him to find out if he is the Antichrist Pope and then warn Christendom. However, Pope Benedict died about a year ago. 
Pope Francis is the pope who came after the last (Benedict) pope and that was on May 13, 2013 according to Benedict's resignation. In the prophecy above we learn that bad things will happen in the 11th year of his pontificate and we are in his 11th year in office since May 13, 2023. 

Above, the Lord says that half a year has passed and points out that we should watch the Golan Heights. Russia and the USA - both have military bases in Syria and attacks are always taking place there. Nethanyahou has also issued a warning to President Putin in the event that Russia makes common cause with Iran. And if Russia and Syria attack Israel, they will come from the north, from Syria. 

A.M. remembers that the Lord has told her several times that He will come at Christmas. At this thought, a chant comes from within her:
"yes he is coming, the Prince of Peace..."  (from Daughter Zion) 
And then come the words: 
"Very few rejoice beyond this." 



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