Central bank money and EMF radiation protection


A.M. has seen that since December 5, thousands of American visitors have come to her website through the new campaign and that they are very interested and look at or download many things. In November and the whole time before there were hardly any American visitors and also hardly any German visitors and no Czech visitors. Were they all excluded by Google? Now there are many, many more. Before going to sleep, she asked her father to bless all these visitors, because this advertising also costs her money.

Around 0:45 am A.M. was woken up and she heard the father speaking to her telepathically when he said:

"... on one condition ... join crypto."

A.M. is to go along with the introduction of central bank money, which will come when states have less and less money available and then the father said:

"Device... electromagnetic ... the depts..."

"Make pencil cases!"

It's about the debt trap and everyone will get electromagnetic devices for payment transactions, which will be cashless and that will mean that you will become transparent and that you will be monitored and if you don't do as the government wants, it can mean that you will be shut down.

This will change again in 2028. This information was given to us by a soul who had a near-death experience. She told us that in 2028 Donald Trump will be re-elected President of America and that it will be him who will abolish digital money forever and bring us back banknotes.

By "making a pencil case", the father means that everyone should make a small pencil case out of a special fabric that doesn't let any rays through, like my husband and I have had for many years. That way we can't be monitored or spied on. We have also made such a case for our cell phone. She cut the fabric to the right size and glued it with tape to make a pouch for her cell phone or for her cards such as ID, passport, driver's license, bank card, etc. and only takes copies with her when she travels. It is EMF radiation protection.

A.M. bought the fabric on the Internet at this link:


Emf protective fabric - Large size 36" x 42", conductive fabric, Faraday fabric, EMI, anti-radiation, EMP, RFID, EMF shielding, block cell phones, block WiFi

Sold in the USA, JP, AUS, CA and Europe

Further, the father said to A.M. these words:

"You're going to lead them all out of there. You're going to tell them."

"Change the name. Keep it. Nickname. Prison. Local authorities."

The father wants to say that we should never use our official name on the Internet, but a nickname, otherwise we could be taken to prison by the local authorities. Passwords should also never be saved online, but re-entered each time you log in.

Example: A.M. wanted to enter something on her homepage and suddenly a whole section simply disappeared. She rewrote it and saved it, then changed her password and logged in again without saving the password. We will be dealing with hackers more and more in the near future and should protect ourselves as best we can.

The father says:

"You won't just trust blindly anymore."


"Pensions are going to be a problem!"

Since Google has gone, the new campaign has suddenly brought thousands more visitors to the homepage and A.M. is grateful to his father.

Recently, SoundCloud has also started to check A.M., because these many visitors are also noticeable on SoundCloud and there they now mistrust A.M., she might have bought the fans, which is offered by some people on SoundCloud. A.M. assures SoundCloud that visitors still come via her homepage, where SoundCloud is linked. SoundCloud simply no longer counts the plys since there have been more visitors.

The father says to A.M.:

"You know I brought you up through change."

Glory be to you, Lord our God.

Google has rejected my campaign on ethical grounds because, according to them, I am spreading religious opinions. Google is not working correctly. They take a certain area and measure the clicks there and then extrapolate the whole thing to the whole world and you can't see what visitors have done on the homepage. That's why there is Matomo Analysis, which documents exactly who is on the homepage from which area and for how long, and what they view or download there. That's why A.M. knows that under the Google campaign there were no more than 2000 visitors per month with a bounce rate of 82 %. With the new campaign, there have already been over 10,000 visitors since December 5th with a bounce rate of 32 %. A huge difference. And you can see exactly who did what on the homepage and when, and that visitors are suddenly coming from regions that didn't exist under Google, such as the USA, Germany or the Czech Republic. Why? Were they simply blocked by Google?

Musicalion, a stately music platform, has also rejected A.M.'s music (Qumran, Essen teachings) after they had previously published all of her pieces. That was a few months ago. Yesterday A.M. was contacted by their director asking if she had any new pieces and would like to upload them to them.

In Qumran the scrolls of the Essenes were found with the original teachings, older than 8,000 years, which God gave to mankind. Abraham, David, Joseph, Mary, Jesus also lived according to this teaching and the divine teaching never changes. A.M. communicated this to the leader. What she did not communicate was that it is the people who change or simply reject this teaching because they do not know it and do not recognize it.

A.M. has a dream:

She is in a place where there is a hard struggle and she is having a hard time persisting because there are powerful counter-currents. Her car simply won't start and she has to abandon it. She is taken in by a dear friend in her house and she is fine there because this friend cares for her and says to her that she is so alone. A.M. replies that she is also alone, but she is fine here.

When A.M. wakes up, her father says to her:

"You'll soon be all alone anyway.... The spikes..."

Yes, corona and the spikes. Since May of this year, 88 international athletes from all over the world have died of heart attacks, brain tumors or cancer. Soccer matches have been suddenly interrupted or canceled because important players have suddenly fallen over or not turned up for the game at all. And that's just in sport. How many people die suddenly without being told because it's simply covered up.

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