... and a judgment over a nation by god

9/12/2023 around  4 a.m.

A.M. has published a study about the soul from BdWL Volume II on her homepage as a text and as an audio file, in 10 languages, including Russian. Around 4 o'clock she wakes up and hears her father's voice and he says:

" "Don't do Russia anymore. Russia is gone. Barbarians."

At the same moment, A.M. Putin realizes that he is crying pitifully.

"Germany. Winner!"

Thank you for your great mercy, Your Majesty.

Germany is not victor from an earthly point of view, but from a spiritual point of view in the judgment of all nations according to the judgment of God.

A.M. generates today's daily lottery and gets:

TTT 50 : 29 There are those among you who are like wild beasts, who give complete license to their passions, who feel hatred toward their neighbors, who are bloodthirsty and seek to make slaves of brother nations.

Study on the soul - From a spiritual point of view*

* This study is based on the "Book of True Life" and other New Revelations.

The term "soul" is known to people, but they have different opinions about what the soul is. One knows that it is a component of the human being and includes it in the triad of Body - Soul - Spirit. Three components that form the "human being" entity, with each part having a different task...

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